Week 14

Denver at Oakland – Clete Blakeman

St. Louis at Buffalo – Gene Steratore
Dallas at Cincinnati – Bill Vinovich (with Jerome Boger‘s crew)
Kansas City at Cleveland – Walt Anderson
Philadelphia at Tampa Bay – Ron Winter
Baltimore at Washington – John Parry
Atlanta at Carolina – Ed Hochuli
NY Jets at Jacksonville – Alberto Riveron
Tennessee at Indianapolis – Pete Morelli
Chicago at Minnesota – Walt Coleman
San Diego at Pittsburgh – Scott Green
Miami at San Francisco – Mike Carey
Arizona at Seattle – Carl Cheffers
New Orleans at NY Giants – Jeff Triplette
Detroit at Green Bay – Tony Corrente

Houston at New England – Terry McAulay

Off: Bill Leavy


  1. Walt Anderson in Cleveland for Chiefs/Browns.

  2. Haven’t commented in a while man, but Clete Blakeman’s crew has the Thursday night game in Oakland per the BJ Miles.

  3. Gene Steratore in Buffalo For Bills Vs Rams Per His umpire

  4. Shane Spencer says

    Tony Corrente is eligible for DET@GB.

  5. Shane Spencer says

    Bill Leavy is eligible for CHI@MIN.

  6. My guess for the “Beltway Bowl” Ravens – Skins
    Parry, Green or Coleman

  7. The NFL has warned it’s Officials about releasing their schedules to the public including their friends. I would recommend that people don’t list their sources when posting on here. This website and one other are the reason why the NFL doesn’t send out a Master schedule to each official every week anymore. Now crews only know their schedule.

  8. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Ed Hochuli should be eliglible to work Pats and Texans or Carl Cheffers

  9. Shane Spencer says

    Terry McAulay is eligible for HOU@NE.

  10. Shane Spencer says

    Scott Green is eligible for TEN@IND.

  11. Joe Platania says

    The Ravens have spoken and the arbiter for their game at WASH is none other than the man who officiated last year’s Thanksgiving “Har-Bowl”, JOHN PARRY… he also did the most recent Super Bowl as well…

  12. Walt Coleman for CHI @ MIN per Brad Biggs twitter.


  13. Ed Hochuli will be in Carolina on Dec. 9th.

  14. mr. bamboosaul says

    who will officiate the Cowboys-Bengals game? whoever the officiating crew is . expect the cowboys to win since they
    are road underdogs. just a thought.

  15. Based on what we already know about this week and who has done the Chargers and Steelers in the last 6 weeks and any Steelers home games, the following are the “Final 4” eligible for the SD at PIT game.

    Jeff Triplette
    Mike Carey
    Scott Green
    Terry McAulay

    Clete Blakeman and Ed Hochuli were also eligible, but are already pegged for other games on here.

    • Without having my fancy spreadsheet in front of me, that looks pretty accurate. However, since Bill Vinovich doesn’t have his own crew, I don’t consider him a complete impossibility for any game.

  16. Mike Carey eligible for DET@GB

  17. Carey has Miami @ San Francisco.

  18. here are the final remaining possibilities for you all to digest:

    DAL@CIN – Cheffers, Boger, Winter, Corrente, Green, McAulay
    PHL@TB – Cheffers, Carey, Winter, Green, Corrente
    NYJ@JAX – Riveron, Cheffers, Leavy, Triplette, Green, Corrente
    SD@PIT – Leavy, Triplette, Boger, Carey, Green, McAulay
    MIA@SF – Riveron, Leavy, Carey, McAulay
    AZ@SEA – Riveron, Leavy, Cheffers, Triplette, Boger, Winter, Green, McAulay
    NO@NYG – Riveron, Leavy, Cheffers, Triplette, Winter
    DET@GB – Riveron, Leavy, Boger, Carey, Green, Corrente
    HOU@NE – Riveron, Cheffers, Boger, Green, McAulay

    If you prefer it the other way around:
    Riveron: @jax, @sf, @sea, @nyg, @gb, @ne
    Leavy: @jax, @sf, @sea, @pit, @nyg, @gb, OFF
    Cheffers: @cin, @tb, @jax, @sea, @nyg, @ne
    Triplette: @jax, @pit, @sea, @nyg, OFF
    Boger: @cin, @pit, @sea, @gb, @ne
    Carey: @tb, @pit, @sf, @gb
    Winter: @cin, @tb, @sea, @nyg, OFF
    Green: @cin, @tb, @jax, @pit, @sea, @gb, @ne, OFF
    McAulay: @cin, @pit, @sf, @sea, @ne
    Corrente: @cin, @tb, @jax, @gb, OFF

  19. After process of Elimination… it appears McAulay is the Referee for Houston @ New England. I’d also guess that Leavy, Winter or Corrente is the OFF crew.

  20. SportingBecky says


    Officials breakdown: Bill Vinovich http://es.pn/YvrK1F

  21. SportingBecky says

    You can rule out …….. Walt Coleman’s crew from any Jaguar home games… for rest of season.. 😀 Just thought I would mention this…

  22. Joe Platania says

    I got wind that Hochuli will be in BAL for the game vs. DEN on 12-16….Thoughts? Nita?

  23. Is Boger off this week?

  24. SportingBecky says

    Here is what Conference has what Bowl Games for NCAA Bowls. Thought I would post the info here….

    Big East

    Rose, Outback, Independence

    Big Ten

    Sugar, Sun, Las Vegas, Military, Go Daddy


    Capital one, Gator, Russell Athletic, Liberty, Kraft, BBVA, Idaho Potato


    Chick-Fil-A, Holiday


    Meineke, Music City, Poinsettia


    BCS Championship, Wild Wings, Pinstripe, Heart of D.


    Orange, Alamo, Belk, Armed Forces


    Beef O’Brady


    New Orleans, Hawaii

  25. Lorenzo Antonio says

    I think AL Riveron or Scott Green will officate Texans vs pats

  26. with Craig’s information Re: Cheffers weeks 15 and 16, he’ll be either doing AZ@SEA or NJY@JAX this week, or possibly MNF, although not likely…he has Philly next week and NYG the week after that.

  27. bill leavy will be heavily booed if he steps foot in seattle guarenteed. to this day we hate his guts

  28. Any word on who has the Giants/Saints game?

  29. Hi Preth:
    Carl Cheffers´Crew in Seattle this Dec. 9 (Cardinals @ Seahawks)

  30. DEN @ OAK = Blakeman
    STL @ BUF = Steratore
    DAL @ CIN = Vinovich (With Boger’s Crew)
    KC @ CLE = Anderson
    PHI @ TB = Winter
    BAL @ WAS = Parry
    ATL @ CAR = Hochuli
    NYJ @ JAX = Riveron
    TEN @ IND = Morelli
    CHI @ MIN = Coleman
    SD @ PIT = Green
    MIA @ SF = Carey
    ARI @ SEA = Cheffers
    NO @ NYG = Triplette
    DET @ GB = Corrente
    HOU @ NE = McAulay

    OFF = Leavy, Boger

  31. Does the league have a vendetta against the Giants? Since their bye they have seen McAulay, Boger, Triplette, ???, and rumored to be Cheffers in Week 16. That is 4 of the worst crews so far this year in a 5 week period

  32. where do you guys get all this information?

  33. For what its worth Mike boger’s crew called Monday nights game equally bad for the Redskins. Even you have to admit the horse-caller call in the 4th quarter called against the Redskins was a phantom flag.

    • They really were bad. Also thought the OPI was too close to be called that late in the game. I also liked how they awarded RGIII a first down late in the game even though he went out of bounds a good 2-3 yards before the marker. Unfortunately the clip was turned into a .gif and I cannot find the source code to post it here

  34. I was just wondering if anyone knew where the NFL referees stayed when they are in Minneapolis?

  35. the head ref for the colts an titans game needs to be fired making very bad calls

  36. has bill leavy officiated a 49ers game yet i fear him reffing the seahawks 49ers game

  37. 50 bucks says bill leavy screws seattle again given the opportunity i just pray its not against SF. His game last with with the seahawks was terrible

    • When? The Super Bowl. You know he worked 2 Seahawks games last season right? I watched most of the Rams@Seahawks game in week 14 and his crew was fine in that game. That was the actual last time Leavy did the Seahawks.

  38. i was at his rams game last year and remember it being terrible. i believe the other one he officiated was against pittsburgh and seattle played very poorly there. but his game in seattle was lousy.

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