Week 1

Dallas at NY Giants – Jim Core

Indianapolis at Chicago – Wayne Elliot
Philadelphia at Cleveland – Kent Roan
New England at Tennessee – Jerry Frump
Atlanta at Kansas City – Mike Shepherd
Jacksonville at Minnesota – Robert Dalton
Washington at New Orleans – David Scott
Buffalo at NY Jets – Robert Frazer
St. Louis at Detroit – Donovan Briggans
Miami at Houston – Don King
San Francisco at Green Bay – David White
Seattle at Arizona – Bruce Hermansen
Carolina at Tampa Bay – Jerry Hughes
Pittsburgh at Denver – Gerald Wright

Cincinnati at Baltimore – Richard “Matt” Nicks
San Diego at Oakland – Jim Core


  1. Joe Platania says

    Hello, everyone! Your favorite (???) Baltimore correspondent is here, still based at PressBox newspaper (pressboxonline.com) and still intrigued by the officiating profession. Naturally, we have a rather unpleasant twist to the whole business this year, what with the lockout. The Ravens’ four preseason games averaged about 3:15 to play with only one coming in under three hours (Winterling, in the Jacksonville game). Talks have broken off, so it looks like we’re stuck with the replacements for at least one more week. I remember the 2001 job action, but at least D-I guys could work NFl games back then. They can’t now…

  2. Joe…its because they are not DI officials….one of my buddies who works college football (D2) said that anybody in his conference and also the conferences above (that being D1) would not be welcomed back to their normal college jobs if they ditched them to go to the NFL. Therefore these are D3 and junior college officials mostly who were bad to begin with

  3. Joe Platania says

    Right, Matt, that’s what I said… D-I guys were welcomed in ’01, but not now, so we’re getting the D-III and JC guys you mentioned plus (maybe) the Lingerie League…. (open mic) “Illegal use of thongs… number 69…. offense.”…

  4. Jim Kruschwitz says

    All I hear is the moaning and the groaning about the officials. These officials, wheather they are D1 or whatever, are doing a fairly good job. At least you will see football and I really do not think it will be as bad as everyone thinks. These men are getting better and better each week. Don’t blame them for what the other officials are doing. They are just trying to do a job they were asked to do. So just sit back and quit complaining, enjoy a beer and watch football.

    • I respect your opinion, but the complaints are absolutely justified. The difference in quality between replacements and regulars is especially noticable to people who have officiating experience, NFL players and coaches.

  5. According to ESPN Jim Core is the Referee Wednesday but the rest of the crew worked with Jim Winterberg last week

  6. From Titans: Jerry Frump crew will have Pats/Titans this week.
    Not surprising. This crew seemed to be one of the better ones and had some higher profile preseason games. This will be CBS A-crew game this weekend.

  7. Wayne Elliott will be the referee in Chicago.
    source: http://twitter.com/ZachZaidman

  8. If the pre-season games that I saw were any indication, well I hope the NFL and the NFLRA come to an agreement very soon, that’s all I can say. I don’t blame the replacement refs themselves, because I know they’re all trying to do the best they can in a very difficult situation. I blame the NFL for putting them in that situation.

    • I don’t blame the replacements either. They took the opportunity to be NFL officials, in part because they would not have been candidates under normal circumstances.

  9. Whether it is simply a matter of perception or if it is indeed reality, the games do not seem to have the same flow without the ‘real’ officials out there. I wish the negotiation was as simple as removing the pension plan and inserting the 401K plan and then providing a carrot (more money per game and NFL providing more money to the 401K accounts) to get the matter resolved.

  10. Hey Joe do you know which game Craig Ochoa will be doing this week?

  11. James L. Kruschwitz says

    Well the officials did an excellent job at the Dallas /Giants game. The flow was very fine. They did a nice job. As you can see they are getting better. I do have officiating experience with the NFL rules, etc. I have an idea what is going on. They will continue to get better and better. It just that you have to have something to complain about and people don’t like it when someone comes in and does their job. They better hurry up or they won’t have a job. By the way right now they are the NFL officials, not the replacements.

  12. James L. Kruschwitz says


    Ochoa is doing the Texans game

  13. Does anyone know if any of the “locked out” referees are retiring? Will there be any new referees for this season?

  14. How sure are you about these assignments? Is Jim Core really working 2 games even though there are 19 Referees?

    • If it were me, I’d be positive. However, Mickey filled these in yesterday afternoon. I’m double checking with him, and will report back if he doesn’t respond himself.

    • Yeah, we’re pretty sure. It matches with the assignments that I know about so far, and it makes a certain amount of sense that the best R has been assigned two primetime games.

      There’s no reason to believe that Mickey’s source is wrong.

    • Here’s what I’m basing it off of. I have no authenticity that this is 100%, but it seems like a lot of work for someone to go through to fake us out that Core is working twice. 🙂


      • And, it looks like the referee that core replaced on the Wednesday crew is no longer working with the league. Haven’t had a chance to pore over the details, but some of the red highlights are showing some double duty assignments. Curious.

        Also looks like Ochoa, the referee from the Hall of Fame game, was also replaced. Robert Dalton has his crew this week.

        McKinney Griffin is listed in the R column as “off,” so he’s apparently been promoted. He has prior NFL officiating experience from Week 1 of 2001.

        Ochoa is an alternate. Didn’t think to look in that column, because he was already on a bye for the last preseason week.

        • It looks along with Jim Winterberg, Bobby Jackson is also no longer with the league. Apparently he had an extremely unprofessional moment during the Steelers-Bills game in Week 3 of the preseason. I didn’t watch this game but it was said he got extremely frustrated and was heard cursing on the mic. He also needed Mike Tomlin to explain to him how to enforce a certain penalty and Jackson got very angry at him as well. So needless to say, I am not surprised Jackson is apparently gone.

          • Apparently Bobby Jackson is now a BJ. They didn’t want to fire him, but they don’t want him on the mic after his week 3 performance. Just my guess, but it makes sense to me.

  15. watching the rams /lions game, who is ref # 100,,didnt he ref most of sec games? anyone have the replacement officials name and numbers

  16. #100is Oscar Shorten, who was in the Jaguars-Vikings game.

    He works UFL and Arena Football games

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