Week 10

Washington at Minnesota – Ed Hochuli

Seattle at Atlanta – Bill Vinovich
Detroit at Chicago – Bill Leavy
Philadelphia at Green Bay – Mike Carey
Jacksonville at Tennessee – John Parry
St. Louis at Indianapolis – Terry McAulay
Oakland at NY Giants – Pete Morelli
Buffalo at Pittsburgh – Scott Green
Cincinnati at Baltimore – Walt Coleman
Carolina at San Francisco – Carl Cheffers
Denver at San Diego – Tony Corrente
Houston at Arizona – Gene Steratore
Dallas at New Orleans – Jerome Boger

Miami at Tampa Bay – Jeff Triplette

Bye: Cleveland, Kansas City, New England, NY Jets


  1. SportingBecky says

    Thursday Night game

    Redskins VS Vikings

    R- Ed Hochuli

  2. Walt Anderson is OFF.

  3. Bill Leavy has not worked a Broncos’ game in nearly two years (since Week 11 of the 2011 season). Of the 17 active NFL referees, he is the only referee who has not worked a Broncos’ game within the past two seasons. He is one of seven referees who are eligible for DEN @ SD (the other six are Blakeman, Carey, Corrente, Parry, Steratore and Vinovich).

  4. Does anyone know if Bill Leavy gets Botox injections? He looks like a piece of plastic.

  5. Here are my guesses for week 10:

    WAS at MIN: Ed “Big Guns” Hochuli
    PHI at GB: Jerry ‘Boges’ Boger
    JAC at TEN: Waltie Coleman
    BUF at PIT: Billy the Vinster Vinovich
    OAK at NYG: Jeffy ‘Trips” Triplette
    STL at IND: Eugene Steratore
    SEA at ATL: Bill “Botox” Leavy
    CIN at BAL: Carl “Cheffs” Cheffers
    DET at CHI: Walt “Novocaine” Anderson
    CAR at SF: Scottie “Brownie” Green
    HOU at ARI: Clete “The Cletester” Blakeman
    DEN at SD: Ronnie Winter
    DAL at NO: Tony Corrente
    MIA at TB: Johnny Boy Parry

  6. Nancy Muttlemeier says

    Hi Harry,

    Those are almost the same predictions that I made. The only difference is I think The Cletester will be in Chicago for the Bears game and Novocaine Anderson will be in Arizona.

  7. Week 10 crew assignments:

    Washington at Minnesota – Ed Hochuli
    Seattle at Atlanta – Matt Austin
    Detroit at Chicago – John O’Neill
    Philadelphia at Green Bay – Jerry McGinn
    Jacksonville at Tennessee – Hubert Owens
    St. Louis at Indianapolis – Steve Barth
    Oakland at NY Giants – Ed Ardito
    Buffalo at Pittsburgh – Alex Kemp
    Cincinnati at Baltimore – Brad Allen
    Carolina at San Francisco – Terry Leyden
    Denver at San Diego – Land Clark
    Houston at Arizona – Mike Defee
    Dallas at New Orleans – Reggie Smith
    Miami at Tampa Bay – Tom Ritter

  8. Week 10 Guesses
    WSH @ MIN – Hochuli (confirmed)
    SEA @ ATL – Vinovich
    CIN @ BAL – Corrente
    DET @ CHI – Leavy
    PHI @ GB – Morelli
    STL @ IND – Parry
    OAK @ NYG – McAulay
    BUF @ PIT – Triplette
    JAX @ TEN – Blakeman
    CAR @ SF – Steratore
    HOU @ AZ – Cheffers
    DEN @ SD – Carey
    DAL @ NO – Winter
    MIA @ TB – Coleman

    OFF – Anderson (confirmed), Boger, Green

  9. Hi Mickey:
    Carl Cheffers’ Crew in San Francisco week 10 (Nov. 10th.)
    (Carolina @ San Francisco)

  10. I Seriously Doubt Ron Winter is in San Diego for Broncos vs Chargers As he did Denver verses Washington last week!

    • Shane Spencer says

      Of course, Winter’s ineligible for that game, but Tony Corrente is (he did SD @ TEN back in Week 3).

      Now, speaking of DEN-SD, there’s a video I made with Britney Spears as a Broncos fan and Christina Aguilera as a Chargers fan…enjoy!

  11. What a terrible personal foul call by Jerry Boges crew. The Cletester had a good game. Can’t wait to see Novocaine Anderson in action tomorrow night!

  12. Helga von Durfendein says

    Harry, The Cletester? Where did you come up with that? We call him the Blakester. Get it straight or do not post on this board. And Walt Anderson is not known as Novocaine here. We call him Fluoride. Please show some respect.

    • Nancy Muttelmeier says

      Leave Harry alone. He spends most of week trying to figure out which crew will be working which game. It is his passion. He puts his heart and soul into this. If he wants to call the Blakester the Cletester, then so be it. I personally know Novocaine Anderson and he just loves it when people call him Novocaine.

      Harry – do you think Botox Leavy got an extra injection for his trip to Miami??

  13. Stanley Cartman says

    Hey Nancy! It’s me…Stan!! Haven’s seen you in a while!

    I can confirm from my sources that Brownie is, in fact, in SF this week. Also, Jeffy Trips has the Raiders-Giants game.

  14. How come some teams release flip cards and others dont?

  15. Joe Platania says

    Eddie, as to y0ur question, it’s up to the teams’ individual discretion. Some may not want certain info out there… As for the CIN-BAL game, my usually-impeccable source tells me it’s WALT COLEMAN, who hasn’t been in Baltimore since Christmas Eve, 2011, when the Ravens beat the Browns. Remember when the Ravens could beat the Browns?

  16. Thanks joe. Do you know which teams other than te ravens and chiefs release flip cards on time?

    • Joe Platania says

      The Ravens don’t release the flip card until game day, Eddie. I just have a guy who lets me know who the ref is. Not sure what the deal is with other teams…

  17. Hochuli in Minn. on thurs.

  18. Gerardo Perez says

    John Parry’s crew is in Tennessee this week for JAC @ TEN, here’s the link:

  19. If Triplette has indeed been confirmed for OAK @ NYG, then only four referees are eligible for STL @ IND: Boger, Carey, Green and McAulay.

  20. HOLD IT: Triplette worked the SD-OAK game in Week 5, so that would make him ineligible for OAK @ NYG.

  21. Avon Barksdale says

    Based on their performances on Sunday, the Vinovich and Green crews could use a week off. Green’s crew botched a couple of personal fouls and Vinovich reversed two calls via instant replay that were textbook examples of a lack of incontrovertible evidence that would warrant an overturn.

  22. According to Titans flip card, Parry is in Tennessee

  23. Seven referees are eligible for the Miami @ Tampa Bay MNF game: Corrente, Green, McAulay, Morelli, Triplette, Vinovich and Winter. Of those seven, only McAulay and Triplette have yet to work on MNF.

    Triplette would be ineligible for the NE @ CAR MNF game in Week 11 (since he worked at CAR in Week 1), so he would be the likely choice for Miami @ Tampa Bay on MNF, Veterans’ Day.

  24. SNF- DAL @ NO – Boger

  25. John Parry is in Nashville per Titans Game Release.

  26. Who is eligible for Detroit at Chicago?

    • Gerardo Perez says

      There are 8 referees so far eligible for DET @ CHI:
      Mike Carey. (Already did CHI/DET earlier)
      Tony Corrente.
      Bill Leavy. (Worked CHI/DET last year)
      Terry McAulay.
      Pete Morelli. (Did DET/CHI in 2011)
      Gene Steratore. (Did DET/CHI in Week 1 2010)
      Jeff Triplette.
      Ron Winter.

  27. Tony Corrente has DEN @ SD per the Broncos’ flipcard.

  28. Four referees are eligible for HOU @ ARZ: Blakeman, Steratore, Triplette and Winter.

    Four referees are eligible for STL @ IND: Carey, Green, McAulay and Triplette.

  29. Your authentic Week 10 assignment list:

    ▪ Redskins at Vikings NFLN — Ed Hochuli
    ▪ Seahawks at Falcons — Bill Vinovich
    ▪ Bengals at Ravens — Walt Coleman
    ▪ Lions at Bears — Bill Leavy
    ▪ Eagles at Packers — Mike Carey
    ▪ Rams at Colts — Terry McAulay
    ▪ Raiders at Giants — Pete Morelli
    ▪ Bills at Steelers — Scott Green
    ▪ Jaguars at Titans — John Parry
    ▪ Panthers at 49ers — Carl Cheffers
    ▪ Texans at Cardinals — Gene Steratore
    ▪ Broncos at Chargers — Tony Corrente
    ▪ Cowboys at Saints NBC — Jerome Boger
    ▪ Dolphins at Buccaneers ESPN — Jeff Triplette

  30. Would somebody please explain why the “down by contact” call was not reversed in the Bengals-Ravens game? Neither elbow or knee was down and the ball was on it’s way out.

    Not a good day for Coleman and his crew. They missed two blatant pass interference calls: one on each side so I guess it balanced out.

  31. I am new to the topic of ref assisgnments. Can someone explain the process? By reading the posts, I gather that assignments are decided on a weekly basis.

    • The league does try its best to have as many crews work as many different teams as possible. In theory all of the crews are roughly the same caliber so any crew can work any game, but you do see that the league tries to assign certain Referees to games that they know can get a bit contentious

      There are certain rules with crew assignments in the regular season. Preseason and Postseason do not apply to any of them:
      1) No crew can work a team more than twice during the regular season
      2) If a crew works a team twice during a season, both cannot be home games (it is possible the league does not consider neutral sites as a home game for this purpose)
      3) No crew working a team twice can do so any more frequently than 5 weeks later (so a team seeing a crew in Week 10 for the first time cannot see them again until Week 15 or later)

      Beyond these guidelines the NFL has not had Walt Coleman work an Oakland Raiders game since the “Tuck Rule,” Buddy Horton (FJ82) cannot work a Cleveland Browns game as his brother, Ray, is their Defensive Coordinator, etc.

      The league also tries to make sure that each crew has as the same amount, as practicable, of primetime assignments. Eventually this is not all possible because the number of games does not match exactly to the number of crews and the advent of Flex Scheduling means that a crew assigned to work a SNF game suddenly does not and the league does not adjust future schedules to make up for that

  32. Thanks for the explanation. So an official realy doesn’t know where he will be from one week to the next……..that could make planning travel arrangements rather difficult. Are members of a crew ever assigned to work with a different crew? Are the people working the chains and down markers part of the officiating crew? Sorry for al the questions.

    • Officials usually get their schedules a few weeks in advance. Crew members will work with different crews in the case of injury, travel issues, situations like Buddy Horton (or when his son, David, played LJ18 Byron Boston), etc.

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