Week 3

NY Giants at Carolina – Robert Frazer

St. Louis at Chicago – Jerry Hughes
Buffalo at Cleveland – David Scott
Tampa Bay at Dallas – Robert Dalton
NY Jets at Miami – Robert Frazer
San Francisco at Minnesota – Kent Roan
Kansas City at New Orleans – Don King
Cincinnati at Washington – Richard “Matt” Nicks
Detroit at Tennessee – Gerald Wright
Jacksonville at Indianapolis – Donovan Briggans
Philadelphia at Arizona – Mike Shepherd
Atlanta at San Diego – Jim Core
Houston at Denver – Jerry Frump
Pittsburgh at Oakland – David White
New England at Baltimore – Bruce Hermansen

Green Bay at Seattle – Wayne Elliott


  1. Mike Sheppard is in Arizona

  2. Jerry Hughes for ST. LOUIS RAMS @ CHICAGO BEARS, per Brad Biggs twitter http://www.twitter.com/bradbiggs

  3. Dalton Does Dallas according to ESPN’s Todd Archer

  4. Gerald Wright Has Titans-Lions per Titans

  5. I’m sure it doesn’t mean much on this site, but the games that Mike Sheppard has worked this year (3 preseason and 2 reg) have all gone OVER the posted total gambling wise.

  6. David White is wearing the hat of the color that bears his name for the Steelers at Raiders contest, so says the flip card.

  7. Jerry Frump in Denver

  8. Jim Core in San Diego per the Chargers flip.

  9. Robert Dalton is in Miami with one of the headless crews

  10. Check that, Robert Frazer. Sorry, I’m not dealing with familiar names

  11. Robert Fraser doing Jets @ Miami! Per the telecast!

  12. Chiefs@Saints- Don King

    *Looks like we need only Minnesota and Seattle and it should be between Ken Roan and Wayne Elliott for those assignments. I’ll guess Elliott in Seattle and Roan in Minnesota.

  13. It appears that rather than replacing Winterberg with a different Referee the NFL has decided that whichever official officiates the TNF game will work with Winterberg’s crew on Sunday/Monday

  14. After the greenbay balony im staying outta watching any games until we get the regulars back to let stripes decide a game with BOGUS calls as tonight this is a UNjustice 🙁 and no im not bias im disappointed

  15. The calls in this game were awful.

  16. Wayne Elliott’s crew did a very average job with a few controversial calls, until the final play of the game. That was not a touchdown!!! Green Bay just got robbed!

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