Week 15

San Diego at Denver – Bill Vinovich

Washington at Atlanta – Gene Steratore
Chicago at Cleveland – Jeff Triplette
Arizona at Tennessee – Pete Morelli
Houston at Indianapolis – Jerome Boger
New Orleans at St. Louis – Mike Carey
New England at Miami – Tony Corrente
Philadelphia at Minnesota – Walt Anderson
Seattle at NY Giants – Bill Leavy
Buffalo at Jacksonville – Ron Winter
San Francisco at Tampa Bay – Scott Green
NY Jets at Carolina – Terry McAulay
Kansas City at Oakland – Clete Blakeman
Green Bay at Dallas – Walt Coleman
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh – Ed Hochuli

Baltimore at Detroit – Carl Cheffers


  1. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Green Bay and Dallas will be flexed to Sunday Night Football

  2. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NE@MIA 405EST

  3. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NE@MIA Jeff Triplette

  4. NE @MIA Ed Hochuli or Jeff Triplette or Bill Vinovich

  5. It appears that Baltimore @ Detroit MNF game will be Carl Cheffers. 99% certain

  6. Scheduling change: ARZ @ TEN and NO @ STL have both been moved back from 12:00 p.m. CST to 3:25 p.m. CST.

  7. Steelers-Bengals to remain on sunday night.

  8. Anderson in Minnesota!

  9. Well folks, there are 17 active referees and 17 Thursday games — the Week 1 kickoff, NFL Network and Thanksgiving. Prior to Week 15, BILL VINOVICH is the only referee who has yet to officiate a Thursday game. Therefore, I guess it’s a safe bet that he will be in Denver for SD @ DEN.

  10. Shane Spencer says

    Scott Green is eligible for SEA @ NYG.

  11. The referee for the CIN @ PIT Sunday Night game will likely either by Hochuli or Winter. Three other referees have yet to work NBC SNF (excluding the Week 1 kickoff and the prime-time Thanksgiving game) — Blakeman, Leavy and McAulay, however, all three are ineligible for CIN @ PIT.

    • They’re clearly saving Ron Winter for a SNF screw-job in Baltimore during Week 16 against the Pats…

    • Leavy and McAulay got flexed out of SNF so Week 16 will be either Blakeman or whoever of Hochuli/Winter does not work Week 15

      • Won’t be Blakeman for either game. Blakeman worked PIT-BAL week 13 so based on time constraints he’s ineligible for either game. It’s possible with no penciled in week 17 SNF game that he could work PHI-DAL.

        In other news, the following crews are eligible to work CHI-CLE: Corrente, Blakeman, Parry, Triplette, Hochuli (Anderson is eligible, but I trust Mark on his crew being in Minnesota; also Vinovich is eligible but I’m putting the smart money on his crew being in Denver).

  12. Well another big screw up for the worst ref ever—–Pete Morelli====thanks Pete for the botched fumble call on Minn. I know Minn. can’t go anywhere this year but don’t shove their face in it more by calling bad calls.

  13. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NE@MIA Jeff Triplette Or Ed Hochuli i think it will be Ed Hochuli

  14. Lorenzo Antonio says

    So Who has NE@MIA?

  15. Will Warren says

    Lorenzo shut the fuck up you’re a dumb trowel!

    Who has Denver verses San Diego. I doubt Ed or Mike Carey have Denver!

  16. SportingBecky says

    R-85 Crew Eligible for:

    Chargers VS Broncos
    Patriots VS Dolphins
    Texans VS Colts
    Bears VS Browns
    Jets VS Panthers
    Packers VS Cowboys
    Cardinals VS Titans
    Bengals VS Steelers

  17. SportingBecky says

    R-85 in Pittsburgh… Thank u to N!!

  18. JoeTheMailman says

    Any chance a moderator can get IP addresses? My bet is that the same guy has several accounts on here. These guys are killing the traffic here because it’s become a nuisance and some of us don’t know who to believe.

  19. Football-Ref-Mod says

    Joe, you’ve been banned for two weeks for insubordination.

  20. Hi Mickey: Confirmed, Carl Cheffers’ Crew in Monday Night Football at Detroit. (Baltimore Ravens @ Detroit Lions, December 16th.)

  21. Chargers at Broncos, Thursday night — Bill Vinovich

  22. Well, this means that Bill Leavy will have gone more than two seasons without officiating a Broncos’ game. He is the only active referee who has not officiated a Broncos’ game in the past two seasons, in fact, he has not worked a Broncos’ game since Week 11 of the 2011 season. He’s ineligible for DEN @ HOU in Week 16 and DEN @ OAK in Week 17, as he has already worked in both Houston and Oakland this season.

  23. NE @ MIA and SEA @ NYG are both down to four eligible referees:

    NE @ MIA: Coleman, Corrente, McAulay & Triplette, though Coleman is unlikely, as this would make his third Patriots’ game this season.

    SEA @ NYG: Carey, Green, Leavy & Parry.

  24. Rest assured the NFL will place the crew with the highest home team win % in charge of the sea@ NY game.

  25. Steratore is in Atlanta for Falcons Vs the Skins.. Confirmed!

  26. Gerardo Perez says

    For ARI @ TEN, PETE MORELLI will handle the game with John Parry’s Umpire. So it appears John Parry’s Crew has the week off. Respectively, Morelli will work his 2nd Cardinals game and 2nd Titans game of the season. Confirmed via the Titans flip card:

    • That is pretty much a lock on Parry, but there has been a great deal of shuffling at umpire to fill in for Jenkins and Brown. Sometimes there are conflicts for a Thursday/Monday turnaround.

  27. GB @ DAL – Coleman

  28. SportingBecky says

    Hi Mickey…. someone is using my name on this site… I am not very happy about this… can you delete their post? Please!!! Thank u.


    Only Boger and McAulay are eligible for NYJ @ CAR.
    Only Blakeman, Corrente and Triplette are eligible for CHI @ CLE.
    Only Boger, Corrente and Green are eligible for HOU @ IND.
    Only Carey, Green and Leavy are eligible for SEA @ NYG.

    On a side note, only Carey, Green and McAulay are eligible for SF @ TB.

  30. It is Winter in Jacksonville.

  31. SportingBecky says

    Who ever used my name… Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coward…. Now you cannot use it now.. LOL!!!!! No Avatar & my Name is registered…

    Thank you Very Much…. 🙂 😀

  32. Corrente in Miami

  33. Per pats beatwriter mike reiss’ twitter for espnboston, tony corrente has patriots dolphins game

  34. Lorenzo Antonio's Mum says

    Lorenzo – NE@MIA is Scott Green. Now go make me some pie. #sillyson

  35. Well, I guess Triplette can be penciled in for CHI @ CLE, as this is the only game that he is eligible for.

  36. If Triplette has CHI @ CLE, then this mean KC @ OAK is the only game that Blakeman is eligible for. Leavy will either have NO @ STL or SEA @ NYG.

  37. Triplette sux….nice blown calls 2 weeks in a row! Dickwad

  38. Triplette has the Bears this week

  39. IT IS OFFICIAL: Blakeman has KC @ OAK per the Chiefs’ flipcard:

  40. Confirmed Blakeman is in Kansas City

  41. Drew Thurman says

    Triplette will ref the Jet-Panthers game

  42. Nancy Muttlemaier says

    Confirmed! Bill ‘Botox’ Leavy working SEA-NYG! It’s going to be awesome day of throwing flags in the windy Meadowlands!

  43. Shane Spencer says

    Bill Leavy will officiate SEA @ NYG as confirmed by the flip card below:


  44. Who’s turn is it to hose Cleveland this week? Jerome and his henchman Dyrol Prioleau did a great job of it last week. Perhaps Tripplette will overturn a td based on inconclusive video evidence.

  45. Mike Carey’s crew for Saints-Rams. His umpire, Chad Brown, is scheduled to return this week.

  46. Educated speculation has the final two games as such:

    HOU-IND: Jerome Boger
    SF-TB : Scott Green

    Still have a few feelers out to confirm those, so no bets, please. Void where prohibited. Some assembly required. Caution: coffee is hot, do not spill in lap.

  47. And McAulay in Carolina, sorry.

  48. Triplette 100% confirmed in Cleveland via Browns flip card.

  49. Nancy Muttlemaier says

    Has anyone ever measured the trajectory of each ref’s flag after he has thrown it? I do believe that Walt “Novocaine” Anderson has the steepest throwing angle.

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