Week 16

NY Giants at Detroit – Jerome Boger
Miami at Buffalo – Clete Blakeman
Minnesota at Cincinnati – Terry McAulay
Indianapolis at Kansas City – Tony Corrente
Tampa Bay at St. Louis – John Parry
Cleveland at NY Jets – Pete Morelli
Chicago at Philadelphia – Mike Carey
Dallas at Washington – Bill Leavy
New Orleans at Carolina – Gene Steratore
Tennessee at Jacksonville – Bill Vinovich
Denver at Houston – Ed Hochuli
Arizona at Seattle – Scott Green
Pittsburgh at Green Bay – Carl Cheffers
Oakland at San Diego – Walt Anderson
New England at Baltimore – Ron Winter

Atlanta at San Francisco – Walt Coleman


  1. NE@BAL Pete Morelli

  2. BUF@NE Bill Leavy

  3. It appears that the Atlanta @ San Francisco MNF game will be Walt Coleman. 99% certain

    • Well, since McAulay has DAL @ CHI in Week 14, and Cheffers has BAL @ DET in Week 16, this sounds like a done deal, as Coleman will be the only active referee yet to work on Monday night heading into Week 16.

  4. Oakland at San Diego ~ Anderson

  5. Cheffers has Pittsburgh @ Green Bay

  6. It also appears the Blakeman will be the lone Referee to NOT work a SNF game (per original released schedule – not flexed games).

  7. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NE@BAL Bill Leavy

  8. Bears/Eagles flexed to Sunday Night. Patriots/Ravens moved to 4:25 PM EST

  9. With Hochuli confirmed for Pittsburgh this week and Blakeman ineligible for Patriots@Ravens that should all but confirm Ron Winter for that game since he is the only one besides Blakeman who has not worked a scheduled Sunday Night Game (Yes I know this game was flexed but that doesn’t change anything for Referee assignments).


    I believe Mike Carey and company has the flexed Chicago @ Philadelphia game.

  11. Shane Spencer says

    Scott Green is eligible for AZ @ SEA…I hope he gets that game!

    • robert higgins says

      Scott and his team didn’t do an acceptable job either way. The Cards got a penalty on a PAT for lining up over center that was a no call which allowed an extra try at PAT. They were overly scrutinizing Seattle on pass defense and then fail to agree on an should of been incomplete pass. Two refs called the pass correctly incomplete and should have been. The replay showed it bouncing off the turf the black particles going airborne. Just because it hit a player doesnt automatically make it not a dead ball. The ball hits someones arm in the soft under arm it will tend to go alot less further then a bounce off turf more ofen it sticks and goes dead.which the play clearly showed a hard bounce back where it was called an interception.

  12. Shane Spencer says

    Ron Winter is eligible for NE @ BAL…I hope he gets that game!

    • Your hope has been realized, Shane… RON WINTER will handle NE-BAL, per my usual Ravens source. He hasn’t had the Ravens all year, but worked ’em twice in 2012…

  13. As of this post, DEN @ HOU has the fewest eligible referees (3): Blakeman, Hochuli and Parry. Blakeman has yet to officiate either team this season, Hochuli has yet to officiate any Broncos’ game and Parry is eligible under a five-week rule.

    NYG @ DET and TB @ STL are both down to four eligible referees:

    NYG @ DET: Boger, Corrente, McAulay (five-week rule) and Morelli.
    TB @ STL: Hochuli (five-week rule), Leavy, McAulay and Parry.

    • Gerardo Perez says

      McAulay and Corrente worked 2 Giants games this year. They’re not eligible for NYG @ DET. Also, Hochuli worked 2 Bucs games this season. So he’s not eligible for TB @ STL.

      • I didn’t know if this existed, but is there a rule in which a referee cannot officiate a particular team more than twice per season – regardless of home or road games? I know about the five-week rule and the one-stadium-per-season rule.

        • Gerardo Perez says

          The rule is that a referee should officiate a team’s games a maximum of 2 times in a season. The difference is, a referee can work 2 road games of a team, but cannot work more than 2 home games of a team.

          • McAulay’s crew did 2 games @ KC this year

          • So did Anderson, who worked two Bills’ home games, though one of them was the ATL @ BUF game at Toronto.

          • David and Mike

            Logistical reasons are likely the reason why for the two home games. Last year Hochuli had both DAL vs WAS games.

            Remember not always perfect with people involved…

    • I don’t seem to remember Ed Hochuli working a St Louis Rams Game this year.

  14. every official can every game tell next week

  15. Bears vs. eagles game flexed to Sunday Night!

  16. SportingBecky says

    Ed Hochuli & Crew… eligible for:

    Denver VS Texans
    Patriots VS Ravens
    Titans VS Jaguars?????(did Jaguars in London.. they were home team. Not sure if it counts or not)
    Falcons VS 49ers


    Coleman has MNF in San Francisco.

  18. SaintswonSBXLIV says

    Parry has not officiated a Saints’ game this entire season.

  19. SaintswonSBXLIV says

    Parry did the Panthers’ week 5 game against Arizona so he is eligible. Also, Jeff Triplette and Carl Cheffers have not done a Saints’ game this season. Triplette and Cheffers have both officiated Panthers’ games, but both games were more than five weeks ago (Cheffers just barely).

    I would assume the referee for Saints-Panthers will be either Parry or Triplette.

  20. Hochuli is in Houston on the 22nd and New England on the 29th.

  21. Who are the eligible refs for ARZ @ SEA?

    • ARZ @ SEA: Green, McAulay, Triplette & Winter. McAulay is questionable, since he officiated the earlier SEA @ ARZ meeting in Week 7, while Triplette is eligible under a five-week rule (worked ARZ @ JAX in Week 11).

  22. As of this post, only Boger and Morelli are eligible for NYG @ DET.

  23. Bengals vs Vikings?

  24. Nahtarian Warren says

    Who’s eligible for Cowboys@ Washington?

  25. According to the Titans flip card, Bill Vinovich has that game

  26. mr. bamboosaul says

    Whoever is eligible for the Cowboys-Deadskins game will probably make sure the Cowboys come out on top, so that the Eagles game will be meaniful an flex to Sunday Nite. That is what I’m hope will happen. I think this time I think the Cowboys make the playoffs an may surprise once the playoffs begin. Anything can happen in the Playoffs. Go Cowboys!!

  27. Bears @ Eagles..Some speculation. Either Scott Green or Ron Winter. SG has not done an Eagles game yet but did a Bears game several weeks ago. RW has not done a Bears game but did an Eagles game in week 1.

  28. Have we figured out who has Phi/Chi? If not, who is eligible?

  29. Mark, SG & RW are the most eligible. Parry is also barely under the 6 week rule. Coleman hasn’t worked Da Bears yet but he’s worked the Eagles twice already.


    Chicago @ Philly was already posted above – Mike Carey

  31. SaintswonSBXLIV says

    Any word on whether Parry is doing Saints v. Panthers? I read that Boger was a possibility, but he did Saints-Cowboys all be it more than 5 weeks ago and has done a Panthers’ game, also more than 5 weeks ago.

    I also read that Triplette’s crew was off this week. Is that true?

  32. Hochuli has indeed been confirmed for DEN @ HOU per the Broncos’ flipcard…http://media.denverbroncos.com/images/9008/Flipcards/131222_flipcard_Hou.pdf

    • Gerardo Perez says

      Mike Carey’s Umpire Chad Brown #31 is listed on the flip card for the game. So that means Brown will be reuniting with Ed Hochuli after having been working with him for several years.

  33. Nancy Muttlemaier says

    Hi Folks! According to my informant, Boges will be working NYG-DET game. Can’t wait to share my information as I get it. It will be a winter wonderland watching the art of flag throwing this weekend. It’s better than Christmas! I just love hearing the Milkman call out “Holding, #72, 10 yard penalty, repeat 2nd down.” I love his southern accent. Sounds like he is saying ‘Hoeding!’

  34. Hi Mickey:
    Carl Cheffers’ Crew in Lambeua Field, December 22nd. (Pittsburgh Steelers @ Green Bay Packers), as RefFan posted. Happy Holidays to all you folks.



  36. Blakeman’s crew is in Western New York for Dolphins-Bills

  37. Well, with Joe Platania indicating Winter for NE @ BAL, this means that TB @ STL is down to only McAulay or Parry.

  38. QUESTION: Has Carey been confirmed for CHI @ PHI, or was the earlier post confirmed by Lorenzo Antonio (disguised as an administrator)? Just wondering, because CHI @ PHI happens to be the only game that Carey is eligible for.

  39. Dose anyone know who has the Best Chance of refing TB@STL

  40. Drew Thurman says

    Triplette has never reffed a game in Seattle before


    Boger in STL CAR OR SEA

  42. Lorenzo's Mum says

    Ignore Bob the Administrator. He is Lorenzo. I’m thinking of putting a ban on his computer to stop his insolence.

  43. @saintswonsbxliv I’m going to the Game you might be right If thats the case confrim TM for TB@STL

  44. MIN @ CIN is Green or McAulay

  45. Isn’t Boger in Detroit?

  46. Per Jeff Fisher on his radio-show on Monday: Parry has TB vs. STL

  47. Jerome Boger is in Detroit for Giants-Lions.
    John Parry is in St. Louis for Bucs-Rams.

  48. Scott Green: Cardinals-Seahawks

  49. confrimed TM MIN @ CIN

  50. Confrimed Boges in Det

  51. I think the remainder is academic, but I have confirmed Pete Morelli as this week’s Secaucus Seven (Browns vs. Jets)

  52. Yup Boger is id DET

  53. And McAulay in Cincinnati.

    Leaves Steratore in Carolina, which is not a real leap to make. I think we’ve got this locked down

  54. Ben giving them the busines down their Dreith says

    With all the missed calls coming this year Ben says you might as well bring back last years subs and give them the business so to speak.

  55. George W. Kauffman says

    There should be NONE or very little controversy this weekend. Triplett’s NOT working …

  56. What’s up with working on Pete Morelli crew? 1st his Umpire Darrell Jenkins has been injured so Butch Hannah (from Jeff Tripplette’s clue) steps in. About 3 minutes left in the 1st half he was helped off the field not to return.

    What will happen next week if 2 Umps are needed and only 1 available as No sunday and only 1 crew off?

  57. Ron Winter looked confused at Ravens v. Patriots. At one point, he reversed a call after watching it on the scoreboard replay He changed a Ravens false start to an offsides on NE. I wouldn’t say he was biased – his calls were bizarre and some favored the Pats and some helped the Ravens. Frankly, he reminded me of my Dad when he was starting to show early signs of dementia.

    • He inexplicably reversed two calls after he already announced them and they had re-spotted the ball. The NFL should be embarrassed by that crew’s performance yesterday. And the Ravens should be embarrassed by their performance too. 🙁

  58. Ron Winter is the absolute worst. While the Ravens played like garbage, Winter and his crew seemed completely lost with numerous botched calls and questionable penalties. They ultimately evened out so as not to favor one team over the other, but the fact that the NFL put such a poor, incompetent team on such a marquee late season game is embarrassing. The league should be putting its best refs on games like this, not one that felt it was necessary to throw over a dozen flags in the first half for tomatoey ticky tack penalties, grinding the game to a halt. Why this game was not assigned Ed Hochuli, Walt Anderson, Mike Carey, or Terry McAulay – who have not officiated a game for the Ravens this year – is beyond me. Ron Winter and his bungling crew should be working games like Browns/Jets at this point in the season, not a game with significant playoff implications.

    • You cannot tell me that there is not one human being walking the face of this beautiful planet who could not do that job better than Ron Winter. As if there were any doubt, that which I predicted many times on this site happened. He is brutal, and the NFL should be ashamed of his assignment to a game with so much on the line.

    • When games are assigned the league does not know which games will have playoff implications. Even if officials only get their schedules 4 weeks in advance the limitations regarding the frequency a crew can work a team limits which crews are eligible to work which games. Personally I think Weeks 14-17 (maybe 15-17 if 4 weeks is a bit much) should be exempt from the crew scheduling rules (except for rules regarding number of bye weeks for crews) so that the league can assign the best crews (not necessarily the best officials at each position, but the crews that work best together) to the games with the most playoff implications so someone like John Parry and crew can work a big game rather than Tampa Bay @ St. Louis (Jeff Triplette or Walt Coleman can officiate that game)

      • There’s a reason NE/BAL was initially scheduled as a week 16 prime time game. That’s the same reason Winter and the rest of his bumbling, stumbling crew should not have been assigned this game.

  59. I’m sure the multi-billion dollar NFL can at least have a clue, even as far as 4 weeks in advance, which games might just mean a little bit. Regardless, Winter is incompetent and pardon me if it seems a little more than coinceidence that he has been assigned (and subsequently had direct impact on) two BAL vs NE games over the past 3 years. If the league likes to assign Steratore to the DEN vs NE (read Peter Kiing’s series on the refs), it surely can do better than this dolt for NE vs BAL.

  60. Steratore and his whole crew don’t deserve a playoff game. They were terrible in the NO-CAR. game. They cost NO the game. Walt Coleman deserves the Super Bowl. He has done a great job this year.

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