Week 12

New Orleans at Atlanta – Ron Winter

Tampa Bay at Detroit – Clete Blakeman
Pittsburgh at Cleveland – Terry McAulay
Minnesota at Green Bay – Bill Vinovich
San Diego at Kansas City – Walt Coleman
Chicago at St. Louis – Jerome Boger
Carolina at Miami – Scott Green
NY Jets at Baltimore- Jeff Triplette
Jacksonville at Houston – Mike Carey
Indianapolis at Arizona – Bill Leavy
Tennessee at Oakland – Carl Cheffers
Dallas at NY Giants – Walt Anderson
Denver at New England – Gene Steratore

San Francisco at Washington – John Parry

Bye: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Seattle


  1. Dallas/NY Giants ~ Walt Anderson

  2. Lorenzo Antonio says

    DEN@NE Terry McAulay

  3. Tampa Bay @ Detroit is Clete Blakemen’s crew. A connection with the BJ on the crew confirmed they are in Detroit for this game

  4. Hochuli is off week 12

  5. Five referees have yet to work on MNF: Cheffers, Coleman, Hochuli, McAulay and Parry. Only the latter two are eligible for SF @ WSH.

  6. Do we know if each crew works 1 and only 1 Thursday game (including Thanksgiving & Opening Night)? If so, I would say Ron Winter is the odds-on favorite to work NO-ATL. Six crews have yet to work Thursday: Corrente, Vinovich, Steratore (who worked the game in NO), Blakeman, Winter, and Green. Of these, only Winter is still eligible unless Steratore works both game.

  7. Seven referees have yet to work on NBC Sunday Night Football: Blakeman, Hochuli, Leavy, McAulay, Steratore, Triplette and Winter. Blakeman and Hochuli can be scratched off for DEN @ NE, since the former is working TB @ DET and the latter is off. Also scratch off Triplette and Winter, since the former already work a Patriots’ home game (vs. TB) in Week 3 and the latter worked WSH @ DEN in Week 8 (four weeks ago).

    Therefore, the DEN @ NE Sunday Night game could come down to the following three referees: Leavy, McAulay and Steratore, the latter of whom worked the DEN @ NE 2011 divisional playoff game two seasons ago.

    McAulay is working the GB @ NYG game in Week 11, which originally would have been the SNF game for Week 11, but got flexed out of prime-time.

    Boger, Green, Morelli and Vinovich are also eligible for DEN @ NE, but each has already worked on SNF.

  8. Shane Spencer says

    Walt Coleman is eligible for MIN @ GB.

  9. So will Terry McAulay be in New England for SNF or will it be Bill Vinovich or Scott Green

  10. Probably nothing major, but Bill Schuster on Steratore’s staff strained a hamstring yesterday. I wonder if that will affect the crew’s status.

    • If he can’t go, the Umpire from a crew that is off will work in Schuster’s place. If that is not possible they can always take the Umpire from the Thursday game (or if Steratore is assigned the Thursday game, any other Umpire)

  11. Joe Platania says

    Since I’m not conversant on all the rules (not even the 5 or 6-week, rule, apparently), who’s eligible for NYJ-BAL? My source hasn’t gotten to me yet…

    • As of this post, seven referees are eligible for NYJ @ BAL: Boger, Carey, Cheffers, Corrente, McAulay, Triplette and Winter. Boger would be eligible under a “five-week rule,” as he worked the NE @ NYJ game in Week 7.

      • Joe Platania says

        Not even 15 minutes after David’s post, we got the word: BAL-NYJ will be handled by JEFF TRIPLETTE, who worked the Ravens’ game in Cleveland last year. Cleveland is also the site of Triplette’s unfortunate penalty-flag toss that hit the Browns’ Orlando Brown, also a former Raven, in the eye…

  12. Who is eligible for Chicago @ St. Louis?

    • As of this post, CHI @ STL is down to the following eight referees: Boger, Carey, Cheffers, Coleman, Green, Parry, Vinovich and Winter. Vinovich would be eligible under a “five-week rule,” as he worked STL @ CAR in Week 7.

      • Ron Winter hasn’t worked a game between either team….he’s my guess

        • Joey, based on who has worked TNF this year I believe Ron Winter is the only referee who is eligible to work NO@ATL and has not worked TNF

          • Does that mean Ron Winter is definitely the guy in ATL on Thursday? I don’t really keep a careful track of who goes where every week, or who is eligible for what game. And I don’t know all the scheduling rules, etc. I just post information that I know, and that is basically just the Anderson assignment each week. Hahaha. But I promise my posts are accurate. I just don’t always know how they come up with them. I just post what my sources tell me.

  13. Why is Mike Careys BJ not working any games and is Pete Morelli’s Umpire Darrell Jenkins back to working NFL Games with Morelli’s Crew

  14. Gerardo Perez says

    Carl Cheffers has TEN @ OAK this week, according to the Titans flip card.

  15. Bill Leavy will be in New England on SNF

  16. Really Geraldo Rivera where is the link to confirm?

  17. For the DEN @ NE Sunday Night game, we have a winner…(drumroll please)…per the Broncos’ flipcard, the referee will be none other than GENE STERATORE, who worked the DEN @ NE 2011 Divisional Playoff game two years ago!

    • So that Steratore is confirmed in Foxboro Sunday night; unless the NFL lets a crew work multiple Thursday games, Ron Winter should be a shoo-in for Atlanta.

      • Also forgot to mention that Steratore worked the Broncos-Patriots game in Foxborough in Week 5 of last season (2012). So, three consecutive times that the two teams meet in NE, Steratore will have been the referee for ALL THREE games.

  18. Only four referees are eligible for SD @ KC: Coleman, Green, Leavy and Vinovich. Coleman would be eligible under a “five-week rule,” as he worked SD @ JAX in Week 7.

  19. Rumor is… Carey is in Houston.

  20. Gerardo Perez says

    Hey guys, we have a winner for SD @ KC, (drumroll please), and the ref for SD @ KC according to the Chiefs flip card is none other than WALT COLEMAN, who did a Chargers game in Week 7 and will be doing his first Chiefs game this year. Here’s the link:

  21. Hopefully ellison doesnt curse anyone out.

  22. Walt Anderson has Dal vs. NYG

  23. Saints at Falcons β€”Β Ron Winter
    Jets at Ravens β€” Jeff Triplette
    Steelers at Browns β€” TerryΒ  McAulay
    Buccaneers at Lions β€” Clete Blakeman
    Vikings at Packers β€” Bill Vinovich
    Jaguars at Texans β€” Mike Carey
    Chargers at Chiefs β€” Walt Coleman
    Panthers at Dolphins β€” Scott Green
    Bears at Rams β€” Jerome Boger
    Colts at Cardinals β€” Bill Leavy
    Titans at Raiders β€” Carl Cheffers
    Cowboys at Giants β€” Walt Anderson
    Broncos at Patriots β€” Gene Steratore
    49ers at Redskins β€” John Parry

  24. @RapSheet: Umpire Roy Ellison has been suspended without pay for 1 game for his profane words to #Redskins OT Trent Williams, per source.

  25. JoeTheMailman says

    Nevermind. Blakeman did the England classic with Pitt/Minn in week 4.

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