Week 8

Tampa Bay at Minnesota – Ron Winter

Carolina at Chicago – Ed Hochuli
San Diego at Cleveland – Jerome Boger
Seattle at Detroit – John Parry
Jacksonville at Green Bay – Carl Cheffers
Indianapolis at Tennessee – Alberto Riveron
New England at St. Louis (in London) – Walt Coleman
Miami at NY Jets – Walt Anderson
Atlanta at Philadelphia – Gene Steratore
Washington at Pittsburgh – Pete Morelli
Oakland at Kansas City – Bill Vinovich (with the Jeff Triplette crew)
NY Giants at Dallas – Scott Green
New Orleans at Denver – Mike Carey

San Francisco at Arizona – Bill Leavy

Bye: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Houston

Off: Clete Blakeman,  Tony Corrente, Terry McAulay


  1. Coleman in London

  2. Walt Anderson at NY Jets.

  3. i hope vinovich draws a primetime game, preferably 49ers-Cardinals so I can see him soon!

  4. somewhat thought out guesses that may have errors to them;

    MIA@NYJ – CONFIRMED Walt Anderson
    NE@STL – CONFIRMED Walt Coleman

    TB@MIN – Pete Morelli
    SD@Cle – Terry McAulay
    Ind@Tenn – Jerome Boger
    Atl@Phil – Ed Hochuli
    Car@Chi – Clete Blakeman
    Sea@Det – Ron Winter
    Jax@GB – Alberto Riveron
    Was@Pitt – John Parry
    Oak@KC – Carl Cheffers
    NYG@Dal – Gene Steratore
    NO@Den – Mike Carey
    SF@AZ – Bill Vinovich (with the Leavy crew)

    BYES: Green, Triplette, Corrente.

    I did this based on the prime time going to crews who haven’t been in PT yet, as well as the crews who have been off already, not getting off…

  5. Howard Eskin of WIP in Philadelphia is tweeting that Gene Steratore will be white hat for ATL/PHI.
    Here’s a link to his twitter feed:

  6. SportingBecky says

    Walt Coleman and crew who aer working the London game…. are heading out Tomorrow(Flying on Tues)

  7. SportingBecky says

    oops *are

  8. Hi Preth:
    Carl Cheffers’ Crew in Green Bay (Jacksonville @ Packers) next Sunday

  9. whos the ref for the vikings vs. bucs for thurs?

  10. Shane Spencer says

    Terry McAulay could officiate any of the following Week 8 games:

    NO @ DEN
    WSH @ PIT
    SD @ CLE

  11. Shane Spencer says

    Jerome Boger could officiate any of the following Week 8 games:

    OAK @ KC
    SEA @ DET
    SD @ CLE
    WSH @ PIT

  12. Shane Spencer says

    Mike Carey could officiate any of the following Week 8 games:

    NO @ DEN
    SF @ AZ
    OAK @ KC
    WSH @ PIT
    SD @ CLE

  13. right on, Ed in Chicago! forgot to post yesterday…..

  14. Terry McAulay in Cleveland

  15. Carey in denver

  16. Shane Spencer says

    Jeff Triplette could officiate any of the following Week 8 games:

    SEA @ DET
    SF @ AZ
    OAK @ KC
    WSH @ PIT

  17. Shane Spencer says

    Pete Morelli could officiate any of the following Week 8 games:

    WSH @ PIT
    SEA @ DET

  18. SportingBecky says

    Redskins VS Steelers

    Referee – Pete Morelli

  19. Shane Spencer says

    John Parry could officiate any of the following Week 8 games:

    SEA @ DET
    OAK @ KC

  20. Shane Spencer says

    Bill Leavy could officiate any of the following Week 8 games:

    SEA @ DET
    SF @ AZ

  21. Jarret Anderson says

    According to my calculations it will either be Leavy or Vinovich in Minneapolis on Thurs. night.

  22. MIN = Winter
    CHI = Hochuli
    CLE = Bodger
    DET = Parry
    GB = Cheffers
    TEN = Riveron
    STL (London) = Coleman
    NYJ = Andersen
    PHI = Steratore
    PIT = Morelli
    KC = Vinovich
    DAL = Green
    DEN = Carey
    ARI = Leavy

    OFF = Blakeman, Corrente, McAualay, Triplette

  23. I can actually confirm. And Vinovich has Triplette’s crew.

    Terry McAulay is off and Jerome Boger is headed for the Dawg Pound.

  24. Hi Preth,

    New to the site. Love getting the scoop on who will be refereeing games for the week. My question is if there is an alternate referee that travels to London for the game as well?

  25. Interesting that the three crews that have not had byes (those of Green, Triplette, and Morelli) have all had Vinovich as R for one of their games. All white hats have now had one week off (and McAulay two).

  26. Is Macaulay getting bad reviews to be having a second off week already? Always thought he was pretty good.

    • No. It probably has something to do with the addition of Vinovich into the rotation, as bfurze observed above.

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  27. This would be Leavy’s first regular season game in Arizona since 2005

  28. For what its worth, here are my calculations about the number of weeks each crew has off this year. (We will ignore Bill Vinovich.)

    In a normal season, there are 256 games. There are 17 officiating crews, and if each is assigned 15 games and two bye weeks, 255 games are covered. This means that one crew has only one bye week.

    This season, because replacement officials worked the first three weeks (48 games), there are 208 games to be covered by the regular officials. If each of the 17 crews officiates 12 games, this will cover 204 games. Therefore, four crews will do a 13th game and have only one bye week.

    • In case anyone was wondering, I can confirm that Walt Anderson will NOT be one of those four crews with one bye week. He was off week 6, and will be off again week 10.

    • The weeks off for the crews includes the preseason games and some crews have three or four games off every season. I belive the off week games for this year was programmed before the preseason games and i think, not confirmed, the NFLRA are programming as if there’s not be blockout for seven weeks.

  29. Thanks for the update. In the years that I have kept track of this, no crew has had four weeks off. All crews but one have two weeks off during the regular season, and four crews (one each week) have a week off during the preseason. The Hall of Fame Game has been officiated by an all-star crew in recent years.

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