Week 2

Chicago at Green Bay – Gerald Wright

Kansas City at Buffalo – Robert Dalton
Cleveland at Cincinnati – Jerry Hughes
Minnesota at Indianapolis – Don King
New Orleans at Carolina – Gerald Wright
Houston at Jacksonville – David White
Oakland at Miami – Mike Shepherd
Arizona at New England – David Scott
Tampa Bay at NY Giants – Jim Core
Baltimore at Philadelphia – Robert Frazer
Washington at St. Louis – Wayne Elliot
Dallas at Seattle – Donovan Briggans
NY Jets at Pittsburgh – Jerry Frump
Tennessee at San Diego – Bruce Hermansen
Detroit at San Francisco – Richard “Matt” Nicks

Denver at Atlanta – Kent Roan


  1. Titans@Chargers- Bruce Hermanson


    Page 2 of the attatchment

  2. Gerald Wright will serve as the referee for #Bears #Packers on Thursday night at Lambeau Field

    Per Brad Biggs Twitter

  3. Briggans is in Seattle

  4. Mike Sheppard is in Miami

  5. Robert Dalton in KC.

  6. Providing Steelers info when possible, I am back and the flip card for this week says a gentleman by the name of Jerry Frump (#37) is the replacement white hat for the Jets-Steelers tilt.

  7. As and Aussie i am mystified by the lock out of officials. can someone explain what the problem is ?

    I miss seeing Ed !!

    • Well, you can look around the internet for various tidbits of coverage.

      Basically, there are a few different problems. The biggest problem by far is a matter of Pension. Current officials want to keep their current pension, the NFL really wants them switched over to a 401k. Current officials offered to grandfather the existing pension and put all new officials going forward on the 401k, the NFL declined.

      If the pension issue resolves itself, the rest is probably negotiable.

  8. Hey, gang! Per the Ravens, it’s Robert Frazer for BAL-PHI…

  9. Thanks Preth.

  10. David White is the Ref in Jacksonville

  11. Does anyone know what happened to Craig Ochoa? Is he not doing games anymore?

  12. whose got the cincy game today? King? any input

  13. SJ who was on Winterberg’s crew was pulled from the NO/CAR game because he is a Saints fan. Since I am not sure if Winterberg was retained not sure who the R is

  14. Jim Core – designated New York Giants ref

    • Remember though. Core worked last weeks Giants game with Winterberg’s crew and worked this weeks game with his own crew. However, I agree they should at least try to balance it a little bit.

  15. Redskins@Rams- Wayne Elliott

    Same Referees as last week. Looks like they only have 15 Referees for 16 Games. That will be fine when bye weeks start but it is inconvenient now. Craig Ochoa, Paul Layne and Jim Winterberg appear to be gone. We figured out last week that Bobby Jackson is now a deep wing, I can’t remember if he is a SJ or FJ.

  16. Kent Roan is not in Atlanta for Monday night; it’s Robert Dalton. Dalton is listed on the flip card as well, but also was scheduled for the Chiefs-Bills game. Sorry for the misleading info.

  17. SportingBecky says

    After seeing some of these weeks games….. well said I would not. I just wanted to see how the Officials would do. Ughhhhh this is horrible. In a way I feel sorry for the Replacement Referees…… everyone making them a laughing stock and the NFL DOES NOT care. Goodell & the Owners… are very greedy and only care about themselves. What if it was Goodell or the Owners Children out their officiating? I bet they would not want to see them on the field. I really want the REAL Referees back! This is really getting out of hand. Very disgraceful of the NFL to allow these men to work in the NFL and they do not know the Rules or how to enforce them.

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