Preseason Week 3

STL @ NE – Carl Cheffers
IND @ GB – Clete Blakeman
ATL @ MIA – John Parry
WAS @ NYJ – Ron Winter
SD @ NO – Ed Hochuli
PHI @ KC – Bill Leavy
CLE @ DET – Scott Green
CIN @ BUF – Walt Coleman
JAC @ TB – Jerome Boger
NYG @ BAL – Gene Steratore
DAL @ HOU – Walt Anderson
SEA @ MIN – Terry McAulay
TEN @ CAR – Jeff Triplette
ARI @ CHI – Mike Carey
SF @ OAK – Pete Morelli
PIT @ DEN – Tony Corrente


  1. Anyone know who is working the Thursday games?

    Rams VS Patriots & Colts VS Green Bay Packers?

  2. Triplette in Carolina.

  3. Mike Carey crew in Chicagi this saturday (Arizona @ Chicago)

  4. Hello, everyone!

    We’re back for another season on the Ravens beat here in Baltimore. Looking forward to corresponding with you all. We’ve had McAulay and Winter for the first two preseason games, but no idea on the ref for the visit from NYG this week. Any rhyme or reason to preseason assignments? Just wondering…
    Joe Platania
    Ravens Beat Writer, PressBox,

  5. John Parry will be the referee for the Falcons/Dolphins game.

  6. Clete Blakeman will be the referee for the Colts/Packers game.

  7. Cheffers in New England

  8. Does anyone know where Ed Hochuli is for Preseason #3?

  9. Ron Winter for WSH/NYJ.

  10. Ron Winter filling in for Alberto Riveron.

  11. Leavy working Eagles VS Chiefs

    Hochuli working Chargers VS Saints

  12. Noticed Don Carey is working with Hochuli’s crew tonight in New Orleans. Why did he go back to field judge?

  13. Actually Don Carey went back to Back Judge

  14. Don Carey just filled in @ Referee to groom Clete Blakeman 1 more yr

  15. All caught up with posts to this point. If you find others, let us know!

  16. Does anyone know why Pete Morelli has done 2 Titans preseason games already this year? He did Tennessee at Seattle week 1 and then Arizona at Tennessee week 2.

    • I was wondering that if the NFL is going to try a more liberated schedule with officials to cut down on travel in the future. Or was that a typo that could not be changed?

  17. Hey, everybody!

    In the press box, confirmed through flip card:
    Steratore in Baltimore (yes, it rhymes)…

    Joey P

  18. Scott Green-Browns VS Lions

  19. How did Al Riveron get hurt

  20. Walt Coleman is at Bengals VS Bills

  21. John 2, hopefully the NFL just assigns the referees wherever need be. What is the big deal if they have to spend an extra hour or two on a plane. lol I am sure they make a pretty nice living.

  22. Watching the Indy-GB game the other night, I am surprised that Blakeman has the number 34 which is Gerry Austin’s old number. I am not saying it should necessarily be retired, but the NFL could have waited a few more years before giving that number out again

  23. Walt Anderson – Cowboys VS Texans

    Jerome Boger – Jaguars VS Bucs

  24. Pete Morelli in Oakland.

  25. Walt Coleman in Buffalo
    Terry McAulay in Minnesota

  26. Hey, gang!

    The NYG-BAL game is one of only four preseason games using the new “deep judge”, an experimental eighth official the league is looking at to pick up the slack with the umpire moving behind the offense. There is no plan to make the deep judge permanent, for there has not been a new position since the side judge in 1978.
    Stay tuned,
    Joey P

    • I saw the same thing in the Atlanta @ Miami game; in the crew of John Parry were Perry Paganelli 46 and Tony Steratore 112 as back judges and in the game Titans @ Carolina with Jeff Triplette there were Steve Freeman 133 and Rich Reels 83 as back judges

  27. I guess that leaves Tony Corrente in Denver.

    • Yes, because the crew off this week was the Ron Winter’s crew. Winter was instead Al Riveron (injured) and his crew in the Redskins at New York Jets.

  28. By the way, JOE PLATANIA, do you know who was the other back judge in the game Giants at Ravens cause I only saw Dino Paganelli 105 but couldn’t watch who was the other back judge. Thanks for your info.

  29. JOE83:

    Tried like heck to find that other BJ from Saturday’s game, but couldn’t. I’d like to know, too. Sorry…

  30. Tony Corrente in Denver.

  31. How did Al Riveron get injured?

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