Week 9

Cincinnati at Miami – Bill Leavy

Atlanta at Carolina – Tony Corrente
Kansas City at Buffalo – Ron Winter
San Diego at Washington – Jerome Boger
Minnesota at Dallas – Jeff Triplette
Tennessee at St. Louis – Pete Morelli
New Orleans at NY Jets – Clete Blakeman
Tampa Bay at Seattle – Mike Carey
Philadelphia at Oakland – Ed Hochuli
Pittsburgh at New England – Walt Coleman
Baltimore at Cleveland – Scott Green
Indianapolis at Houston – Bill Vinovich

Chicago at Green Bay – Walt Anderson

Bye: Denver, Detroit, NY Giants, Arizona, San Francisco, Jacksonville



  1. http://Lorenzo%20Antonio says

    PIT@NE Terry McAulay

  2. http://SportingBecky says

    Carl Cheffers – Off

  3. http://Mark says

    MNF – Walt Anderson

  4. http://Mike says

    We know Lorenzo is wrong since McAulay just worked Pittsburgh this week

  5. http://Isaac says

    Who’s Got Ravens-Browns?

    • http://Gerardo%20Perez says

      For BAL @ CLE, it comes down to 5 referees:
      Tony Corrente.
      Scott Green.
      Terry McAulay.
      John Parry.
      Bill Vinovich. (Already did CLE/BAL earlier this season).

      • http://Joe%20Platania says

        Corrente is the only one of the above who hasn’t handled the Ravens this year, even though Green and McAulay did preseason games. My usual Ravens source hasn’t touched base with me yet, but you all will hear from me when he does!

        • http://Joe%20Platania says

          OK, it took a while, but the BAL-CLE referee will most definitely be SCOTT GREEN, who worked the Ravens’ preseason opener at TB earlier this year… thought it would be Corrente myself, but that’s the way the zebra stripes roll…

  6. http://John%202 says

    Only John Parry has not had a bye to this point.

  7. http://John%202 says

    Guesses for Week 9
    CHI @ GB – Anderson (already established)

    The crews I think will be Off – Hochuli, McAulay, Parry, Winter

    As for the rest
    CIN @ MIA – Leavy
    KC @ BUF – Cheffers
    ATL @ CAR – Blakeman
    MIN @ DAL – Triplette
    NO @ NYJ – Carey
    TEN @ STL – Morelli
    SD @ WSH – Boger
    PHI @ OAK – Steratore
    TB @ SEA – Coleman
    BAL @ CLE – Corrente
    PIT @ NE – Green
    IND @ HOU – Vinovich

  8. http://Lorenzo%20Antonio says

    Is Scott Green’s Crew gonna be in New England next Sunday

  9. http://Lemonwerth%20Cankles says

    Tom Dooley’s crew will be in Oakland

  10. http://Eddie says

    Lorenzio antonio is probably just a disgruntled patriots fan. Notice every week that he is only worried about who is working the new england game?

  11. http://Michael says

    My predictions for Week 9

    CIN@MIA – Bernie Kukar
    ATL@CAR – Howard Roe
    KC@BUF – Stan Kemp
    SD@WAS – Gene Barth
    MIN@DAL – Ben Dreith
    TEN@STL – Fred Silva
    NO@NYJ – Jim Tunney
    TB@SEA – Ron Blum
    PHI@OAK – Jerry Seeman
    PIT@NE – Bernie Ulman
    BAL@CLE – Pat Haggerty
    IND@HOU – Dick Hantak
    CHI@GB – Walt Anderson (confirmed)

  12. http://Gerardo%20Perez says

    The PIT @ NE game will come down to 4 referees:
    Mike Carey.
    Pete Morelli.
    Bill Vinovich.
    Ron Winter.

  13. http://Nahtarian%20Warren says

    What Refs are eligible for San Diego vs Redskins game?

  14. http://Top%20Gun says

    Nita where are u?

  15. http://Old%20Ref says

    Hey Michael! You left out Norm Schacter and Tommy Bell! LOL

  16. http://Sal%20Martino says

    Also include on your list of former referees Pat Haggerty.

  17. http://RODDY says

    Can someone post a list of eligible refs for the Chiefs-Bills game??


  18. http://Scott says

    Hochuli in Oak

  19. Pete Morelli is on the Super Bowl XXXIV matchup and Jeff Fisher’s faceoff against his former club (Titans at Rams)

    Morelli will have Terry McAulay’s umpire, which means that McAulay’s crew is likely (but not confirmed) to be one of the four crews off this week.

  20. http://MATT%20BAEHNER says

    Who is eligible for Bengals @ Dolphins?

    • http://Gerardo%20Perez says

      The eligible referees are as followed for CIN @ MIA:
      Clete Blakeman.
      Jerome Boger. (Already worked TNF)
      Mike Carey.
      Walt Coleman.
      Tony Corrente.
      Bill Leavy.
      Terry McAulay. (Already worked TNF)
      John Parry. (Already worked TNF)
      Jeff Triplette. (Already worked TNF)

      • http://MATT%20BAEHNER says

        Mike Carey worked the Week #2 MNF game in Cincy. Shouldn’t he be ineligible for this game, or can he work 2 games involving 1 team so long as 1 is home and the other away?

        • http://Gerardo%20Perez says

          The rule for eligibility for referees working a game is that:
          1. You have to have within 6 weeks of working a team’s game.
          2. You cannot work a team’s stadium more than once in a season.
          So Mike Carey did work a Dolphins road game 8 weeks ago, and a Bengals home game 7 weeks ago, so that means he is eligible for CIN @ MIA, since Miami’s at home and Cincinnati’s on the road.

  21. Hochuli is in Oakland weekend of Nov. 3rd.

  22. http://Jeremy%20Wittes says

    What is Jerry Markbreit doing in his days after football officiating. I see YouTube videos of him sometimes and he has a great sense of humor. I love when he talks about his penalty call in 1986 against a Green Bay defensive lineman who literally slammed Jim McMahan in to the ground. 🙂 He and Red Cashion would get the volume on my TV to high volumes every penalty call they made.

  23. http://Andy says

    Per the Titans release, Pete Morelli has Titans at Rams.

    Also of note: Scott Dawson, normally on McAulay’s crew, is listed as the umpire for this game. Wonder if this means McAulay’s crew is off this week?

  24. http://Lorenzo%20Antonio says

    Will Mike Careys crew be in New England or Pete Morelli’s or the Bill Vinovich Crew

  25. http://Ken says

    MIN @ DAL – Triplette

  26. http://Eddie says

    Imo, triplette is by far the worst.

  27. http://Tee says

    Where is Phil Luckett this week?

  28. http://Gerardo%20Perez says

    The referee for KC @ BUF will be Ron Winter according to the Chiefs flip card, here’s the link:

  29. http://Top%20Gun says

    Hopefully Ben knows who got Bengals/Dolphins tomorrow

  30. Confirmed Bill Leavy for CIN @ MIA on Thursday Night Football

  31. Thursday
    Bengals at Dolphins — Bill Leavy

    Chiefs at Bills — Ron Winter
    Falcons at Panthers — Tony Corrente
    Vikings at Cowboys — Jeff Triplette
    Saints at Jets — Clete Blakeman
    Titans at Rams — Pete Morelli
    Chargers at Redskins — Jerome Boger
    Eagles at Raiders — Ed Hochuli
    Buccaneers at Seahawks — Mike Carey
    Ravens at Browns — Scott Green
    Steelers at Patriots — Walt Coleman
    Colts at Texans — Bill Vinovich

    Bears at Packers — Walt Anderson

    Off this week: Cheffers, McAulay, Parry, Steratore

  32. http://David says

    Is Walt Coleman filling in on someone else’s crew? He work the Patriots-Falcons game in Week 4, and it’s only been five weeks since that game.

  33. http://Kory%20Braelow says

    hursday, Oct. 31

    Bengals at Dolphins NFLN — Bill Leavy
    Sunday, Nov. 3

    Chiefs at Bills — Ron Winter
    Falcons at Panthers — Tony Corrente
    Vikings at Cowboys — Jeff Triplette
    Saints at Jets — Clete Blakeman
    Titans at Rams — Pete Morelli
    Chargers at Redskins — Jerome Boger
    Eagles at Raiders — Ed Hochuli
    Buccaneers at Seahawks — Mike Carey
    Ravens at Browns — Scott Green
    Steelers at Patriots — Walt Coleman
    Colts at Texans NBC — Bill Vinovich
    Monday, Nov. 4

    Bears at Packers ESPN — Walt Anderson

  34. Should the replay booth have gone further and had Bill Levy go review the safety call. Not sure that it was a safety. The front of the ball was outside of the goal line it seemed to me. Any thoughts out there?

    • http://Eddie says

      I dont like bill leavy and i hate the dolphins, but i think it wasost definitely the right call. When Dalton tucked the ball, it was over the goal line. He didnt tuck it due to contact, whih would ave been forward progress. He tucked it and then got hit. After the booth the review, bill leavy said “confirmed”.

    • http://Michael says

      When the ball is brought into the end zone voluntarily the entirety of the football must be out of the end zone for it to not be a safety. It doesn’t matter that the front of the ball was outside of the goal line if the back was still in the end zone it is a safety

  35. http://Eddie says

    Was most*

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