Week 7

Seattle at Arizona – Terry McAulay

Tampa Bay at Atlanta – Walt Anderson
Cincinnati at Detroit – Scott Green
Houston at Kansas City – Ed Hochuli
Buffalo at Miami – Gene Steratore
New England at NY Jets – Jerome Boger
Dallas at Philadelphia – John Parry
Chicago at Washington – Clete Blakeman
St. Louis at Carolina – Bill Vinovich
San Diego at Jacksonville – Walt Coleman
San Francisco at Tennessee – Ron Winter
Baltimore at Pittsburgh – Bill Leavy
Cleveland at Green Bay – Jeff Triplette
Denver at Indianapolis – Carl Cheffers

Minnesota at NY Giants – Tony Corrente

Bye: Oakland, New Orleans


  1. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NE@NYJ Walt Coleman

  2. I have no valid source, but my best guess is that Walt Coleman is not in New York this week. LOL.

    PS I have not heard yet where Walt Anderson will be. I’ll let you know when I do.

  3. Gerardo Perez says

    Walt Coleman will not be eligible for NE @ NYJ because he will work a Patriots game in Week 4.

  4. Now I do know where Walt Anderson is. He is going to be in Atlanta.

  5. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Who has NE@NYJ Bill Leavy or Mike Carey

  6. SportingBecky says

    Carl Cheffers – Broncos VS Colts

  7. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Will Pete Morelli’s Crew be in East Ruthford

  8. Gene Sterratore has Buffalo @ Miami

  9. I wonder if Ed Hochuli will officiate at the St Lousi/Carolina game. As far as I know he hasn’t officaited either team; But he ha did there has been eough time that ha passed that Ed would be eligible for the game.

  10. Shane Spencer says

    Scott Green is eligible for MIN @ NYG.

  11. Joe Platania says

    Straight from the Ravens’ mouths, they will have their seventh different ref in as many games when BILL LEAVY takes the field with the white hat for the BAL-PIT game. Leavy did the AFC title game win in New England last year…

  12. SportingBecky says

    Texans VS Chiefs

    NFL Referee R-85 Ed Hochuli

  13. Shane Spencer says

    Bill Vinovich is eligible for DAL @ PHI.

  14. For the SEA-ARI Thursday Night game, the list of eligible referees has been whittled down to five: Blakeman, Boger, Carey, McAulay and Triplette.

    • Gerardo Perez says

      Triplette did Thursday Night already. So, really, it’s just Blakeman, Boger, Carey, and McAulay who can work the game. I’m not saying Triplette’s not eligible, but I’m saying that he did a Thursday Night game 3 weeks ago, which was SF @ STL.

  15. Browns-Packers eligible referees should be: Carey (worked in CLE week 1), McAulay, Parry, Triplette, Green.

  16. Ed Hochuli will be working Houston at KC next Sunday than off to London in week 8 for 49ers-Jaguars and Minneapolis for a week 10 Thursday night Redskins-Vikings game.

    This per Micheal Russo at the Minneapolis Star Tribune who ran into Hochuli and his crew last night in Buffalo.

  17. Gerardo Perez says

    The HOU @ KC game has been moved to 4:25 PM ET on CBS because it gives the game a little more upside considering the fact that KC is 6-0 and the Texans are struggling. This game also gets the fact that it’s more exciting and better than CLE @ GB and BAL @ PIT.

  18. Becky thank you for the informations

  19. Lorenzo Antonio says

    whos in East Ruthford for Patriots Vs Jets

  20. Titans flipcard lists Ron Winter’s crew

  21. Which teams will Mike Carey referee in week 7?

  22. Any idea about Bears@ Skins?

  23. Gerardo Perez says

    Any word who has SEA @ ARI?

  24. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Which reff has Patriots@Jets it comes down to 4 candidates Jerome Boger Pete Morelli Bill Vinovich and Mike Carey

  25. Matt Baehner says

    Is Pete Morelli eligible for Cincinnati @ Detroit?

  26. NE@NYJ-if Parry is in Philly then it’s down to 5. Bill Vinovich,Clete Blakeman,Jerome Boger,Mike Carey, or Pete Morelli.

  27. Gerardo Perez says

    Who has MNF (MIN @ NYG)?

  28. For CLE-GB, it’s down to 4: Carey, Green, McAulay and Triplette.

  29. Gerardo Perez says

    For STL @ CAR, the 5 eligible referees are:
    Clete Blakeman.
    Jerome Boger.
    Terry McAulay.
    Pete Morelli.
    Bill Vinovich.

  30. Gerardo Perez says

    For SD @ JAC, the 5 eligible referees are:
    Clete Blakeman.
    Jerome Boger.
    Mike Carey.
    Walt Coleman.
    Scott Green.

  31. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Who has NE@NYJ

  32. This has nothing to do with officiating, but I noticed that there are no games on sunday that are being played on the west coast or even Arizona and Denver for that matter. Furthest game west is Houston @ Kansas City

  33. Where is Ben at? He has that knowledge of where most of the White Hats and their crews are.

  34. Sorry, I didn’t chime in yet because every assignment I had was already posted by someone else. But now, the list:

    Thursday, Oct. 17
    Seahawks at Cardinals NFLN — Terry McAulay
    Sunday, Oct. 20
    Buccaneers at Falcons — Walt Anderson
    Rams at Panthers — Bill Vinovich
    Bengals at Lions — Scott Green
    Chargers at Jaguars — Walt Coleman
    Texans at Chiefs — Ed Hochuli
    Bills at Dolphins — Gene Steratore
    Patriots at Jets — Jerome Boger
    Cowboys at Eagles — John Parry
    Bears at Redskins — Clete Blakeman
    49ers at Titans — Ron Winter
    Browns at Packers — Jeff Triplette
    Ravens at Steelers — Bill Leavy
    Broncos at Colts NBC — Carl Cheffers
    Monday, Oct. 21
    Vikings at Giants ESPN — Tony Corrente

  35. where can I find the details on ref eligibility for games

    • You need to prepare a spreadsheet of previous assignments. Two criteria: 1) There must be six weeks between an assignment of the same team; 2) A ref cannot officiate a home game of a team more than once a season.

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