Week 17

Tampa Bay at Atlanta – Carl Cheffers
NY Jets at Buffalo – Terry McAulay
Baltimore at Cincinnati – Ron Winter
Chicago at Detroit – Bill Leavy
Jacksonville at Tennessee – Bill Vinovich (with Scott Green‘s crew)
Houston at Indianapolis – Clete Blakeman
Green Bay at Minnesota – Mike Carey
Miami at New England – Jerome Boger
Carolina at New Orleans – Alberto Riveron
Philadelphia at NY Giants – Tony Corrente
Cleveland at Pittsburgh – Walt Coleman
Dallas at Washington – Walt Anderson
Oakland at San Diego – John Parry
Arizona at San Francisco – Pete Morelli
St. Louis at Seattle – Jeff Triplette
Kansas City at Denver – Ed Hochuli

Off: Gene Steratore


  1. Anderson’s crew in DC.

  2. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Pete Morelli Or Tony Corrente or Ed Hochuli for Dolphins Vs Patriots

  3. Carey has GB @ MIN

  4. Cheffers in Atlanta.

  5. Cheffers in dallas or seatore they have dont it maybe morielle

  6. maybe even pete morelli

  7. I’m guessing the Baltimore @ Cincinnati game will be flexed.

    • don’t think they flex in week 17.

      • Kenneth there is no sunday night game scheduled, however the most important game will be flexed…. remember a few years back when we had the delightful under .500 battle for the nfc west? It’s usually a battle for winner gets in and loser goes home. All games are scheduled for 1 PM EST and some are also moved to 4 PM… hope this helps!

        • The Week 17 flex will almost for sure be Dallas at Washington. It is very possible that the winner of that game will win the NFC East while the loser of that game ends up out of the playoffs. Not to mention I am sure that NBC would love the Cowboys against RGIII to finish out the regular season.

          • I totally agree. The NFC East division title CANNOT be mathematically clinched in Week 16, REGARDLESS of who wins and who loses, though the Giants can mathematically eliminate themselves from winning the division if they lose at Baltimore in Week 16 and either the Cowboys or the Redskins win their respective Week 16 games. The Giants lose tiebreakers to both the Cowboys and Redskins (if not division record, then record vs. common opponents).

          • Yes Dal/Washin is flexed. I heard that on the radio thismorning.

        • oh true. i forgot they do it like that, and I agree it’ll be DAL@WAS, although BAL@CIN could be it if, say Dallas wins and Skins lose in Wk16

        • Also, Fox and CBS will both have doubleheader games that day. Markets that have their team playing a road game will get two 1:00 games and two 4:00 games. Teams playing a home game will get three games in the afternoon in their market.

        • Actually the late afternoon games are at 4:25, with both FOX and CBS showing games at that time instead of the usual one network having a game or games at 4:05 and the other at 4:25.

        • remember a few years back when we had the delightful under .500 battle for the nfc west?

          Wow! How quickly we forget Seattle won said game (against St. Louis) and then went on to beat New Orleans the next week, quite handily, I might add, in the first round of the playoffs. In the second round of the playoffs Seattle almost beat Chicago in Chicago. It’s a whole new ball game in the playoffs which can’t be scripted!

    • With the format of Week 17 being all divisional games, the NFL tries to avoid giving teams still competing for division titles and wild cards inherent advantages by playing later than other teams with whom they are directly competing. So if BAL-CIN gets flexed to 4 p.m. and PIT is still in the mix for either the division or wild card, that game likely gets flexed to 4 p.m. as well to keep the Bengals and Ravens from having an advantage on knowing how the Steelers did and where they stand as a result. It also keeps more teams from being able to play backups in the final game, which Roger Goodell hates. They can flex Week 17 games six days in advance (unlike most of the year when they need 14 days) to ensure the main “doubleheader” game for both networks is important. There is no Week 17 night game anymore. What does this have to do with officiating? Nothing. But it is interesting nonetheless.

  8. Shane Spencer says

    Carl Cheffers could do either CHI@DET or MIA@NE…he’s eligible for both games.

  9. Shane Spencer says

    Tony Corrente could do MIA@NE…he’s eligible for that game.

  10. After process of Elimination, Blakeman will be doing NYJ @ BUF or HOU @ IND.

  11. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Jerome Boger could do Dolphins and Patriots

  12. SportingBecky says

    Ed Hochuli WK #17 is eligible:

    Ravens VS Bengals
    Bears VS Lions
    Jaguars VS Titans
    Raiders VS Chargers
    Chiefs VS Broncos

  13. SportingBecky says

    Hearing that Ed Hochuli WK #17 2012 has Chiefs VS Broncos….

  14. Joe Platania says

    Lots of great discussion, as usual: YES, there will be a Wk 17 flex game, and if BAL-CIN is for the division, it HAS to be that one… by the way, the Ravens have spoken: it’s RON WINTER for BAL-CIN. He did OAK-BAL in early November…

  15. Hi Preth:
    Confirmed; Carl Cheffers’ crew in Atlanta (Bucanners @ Falcons, Dec. 30th.)

  16. Lorenzo Antonio says

    I think Jerome Boger will do Dolphins vs Pats

  17. Shane Spencer says

    Mike Carey could do PHI@NYG just like last year.

  18. Jarret Anderson says

    he is in min.

  19. hello Dallas/Washington has been flexed to next Sunday night and will be for the Nfc East Title here is my link as proof Happy holidays to all http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000116089/article/nfl-flexes-dallas-cowboyswashington-redskins-game

  20. Preth why are the flexed ?

  21. If it is Anderson is WSH for WSH/DAL, it would be the second consecutive year Anderson has worked the NFC East’s win-and-in. He was in NY for last years’ week 17 bout between Dallas and the Giants.

  22. Shane Spencer says

    Terry McAulay could do NYJ@BUF…he’s eligible for that game.

  23. Shane Spencer says

    Pete Morelli could do any one of the following games:


  24. Shane Spencer says

    Alberto Riveron could do PHI@NYG…he’s eligible for that game.

  25. Walt Coleman by my count is only eligible for either Phi @ NYG, STL & SEA, or Cle & Pit

  26. Greetings from Ashburn Park. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I am not seeing any comments so I apologize if someone has already posted this. Straight from the PR staff for the Redskins the Referee for the Cowboys vs. Redskins at FedEx Field is Walt Anderson. Also, as many know this game has been moved to Sunday Night. Have a great week everyone.

  27. From The Titans PR Gurus: Bill Vinovich will be R for Week 17 vs. Jags. It appears he will have Green’s crew with Seeman (from Steratore’s crew) subbing for Barnes. So, a bye week for Steratore?

    • It must be. Steratore’s crew has had only one bye so far (Green, Morelli, Parry and Triplette the others), although Steratore has had two additional weeks off: one with Walt Anderson and one with Bill Vinovich at the controls. Since there is no Thursday or Monday game, there is no way for anyone to do a double dip this weekend.

  28. Shane Spencer says

    Ron Winter is eligible for STL@SEA.

  29. Shane Spencer says

    Here’s what these other people are saying so far on who will officiate Week 17 games:

    TB@ATL – Carl Cheffers (confirmed)
    NYJ@BUF – Terry McAulay (my guess)
    BAL@CIN – Ron Winter
    CHI@DET – Bill Leavy (my guess)
    JAX@TEN – Bill Vinovich
    HOU@IND – Clete Blakeman
    GB@MIN – Mike Carey
    MIA@NE – Jerome Boger
    CAR@NO – Scott Green (my guess)
    PHI@NYG – Alberto Riveron (my guess)
    CLE@PIT – Walt Coleman (confirmed)
    DAL@WSH – Walt Anderson (confirmed)
    OAK@SD – John Parry (my guess)
    AZ@SF – Pete Morelli
    STL@SEA – Jeff Triplette (my guess)
    KC@DEN – Ed Hochuli

  30. We’re updated. Quite the blizzard for Christmas this year! Happy Holidays to everybody who visits here.

    • Preth-Where are you located? I was just wondering where “here” was. We got a blizzard here in Michigan Wednesday and I couldn’t go to the Little Caesars Bowl unfortunately.

  31. Yea Beckys right. Ed Hochuli is in Denver. We were all so busy with Christmas we didn’t get to communicate till today.

  32. Parry in SD after process of elimination… probably Triplette in Seattle as well and Riveron in New Orleans.

  33. Boger in New England.

  34. WEEK 17 Confirmed Assignments

    TB @ ATL = Cheffers
    NYJ @ BUF + McAulay
    BAL @ CIN = Winter
    CHI @ DET = Leavy
    JAX @ TEN = Vinovich (With Green’s Crew)
    HOU @ IND = Blakeman
    GB @ MIN = Carey
    MIA @ NE = Boger
    CAR @ NO = Riveron
    PHI @ NYG = Corrente
    CLE @ PIT = Coleman
    DAL @ WAS = Anderson
    OAK @ SD = Parry
    ARI @ SF = Morelli
    STL @ SEA = Triplette
    KC @ DEN Hochuli

    OFF = Steratore’s Crew , Green

  35. SportingBecky says

    Waiting to see what 20 Officials the NFL Officiating Front Office will Hire in 2013……

  36. I’m pretty sure the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree for two of them 😉

  37. Sporting Becky–

    If the NFL is hiring officials in the offseason, who if any are going to be retiring? There is so little movement among officials anymore that I wonder.

    My biggest hope is that CBS will bring in Jerry Markbreit for the playoffs and the Super Bowl in a similar role as Mike Perreira at Fox and Gerry Austin with ESPN. Having them explain rulings during the game is good and Markbreit was the BEST at it during his time as a WH. I think it’s a fleeting wish though.

  38. Blakeman’s Crew in Indy.

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