Week 5

Buffalo at Cleveland – Pete Morelli

Detroit at Green Bay – Jerome Boger
New Orleans at Chicago – Scott Green
New England at Cincinnati – Gene Steratore
Jacksonville at St. Louis – Tony Corrente
Baltimore at Miami – Carl Cheffers
Philadelphia at NY Giants – Walt Coleman
Kansas City at Tennessee – Bill Vinovich
Seattle at Indianapolis – Ron Winter
Carolina at Arizona – John Parry
Denver at Dallas – Terry McAulay
San Diego at Oakland – Jeff Triplette
Houston at San Francisco – Mike Carey

NY Jets at Atlanta – Bill Leavy

Bye: Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Washington


  1. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NE@CIN Bill Vinovich or Ed Hochuli

  2. Is it too early to tell who will work the monday night game between atl-nyj?

  3. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Who has Patriots Vs Bengals Bill Vinovich or Ed Houchuli

  4. Walt Anderson is OFF this week.

  5. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Comes down to 6 Referees who could Ref NE@CIN
    Ed Hochuli
    Bill Vinovich
    Scott Green
    Tony Corrente
    Jerome Boger
    Terry McAulay

  6. Shane Spencer says

    For PHI @ NYG, I can rule out Ron Winter, Terry McAulay, Tony Corrente, Gene Steratore, Mike Carey, Walt Anderson and Pete Morelli because they are all not eligible. Clete Blakeman, Jerome Boger, Carl Cheffers, Walt Coleman, Ed Hochuli, Bill Leavy, John Parry, Bill Vinovich, Jeff Triplette and Scott Green are all eligible for that said match.

  7. Shane, who is eligible for nyj @ atl?

    • Shane Spencer says

      Clete Blakeman, Jerome Boger, Mike Carey, Tony Corrente, Bill Leavy, Terry McAulay, Pete Morelli, John Parry, Jeff Triplette and Bill Vinovich are all eligible for NYJ @ ATL.

  8. Whos Got Baltimore-Miami?

  9. Steratore has Patriots vs Bengals this week.. Confirmed

  10. Scott Green for New Orleans at Chicago per Brad Biggs Twitter, link below.

  11. Camps is correct re: Green.

  12. We have a winner (?) for BAL-MIA: the Ravens say it’s going to be CARL CHEFFERS, who did the Ravens’ rout over the Giants last December, and their blowout loss in SD in Dec. 2011…

  13. Walt Coleman has Eagles/Giants.

    • Shane Spencer says

      Speaking of PHI-NYG, check out this video I made from my imagination…it involves Jessica Simpson as a NYG fan and Mandy Moore as a PHI fan…it’s a rivalry between those two ladies whop nearly look alike!

      • Shane Spencer says

        Speaking of PHI-NYG, check out this above video I made from my imagination…it involves Jessica Simpson as a NYG fan and Mandy Moore as a PHI fan…it’s a rivalry between those two ladies who nearly look alike!

        This was a correction from the above post, OK?

  14. Hochuli is off the weekend of the 5th and 6th.

  15. BREAKING NEWS: The Chargers-Raiders game, originally scheduled at 4:25 p.m. EDT/1:25 p.m. PDT, has been moved back to 11:35 p.m. EDT/8:35 p.m. PDT, and will air on the NFL Network instead of CBS. This is due to the Oakland Athletics hosting Game 2 of the 2013 American League Division Series the previous night (October 5). The conversion of O.co Coliseum from a baseball to a football configuration necessitated the scheduling change.

  16. Vinovich in Tennessee

  17. Pete Morelli has Thursday night’s Bills-Browns

  18. Gerardo Perez says

    Clete Blakeman, Mike Carey, and Ron Winter are the only referees that can work HOU @ SF. I think Clete Blakeman and his crew should work the game because both Mike Carey and Ron Winter have worked prime time games already and Blakeman hasn’t done one yet.

  19. Gerardo Perez says

    Oh, and Jerome Boger is also eligible for HOU @ SF, but he did a Monday Night game in Week 3.

  20. Terry McAulay has DEN-DAL per the Broncos’ flipcard.

  21. Hi Mickey
    Carl Cheffers’ crew in Miami Oct. 06 (Raves @ Dolphins)

  22. Please correct me if I’m wrong, which I probably am because I’m trying to learn how these referee assignments are made, but Boger, Carey, Leavy and Winter are the only referees eligible for Seattle-Indy correct?

  23. Im anxious to find out the nyj @ atl assigment since i am going to that game.

  24. What game does Mike Carey have this week?

  25. Is it Morelli for the Browns-Bills Game for sure?

  26. Gerardo Perez says

    Ben is always correct on the assignments. So that means that he will be trusted by a lot of people.

  27. Gerardo Perez says

    Terry McAulay is confirmed for DEN @ DAL per ESPNDallas.

  28. Lions-Packers — Jerome Boger
    Seahawks-Colts — Ron Winter
    Jaguars-Rams — Tony Corrente
    Panthers-Cardinals — John Parry
    Chargers-Oakland — Jeff Triplette
    Jets-Falcons — Bill Leavy

  29. Gerardo Perez says

    So the off crews are Anderson, Blakeman, and Hochuli.

  30. Gerardo Perez says

    Filling in the blank on NYJ @ ATL is Bill Leavy.

  31. I am a newcomer here, and I enjoy reading the assignments and comments. But I don’t understand how crews are assigned, and how you determine which crews are “eligible” to work a given game. Can you direct me to a website or reference that explains this, so I can better participate on this site? Thanks very much.

  32. Robert A. Richarddson says

    Worst called game I have ever seen in my 50 years of life, Seahawks got one stole from them by the refs. I am appalled by the worst called game I’ve ever seen.

  33. What a disaster game by Ron Winter yesterday. Many horrible interference calls on Seattle and too many missed interference calls on Indy. Maybe the worst done game I have ever seen. I am not a fan of either team.

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