Week 4

Sun. Oct. 03
Jets at Bills, 1:00 PM – Bill Leavy
Seahawks at Rams, 1:00 PM – Pete Morelli
Panthers at Saints, 1:00 PM – John Parry
Lions at Packers, 1:00 PM – Mike Carey
Bengals at Browns, 1:00 PM – Jerome Boger
Ravens at Steelers, 1:00 PM – Ed Hochuli
Broncos at Titans, 1:00 PM – Clete Blakeman
49ers at Falcons, 1:00 PM – Tony Corrente
Colts at Jaguars, 4:05 PM – Ron Winter
Texans at Raiders, 4:05 PM – Scott Green
Redskins at Eagles, 4:15 PM – Al Riveron
Cardinals at Chargers, 4:15 PM – Gene Steratore
Bears at Giants, 8:20 PM – Carl Cheffers

Mon. Oct. 04
Patriots at Dolphins, 8:30 PM – Walt Coleman

Byes: DAL, KC, MIN, TB


  1. the 7 refs that can do the NE at MIAMI game are:
    Bill Leavy
    Gene Steratore
    Jeff Triplette
    Ron Winter
    Scott Green
    Tony Corrente
    Walt Coleman

  2. Walt Coleman will be the referee for Patriots @ Dolphins according to BTFS.

  3. Walt Coleman will be in Miami for Patriots/Dolphins. I can confirm this.

  4. Clete Blakeman for Broncos @ Titans per Titans press release.

  5. Who is the referee for bengals-browns game?

  6. Fun fact for you all:

    With the Ravens and Steelers meeting this week in Pittsburgh, it brings to mind the fact that the final games in the careers of referees Gerry Austin and Bill Carollo were between these two teams at Heinz Field. In Carollo’s case, it was the 2008 AFC title game (Jan. ’09)… Don’t know who’s doing this week’s bruiser, though…

  7. Hi MIckey:
    Mike Carey’s Crew has the Lions @ Green Bay game, Oct. 3

  8. Hochuli will be in Pittsburgh

  9. Leavy has Jets vs Bills. Got the media press release.

  10. According to my stats, that will be Leavy’s first game ever in Buffalo. He will have refd a game at every site

  11. Shane Spencer says

    I hope Ron Winter has the Bears-Giants game…

  12. Scott Green has the Texans vs Raiders. Confirmed from Media Flip Card.

  13. This will be Scott Green’s first game ever in Oakland

  14. Shane Spencer says

    Here are more of my predictions on who will be the ref in the following Week 4 NFL games , in addition to my earlier prediction:

    SEA @ STL – Gene Steratore
    CAR @ NO – Tony Corrente
    CIN @ CLE – Walt Anderson
    SF @ ATL – Carl Cheffers
    IND @ JAC – Pete Morelli
    PHI @ WAS – Jerome Boger
    ARI @ SD – John Parry

  15. Boger has the Ohio game. Cincy & Cleveland.

  16. Cheffers is doing Sunday night game-Bears@Giants……one of crew is source.

  17. If all mentioned are true, Riveron is in Philly.

  18. CAR @ NO: John Parry, watching it now.

  19. Sorry for the delay in getting these but here is what is onfirmed via Press Releases and Game Day Flip Cards:

    Parry has Panthers vs Saints
    Boger has Bengals vs Browns
    Cheffers has Bears vs Giants
    Riveron has Redskins vs Eagles

  20. Parry in NO

  21. Pete Morelli in St Louis.

  22. Thanks for those updates — the list is filling up nicely.

  23. Pete Morelli in St. Louis

  24. That must mean Corrente in ATL, winter in JAC
    and Steratore in SD

  25. JC your right about Corrente in Atlanta.

  26. Winter did a SD game last week so- it is Steratore in SD and Winter in JAC

  27. Nice work! They’re all on there now.

  28. So Anderson and Mcaulay are off this week.

  29. Rich Kalahiki says

    Guys who do you guys like in MNF with Walt Coleman doing the game?

  30. Triplette’s first game in Oakland since 2001.
    Also, surprised Morelli did Seattle game because he worked the Seattle at St Louis game five weeks ago

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