Week 8

Carolina at Tampa Bay – Jerome Boger

Dallas at Detroit – Bill Vinovich
Atlanta at Arizona – Mike Carey
Cleveland at Kansas City – Clete Blakeman
Miami at New England – Walt Anderson
Buffalo at New Orleans – Terry McAulay
NY Giants at Philadelphia – Carl Cheffers
San Francisco at Jacksonville – Ed Hochuli
Pittsburgh at Oakland – John Parry
NY Jets at Cincinnati – Pete Morelli
Washington at Denver – Ron Winter
Green Bay at Minnesota – Scott Green

Seattle at St. Louis – Gene Steratore

Bye: Chicago, Tennessee, Indianapolis, San Diego, Baltimore, Houston


  1. Lorenzo Antonio says

    MIA@NE John Parry

  2. I am pretty sure Ed Hochuli has the London game in week 8.
    SF @ JAX

  3. McAulay’s first regular season game in Kansas City since 2002.

  4. SportingBecky says

    Carl Cheffers – Giants VS Eagles

  5. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Will the John Parry crew be in New England

  6. Lorenzo is wrong again. Surprise, surprise…

    Anyway, Walt Anderson has the Mia @ NE game!

  7. Shane Spencer says

    Jerome Boger is eligible for NYG @ PHI…I hope he gets that game!

  8. Hi Mickey:
    Confirmed: Carl Cheffers’ Crew in Philaadelphia, October 27th. (New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles). By the way: This cxrew is off in week nine .

  9. Here are my predictions for Week 8:
    CAR @ TB Jerome Boger
    DAL @ DET Clete Blakeman
    ATL @ ARI Bill Vinovich
    CLE @ KC Terry McAulay
    MIA @ NE Walt Anderson
    BUF @ NO Ron Winter
    NYG @ PHI Carl Cheffers
    SF @ JAX Ed Hochuli
    PIT @ OAK Gene Steratore
    NYJ @ CIN Pete Morelli
    WAS @ DEN Mike Carey
    GB @ MIN Scott Green
    SEA @ STL Walt Coleman

  10. How much plastic surgery has Bill Leavy had? He looks like he is made of plastic.

  11. Nancy Muttlemeier says

    I think Bill Leavy is dreamy! He and I went to the same spa together for our Botox injections and facial.

  12. Browns-Chiefs eligible referees: Corrente, Parry, Green, Steratore, Blakeman

    Jets-Bengals eligible referees: Corrente, Vinovich, Parry, Triplette, Morelli, Coleman

  13. QUESTION: Just curious, how is it that referee assignments involving Walt Anderson and Carl Cheffers are the first ones to be determined? Is there a personal connection or is it something that has to be kept confidential?

  14. Hodhuli is in London this week end

  15. McAulay was in KC Week 4 so he shouldn’t be eligible to work CLE@KC unless he is with another crew

  16. Per the team’s best writer, Morelli has Jets-Bengals this week.

  17. Only four referees are eligible for the CAR @ TB Thursday night game: Boger, Coleman, Corrente and Green, though Coleman has already worked a Thursday night game (the BAL @ DEN Week 1 kickoff). Leavy worked NO @ TB in Week 2, so I doubt he would be eligible to work another game at TB.

  18. For the GB @ MIN Sunday night game, it looks like it could be down to either Green or Vinovich. Carey, Coleman and Parry would also be eligible, but those three have already work on NBC SNF.

  19. Washington at Denver Prediction Not: NOT WA, JP, EH, CC, TM, BL, PM, JT, JB. Final Prediction: Scott Green or Bill Vinovich. It will be highly unlikely that Mike Carry does a Redskins game it is also worth noting that Gene Steratore is eligible for this game but had Denver back in Week 2.

  20. Gerardo Perez says

    For SEA @ STL, it comes down to the following referees:
    Jerome Boger. (Already worked MNF).
    Mike Carey. (Already worked MNF).
    Walt Coleman.
    Scott Green. (Already worked MNF).
    John Parry.
    Gene Steratore.

  21. DAL @ DET – Vinovich

  22. Gerardo Perez says

    For CLE @ KC, it will come down to 5 referees:
    Clete Blakeman.
    Tony Corrente.
    Scott Green.
    John Parry.
    Gene Steratore.

  23. Gerardo Perez says

    Any word on who has CAR @ TB?

  24. Ben hopefully knows who has PANTHERS/BUCS

  25. Gerardo Perez says

    According to the Chiefs flip card, Clete Blakeman’s crew has CLE @ KC.

  26. Thursday, Oct. 24
    β–ͺ Panthers at Buccaneers #TNF @nflnetwork β€” Jerome Boger
    Sunday, Oct. 27
    β–ͺ Cowboys at Lions β€” Bill Vinovich
    β–ͺ 49ers vs. Jaguars (London) β€” Ed Hochuli
    β–ͺ Browns at Chiefs β€”Clete Blakeman
    β–ͺ Dolphins at Patriots β€” Walt Anderson
    β–ͺ Bills at Saints β€” Terry McAulay
    β–ͺ Giants at Eagles β€”Carl Cheffers
    β–ͺ Steelers at Raiders β€” John Parry
    β–ͺ Jets at Bengals β€” Pete Morelli
    β–ͺ Falcons at Cardinals β€” Mike Carey
    β–ͺ Redskins at Broncos β€” Ron Winter
    β–ͺ Packers at Vikings #SNF β€” Scott Green
    Monday, Oct. 28
    β–ͺ Seahawks at Rams #MNF #ESPN β€” Gene Steratore

  27. Gerardo Perez says

    Mickey, CLE @ KC is Clete Blakeman. I think you overlooked that.

  28. Ben must work for the NFL front office

  29. MATT BAEHNER says

    Last Bengals game Morelli worked was the 2012 game @ Cleveland. So this Sunday will be only the 3rd Bengals game Morelli has worked since 2006.

  30. Gerardo Perez says

    The officials in the MIA @ NE game should be fired after the season. There were 3 calls against Miami that should not have been called, even the announcers thought they were bad calls!!

  31. Walt Anderson’s and the crew that officiated the Miami at New England game should receive very low marks. The calls were not entirely subjective, unprofessional and rule book guidelines were not used. With the addition of the 2 consecutive poor PI calls against Baltimore, that is two losses by Miami dictated in large part by the stripes. You cost a team an entire season’s worth of money and hard work. I will be gathering signature and sending them to the CBS president and request that they not renew the NFL contract. You have made the product unwatchable.

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