Week 15

Cincinnati at Philadelphia – Carl Cheffers

NY Giants at Atlanta – Bill Leavy
Green Bay at Chicago – Walt Anderson
Washington at Cleveland – Bill Vinovich (with Gene Steratore‘s crew)
Minnesota at St. Louis – Alberto Riveron
Jacksonville at Miami – John Parry
Tampa Bay at New Orleans – Mike Carey
Denver at Baltimore – Pete Morelli
Indianapolis at Houston – Jeff Triplette
Detroit at Arizona – Jerome Boger
Carolina at San Diego – Terry McAulay
Seattle at Buffalo – Scott Green
Pittsburgh at Dallas – Clete Blakeman
Kansas City at Oakland – Tony Corrente
San Francisco at New England – Ed Hochuli

NY Jets at Tennessee – Walt Coleman

Off: Ron Winter


  1. Walt Anderson is in Chicago.

  2. Steratore is In Cleveland for Redskins Vs Browns!

  3. Note: Buffalo game is in Toronto, eh.

  4. Cheffers has Thurs. Night Football

  5. Coleman, Parry or Winter will have the Last MNF game in Tennessee.

  6. Bill Leavy has yet to ref a game involving any NFC North team, though you can scratch off the DET-ARZ game due to the fact that he already reffed a game at ARZ (vs. SF in Week 8).

  7. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Scott Green has 49ers and Patriots SNF Match

  8. maybe clete blakeman for pit vs dallas hes not done one yet

  9. KC @ OAK will be McAulay or Corrente.

  10. Eligible for NYG at ATL – Anderson, Blakeman, Cheffers, Corrente, Leavy, Morelli, Riveron, Steratore, and Winter. According to other posts, Anderson, Cheffers, and Steratore have other assignments.

  11. Eligible for DEN at BAL – Coleman, Corrente, Coleman, Green, Hochuli, Leavy, Morelli, Triplette, and Vinovich.

  12. unless you guys know them or are friends/ family of them no idea how you find this info. i’m looking everywhere

  13. Ed Hochuli will be in New England the 16th.

  14. Walt Anderson and his crew in Chicago, per Brag Biggs of the Tribune’s twitter

  15. any body hear whos doing dal- pit game.

  16. My guess for the Denver – Ravens game is Scott Green

  17. Of the five that are eligible (based on last 6 weeks and all home Cowboys games) for the PIT at DAL game, only one has come off the board thus far (#114 Gene Steratore). The others, by my calculations are as follows (and I quote!)

    #34 Clete Blakeman
    #77 Terry McAulay
    #94 Mike Carey
    #99 Tony Corrente

    #23 Jerome Boger by himself would be eligible, but his crew just worked last week’s game in Dallas with #52 Bill Vinovich, so unless he’s a fill-in for someone else, he’s highly unlikely to be the white hat for this one.

  18. Carey is in New Orleans.

  19. ESPN reporting that Clete Blakeman is in Dallas

  20. procrastinating studying y’all: here you go:

    NYG@ATL – Winter, Morelli, Leavy, Riveron
    MIN@STL – McAulay, Winter, Triplette, Leavy, Riveron
    JAX@MIA – Corrente, Winter, Parry, Boger, Leavy
    DEN@BAL – Corrente, Green, Morelli, Triplette, Leavy
    IND@HOU – Green, Triplette, Leavy, Riveron
    DET@AZ – McAulay, Parry, Boger, Triplette
    CAR@SD – Corrente, McAulay, Winter, Boger
    SEA@BUF – Corrente, McAulay, Green, Winter, Boger, Riveron
    KC@OAK – Corrente, McAulay, Boger, Triplette

    OFF – Corrente, Green, Winter, Morelli, Parry, Triplette

    Parry only eligible for JAX@MIA or DET@AZ or BYE
    Green only eligible for DEN@BAL, IND@HOU, SEA@BUF or BYE

  21. Hi Preth: Sorry for the late. Confirmed: Carl Cheffers’ Crew in Philadelphia this Thursday 13th. (Bengals @ Eagles)

  22. Who’s Doing The Denver/Baltimore Game? What About Scott Green? Is He Eligble

  23. Gang, sorry I’m late with this, been a busy week… but according to the Ravens, the DEN/BAL ref is (drum roll) PETE MORELLI, who worked the team’s 9-6 yawner in KC in Week Five. He hasn’t been in Charm City since the final game of the 2010 regular season, a 13-7 home win over CIN…

  24. Oops, I’m wrong… he was here for the playoff game vs. HOU last year. NO PENALTIES on Baltimore that day, just three on HOU…

  25. CIN @ PHI = Cheffers
    NYG @ ATL = Leavy
    GB @ CHI = Anderson
    WAS @ CLE = Vinovich (with Steratore’s Crew)
    MIN @ STL = Riveron
    JAX @ MIA = Parry
    TB @ NO = Carey
    DEN @ BAL = Morelli
    IND @ HOU = Triplette
    DET @ ARI = Boger
    CAR @ SD = McAulay
    SEA @ BUF (In Toronto) = Green
    PIT @ DAL = Blakeman
    KC @ OAK = Corrente
    SF @ NE = Hochuli
    NYJ @ TEN Coleman

    OFF = Winter

  26. Why has Steratore not been refereeing either NFL or NCAA basketball games in the last couple weeks? Everything OK with him?

    • I wondered the same thing a couple of weeks ago. But, I think he worked the NFL game last Sunday and 2 NCAA basketball games in the last 2+ weeks. Definitely not his normal schedule.

      • He did work the Binghamton@Michigan game last night in Ann Arbor, but yes it has been a semi-reduced schedule for Gene in College Hoops lately.

        • To add on to my first post and to try to answer Reffan’s question, I would assume Steratore is fine right now. Vinovich has probably been scheduled to work this game with Steratore’s crew for awhile now. Remember, in week 13 it wasn’t Vinovich who filled in for Steratore in week 13 it was Anderson. Vinovivh was probably always scheduled to work with Anderson’s crew that week with Anderson off but Steratore must have had some sort of emergency causing Anderson to be a last second sub. So in short, I believe Steratore was always going to be off this week and his absence in week 13 was a last second switch similar to Scott Green’s in week 10.

          • Gene was hurt (not just his ego) during the Raven charger game…. He had to give back all hoops games for about 10 days…. And while he now is not working every day the NCAA does not have many games….. He will be working his normal schedule for both as this is posted!!

  27. Matt Baehner says

    @ Bob

    Has Triplette been confirmed for Colts @ Texans?

  28. According to footballzebras.com, Carl Johnson is stepping down as VP of Officiating after this years Super Bowl and is returning to the field for next season, possibly as one of the full time officials.

  29. I heard Gene had hamstring issues

  30. its was a very good gess

  31. If Ed Hochuli wants to come to my house for dinner Sunday…He would be welcomed! I would get him to the game on time!

  32. After watching Ed with that 2nd quarter NE/SF game conundrum, I’d rather have the replacement refs back.

  33. Could somebody tell me where you find out where the officials ref each week?

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