Week 11

Miami at Buffalo – Jeff Triplette

Arizona at Atlanta – Bill Vinovich (with Mike Carey‘s crew)
Cleveland at Dallas – Ed Hochuli
Green Bay at Detroit – Ron Winter
Cincinnati at Kansas City – Gene Steratore
NY Jets at St. Louis – Jerome Boger
Indianapolis at New England – John Parry
Philadelphia at Washington – Terry McAulay
Tampa Bay at Carolina – Bill Leavy
Jacksonville at Houston – Clete Blakeman
New Orleans at Oakland – Pete Morelli
San Diego at Denver – Carl Cheffers
Baltimore at Pittsburgh – Walt Anderson

Chicago at San Francisco – Tony Corrente

Bye: Tennessee, Minnesota, NY Giants, Seattle

Off: Walt Coleman, Scott Green, Alberto Riveron


  1. Walt Anderson in Pittsburgh.

  2. The Colts-Patriots game, currently scheduled at 1:00 p.m. EST, is a strong candidate to be moved to the 4:25 p.m. EST time slot. Week 11, which marks the beginning of flexible scheduling, is a CBS doubleheader weekend, and the Chargers/Broncos game, which I believe has been protected by CBS, is currently the only game in the late time slot.

  3. SportingBecky says

    Referee – Walt Coleman – OFF

  4. Shane Spencer says

    Please put those dates in bold, OK? Thank you.

  5. Joe Platania says

    As the board has already said, it’s Walt Anderson for BAL-PIT, a game that will stay where it is on Sunday night (NO flex). WA hasn’t done a Ravens game since Wk 14 of 2010 when New Orleans came to town. Ravens won, 30-24, but Lance Moore made a GREAT catch in the corner of the end zone that many might remember…

    • Don”t know why it would have been Flex out any way. It”s like ESPN taking the Yankees -Red Sox off of a Sunday Night baseball game !!! { 4 times a year }

  6. Shane Spencer says

    Tony Corrente could do SD @ DEN…he has yet to officiate a game involving either of those two teams this season.

  7. Shane Spencer says

    Jerome Boger is eligible for PHI @ WSH.

  8. Shane Spencer says

    Ron Winter is eligible for IND @NE.

  9. I would love to see Mike Carey as the referee for the CHI-SF game for Monday Night since he hasn’t reffed either team. He is my favorite ref!

  10. Triplette is Thursday night game.

  11. Hi Preth
    Carl Cheffers’ crew in Denver (Nov. 18) Chargers @ Broncos and today in Pittsburgh

  12. Shane Spencer says

    Tony Corrente is eligible for GB @ DET, CLE @ DAL, CIN @ KC and TB @ CAR.

  13. Shane Spencer says

    Terry McAulay is eligible for CLE @ DAL, CIN @ KC, GB @ DET, NYJ @ STL and PHI @ WSH.

  14. Shane Spencer says

    Scott Green is eligible for GB @ DET, IND @ NE, TB @ CAR and CHI @ SF.

  15. Carey has ARZ @ ATL

  16. Shane Spencer says

    Gene Steratore is eligible for CIN @ KC, TB @ CAR and NO @ OAK.

  17. Shane Spencer says

    Alberto Riveron is eligible for CLE @ DAL, NYJ@STL, JAX @ HOU and NO @ OAK.

  18. Shane Spencer says

    Pete Morelli is eligible for IND @ NE, TB @ CAR, JAX @ HOU and CHI @ SF.

  19. Hochuli in Dallas

  20. whose doing the green bay vs. detroit game

  21. Tony Corrente is in SF for the Bears-49ers game per Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune’s twitter feed

  22. SF and Oakland are both playing at home this weekend. Of course they are never scheduled to play at home at the same time.

    • They both play at home during Week 14 – the Raiders host the Broncos on Thursday Night Football (December 6), while the 49ers host the Dolphins three days later (Sunday, December 9).

      Additionally, for some odd reason, both teams are scheduled in the late time slot during Week 17 – the Raiders are at San Diego while the 49ers host the Cardinals. The NFL **normally does NOT** schedule both teams within the same time slot or network unless they meet head-to-head.

  23. Just took an “inventory” and came up with a list of the longest a ref has gone without doing a regular season game in a city.
    If anyone finds any errors please let me know.

    Anderson —————–Houston (never) , Washington 2006
    Boger———————-Oakland 2008
    Carey———————Washington 2006
    Cheffers——————Carolina (never)
    Coleman——————Oakland 1998
    Corrente——————New England 2005
    Green——————–San Francisco except for London game
    —Tennessee and Carolina 2007
    Hochuli——————Arizona 2006
    Leavy———————Philadelphia 2006
    McAulay—————–Kansas City 2002
    Morelli——————-Detroit 2005
    Parry———————Chicago and Denver (never)
    Riveron——————Pittsburgh, Oakland, NO, Minn and Wash 2008
    Steratore—————–Cleveland and Carolina 2007
    Triplette—————–Denver 2008
    Winter——————-New Orleans 2007

    Steratore—————-Cleveland and Carolina 2007

  24. Followup on prior thread;
    Blakeman who is one of the newer refs has worked every city since 2008.

  25. @ Gerry

    Pete Morelli has not worked a game in Cincinnati since sometime before 2008. Not sure when.

  26. I did some research and came up with which current NFL referee has worked the most Bengals games between 2008 and now. Ed Hochuli leads the way with 7, followed by Jerome Boger with 6.

  27. Hmmmm… I don’t know if other contributors are running into this, but information this week (for me) seems a little hard to get. I’m not sure if this is an indication of a changing schedule or not.

    Of course, this could be apropos of nothing. Pure steaming speculation at this point.

  28. John Parry for Colts-Patriots

  29. It is confirmed Tony Corrente has the MNF game in SF.

  30. Any predictions which WHs doing the Turkey Bowls on Thanksgiving day?

  31. @ Gerry

    Do you know what Bengals home game Morelli worked in 2006?

  32. rich kalahiki says

    Does anyone know if Jeff Triplette has done games between Miami and Buffalo, in 2005, 2006, 2007 seasons and what weeks?

  33. rich kalahiki says

    @ Geff

    Do you know a site where i could get info on Jeff Triplettes 2005-2006-2007 seasons

  34. Here ya go:


    The database was compiled through gamebooks, and some information (such as uniform numbers) is incorrect. I also saw Gene Steratore listed as R and FJ in same weekend (hey, there are two Steratores, d’oh!)

    • rich kalahiki says

      mahalo ben

    • It did happen. Gene Steratore’s rookie year he was on Bernie Kukar’s crew and on a fumble in a Giants/Panthers game Giants S Clarence LeBlanc accidentally blindsided Kukar going for the ball and Steratore took over as the Referee. Actually had a challenge flag thrown which he handled correctly and his solid performance was probably one of the reasons he was promoted when Kukar retired and Tom White was fired

    • @ Ben
      I took a glance at that pro football reference. pretty interesting

  35. Week 11 Assignments
    MIA @ BUF = Triplette
    ARI @ ATL = Vinovich With Carey’s Crew
    CLE @ DAL = Hochuli
    GB @ DET = Winter
    CIN @ KC = Steratore
    NYJ @ STL = Boger
    IND @ NE = Parry
    PHI @ WAS = McAualy
    TB @ CAR = Leavy
    JAX @ HOU = Blakeman
    NO @ OAK = Morelli
    SD @ DEN = Cheffers
    BAL @ PIT = Anderson
    CHI @ SF = Corrente

    OFF = Coleman, Green, Riveron, Carey

  36. Injury subs this week:

    Head linesman George Hayward (on Leavy’s crew) left the game last Sunday with a calf injury; Tom Stabile (Green’s crew) fills in.

    Kirk Dornan (back judge on Carey’s crew) was seen being taped up during last week’s game and will be replaced this week by Rich Reels (Riveron’s crew).

  37. correnta got a game for swearing – so who is refing monday night football?

  38. Preth what state does Bill Vinivich reside?,

  39. I normally say nothing but THAT was def a poor job with Ed and his crew today in Dallas Lotsa confusions and Mistakes

  40. The crew in Arlington should be fined for the many calls that cost the Browns the game. The game should of been over on the next to last play of regulation when Romo threw the ball away and no receiver in the area. Intentional grounding and 10 second run off should of been call with only 6 seconds lefts the game would of been over.

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