Week 11

Thu. Nov. 18
Bears at Dolphins, 8:20 PM – Bill Leavy

Sun. Nov. 21
Packers at Vikings, 1:00 PM – Clete Blakeman
Redskins at Titans, 1:00 PM – Terry McAulay
Cardinals at Chiefs, 1:00 PM – Walt Coleman
Ravens at Panthers, 1:00 PM – Al Riveron
Bills at Bengals, 1:00 PM – Ed Hochuli
Lions at Cowboys, 1:00 PM – Carl Cheffers
Texans at Jets, 1:00 PM – Jerome Boger
Raiders at Steelers, 1:00 PM – Tony Corrente
Browns at Jaguars, 1:00 PM – Pete Morelli
Seahawks at Saints, 4:05 PM – Mike Carey
Falcons at Rams, 4:05 PM – Walt Anderson
Buccaneers at 49ers, 4:05 PM – John Parry
Colts at Patriots, 4:15 PM – Gene Steratore
Giants at Eagles, 8:20 PM – Ron Winter

Mon. Nov. 22
Broncos at Chargers, 8:30 PM – Jeff Triplette


  1. Shane Spencer says

    I predict Jerome Boger will be the ref for the Giants-Eagles game at Lincoln Financial Field, which will be his 2nd Sunday night game this season (NYJ @ MIA, week 3), and his 2nd involving the Giants (CAR @ NYG, week 1).

  2. Shane Spencer says

    I predict Ron Winter will be the ref for the Lions-Cowboys game at Cowboys Stadium, his first this season for both Detroit and Dallas.

  3. Actually, Jerome Boger will be reffing the Texans @ Jets game.

  4. The only 3 refs that can do the MNF game Denver at San Diego are:

    Cheffers, Triplette, or Winter

    • I’ve got a lot more names than that eligible…

      Riveron, Cheffers, Hochuli, Triplette, Parry, Morelli, Winter, Coleman and Anderson

    • I believe Jeff Triplette will do the SD/Den game. Ron winter did aThursday Night game & he also did last weeks Monday night’s game. Carl Cheffer just officaited the SUnday Night game on NBC.

  5. I predict Blakeman will do thursday Chicago@Miami

  6. When are Hochuli, Steratore and Triplette going to do a primetime game?
    Hochuli or Triplette Denver @ San Diego Steratore Giants @ Philadelphia

    • i think that if the NFL is trying to get everyone into primetime by this week, it’d make sense that Triplette is in SD and Steratore in Philly. Hochuli will have to wait out another week, since he isn’t Philly eligible and i’d bet lots of money he won’t ref DEN@SD games for a while. Walt Coleman hasn’t done Raiders in like 8 years.

  7. SportingBecky says

    NFL R-85 Ed Hochuli can only work: WK #11 2010

    *Bills VS Bengals
    *Browns VS Jaguars
    *Lions VS Cowboys(cause he worked a Lions away game & there are 8 games between the time he worked the Lions)
    *Cardinals VS Chiefs
    *Colts VS Patriots(Cause he did Colts away and Patriots away)
    *Broncos VS Chargers

    • Hochuli has no primetime games at all, and while I’d love to see him get one, he wont this weekend, since he is only eligible for Den@SD, and we all know what happened the last time he reffed these teams. I highly doubt he’ll get that assignment.

    • SportingBecky says

      Sooooooo NFL R-85 Ed Hochuli & Crew can only work a Cowboys Home Game:

      Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Tickets Sun, Dec. 12th, 2010 07:20 PM Cowboys Stadium (Arlington, TX)

      Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Tickets Sun, Dec. 19th, 2010 12:00 PM Cowboys Stadium (Arlington, TX)

  8. I met Larry Nemmers when he was still a ref, at the NFL Experience in Detroit the day before Super Bowl XL. Really nice guy. He was doing an officiating demo. He told me that Bill Leavy would be working the game the next day-I asked him. Of course Seattle fans don’t want to be reminded of that.

  9. You guys are so good at this… Who’s eligible for BAL-CAR?

  10. i used the 6 week rule, and the no home team twice rule, and i’ve found:
    Steratore, Carey, Winter, Green, McAulay and Corrente as eligible.

  11. Hochuli is in Cincinnati on the 21st of Nov.

  12. I must say some of your theories are way off base. But maybe I just know how the system works since I know a ref and a retired one.

  13. Hi Mickey: in Nov. 21 Mike Carey’s crew has Seattle Seahawks @ New Orleans Saints game. Bye.

  14. pure speculation, but for steratore, he hasn’t reffed carolina in 2010 or 2009, and he has only had Ravens away this season, and once at home last year. He could get the Ravens-Panthers game.

    i say this because of that, and because of his 2nd refereeing job. He does NCAA basketball, and works during the week, primarily Big East and A10 (he worked Hampton@Wake tonight) so if i remember correctly, he tends to stay on the east coast later in the season for the most part.

    • in the past 2 years, from week 10 and beyond, (approximately when college bb starts) he has only been as far as Dallas except once, he reffed in SD, and he had from 11/20/08 until 11/24/08 off in NCAA BB. SD game was 11/23, the next night he was in NY reffing basketball.

  15. Mickey: I don’t know if you saw my post earlier here, but Jerome Boger is doing the Texans @ Jets game.

  16. Terry McAulay for Redskins/Titans.

  17. Boger and McAulay are updated now, thanks!

  18. mr. bamboozaul says

    who will b the referee for the lions-cowboys game?

  19. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible referees for the GB @ MIN game are:

    Walt Anderson
    Clete Blakeman
    Carl Cheffers
    John Parry
    Alberto Riveron

  20. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible referees for the IND @ NE game are:

    Scott Green
    Pete Morelli
    Jeff Triplette

  21. From BTFS, Scott Green will be off for the second time in three weeks during week 11.

  22. The only refs eligible for CLE-JAC are:

  23. Here’s the complete and accurate list of who can do what.

    CHI @ MIA – Blakeman, Cheffers, Coleman, Leavy, Riveron, Triplette

    BAL @ CAR – Anderson, Blakeman, Coleman, Corrente, Leavy, Riveron, Triplette

    DET @ DAL – Anderson, Cheffers, Corrente, Morelli, Triplette, Winter

    CLE @ JAX – Anderson, Cheffers, Corrente, Leavy, Morelli, Parry, Riveron, Triplette, Winter

    AZ @ KC – Anderson, Blakeman, Cheffers, Coleman, Corrente, Morelli, Parry

    GB @ MIN – Blakeman, Cheffers, Moreeli, Parry, Riveron, Winter

    OAK @ PIT – Anderson, Blakeman, Corrente, Leavy, Parry, Riveron

    ATL @ STL – Anderson, Blakeman, Coleman, Corrente, Leavy, Morelli, Parry, Triplette

    TB @ SF – Anderson, Blakeman, Cheffers, Coleman, Corrente, Leavy, Morelli, Parry, Riveron, Triplette

    IND @ NE – Coleman, Leavy, Morelli, Parry, Riveron, Triplette, Winter

    DEN @ SD – Anderson, Cheffers, Coleman, Parry, Riveron, Triplette, Winter

  24. John2:
    The Ravens just had Leavy on October 17 in NE. Am I missing something?

  25. Bill Leavy for Bears/Dolphins.

  26. Cheffers and Leavy are on there now, thanks!

  27. If Winter gets the away Colts game, the Colts can forfeit it right away. They never (are allowed to) win an away game with Winter officiating.

  28. I’m a 49ers fan, and from the list of refs left, we’re in good shape.
    Triplette, Parry, Morelli, Corrente and Coleman are eligible for our game vs Rams. Other than Coleman, I’ll take any of those guys.

    GB@Minn- Riveron, Blakeman, Parry, Winter
    AZ@KC- Parry or one of the two Walts
    Balt@Car- Riveron, Blakeman, Triplette, Corrente, Anderson
    Oak@Pitt- Riveron, Parry, Coleman, Corrente
    Cle@JAX- Riveron, Morelli, Corrente
    Atl@StL- Blakeman, Triplette, Corrente, Anderson
    Indy@NE- Riveron, Triplette, Morelli, Winter, Coleman
    Den@SD- Riveron, Triplette, Parry, Morelli, Winter, Coleman, Anderson

    coming off that bye week, Riveron can basically by left with anything left, haha

  29. Hi Mickey –

    I have received confirmation that Jeff Triplette will be the referee for the Monday night game, DEN@SD.

  30. Here is the Flip Card that I received from the Broncos PR Staff for Monday Night Football.


  31. Straight from the Ravens’ mouths: Al Riveron for BAL-CAR… Give David credit for a darned good call!

  32. GB@Minn- Blakeman, Parry, Winter
    AZ@KC- Parry, Coleman, Anderson
    Oak@Pitt- , Parry, Coleman, Corrente
    Cle@JAX- Morelli, Corrente
    Atl@StL- Blakeman, Corrente, Anderson
    Indy@NE- Morelli, Winter, Coleman
    TB@SF- Parry, Morelli, Coleman, Corrente

    If you put
    Winter in Minnesota, that puts Blakeman in StLouis by default.

    • also puts Anderson in KC by default.


      • GB @ MIN – Morelli can still work the game. (Use Pete working Seattle in Weeks 4 and 9 as a rule of thumb and never mind anything else.)

        AZ @ KC – Blakeman, Corrente and Morelli are also eligible.

        OAK @ PIT – Anderson and Blakeman also eligible.

        CLE @ JAX – Anderson, Parry and Winter also eligible.

        ATL @ STL – Coleman, Morelli and Parry also eligible.

        TB @ SF – Anderson and Blakeman also eligible.

        NYG @ PHI – Likely down to Corrente and Winter, yes.

  33. Hey Mickey, Dane is incorrect about Steratore being in Philadelphia. Gene Steratore is in New England for the Colts vs Patriots. This is confirmed 100 percent by Patriots Media Staff as well as the link to the Flip Card I received.


  34. If Green is off then the Giants at Eagles game is between Corrente and Winter I believe. More likely going to Winter since his crew hasn’t officiated either team in the regular season.

  35. My predictions for the rest before any more confirmations are made:

    Packers at Vikings-Clete Blakeman (hasn’t worked a game for either team this year)
    Cardinals at Chiefs-Walt Anderson (hasn’t worked a game for either team this year)
    Raiders at Steelers-Walt Coleman (hasn’t worked a game for either team this year)
    Browns at Jaguars-Tony Corrente (hasn’t worked a game for either team this year)
    Falcons at Rams-Pete Morelli (worked a game with Rams on 10/3 and would be at least 6 weeks in between.)
    Buccaneers at 49ers-John Parry (hasn’t worked a game for either team this year)
    Giants at Eagles-Ron Winter (hasn’t worked a game for either team this year)

    This is with the assumption that Green is off and if he isn’t well it kind of changes everything.

  36. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Oak @ Pit – W.Coleman hasn’t done a Raider game since the divisional playoff game against the Patriots back in 2001, if he’s doing this game I’ll be extremely pissed off. The NFL better realize that Raider fans watch Coleman closely…..

    • While it’s true that certain referees take breaks from certain teams after making controversial calls against them, these breaks have not proven to be permanent. I honestly would not be surprised if Coleman does end up in charge of this week’s game.

  38. That is correct I saw Gene at the Providence game tonight and he said he was staying local at the Pats game. Dane though was correct at first Gene told me he was supposed to do the Sunday Night game but as of yesterday a schedule change was done.

  39. Walt Coleman will be in Kansas City for Chiefs/Cardinals.

    • I knew he wouldn’t be doing the Raider/Steeler game, no way in hell the NFL will take a risk with that guy even stepping on the field when Al Davis is in town.

  40. If Coleman is doing the game from Kansas City, this will ironically be his first game in Kansas City since the last game of the 1999 season 01/02/00 fittingly, Oakland @ Kansas City.
    His last game at Oakland was in 1998

  41. my predictions:

  42. Winter has not done a game in Minnesota since 2002
    Corrente has not done a game in Philadelphia since 2004, New England since 2005, Carolina and Pittsburgh since 2001 and never at the Jets

  43. Hello as i read the post A question I dont understand How Ron Winter could do the vikes/packers game BEING he has done 2 GB games this year the old Nfl rule Doesnt allow a ref to do more then 2 games a year for any team or am i crazy Yes im new and sorry for such a random Question

  44. Hi Bronson.
    Welcome aboard. I checked back and I believe Winter
    has only done one Green Bay game. He did the Buffalo-Green Bay
    game earlier in the year

  45. Morelli in Jacksonville.

  46. Gerry According to My site that im looking at Ron winter Also was the Clevland @ Gb Ref also which is the 2nd game and made me Question

  47. Pre season does not count…otherwise we would have crews allready working teams three times…

  48. Mickey per BFTL

    Walt Anderson is in STL

  49. Shane Spencer says

    So now, its down to Clete Blakeman, Tony Corrente, Scott Green, John Parry and Ron Winter. Here are my predictions:

    GB @ MIN – Clete Blakeman
    OAK @ PIT – Tony Corrente
    TB @ SF – John Parry
    NYG @ PHI – Ron Winter
    OFF – Scott Green

  50. Green is OFF already known- per BTFS

  51. Since I did horrible on my previous predicitions here is my new updated list:

    Clete Blakeman – GB vs MIN
    Ron Winter- OAK vs PIT
    John Parry- TB vs SF
    Tony Corrente – NYG vs PHI

  52. Winter Either has Vikes/Packers Or Nyg/Phil CANT have the Sf/Tb game Winter was head ref in Week 8 For that bucs game But my predicitons are this
    Oak/Pitt is Clete Blakeman
    Minn/Gb is Tony Corrente
    Sf/Tb is John Parry
    Nyg/Phil is Ron Winter

  53. Corrente did MIN and CHI Last week so he cannot do MIn/GB

    My calls:

    MIN/GB- Blakeman
    TB/SF- Parry
    NYG/PHL- Winter
    OAK/PIT- Corrente

  54. Clete Blakeman for Packers/Vikings.

  55. Blakeman is in MIN…

  56. Corrente in Pittsburgh

  57. Corrente’s first game in Pittsburgh since 2001

  58. John Parry (132) is refeering in San Francisco

  59. Mickey, I found this site this week and really enjoy it. Can you or anyone else please answer this question for me. Ron Winter in the last three weeks has done all prime time games. Week#9 Monday night,Week #10 Thursday night, and this week #11 Sunday night games. Is there any rule in regards to of how many primetime games a referee can do in one season or is it just for Monday night games and the 6 week rule ?

  60. Did anyone else watch the Winters crew blow the Call on the giants it CLEARLY states in the rules if the whistle sounds the PLAY can not be reviewed i dont normally complain as im a packers fan but we need some of these guys to retire

    • actually if there is an immediate recovery of a fumble, the recovering team can get the ball. this was a rule change from a few years ago, but only if there is an immediate recovery.

  61. hey guys my boss keeps telling us he is a NFL judge, if his name is not here can that be true, or is he fibbing to us??? his name is Richard Howard

    • i dont see a richard howard, or a howard at all for that matter.
      just ask him which crew he is on. that’ll narrow it down. as most nfl fans dont know many of the referees names, he’ll probably say the first that comes to mind, which i’d be willing to be is Hochuli…this is Hoch’s crew.
      Hochuli, Ed 85
      Brown, Chad 31
      Hittner, Mark 28
      Symonette, Tom 100
      Wrolstad, Craig 4
      Torbert, Ronald 62
      Carey, Don 126
      Sifferman, Tom
      Ruth, Roger

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