Week 14

Houston at Jacksonville – Tony Corrente

Detroit at Philadelphia – Ed Hochuli
Atlanta at Green Bay – Bill Leavy
Indianapolis at Cincinnati – Jeff Triplette
Buffalo at Tampa Bay – Bill Vinovich
Kansas City at Washington – Carl Cheffers
Minnesota at Baltimore – Pete Morelli
Cleveland at New England – Jerome Boger
Carolina at New Orleans – Walt Anderson
Oakland at NY Jets – Gene Steratore
Miami at Pittsburgh – John Parry
Tennessee at Denver – Scott Green
NY Giants at San Diego – Ron Winter
Seattle at San Francisco – Clete Blakeman
St. Louis at Arizona – Walt Coleman

Dallas at Chicago – Terry McAulay


  1. Lorenzo Antonio says

    CLE@NE will be flexed to 4 25 PM Est

  2. Lorenzo Antonio says

    CLE@NE Will be flexed to 405PM EST

  3. CLE@NE will be flexed to 405PM EST and Bill Vinovich will be the referee

  4. Car vs NO has been flexed to the sunday night game.

  5. Haha wonder what time the atl vs gb game will be now

  6. CLE@NE Mike Carey or Scott Green

  7. CLE@NE Bill Leavy

  8. Shane Spencer says

    Ron Winter is eligible for DAL @ CHI, although he did a Week 1 Monday night game (PHI @ WSH).

  9. Based on David’s post in week 13, Atlanta-Green Bay will have to have either Clete Blakeman or Bill Leavy since those two have not worked a SNF game, Packers home game, nor a game involving these two teams during the previous four weeks. If Leavy does Giants-Redskins in week 13, it will have to be Blakeman.

  10. Lorenzo Antonio says

    CLE@NE Scott Green or Mike Carey

  11. Shane Spencer says

    Gene Steratore could do SEA @ SF.

  12. Gene Steratore In NY for Raiders @ Jets .. Confirmed!

  13. Does anyone know if the refs are on a rotating basis to work the Thanksgiving games yearly? I have not gone back to compare prior thanksgiving day games.
    Also, do the refs get to pick their bye weeks? I would think they can request a certain week off and it would be based on seniority.

  14. Four referees have yet to work on MNF: Cheffers, Coleman, McAulay and Parry. Cheffers and Parry can both be scratched off for DAL @ CHI, since the former is already working CHI @ MIN in Week 13, while the latter worked NYG @ CHI in Week 6. Therefore, it looks like it will either be Coleman or McAulay for DAL @ CHI.

    • Oops…minor correction: I meant to say that three referees have yet to work MNF – Cheffers, Coleman and McAulay. Parry recently worked SF @ WSH, and he would NOT be eligible for DAL @ CHI anyway.

  15. Prior to Week 14, Corrente and Vinovich are now the only two referees who have yet to work any Thursday games — the Week 1 kickoff, NFL Network or Thanksgiving. HOU @ JAX (this week) and SD @ DEN (Week 15) are the two remaining Thursday Night games.

    Corrente worked DEN @ SD in Week 11, so it’s unlikely that he would get both games involving the Broncos and Chargers. I also doubt that he would get three Chargers’ games within one year, as he worked SD @ TEN in Week 3.

    Since Corrente is already on the east coast (AZ @ PHI) and Vinovich is on the west coast (STL @ SF) during Week 13, I think that, logistically, it is a safe bet that Corrente will indeed be the referee for HOU @ JAX, while Vinovich will get SD @ DEN in Week 15.

  16. Since Jerome Boger was off last week, here is a list of games that he is **NOT** eligible for (I’m testing to see if “strike-through” text works here):

    MIA @ PIT, TEN @ DEN, ATL @ GB, OAK @ NYJ, BUF @ TB, KC @ WSH, CAR @ NO, SEA @ SF, DAL @ CHI, MIN @ BAL and STL @ AZ.

  17. It appears the Dallas @ Chicago MNF game will be Terry McAulay. 99% certain

  18. Nancy Muttlemaier says

    My source is 46.2% positive that Bill Vinovich will be in San Diego for the Giants-Chargers game. I will keep you all posted as I receive information!!!

    • If that happens, then Vinovich will be the only referee not to officiate a Thursday game this season. SD @ DEN in week 15 is the last Thursday game, and this would make him ineligible.

    • This is a guess not based on any connections I have but the Giants have not seen Jerome Boger and while the Chargers saw Boger in Week 9 (which makes him eligible Week 14) they were away when they saw him. I do not believe the Giants have ever seen Boger twice in a season since he became a Referee so it is not like the league is trying to play with the schedule to have Boger avoid the Giants (even if a team saw a different Referee each week, they would still miss one crew) because he has seen them twice a year the last few years

  19. Joe Platania says

    Hi, gang!… back from a 50th birthday/Thanksgiving weekend and ready to get back at it! Nothing from my Ravens source yet, so let’s narrow it down: who’s eligible for MIN-BAL?

  20. Bengals beat writer places Jeff Triplette and crew in Cincinnati this week for Colts-Bengals.

  21. I have not heard from my Anderson source, but when I do, I will post it here. Sorry for the delay.

  22. Do you know the eligible referees for STL @ ARZ? Thanks

    • Gerardo Perez says

      Eligible refs for STL @ ARI:
      Walt Anderson.
      Clete Blakeman. (Did ARI/STL earlier this season).
      Carl Cheffers.
      Walt Coleman.
      Scott Green.
      Ed Hochuli.
      Ron Winter. (Did ARI/STL in 2011)

  23. KC at Washington: Not JT, JP, TM, WC, WA, EH, JB, CB, RW
    Eligible but Unlikely due to Recent Trends: MC, PM (D-Hall Incident last year).
    Eligible: BV, CC, SG, BL, GS

  24. The TopGun with the space between his name – Top Gun – is just a troll. Please everyone ignore him as he’s about to be banned anyway.

  25. I suggest that the webmaster make posters have to log in to post. This riff raff has severely detracted from the information provided by the site

  26. Told you. You can tell the troll by the space between Top and Gun. His days on this site are numbered.

  27. Hi Mickey:
    Carl Cheffers’ Crew in Washington, December 8th., (Kansas City Chiefs @ Washington Redskins).

  28. Joe Platania says

    Still waiting on my Ravens source for MIN-BAL; slower than usual this week, so I apologize. If anyone beats me to it, it’s no big deal, just so long as the space is filled in…

  29. Joe Platania says

    Whew! Okay, now we’re back on track… the referee for MIN-BAL is none other than PETE MORELLI, who was here in Charm City for preseason Week Three, although I’m not sure if that plays into the rules somehow. Anyway, he did two Ravens games last year, Week Five in KC and Week 15 at home against DEN…

  30. Terry McAulay is Confirmed for MNF Dal @ Chi

  31. Five referees are eligible for BUF @ TB: Carey (five-week rule), Coleman, Corrente, Parry and Vinovich. I know that this has already been mentioned, but Corrente can likely be scratched off, since it is a good possibility that he will work HOU @ JAX.

    Only four referees are eligible for CAR @ NO: Anderson, Carey, Leavy and Parry.

    Only four referees are eligible for SEA @ SF: Anderson, Blakeman, Coleman and Winter. Coleman can likely be scratched off, due to the fact that he may be in San Francisco for what will almost certainly be the final game ever at Candlestick Park (ATL @ SF Week 16 MNF).

  32. Two more games in which only four referees are eligible: DET @ PHI and ATL @ GB.

    DET @ PHI: Boger, Hochuli, Vinovich and Winter. Hochuli eligible under a five-week rule (worked PHI @ OAK in Week 9).

    ATL @ GB: Blakeman, Coleman, Leavy and Parry.

  33. Anderson has CAR/NO.

  34. Gerardo Perez says

    SEA @ SF is either Clete Blakeman or Ron Winter, because those are the only two refs eligible for that game.

  35. Don’t forget to put up.. Gene Steratore has Jets Vs Raiders

  36. Where is Phil Luckett this week?

  37. Shane Spencer says

    From my favourite NFL team’s flip card, Jerome Boger is the referee for CLE @ NE.


  38. Who is eligible for Bills @ Bucs?

  39. Vinovich did DAL-DET Week 9.

  40. SportingBecky says

    Detroit at Philadelphia

    Ed Hochuli

  41. Who is eligible for Mia @ Pit?

  42. Mike Carey and Bill Leavy are each eligible for only two games…Carey is only eligible for BUF @ TB (five-week rule) and NYG @ SD, while Leavy is only eligible for ATL @ GB and NYG @ SD.

  43. Few more blanks to fill in, but not all of them.

    HOU @ JAX (tonight) — Tony Corrente
    NYG @ SD — Ron Winter

  44. Two more confirms:

    BUF @ TB — Bill Vinovich
    MIA @ PIT — John Parry

    If I read above correctly, we may have the two final puzzle pieces for STL-AZ and SEA-SF. Checking on that.

  45. BTW, even distribution of the SNF game can’t be a concern in the league office due to the flex scheduling. The more important criteria are the 5-week gap, the home/away rule, and the known stayaways (Coleman-OAK, Anderson-HOU, Carey-SD/WAS).

  46. It is not a mandate, but some officials prefer to not officiate for the home team. It becomes a little more magnified when it is the referee.

    I know for a fact that Walt Anderson specifically requested not to be scheduled for Texans games when they entered the league.

  47. do we official tonight

  48. Confirmed the rest of the usual suspects:

    STL-AZ — Walt Coleman
    SEA-SF — Clete Blakeman
    ATL-GB — Bill Leavy

  49. Drew Thurman says

    Jerome Boger will be the ref of the Pats and Browns

  50. Gary Cotton says

    Not sure if it has been mentioned on here anywhere, but Peter King did an incredible 3-part piece for his MMQB website about Gene Steratore. Very much recommend it to all on this site. It’s called something like “Game 150”.

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