Week 3

Kansas City at Philadelphia – Walt Anderson

Detroit at Washington – Ed Hochuli
Atlanta at Miami – Ron Winter
Green Bay at Cincinnati – Clete Blakeman
St. Louis at Dallas – Carl Cheffers
San Diego at Tennessee – Tony Corrente
Cleveland at Minnesota – Bill Leavy
Tampa Bay at New England – Jeff Triplette
Arizona at New Orleans – Walt Coleman
NY Giants at Carolina – Mike Carey
Houston at Baltimore – John Parry
Buffalo at NY Jets – Scott Green
Indianapolis at San Francisco – Terry McAulay
Jacksonville at Seattle – Bill Vinovich
Chicago at Pittsburgh – Pete Morelli

Oakland at Denver – Jerome Boger


  1. KC @ Philly = Walt Anderson

  2. Lorenzo Antonio says

    TB@NE Tony Corrente

  3. For Piss sakes Mickey Lorenzo hasnt got a clue as to what hes flabbing I asked u in week 2 Why post to week 8 and 9 when even the refs dunno where there gonna be Guessing is 1 thing being flat out stupid is another Mickey why no replys to our questions if im being a bothern then please feel free to email me i will refrain from posting anymore

  4. When I clicked on week 3 I was taken back to when we had the replacement officials.

  5. Lorenzo Antonio says

    I think Mike Careys Crew will work DET@WSH

  6. Steratore has a Bye this week

  7. Guys, no doubt about this one: JOHN PARRY to work HOU-BAL. Parry had Super Bowl 46 (Giants-Pats), and his last Ravens game was the OT loss to WASH last Dec. He also had the first “Har-Bowl” on Thanksgiving night, 2011…

  8. Hochuli is in Washington this week-end, sept. 22nd.

  9. Tony Corrente’s crew is in Tennessee which is further proof Lorenzo Antonio is full of sh!t

  10. CHI/PIT is not Boger, Cheffers, Carey, Hochuli, Corrente, Anderson, or Steratore.

  11. Mickey, Is this turning into a yahoo blog where a bunch of nonsense
    gets posted along with hateful statements? I really wish the “guesses” were NOT posted either.

    • I think a system should be implemented where comments and posts must be approved by the site administrator prior to being posted in order to filter out nonsense.

      • What would work better is if only posts regarding which crew works where has to be approved ahead of time so we can filter out people guessing. That way people would have to provide sources to the admin or at least have a track record before their posts are accepted as gospel

        • Mickey would be glad to have you folks email him to verify sources. Just don’t do it on here. There are very reliable sources here, and Mickey knows who they are.

  12. Lorenzo Antonio says

    I think Pete Morelli’s Crew will be in New England

  13. Anyone know who will be reffing Oakland at Denver on MNF?

  14. Rules question…kind of obscure moment from Cardinals-Lions game on 9/15: I believe in Q3 or early Q4, Cardinals are ruled to fumble the ball and Lions recover. Before referees even officially make a decision/ruling on the play, Bruce Arians threw a challenge flag. I thought all turnovers were reviewed automatically, and if you threw the challenge flag in that situation, you were assessed a 15-yard penalty. Nothing ever came from throwing the flag, and play was overturned during review. I know from Lions-Texans on Thanksgiving last year they changed the part of the rule about not reviewing the play, but I thought the 15-yd penalty still existed?

  15. Cheffers for Rams and Cowboys

  16. TB @ NE – Triplette

  17. Where might Boger be this wekeend?

  18. HOU @ BAL – Parry

  19. SNF – Morelli
    MNF – Boger

  20. Confirming Pete Morelli has the Bears game this week.

  21. Thursday, Sept. 19
    Chiefs at Eagles NFLN — Walt Anderson
    Sunday, Sept. 22
    Texans at Ravens — John Parry
    Packers at Bengals — Clete Blakeman
    Giants at Panthers — Mike Carey
    Rams at Cowboys — Carl Cheffers
    Browns at Vikings — Bill Leavy
    Buccaneers at Patriots — Jeff Triplette
    Cardinals at Saints — Walt Coleman
    Chargers at Titans — Tony Corrente
    Lions at Redskins — Ed Hochuli
    Falcons at Dolphins — Ron Winter
    Bills at Jets — Scott Green
    Colts at 49ers — Terry McAulay
    Jaguars at Seahawks — Bill Vinovich
    Bears at Steelers NBC — Pete Morelli
    Monday, Sept. 23
    Raiders at Broncos ESPN — Jerome Boger

  22. Winter’s crew in Miami Confirmed with Crew

  23. Filling in the blanks above:

    Green Bay at Cincinnati = Clete Blakeman
    Cleveland at Minnesota = Bill Leavy
    Arizona at New Orleans = Walt Coleman
    Buffalo at NY Jets = Scott Green
    Indianapolis at San Francisco = Terry McAulay
    Jacksonville at Seattle = Bill Vinovich

  24. Gerardo Perez says

    I cannot believe how Bill Leavy’s crew blew a call in CLE @ MIN. They should’ve gave the Vikings a timeout when Leslie Frazier tried to challenge a fumble, and Bill Leavy instead assesses a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Leavy set the Vikings up on first-and-25 at the Cleveland Browns’ 41-yard line. The Vikings should have had the ball for a first-and-10 at the Browns’ 26, with two timeouts left instead of three. Bill Leavy shouldn’t officiate in the NFL anymore after this season because I’m tired of his crew and his calls.

  25. Shane Spencer says

    Moderator, please update this page, OK? Thank you.

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