Week 13

New Orleans at Atlanta – Scott Green

Jacksonville at Buffalo – Pete Morelli
Seattle at Chicago – Mike Carey
Indianapolis at Detroit – Bill Vinovich (Walt Anderson‘s crew?)
Minnesota at Green Bay – Ed Hochuli
Houston at Tennessee – Tony Corrente
Carolina at Kansas City – John Parry
San Francisco at St. Louis – Carl Cheffers
New England at Miami – Ron Winter
Arizona at NY Jets – Walt Anderson (with the Gene Steratore crew)
Tampa Bay at Denver – Terry McAulay
Cincinnati at San Diego – Walt Coleman
Cleveland at Oakland – Bill Leavy
Pittsburgh at Baltimore – Alberto Riveron
Philadelphia at Dallas – Jeff Triplette

NY Giants at Washington – Jerome Boger

Off: Clete Blakeman


  1. Colts/Lions – Walt Anderson

  2. Shane Spencer says

    Jerome Boger and Mike Carey are not eligible for NO@ATL.

  3. Steratore eligible for Jacksonville-Buffalo.

  4. Shane Spencer says

    Carl Cheffers could do SF@STL…he’s eligible for that game.

  5. Shane Spencer says

    Gene Steratore could do NYG@WSH…he’s eligible for that game.

  6. Guns Hochuli in Green Bay per Nita , from week 12 comment

  7. Shane Spencer says

    Jerome Boger could do PHI@DAL…he’s eligible for that game.

  8. Shane Spencer says

    Ron Winter could do NO@ATL…he’s eligible for that game.

  9. When is a ref ineligable for a game?

    • can’t work the same team in a 6 week period, can’t work the same team at home twice, and can only work a team twice a season (2x away or home/away)

      Some refs have certain teams or stadiums they don’t referee in, such as Coleman in Oakland and Anderson doesn’t referee Houston

  10. Bill Vinovich in Miami

  11. Tony Corrente is eligible for TB-DEN, he has yet to ref a game involving either team.

  12. Joe Platania says

    From the Ravens… the same ref that worked the thrilling AFC title game last year, AL RIVERON, will be in charge of PIT-BAL…

  13. Anderson, Boger, Cheffers, Green, Hochuli, Leavy, Riveron, Steratore, and Winter are eligible for Thursday night NO/ATL. While not determinative, of this group, only Boger, Cheffers, and Green have not worked a Thursday night game yet.

  14. Week 13 is up-to-date. Apologies for the delay.

  15. Mike Carey in Chicago, per Brad Biggs twitter.

  16. Hi Preth:
    Week 13 Dec. 02: Carl Cheffers’ Crew in St. Louis (49’ers @ Rams)

  17. Just a very general question: I know that 1st year officials are not assigned playoff games, so is Bill Vinovich considered a first year referee, or is he elgible to a playoff assignment?

  18. Steratore doing Arizona/Jets

  19. Per flip card, Tony Corrente is officiating Texans @ Oilers

  20. I think Green has TNF… NO @ ATL

  21. Probably Boger or McAulay’s crew in Miami with Vinovich??

  22. MON night is probably Winter, Boger, Parry or Coleman.

    • skinsforlife101 says

      Most Likely Coleman here is my math just for the heck of it.
      NY Giants at Redskins Not: EH, TM, BL, PM, MC, CC, SG, JP,TC Less Crews that did Monday Night JT, CB, WA, SG, JT, AR,

  23. @ Mike. It’s the Titans. Not the Oilers.

  24. Is Boger eligible for NYG/WAS?

  25. Walt Coleman did NYG/WAS on Monday night in 2009. Does that matter?

    • nope. technically speaking, while not common, one crew could referee both divisional matchups of any two particular teams, as we saw Boger’s crew do this a few years back…

      (ie SF@STL and STL@SF)

      • That wouldn’t be two matchups between those teams in the same season anyway, if Coleman had worked tonight’s game-anyway I see that it’s my favorite ref Jerome Boger.

  26. SportingBecky says

    Hi Preth and Mickey,

    Bengals VS Chargers – Referee Walt Coleman

  27. Referee crews that have not had a second week off include: Blakeman, Corrente, Green, Leavy, Morelli, Parry, Steratore, Triplette, and Winter. Looks like 4 crews will not have a second week off this year.

  28. Referee crews that remain eligible for MNF (Giants at Redskins) after known assignments are: Blakeman, Boger, Green, Morelli, Parry and Winter. Also, Vinovich may substitute for one of the R’s.

  29. Referee crews that remain eligible for Tampa Bay at Denver after known assignments are: Blakeman, McAulay, Parry, and Winter.

  30. Whose eligible now for Jacksonville-Buffalo?

  31. Happy 49th Birthday Joe Platania !!! Thanks for all your info you give us on this board !!!

  32. Thurs nite game ref……Scott Green, Bill Leavy, Ron Winter, or Terry McAulay

  33. Its time for a guess and i say drum rolls………………………. Scott Green has the New O and Atlanta Game and its only guessing and my team has Ed this week oh lord Hope its a good game im gonna be in the stands shouting for a greenbay win 🙂 happy Football to everyone

  34. Ron Winter for Patriots-Dolphins.

    I think that by process of elimination puts McAulay in Denver, but I will confirm that later today, likely.

  35. ESPN 980 Radio reports via Twitter that Jerome Boger has Monday night’s game between the NY Giants and Washington Redskins.

  36. Yess. Boger confirmed for NYG/WAS

  37. Week 13 confirmed assignments

    NO @ ATL = Green
    JAX @ BUF = Morelli
    SEA @ CHI = Carey
    IND @ DET = Vinovich (With Blackeman’s Crew)
    MIN @ GB = Hochuli
    HOU @ TEN = Corrente
    CAR @ KC = Parry
    SF @ STL = Cheffers
    NE @ MIA = Winter
    ARI @ NYJ = Andersen (with Steratore’s Crew)
    TB @ DEN = McAualy
    Cin @ SD = Coleman
    CLE @ OAK = Leavy
    Pit @ BAL = Riveron
    PHI @ DAL = Triplette
    NYG @ WAS = Boger

    OFF = Blakeman, Steratore

  38. A quick correction from what I’ve been able to determine (although I don’t know why exactly).

    Vinovich is heading Walt Anderson’s crew in Detroit, and Anderson, indeed, has Steratore’s crew while he R&Rs on the wooden field

  39. why not just give steratore’s crew to vinovich and keep anderson with his crew?

  40. I think Anderson was supposed to be off originally. If that is the case, it would be easier instead of changing Bill’s travel arrangements. But, I didn’t get any specifics.

    • As of November 6th, the Anderson crew was scheduled for IND-DET. We know this thanks to Mark, who knows one of the crew members. If Anderson was supposed to be off originally, the schedule must have been changed several weeks ago.

      • Not necessarily. Vinovich could have always been the scheduled substitute for Anderson but when Steratore had a conflict it was easier for Anderson to get to New Jersey being that he is now retired and there is no Big 12 Conference Championship game this week than it would be for Clete Blakeman. If both could not make it you probably would have seen someone like Scott Green or Jerome Boger officiate 2 games this week

  41. FWIW, Steratore has not worked a basketball game since last Friday (before the Ravens/Chargers) game (which is unusual since he generally works at least 4 basketball games during the week). So, something may have happened with Steratore causing him to have to bail on this Sunday’s game and Anderson (who was supposed to be off) is subbing in for him as a result. I could be completely wrong but it’s just a thought.

  42. Is Jerome Boger eligible for Dallas @ Cincinnati December 9th?

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