Week 3

Sun. Sep. 26
Bills at Patriots, 1:00 PM- John Parry
Falcons at Saints, 1:00 PM – Walt Anderson
Lions at Vikings, 1:00 PM – Ed Hochuli
Browns at Ravens, 1:00 PM – Scott Green
Cowboys at Texans, 1:00 PM – Carl Cheffers
49ers at Chiefs, 1:00 PM – Clete Blakeman
Titans at Giants, 1:00 PM – Tony Corrente
Steelers at Buccaneers, 1:00 PM – Bill Leavy
Bengals at Panthers, 1:00 PM – Pete Morelli
Eagles at Jaguars, 4:05 PM – Jeff Triplette
Redskins at Rams, 4:05 PM – Walt Coleman
Raiders at Cardinals, 4:15 PM – Mike Carey
Chargers at Seahawks, 4:15 PM – Ron Winter
Colts at Broncos, 4:15 PM – Al Riveron
Jets at Dolphins, 8:20 PM – Jerome Boger

Mon. Sep. 27
Packers at Bears, 8:30 PM – Terry McAulay


  1. Walt Coleman will be in St. Louis for the Redskins/Rams.

    • Walt is on there now, thanks!

    • I wonder how much this will shift the Vegas line, once the word is out? It opened with Washington -4.5 and I’ve already bet on STL.

      • That’s an interesting question Mark, but the more accurate way to put it will be what will having Coleman there do to the action? How much is the line going to move because people are dumping money on one team because of the ref?

        • Jim, you’re right, that’s a much better way of phrasing it. The closing line was 3.5, which isn’t a significant movement.
          I don’t always take the underdog on a Coleman game, because he only seems to influence close games. In this case, I saw little chance of the Redskins getting a blowout, so it seemed like a good game to bet on.

  2. mr. bamboozaul says

    which referee will b helping tony romo and the cowboys from going 0-3 in 2010 @ the texans game?

  3. Hi Mickey
    Mike Carey’s crew at Arizona (Raiders/Cardinals) this Sunday 26

  4. where is Ed Hochuli and crew. what game are they doing?

  5. Who did Clete replace from last yr staff?

    • Don Carey, but in reality Bill Carrollo who is now NCAA BIG 10 Director of Officiating.

      Don Carey went back to being Back Judge. He held R position to give Clete Blakeman 1 more yr in the NFL to brush up on Officiating.

  6. Shane Spencer says

    I hope Ron Winter is the ref for the Jets-Dolphins game…

  7. Rich Kalahiki says

    Mickey needs to correct Mike Carey’s ref assignment to Jets/Dolphins game………..Joe83 please don’t post false info.

  8. Rich Kalahiki says

    Hopefully we get the complete list before Sunday.

  9. Straight from the Ravens’ PR folks:
    Scott Green will work CLE-BAL…

  10. Jets @ Dolphins — Jerome Boger

  11. Those two are posted now, thanks!

  12. Hochuli working Vikings game

  13. mr. bamboozaul says

    it appears cheffers will help the cowboys win big on sunday to stop the critic from imploding jerry jones team and dreams of being the first team to play @ home for the lombardi trophy.

  14. Terry McAulay is doing Monday Night Football Bears vs Packers. Media Credential Press Release is my source. Mickey you can email me for further.

  15. Possibilities remaining by crew

    Leavy – CIN @ CAR; BUF @ NE; ATL @ NO; PIT @ TB; PHI @ JAX; SD @ SEA

    Morelli – CIN @ CAR; BUF @ NE; ATL @ NO; PIT @ TB; PHI @ JAX; IND @ DEN

    Parry – CIN @ CAR; BUF @ NE; ATL @ NO; IND @ DEN; SD @ SEA

    Riveron – CIN @ CAR; BUF @ NE; PIT @ TB; PHI @ JAX; IND @ DEN; SD @ SEA

    Steratore – BUF @ NE; ATL @ NO; PIT @ TB; PHI @ JAX; IND @ DEN; SD @ SEA

    Triplette – BUF @ NE; ATL @ NO; PHI @ JAX; IND @ DEN; SD @ SEA

    Winter – CIN @ CAR; ATL @ NO; PIT @ TB; PHI @ JAX; IND @ DEN; SD @ SEA


    Leavy is off because one of his crew is working with Cheffers.

    Strike Leavy’s possibilities from my last post and add Walt Anderson’s possible assignments.

    CIN @ CAR; BUF @ NE; ATL @ NO; PIT @ TB; PHI @ JAX

    Apologies for the error.

  17. Bills @ Patriots — John Parry

  18. anyone know where Triplette is reffing?

  19. Walt Anderson is in New Orleans.

  20. Bill Leavy is at Steelers-Buccaneers.

  21. Pete Morelli is at Bengals-Panthers.

  22. All updated to this point, thanks!

  23. Jeff Triplette is at Eagles-Jaguars.

  24. thanks Preth

  25. Al Riveron is at Colts-Broncos.

  26. Winter in Seattle

  27. Another apology. I thought Leavy would be off but was not.

    Sorry for giving out misinformation.

  28. Whats the circle on the back of the crews’ caps this week? who passed away? I know that 3 of the refs family members are having health problems as of late and the NFLRA members are taking up collections between the crews. thanks

    • Robert “Bob” Lawing (BJ #17 of Walt Coleman crew last year),
      pass away this year (in May) and the circle in the Referee’s caps has his initials, RL and will wear all year long it.

  29. great, thanks, and it’s nice not being carl cheffers this week not knowing his geography lol

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