Week 9

Kansas City at San Diego – Alberto Riveron

Denver at Cincinnati – Scott Green
Baltimore at Cleveland – Jeff Triplette
Arizona at Green Bay – Walt Coleman
Chicago at Tennessee – Terry McAulay
Miami at Indianapolis – Tony Corrente
Carolina at Washington – Carl Cheffers
Detroit at Jacksonville – Gene Steratore
Buffalo at Houston – Bill Vinovich (with Ron Winter‘s crew)
Tampa Bay at Oakland – Walt Anderson
Minnesota at Seattle – Jerome Boger
Pittsburgh at NY Giants – Bill Leavy
Dallas at Atlanta – John Parry

Philadelphia at New Orleans – Clete Blakeman

Bye: St. Louis, New England, NY Jets, San Francisco

Off: Ed Hochuli, Mike Carey, Pete Morelli


  1. Tampa Bay/Oakland – Walt Anderson

  2. Scott Green- Chicago vs. Tennessee.

  3. Ed Hochuli could be at the Dallas vs Atlanta Game; Arizona vs Green Bay game; The Philadelppia vs New Orleans game or the Buffalo vs Houston Game. Ithink Ed will either be at the Arizona vs Green Bay game or the Dallas vs Atlanta game.

  4. Mike the lastI knew the referees had to wait six weeks between officiating at a certain Team. Ed Hochuli was at the Cincinatti@Baltimore game. This also eliminates Ed Hochuli from the Bal@Cle game the last I knew.

    • The Bengal-Raven game was in Week 1 and with replacement officials. Hochuli hasn’t worked a Raven or Brown game yet so he’s be eligible for that one.

      • For some reason my posts don’t get responded to anymore-I’m not sure why but that was a legitimate point I made about Hochuli and that he hasn’t worked a Ravens or Browns game-apparently he’s off this week.

  5. Joe Platania says

    Gang: When BAL visited CLE last Dec., Hochuli worked it… does that rule him out for this one? Never been clear on that rule…

  6. As long as 6 weeks have past since Hochuli worked either the Ravens or Browns he can work the game.

    Remember last year he worked the Week 3 MNF game between the Redskins & Cowboys & then when the teams met in Week 11 in DC he worked that game as well.

  7. rich kalahiki says

    Nita should post Hochuli when she finds out…..She is very reliable

  8. How do we know McAulay’s assignment? I don’t see it posted by anyone in the messages. Not saying it’s wrong – I have no idea – I just don’t see where anyone said that it was him doing Bears/Titans. Sorry if I missed something.

  9. OK, that explains it. Sorry Preth.

  10. mr. bamboosaul says

    Who will the officals be for these 2 games: panthers-redskins & cowboys-falcons? thanks for taking time off from your busy schedule to answer these matters.

  11. Where do you find out where the officials are reffing?

  12. Shane Spencer says

    Mike Carey and Jerome Boger are not eligible for PHI @ NO because the former already did NO @ DEN in Week 8 and the latter already did NO @ TB in Week 7.

  13. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible referees for PHI @ NO (a Monday night game) are:

    Walt Coleman
    Ed Hochuli
    John Parry

    Bill Leavy and Alberto Riveron are also eligible, but they already worked a Monday night game, so neither of them would officiate this game.

  14. Hi Preth:
    Carl Cheffers’ crew will be in Washington this Nov. 4 (Panthers @ Redskins)

  15. Clete Blakeman is eligible for the following four games:


  16. I guess Hochuli is off again this weekend unless he fills in for someone.

  17. Shane Spencer says

    Bill Leavy is eligible to officiate any of the following Week 9 games:

    MIN @ SEA
    BAL @ CLE
    DET @ JAX
    BUF @ HOU
    PIT @ NYG

  18. Ravens – Clev. game is down to


    Ravens – Clev. game is down to

    • should be Riveron, Leavy, Steratore, Triplette, Winter and Coleman

      the week 4 away teams are now eligible to be worked in week 9 i believe, and if i recall, Boger once had both matchups of the same divisional teams, so that doesn’t eliminate Steratore from this game, however, it is probably unlikely.

  19. My educated guess is that Steratore is doing the Thursday night game.

  20. These are not a guess theses are correct.
    KC @ SD Riveron
    DEN @ CIN Green
    BAL @ CLE Triplette
    ARI @ GB Coleman
    CHI @ TEN McAulay
    MIA @ IND Corrente
    CAR @ WAS Cheffers
    DET @ JAX Steratore
    BUF @ HOU Vinovich With Winters crew
    TB @ OAK Anderson
    MIN @ SEA Boger
    PIT @ NYG Leavy
    DAL @ ATL Parry
    PHI @ NO Blakeman

    OFF= Carey, Hochuli, Morelli, Winter

  21. Joe Platania says

    It’s already posted, but what the hell: Triplette is confirmed for BAL-CLE…

  22. Good stuff Bob, appreciated

  23. I cannot believe after last year’s Divisional game they would assign Bill Leavy a Giants game so soon. Yes I do believe that Greg Jennings fumbled and there was no helmet-to-helmet despite what Bill Leavy said

  24. Tonight’s game will be Riveron’s first regular season game ever in San Diego

  25. Why is Vinovich working with Winter”s crew this week ?

    • He doesn’t have his own crew, so he “borrows” somebody else’s, so to speak.

      • What is Winter doing this week ? He isn”t listed as off, is he at the game also ?

        • No. He’s off, but I don’t list them as off. It makes the charting of assignments easier, because it goes by the entire crew, not by the R.

          • Thanks for the info. Winter was off on Oct. 15th bty. Going by the way things have gone so far this season it”s looking like Winter will be getting one of the Ravens – Pitt. games in the next month.

          • No trouble. Winter definitely doesn’t have the first PIT-BAL game, and to be honest, I’d be a little surprised if he had the second. (Can’t explain my reasoning behind that, sorry.)

  26. JoeTheMailman says

    What a payback game from Bill Leavy yesterday against the Steelers. Somehow, they were able to overcome Leavy’s crew and win that game. 3 horrible calls within 5 plays in the 2nd quarter and another 3 or so beyond that. I guess he’s slowly making up for the Super Bowl everyone crucifies him over. I still like Leavy a whole lot.

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