Week 7

Seattle at San Francisco – Walt Anderson

Tennessee at Buffalo – Mike Carey
Cleveland at Indianapolis – Carl Cheffers
Washington at NY Giants – Ed Hochuli
New Orleans at Tampa Bay – Jerome Boger
Dallas at Carolina – Ron Winter
Baltimore at Houston – Tony Corrente
Green Bay at St. Louis – Bill Vinovich (with Pete Morelli crew)
Arizona at Minnesota – Terry McAulay
NY Jets at New England – Jeff Triplette
Jacksonville at Oakland – Scott Green
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati – Clete Blakeman

Detroit at Chicago – Alberto Riveron

Bye: Atlanta, Denver, Kansas City, Miami, Philadelphia, San Diego

Off: Walt Coleman, Bill Leavy, John Parry, Gene Steratore


  1. Hi Mike and Preth: Carl Cheffers crew at Indianapolis Oct. 21 (Jaguars @ Colts)

  2. Walt Anderson in SF.

  3. Shane Spencer says

    I hope Ron Winter gets NYJ @ NE.

  4. Joe Platania says

    Early and often with the refs, I see! Well, the Ravens have just weighed in and told me that it’s TONY CORRENTE for BAL-HOU. Tony did the BAL-CIN game that closed the regular season last year…

  5. Riveron for Detroit at Chicago per Brad Biggs.


  6. Winter is coming early to Charlotte this year

  7. Hochuli is at the NY giants.

  8. Hey gang old and new. Been busy covering the NHL lockout and the Nationals that I haven’t been able to give Redskins assignments. However, I am back and can confirm that BIG GUNS Hochuli has our game against the Giants at MetLife Stadium.

  9. SF = Andersen
    Ind= Cheffers
    NYG= Hochuli
    TB= Boger
    CAR= Winter
    HOU= Corrente
    STL= Vinovich
    MIN= McAulay
    NE= Triplette
    OAK= Green
    CIN= Blakeman
    CHI= Riveron
    OFF WEEK= Coleman, Leavy, Parry, Steratore, Morelli

  10. Forgot 1

    BUF= Carey

  11. Ah, wow. Looks like they are all here. Sorry, I’ve been busy.

    One thing to add is Vinovich has Pete Morelli’s crew.

  12. Confirming Clete Blakeman on the flip card for Steelers at Bengals.

  13. Why does Triplette continually receive relatively important games?

    • His last two games were important?

      In any event, the “importance” of games balances over the course of a season, in part because officials always work a large variety of teams.

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