Playoffs / Super Bowl

Wild Card Weekend

Kansas City at Indianapolis – Walt Anderson
New Orleans at Philadelphia – Bill Vinovich
San Diego at Cincinnati – Jeff Triplette
San Francisco at Green Bay – Ed Hochuli

Divisional Playoffs

New Orleans at Seattle – Terry McAulay
Indianapolis at New England – Pete Morelli
San Francisco at Carolina – Carl Cheffers
San Diego at Denver – Clete Blakeman

Conference Championships

San Francisco at Seattle – Gene Steratore
New England at Denver – Tony Corrente

Pro Bowl: Coming soon

Super Bowl: SF/SEA vs NE/DEN – Terry McAulay


  1. This is David White, a sports writer in Birmingham, Al, and I’m writing bowl previews for 2013-14 and was hoping I could get a list of the referee assignments for this bowl season. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. DW

  2. Think it’s about damn time Hochuli got the Superbowl.

    No doubt Lorenzo will be here soon with a list of 10 refs for whomever New England play, none of which will be accurate.

  3. John,
    Steratore doesn’t even belong in the playoffs much less the Super Bowl. They totally botched the NO-CAR game. They cost NO the game

  4. Hasnt Steratore done a SB recently?

    • Shane Spencer says

      Gene Steratore was a backup referee to Scott Green in Super Bowl XLIV (Gene never officiated any Super Bowls as a referee), but his brother Tony officiated two Super Bowls (XXXIX and XLVI), both as a back judge.

  5. Walt Colman has had a good season. It would be nice for him to have the honor to work the Super Bowl!

    • If you consider multiple botched replays and a number of questionable flags/no flags then by all means give him the Super Bowl. Last season I thought was Coleman’s best chance because of the officials who had never worked the Super Bowl, and the higher ups had given indications that they wanted to spread around the Super Bowl some more, I thought he and Gene Steratore were the strongest. Unfortunately he regressed this time. If not for some poor outings by Jeff Triplette and Clete Blakeman, Walt Coleman may have been my lowest rated Referee this year

    • Walt Coleman is the definition of poor officiating most years. Including this year. I’m disturbed he hasn’t got a game yet; it might mean the league plans to give him something important. Hochuli got an early game because Goodell is still peeved that the referees didn’t roll over and take whatever the league offered, and EH is the face of their union. Goodell was trained well by Taglibue, and that includes in petty tyrannies like this.

  6. Good points mentioned above. It will be interesting to see which referee will or will not receive a playoff assignment in the coming weeks ahead!

  7. Have enjoyed referring to this site all year. Thanks to all the contributors.
    Correct me if I am wrong but I know last year there was some controversy about Jerome Bogar (aka Mumbles) because he hadn’t put in the time to warrant a super bowl.
    Would not be surprised if Hochuli got it (huge laughs last year on advising us there are penalties in the Pro Bowl). I know one ref who should not get the assignment would be Ron Winter. He does not know when to put the whistle away. Game telecast could take 5 hours with him in charge.

    • The fall out over Boger was that he had 8 downgrades reversed by Ray Anderson and Company so it looked like he had a perfect season. In the excellent piece Peter King did on Gene Steratore it was stated that he had 2 downgrades and one more over the entire season would likely result in Gene not even being considered for the Super Bowl. The odds of having as many downgrades reversed as Boger did are so miniscule as to be approaching zero. People with power wanted Boger to be the Super Bowl Referee so they put their collective finger on the scales to swing it that way

  8. The last few years:

    2008 – Terry McAulay
    2009 – Scott Green
    2010 – Walt Anderson
    2011 – John Parry
    2012 – Jerome Boger
    2013 – ?

    Would think it’s got to be between Hochuli, Corrente & Steratore. I’d also quite like to see Walt Coleman ref a Superbowl too, but Hochuli is my no 1 pick!

  9. Thank you Michael. I knew there was some reason that Mumbles got the nod where there were more qualified refs with probably better grades. I am hoping Steratore shakes off what seems to be a bad week and gets back to be one of the better refs. Eagles/Dallas for the division deserves that.


  11. This is the time of year when it’s start getting interesting seeing which officials had the best years.

    Unfortunately, Triplette had a couple of rough moments as did Leavy, Morelli and Hochuli. Ironically, I think Boger had a better year this year than last. It seems like McAuley and Anderson had fairly quiet years which would make them favorites to make it to the Super Bowl. If it’s McAuley, it would be his 3rd Super Bowl and put him in some elite company… Schachter, Tunney, McElwee and one short of the best ever, Markbreit.

    • You are not the only one who thought that Boger had a better year this year than last year as I felt that way too. All things considered I had Bill Leavy as my #1 Referee this year. Tony Corrente and Pete Morelli ended up #2 and #3. Rounding out the Top 5 were Gene Steratore and John Parry

      • Bill leavy #1 has to be a joke. His crew consistently misses easy calls and may be the worst ref in the game

      • micheal bill leavy he crew so many call 7 one side of field that against rules no crew blew whistle last week charges and chiefs week 1 miss anthor call packers and 49ers

        • What did you just say in English?
          I thought JohnParry did a good job this year. Tripplet had another awful year. His crew doesn’t know what down it is. Boger is a definite “token”. I posted this last year. I honestly wouldn’t want him on my high school crew. If the NFL wanted a black referee, they should pick Mike Carey. He’s in my top three of all time, with the Dean, Jim Tunney, and Jerry Markbreit. For show, no one topped Ben Dreith or Red Cashion.

          • Tom, I liked Red Cashion as well as Jerry Markbreit. I also liked Jim Tunney and Pat Haggerty

    • CIPWhiteHat says

      Noway does McAuley deserve the game…he thinks he is bigger than it, Steratore shoud get the game

  12. IMO After watching and evaluating games I have seen this year the only Ref that comes to mind that did a decent job that I would put in The Super Bowl this Season would be Tony Corrente. I know every Ref has bad calls throughout the season but after watching his games. It seems he made the fewest to me. My Vote goes to Corrente for The Super Bowl. Honorable mention would be Morelli and Coleman.

  13. Gerardo Perez says

    My Top 10 Referees are listed:
    #10. Bill Vinovich
    #9. Pete Morelli
    #8. Terry McAulay
    #7. Walt Anderson
    #6. John Parry
    #5. Gene Steratore
    #4. Bill Leavy
    #3. Mike Carey
    #2. Ed Hochuli
    #1. Tony Corrente

  14. I agree with Gene Steratore or Tony Corrente. Ed Huchuli is way over-rated. He should have been fined and suspended for the missed calls in the SNF game in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago. One example….How can a punter in which it’s his assignment to watch get targeted and his jaw and neck broken and no flag be thrown? That alone should keep him out of the SB.

  15. Hello, Always been a fan of this site and have used it many weeks in the past. I think the refs that deserve it are Vinovich and Cheffers. However I have always been a fan of Carey and Hochuli and think they are the best, most experienced refs in the league.

  16. Walt Coleman all the way for the Super Bowl. He will be retiring in a few years and his time has come.

    • Drew Thurman says

      I don’t think so, It’s Jeff Triplette’s time to ref the Super Bowl because he’s done such a great job this year. I see Walt Coleman riffing the Super Bowl next year

  17. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Divisional Round
    TBA Vs Patriots
    R Jerome Boger
    U Jeff Rice
    HL Ed Camp
    LJ Adrian Hill
    FJ Buddy Horton
    SJ Allen Baynes
    BJ Tony Steratore
    ALTS Bill Vinovich Ron Winter Terrence Miles Michael Banks

    • i dont know about this batch Lorenzo. Or where you got it. Boger gad 2 playoff games last year, and I dont think they announce crews 2 weeks in advance.

      • Couple of things, first there are too many alternates (last year there were at most 3 in the early round games) and they are also at the wrong positions. The league would never assign 2 referees as alternates to the same game. It will be one R or U, one HL or LJ, and one deep official (FJ, SJ, BJ)

  18. I think the Super Bowl comes down to Corrente, Vinovich or Coleman.

  19. Vinovich
    A. Baynes
    ALTS – Cheffers, Michalek, McKenzie, Washington, Ferguson

  20. I wonder how many NFL officials will not be retained for 2014? Any thoughts?

  21. How can people want cheffers and levy doing a Super Bowl, yet alone a playoff game?! Carl almost blew the week 16 steelers and packers game on that batted ball and bill levy and his crew missed that call on succops missed field goal. And what about the class levy showed when he didn’t give the crowd an explanation on the last play in that game? Do these instances not come in effect??

  22. If it’s true that Scott Green is retiring this year, will they give him the Super Bowl? Also, what about Ron Winter? He has been a referee for many years, and never refereed the Super Bowl.

  23. I wonder if any other referees besides Scott Green are retiring? Also, one of Green’s crew is retiring too.

  24. Predictions for this weekend:

    KC @ Indy….Scott Green
    NO @ Phil….Mike Carey
    SD @ Cincy….Clete Blakeman
    SF @ GB….Tony Corrente

  25. Drew Thurman says

    Jeff Triplette had a great season and he deserves to ref the a Super Bowl this year

  26. Drew Thurman says

    Hochuli also reffed the Super Bowl in 2004

  27. Predictions for WC weekend

    Kansas City at Indianapolis: Boger
    New Orleans at Philadelphia: Anderson
    San Diego at Cincinnati: Blakeman
    San Francisco at Green Bay: Steratore

  28. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Divisional Round
    TBA @NE Jerome Boger
    TBA @ DEN Gene Steratore
    TBA @ SEA Jeff Triplette
    TBA @ CAR John Parry

    • I heard differently:

      Wildcard Round:
      KC @ IND – Lorenzo Antonio
      NO @ PHI – Lorenzo Antonio
      SD @ CIN – Lorenzo Antonio
      SF @ GB – Lorenzo Antonio

      Divisional Round:
      TBD @ SEA – Lorenzo Antonio
      TBD @ NE – Lorenzo Antonio
      TBD @ CAR – Lorenzo Antonio
      TBD @ DEN – Lorenzo Antonio

      Championship Weekend:
      TBD @ TBD – Lorenzo Antonio
      TBD @ TBD – Lorenzo Antonio

      Super Bowl
      TBD vs. TBD – Lorenzo Antonio’s Mom

  29. Just found this website and after only 5 minutes of reading… I have determined that Lorenzo Antonio should win Time man of the year for his accurate postings on this site.

  30. Personally, i would like to see either Hochuli or Steratore do the Super Bowl.

  31. Wild Card Guesses (WHs only)

    KC @ IND – Carey
    NO @ PHI – Green
    SD @ CIN – Cheffers
    SF @ GB – Anderson

  32. Wildcard Referees are:


  33. Clete Blakeman’s crew should not be doing any playoff games. They screwed up the Pats-Panthers game and made some really bad calls in the Packers-Bears game.

  34. I think the Super Bowl is down to Coleman, Triplette, Steratore, and Vinovich referee wise. Because of the multiple mistakes made throughout the year by crews, I think the NFL is going to chose crews based on the type of mistakes made and the total number of mistakes made throughout the season.

    • backjudgejohn says

      If the NFL assigns officials the same way as last year then the Super Bowl officials will come from the crews who work the divisional games. Last year the R, U and BJ worked the same game while the HL and SJ worked together and the LJ and FJ worked together. Assuming that they assign the same way, and this is a big assumption, we should have a better idea of who works the Super Bowl.

  35. Cincy beat writer places Jeff Triplette in the Queen City for Chargers-Bengals.

  36. Annie Heilbrunn from UT-San Diego tweeting that Jeff Triplette is doing Chargers @ Bengals.

  37. Is there anykind of rule like the 5 week rule once the playoffs start? If so Vinovich (if the list is right) is the only one eligible for NO/PHI. Hochuli did the snow game against Detroit and Anderson did the Eagles game the following week in Min

  38. Triplette did one game for the Chargers (Week 5 at Oakland) and one game for the Bengals (Week 14 vs. Indianapolis) this year.

    Raiders 27, Chargers 17 (Chargers 5 penalties for 30 yards)

    Bengals 42, Colts 28 (Bengals 7 penalties for 60 yards)

  39. Jack Anderson says

    Bill Leavy will get the seattle game next week lol it look like he either will screw seattle AGAIN or he will get a chance to make things right lol

  40. 49ersoverSeahawks says

    I guess Anderson will be in Indy, Vinovich in philly, and hochuli in green bay. (my guesses)

  41. If we really wanted all star officiating crews, then the playoffs would look like this….

    Wild Card
    1 Terry McAuley
    2 Gerry Austin
    3 Tony Corrente
    4 Bernie Kukar

    1 Jim Tunney
    2 Jerry Seeman
    3 Red Cashion
    4 Bob McElwee

    Conference Championship
    1 Norm Schacter (in Green Bay for another Ice Bowl)
    2 Pat Haggerty

    Pro Bowl
    Tommy Bell

    Super Bowl
    Jerry Markbreit

    Hochuli would be the injury replacement referee.

  42. Anderson is in Indy

  43. KC @ IND – Anderson
    NO @ PHL – Vinovich
    SD @ CIN – Triplette
    SF @ GB – Hochuli

    Looks like Divisional guys could be Morelli, Corrente, Boger and Parry???

  44. Anderson did one game for the KC Chiefs (Week 3 at Philadelphia). Anderson did not have the Colts in regular season 2013.

    Chiefs 26, Eagles 16 (Chiefs 9 penalties for 65 yards).

  45. Vinovich did one game for the Saints (Week 4 vs. Dolphins). Vinovich did not have an Eagles game in regular season 2013.

    Saints 38, Dolphins 17 (Saints 6 penalties for 45 yards).

  46. Hochuli did one game for the 49ers (Week 8 vs. Jaguars in London). Hochuli did not have the Packers in regular season 2013.

    49ers 42, Jaguars 10 (49ers 4 penalties for 35 yards).

  47. Anderson is in Indy. Confirmed.

  48. Green is an Alternate in Philly.

  49. Someone actually said Walt Coleman? Coleman is the worst official one could possibly imagine. His crew once missed (according to the NFL itself) NINE CALLS in the 4th quarter of a Pack-Vikings game. Coleman’s crew botched up the Pats-Colts AFC title game in Foxboro so thoroughly, the NFL had to make illegal contact a “point of emphasis” afterward. (They were basically saying Coleman was ignoring the rules.)

    Walt Coleman botches call after call, and should’ve even have a job, much less a playoff game.

  50. Check out the NFL’s performance standards. Triplette was REPRIMNDED TWICE IN NINE DAYS, earlier in December, by the NFL. That’s reprimanded, not just involved in controversial calls. What action did the NFL take against him? They’ve given him a playoff game for this weekend. That’s incredible.

    • His mistakes were high profile mistakes. But does that make them worse?

      I thought from the games I watched Corrente had a bad year. But some are putting him in the Superbowl.

      My guess is Morelli or Steratore get the Superbowl. I would go with Steratore just because he did the SI piece, and the NFL is more about stories then it is about credibility these days.

  51. He was reprimanded twice in a week. Get written up by your boss twice within a week, and see if you get an additional bonus, which is essentially what Triplette got. His explanation for overturning the Cincy-Colt play, mad absolutely no sense. Yes, his calls were worse.

    Steratore’s entire crew, by the way, managed not to notice the play clock in the Dallas-Philly game go from 40 to 25 seconds upon reset Everyone in America noticed it, except Steratore and his crew, who charged Dallas with delay of game.

  52. Sal Martino says

    Ken, Who do you think should receive a playoff assignment ths season?

  53. Since I heard Scott Green and Larry Rose are retiring who will replace green as Referee and Larry Rose as side judge

    • Gerardo Perez says

      We can’t determine who will replace them unless the 2014 NFL Officiating Crews come out during the preseason.

      • Its Ethier Craig Wrolstad Ron Torbert Wayne Mackie and Adrian Hill that can replace Green as Referee

        • Although I think that Wrolstad and Torbert looked the best of those 4 in the preseason, the NFL may want to go with Adrian Hill if no HL/LJ are retiring as that would give them the ability to hire Sarah Thomas as the first non-scab female official. The 4 listed worked the 2013 preseason but other officials like LJ John Hussey have worked previous preseasons so I would not limit it to those 4. Regarding the replacement of Rose take a look at who auditioned at SJ last preseason for the likely candidates. I read elsewhere that Scott Steenson (FJ88) is also retiring and I could see the NFL promoting current Big XII R Scott Novak to replace him as they could groom him as a potential replacement of retiring Referees in a few years

          • Making Adrian Hill a referee just to hire an female official, that would be really sexist. I hope the NFL would not do that. After watching all four referee candidates referee in the preseason, I strongly feel that Craig Wrolstad is the best of the four because of his clear pronunciations and good mic presence. He is also an very good field judge that got the super bowl last year, while I don’t believe that the other three has gotten an super bowl.

        • Give it Tony, Gene S. brother hey why not

  54. How the heck does Triplette get a Playoff game? He was the worst ref this year.

    Last time he was in Cincy, he gave the Bengals a FREE touchdown.

    • Yes, Triplette was awful. Reprimanded TWICE in a week? The playoffs are supposed to be for the best. Someone who embarrasses the league twice within a week, is one of the best????

  55. Anderson is currently in Pasadena in his role as Head of Big 12 officiating.

  56. I don’t know who SHOULD get playoff games, but if the one’s I’ve described are the ones who deserve it the most, it’s a pretty sad commentary on the state of officiating in the NFL.

  57. Here’s Bill Leavy apologizing for screwing up the Super Bowl. (I believe the league stood beside these calls, which begs the obvious question…) The NFL gave Leavy the Super Bowl, again, last year, I believe.

    Leavy’s crew were the ones who completely screwed up the Chargers-Chiefs game with the “forward progress” BS, that cost KC a TD in overtime, and the now infamous not enough guys on one side of the ball. Will Leavy get a playoff game??

  58. Annie Heilbrunn from UT-San Diego is reporting that the crew in Cincinnati is:


  59. I am the real dude heres the complete list





  60. Gerardo Perez says

    Confirmed crew lists other than SD @ CIN:
    KC @ IND:
    66 Anderson
    44 Rice
    22 Stelljes
    108 Arthur
    82 Horton
    67 Rosenbaum
    61 Ferguson

    NO @ PHI:
    52 Vinovich
    81 Ellison
    91 Bergman
    9 Perlman
    33 Zimmer
    58 DeBell
    63 Quirk

    SF @ GB:
    85 Hochuli
    49 Hall
    28 Hittner
    107 Marinucci
    50 Weir
    95 Coleman
    27 Dyer

  61. Cheffers and Green each have 3 guys as alternates. Boger has one guy as an alternate. Parry’s replay crew is in Indy.

  62. Meslow, McKinnely and T. Steratore are the Alternates in Cincy.

  63. bill leavy miss three call most of any official nfl top 10 worst referee call 2013

  64. More important than anything else is who will do these playoff games and Jeff Triplette doing a playoff game is OUT-EFFING-RAGEOUS. Triplette is completely inept, has no control over his crew, and is a complete embarrassment to the NFL. The next thing you know Clete Blakeman will be doing an AFC/NFC Championship game. Officiating is going to be an even bigger factor for these playoffs than it usually is. Officiating is a bigger factor than any player or coach.

  65. How is triplette allowed back in cincy after his debacle earlier this season.

  66. Have disliked ron winter and Scott green since 2003 when they screwed up end of giants/niners playoff game

  67. How in the hell did Jeff Triplette get a playoff assignment after the season he had? What an absolute joke!

  68. Leavy is “pretty good???” His crew blew two obvious calls in the SD- KC game, putting the Chargers in the playoffs, and costing the Steelers. Leavy’s the guy who apologized for screwing up the Seahawk-Steeler SuperBowl, I believe.

  69. When is anyone in the media going to point out, that on the play the NFL fined Tomlin, and took draft picks, for him stepping on the field in front of the guy, an official was running alongside, with a full view of the entire thing … and didn’t bother to throw a flag?

  70. What 3 calls did Bill Leavy miss? NEITHER call in San Diego was his. I’m only aware of a rules misapplication week 1. Some of you guys should educate yourself a little more on officiating before you blast them.

    • Um WHO is responsible for the crew? He’s the referee. If he has incompetents under him, he needs to figure that out. Who blew the phantom whistle on that “forward progress was stopped” thing in OT? No one heard it. Could he find that out?

      Were the calls he apologized for in the Super Bowl not his fault either? If screw-ups keep happening under Leavy, what’s the rational for considering him a playoff official? Maybe you should educate yourself a little on common sense.

      • If I am a boss and I drill into the heads of people working underneath me a certain process to follow and two do not follow that process who is responsible? On FG opportunities, as with any other play, each official has their designated responsibilities. It is the responsibility of the U and the SJ to count the line of the defense because the R’s view will be blocked by the kicking team and since the rule applies to players on the Line of Scrimmage I could picture certain formations where it might appear from the R’s position that there are more on the Line of Scrimmage than there is in reality. Bill Leavy should not get a ding because the U and SJ screwed up (as opposed to the rule enforcement errors in Week 1 which were his fault). If it affects anything for Leavy it is a de minimis amount on his ability to manage a crew which is one factor the league considers but only as more of a tiebreaker unless it is a constant problem with a crew. I would hate to see a Ref with a lot of dings get a big assignment because the rest of his crew had none

        • A referee with a lot of dings shouldn’t get a big assignment, since he’s part of that same crew, right?. No, the ref cannot control everything he crew does, or doesn’t do, and that has to be accounted for. However, if his crew has some pretty major screw-ups, that has to reflect somewhat upon he person in charge of that crew. If not, what’s the evidence he knows what he’s doing? No screw-ups, solely by him? If so, what’s the point of having someone as head referee?

          I thought it used to be entire crews got assigned. Is that not the case? I’m honestly not sure of that.

      • I agree with Ken it was not directly Leavy but it was his crew, and everything in the playoffs is associated by the crew. Leavy personally did not make bad calls but people he was in charge of did which then reflects on him.

  71. Darryl Henry says

    Good decisions by the NFL this week for crew chiefs. I hope steratore gets the superbowl this yr he’s good and a good freiend also

  72. I am trying to write a paper on the public’s perception of sports officiating. Can someone please tell me the basis for the various “ratings” of certain officials on this site. Have any of you ever officiated football? Are you aware of the NFL’s ratings of the various officials? Why is the focus on the Referee when most of the calls are made by other officials in the crew? Are any of you interested in becoming officials? In baseball, no one cares who is the crew chief and in basketball no one knows who is the Referee. Yet in football, all of the anger is directed towards the Referee. Why? Thanks for your help.

    • I know they have a rating system, which may be play by play, but I’m not sure.

      I don’t know how they are rating. However, when a guy like Triplette, has 2 such major screw-ups, and his reasoning on both made absolutely no sense, warranting a reprimand by the league, I don’t understand why he’d get playoff game.

  73. Someone said Steratore? Isn’t Steratore’s crew, the one where 15 seconds were chopped off of the Dallas play clock, inexplicably, and no one on his entire crew, including him, questioned it? He immediately charged Dallas with delay of game, when everyone watching knew it was screwed up.

  74. I am always amazed at how many people are quick to totally rip the refs apart when I feel pretty certain that they couldn’t do 1/10 as good a job as the worst crew on their worst day. I agree that this has not been a stellar year for several of the crews, but many of the nasty comments are uncalled for.

    Anyone who says that Mike Carey is a poor official doesn’t know who Mike Carey is and/or never saw him call a game. And, that is coming from a Louisiana native and a Saints fan.

    Darryl Henry – Please give my regards to Gene Steratore. He is one of my favorite refs to watch. He always keeps the games moving and under control and he always explains things. Plus he always seems to be having a good time no matter what is going on.

    • I do not think anyone is saying that Carey is a poor official. Even the best officials admit when they have seasons that are not up to their usual standards. The supposed Top 10 eligible officials at each position get an on-field playoff assignment (I am ignoring the Pro Bowl). Personally I did not think Carey was in the Top 10 referees this year. Granted I also did not think that Jeff Triplette was as well. Vinovich and Hochuli weren’t either but they were close enough that I could see an argument either way

      • There were a few posts several days back specifically directed at Carey and a N.O. game, but I am not sure if this person is a serious ref follower or not. It just grated. I have tracked the refs and this site for years, albeit quietly because I am not much of a blogger. I try to research things before I comment and to be objective. Carey’s track record over the years speaks for itself. That being said, I didn’t get to see many of his games this year, just luck of the draw.

        Overall, either my knowledge of the rule book has improved exponentially or all the crews I saw had sub-par years, because I saw mistakes in every game I watched. That has never happened before. I know I have been studying, but I rarely catch half this many calls!

        And, again, let me send a shot out “Thank you” to all the regular reliable posters on this site. I don’t say much, but I drop in to read your posts weekly. I appreciate your taking the time to get the assignments up. And for those of you who know the refs, tell them that there are some footballs fans (or at least one) who values what they do, even on a less than perfect day.

  75. Jerome Boger to be in new England next Saturday

  76. First 2 games reffed very well. and just sticks to my point that Vinovich should get the super bowl.

    • I thought both teams stepped up and did very good jobs as well, Tim. I could support Vinovich; he hasn’t always impressed me, but I guess you could say that he has grown on me over the years. 🙂 I also think that Gene is over due for a Superbowl. This may not be his year because he has had a couple bad games.

  77. Triplette just botched another replay. There is no difference between what that Cincy receiver just did, and the infamous Calvin Johnson “no-catch,” that the NFL stood by. No difference at all. In fact they are strikingly similar. I just looked at the Youtube video of it.
    Another major Jeff Triplette screw up. Way to go.

    • Actually there is in the Calvin Johnson play, there was no contact on him and in this one there was contact, so go look at it again, and then look at what Pereira thinks, it was a good call by Tripplette.

      • What difference does contact make? When did contact make a difference on whether a catch is made or not? Where is that rule? Either one catches it, or not, regardless of whether one is hit or not.

        There as on difference in the physical motion or result. Those calls should’ve been the same. The NFL has no idea what the calls should be.

        • In the contact situation they can say that the contact dislodged the ball and he made the catch got two feet in and then was hit hence stopping the process and completing it. In the Calvin Johnson he never completed it because he never was hit so he had to maintain complete possesion

        • neutral observer says

          Actually there was a difference. They ruled that Gresham’s forward progress was stopped (hence the line judge winding the clock). Once his progress was stopped inbounds then it became a catch. I am not a huge Triplette fan either but it was the correct call. The Megatron play was different because it was in the end zone. Mike Pereira has even mentioned it several times that the rules in the end zone are different. Whether they should be or not is a different discussion, but on this play the call was correct.

          • So, if he’s pushed back, and still jugging the ball, does that count as a catch? It’s the same principle, isn’t it?

            That still doesn’t answer the question: What difference does it make if he’s hit or not, in terms of whether he’s competed the catch or not? Using that rationale, a defender could never jar a ball loose, if he’s knocked backward. I’m sorry, that makes no sense. The physical act of catching isn’t cut short, because the guy was hit.

          • The act of catching the football should be the same, regardless of where someone is on the field. That is making absolutely no sense. You have to hold it longer in the end zone? You can be knocked around everywhere else, and it still counts as a catch? No, that makes no sense at all.

  78. Ken – I am glad you brought this up, because to me this looks like the right call. I never understood why CJ was called a no-catch two years ago (one year ago?). Has possession, two feet down = catch. Whatever happens next, happens – but the catch was made. ‘spain, please?

    Along those lines, would anyone be interested in a blog to discuss rule interpretation along this line? I know this is not what this site is set up for. FootballZebras give their opinions, but doesn’t really have a discussion board. I freely admit I am an amateur, but I would like a place to discuss the details.

  79. IND@NE
    R Jerome Boger 23
    U Scott Dawson 70
    HL Jim Howey 37
    LJ Adrian Hill 29
    FJ Barry Anderson 20
    SJ Greg Myer 78
    BJ Tony Steratore
    ALTS Ron Winter Greg Steed Tom Hill

  80. And is anyone noticing how honest Ed’s crew has apparently decided to completely ignore obvious PI and defensive holding? That was an easy call to make. And these are among the league’s best.. To think they actually trashed the replacements as hurting the “integrity” of the game. Give me a break. After they basically put the Chargers in the playoffs? Give me a break.

  81. What do you guys think about Clete Blakeman?

    • Blakeman is among the 3 worst referees in the NFL. He came right up from college 3 years ago and was mysteriously made a head referee. He has no leadership over the crew he has-possibly because they view him as just a college referee who jumped over veterans-and it makes for all kinds of mayhem. I’ve seen officials in his crew run in and talk to him like he’s a schoolboy. He’s actually perhaps the worst. Don’t be too surprised if Clete is doing the Superbowl in the frozen marsh in New Jersey in February.

  82. The 49ers, GB game had some of the worst officiating ever. With all the obvious holding and PI non-calls it was obvious the officials wanted GB to win the game. I hope some of them get fined for their terrible behavior.

  83. any confirmations yet on divisional round games?

  84. Someone said Hochuli deserves the Super Bowl? Did anyone see the Packer Niner game yesterday? That was Hochuli’s crew. Nice job they did, completely ignoring illegal contact and pass interference for much of the game. I guess that rule was waived.

    • Can you go voice your opinions(rants) on officiating in another site such as Too me you are just as annoying as Lorenzo; constantly ranting about the the right or wrong calls the officials made(mostly the rants were about the correct calls).

      • Right on, Tony. The quality of the officiating of those the NFL has chosen for its playoffs, is completely irrelevant on a page discussing .. umm.. let’s see….. those the NFL has chosen for its playoffs.

        Thanks for sharing your reasoning.

        • Also, I didn’t realize that the calls that PLAYOFF OFFICIAL, ahem, Triplette was reprimanded for by the league, were actually correct? Wow. Imagine that. I also didn’t realize that the calls that PUT the Chargers in the playoffs, made by crews headed by those some on here think SHOULD be, ahem, PLAYOFF OFFICIALS, that the league said were wrong, were actually correct. Damn. Learn something new all the time….

        • Well then, let me interest you to this:
 is not a site that just posts officiating assignments, its mainly a site that dissects officiating assignments and performances. If you go on further into this site and read all the other posts, this site is mainly used for officiating assignments.

  85. Even Buck/Aickman commented on the NON-calls by Hoculi’s crew. Many illegal contact /PI calls were blown off. Why are officials ignoring it now and enforcing it during the regular season?

  86. If you eliminated every ref who messed up a crucial call from being eligible to work the playoffs, there wouldn’t be anyone around to work. Point being, this has not been a great year for NFL refs and there have been some bad screw ups….BUT, that doesn’t mean these guys are totally inept or incapable of getting calls correct and having a great game. I thought Triplette was just fine in the Cincy game and the only thing from this first weekend that really made me scratch my head was the aforementioned lack of PI/illegal contact/defensive holding calls in SF/GB.

    And for what it’s worth, I’m rooting for Vinovich and Steratore because they are both college hoops refs like myself!

    • How many officials have lately been reprimanded twice in a week by the league? Not corrected. Not questioned Reprimanded. Triplette’s explanations, especially for the Cincinnati review in early December, were so bizarre, they should disqualify him from being in the playoffs.

      I still have not heard/seen a logical explanation for Triplette’s ruling of a completed catch in the Cincy game.

      • Gresham got three feet down, forward progress stopped and when he was knocked backwards out of bounds he dropped the ball. I think Triplette was saying that the process of the catch was completed because he had gotten all aspects of the catch to the point that forward progress was stopped. Once the process is “completed” in the referees eyes it is a done deal. Receivers who have caught the ball are allowed to drop it on the way out of bounds once the “process” is completed.

        Personally i hate the “process” jargon. And Im a Bears fan, (that Calvin play was great.)

        • Outside of anything else, I agree, he had all the elements of a “catch.” However, that same situation occurred with Calvin Johnson, it was ruled incomplete, and the League stood by the call.

          This forward progress crap is nonsense. Again, I defy anyone to find where “forward progress” stops the act of catching the football, in a rulebook. Guys get hit in the back all the time when catching, and knocked backward with the ball coming out. It’s ruled incomplete. Either the motion is part of the catch, or it isn’t, regardless of what caused the motion. Getting hit, stops the receiver’s act of catching, and starts another act? That makes no sense.

          • Calvin Johnson was hit before he had gotten 2 feet down which is why he had to maintain possession throughout the process of the catch. Because Gresham had gotten 2 feet down after the catch and had time to make a football move before getting hit it was properly ruled completed catch/forward progress stopped

  87. Gerardo Perez says

    My predictions for the divisional round and conference championship:
    NO @ SEA Jerome Boger
    IND @ NE John Parry
    SF @ CAR Tony Corrente
    SD @ DEN Pete Morelli

    Conf. champ.:
    Gene Steratore & Terry McAulay

  88. The logical (and correct) explanation is that once the wing official ruled forward progress, he is, in effect, indicating that the catch was made and the play is over. That is why the clock continued to run as well. Anything that happened after the decision that forward progress was called is/was of no consequence. If you do not understand the concept of forward progress, you should not be on this site.

  89. Divisional Round predictions –
    IND @ NE – Morelli
    SF @ CAR – Coleman
    SD @ DEN – Blakeman
    NO @ SEA – Boger

  90. 49ersoverSeahawks says

    My predictions for the Divisional Round
    Boger in Seattle
    Parry in New England
    Morelli in Carolina
    Corrente in Denver

  91. Predictions:

    Corrente – New Orleans at Seattle
    Winter – Indianapolis at New England
    Parry – San Francisco at Carolina
    Steratore – San Diego at Denver

    Conf. Championships – McAulay and Morelli

  92. Parry in Seattle
    Boger in New England
    Morelli in Carolina
    Corrente in Denver

  93. what is wrong with al riveron………..

  94. corrente indeed, my bad

  95. Nahtarian Warren says

    I hope Ed Hochuli doesn’t get the Super Bowl he has been bad too he was the ref on that Thursday night between the Redskins vs Vikings and he and his crew clearly missed a holding call in the end zone

  96. Divisional list confirmed:
    NO-SEA: Terry McAulay
    IND-NE: Pete Morelli
    SF-CAR: Carl Cheffers
    SD-DEN: Clete Blakeman

    Full crew will be posted at the link when known:

  97. Terrible mistake that Clete Blakeman’s crew is doing the chargers-broncos game. They have made bad calls all year. Now I think the conference championship games will be between Boger, Corrente, and Steratore. Plus since it is his last year, I could see Green doing the Super Bowl.

    • Clete Blakeman won’t be with his crew since some worked the Wild Card round (Ron Marinucci) and others have served as alternates (Dave Meslow)

      I have it from a reliable source that John Parry, Mike Carey, and Jerome Boger won’t have an on-field assignment this year

      From what my source is saying that likely means 2 of Steratore/Corrente/Leavy for the Conference Championship games though the league could just as easily assign it to Winter and Coleman

  98. If form holds, it looks like Morelli is getting the Super Bowl. That would not be the worst choice….

    Surprising that Boger is not getting a playoff game this year after the Super Bowl last and Cheffers and Blakeman getting Divisional games is a shocker and if true, Carey, Parry, and Boger not a playoff game is an equal shocker.

  99. Never have I heard the term forward progress used, regarding establishing possession of a catch. Calvin Johnson’s progress was stopped once he was in the endzone, as is always the case, with the ball, but the remainder of his “movement” was considered part of the catch.. (Name a time further movement in the endzone is continued part of “forward progress.”) A guy’s forward progress isn’t used to determine he maintained possession and caught the football. It’s all part of the same catch, or it isn’t, regardless of which way the guy falls or is knocked to. That makes absolutely no sense, and I defy anyone to find that in a rulebook somewhere.

  100. You really do not understand football or forward progress. give it up.

  101. I believe that a number of us have tried to explain the situation with no luck. The Johnson play had nothing to do with forward progress nor does forward progress apply in the end zone. Forward progress is only applicable in the case where a player has possession of the ball. As a receiver must maintain control of the ball throughout any action as he goes to the ground as is noted in Rule 8-1-3:
    Item 1: Player Going to the Ground. If a player goes to the ground in the act of catching a pass (with or without contact by an opponent), he must maintain control of the ball throughout the process of contacting the ground, whether in the field of play or the end zone. If he loses control of the ball, and the ball touches the ground before he regains control, the pass is incomplete. If he regains control prior to the ball touching the ground, the pass is complete.

    Johnson did not comply with this aspect of the rule and as a result it was an incomplete pass.
    As for the play that occurred Sunday, the Bengals receiver was ruled to have completed all of the aspects of a complete pass while inbounds and was then driven back, he is awarded forward progress at the spot where he was ruled to have completed the pass and the play is over at that point. As a result, the clock continues to run, he is awarded the yardage that he gained before he was forced backwards and any action that occurs after that point including falling to the ground is deemed to have, in effect, not occurred. This situation is discussed in part in a note to Rule 7-3-3:
    7-3-3 Note: When an airborne player of either team completes a catch or interception inbounds after an opponent has driven him backward, the ball is declared dead, and forward progress is awarded at the spot where the player established firm grip and control of the ball while in the air.

    Two different plays, two different situations, two different rulings, two correct rulings.

  102. Whos the Full Crew for IND@NE

  103. What do you base that opinion on?

  104. Once Again Lorenzo struck out on his Patriot Referee guess.

  105. Hi all,

    Long time reader but first time commenter on your site. First off, I just want to thank all of you for the time you put in to find out who will be reffing games each and every week.

    A thought on this weeks refs. I have no basis to make this claim and I ask anyone to correct me if im wrong but it seems that in the past few seasons, a ref from the divisional round ended up as the Super Bowl ref. If that is true, I wouldnt think Blakemen should be there and McAulay did a SB a few years back. That leaves Morelli and Cheffers. Again, I am just throwing this out there but of those two, who would be more deserving and for me, I would go Morelli.

  106. neutral observer says

    It is absolutely stunning that Blakeman gets a playoff assignment. His performance specifically at the end of the Patriots-Panthers game was an abomination. Whether you think the call was correct or not, it was his job as the referee to explain what happened at the very least to the teams involved, and one could argue to the fans and audience. Instead he blurts out one line and makes a sprint to the locker room. I wouldn’t think those are the leadership qualities that would be expected from a head referee at the highest level of football. I understand that the actual call was not made by him, but still to me it sends a bad message.

  107. Sal Martino says

    With some of these prevous comments mentioned above. I wonder how many of you ever officiated a football game and at what level if you ever did?

  108. Joe Platania says

    Hi, everyone!… Just enjoying some down time after the Ravens were knocked out of the playoff chase, so I’m taking this opportunity to say thanks to everyone on the board for another great year!… Don’t let the trolls get you down, just as I hope the fans here in BAL don’t fret over the first season without playoffs since ’07. Sure hope January/Super Bowl can progress without too much controversy and that the players, not the zebras, decide the games!… Again, thanks to Mickey, David, Nita, SportingBecky and anyone else I may have missed. See you in the fall!

  109. I keep asking the same question and get no response. I can only assume that few if any have ever walked on a football field.

  110. “Blakeman is among the 3 worst referees in the NFL. He came right up from college 3 years ago and was mysteriously made a head referee. He has no leadership over the crew he has-possibly because they view him as just a college referee who jumped over veterans-and it makes for all kinds of mayhem. I’ve seen officials in his crew run in and talk to him like he’s a schoolboy. He’s actually perhaps the worst. Don’t be too surprised if Clete is doing the Superbowl in the frozen marsh in New Jersey in February.”

    I made this comment and was completely joking. The absolutely horrible job Blakeman did this year with him having no leadership of his crew and doing a terrible job officiating games, made it a joke that you would see him anymore. He’s doing the DEN-SD divisional playoff game!!????????? Bizarre, that’s the only word I can think of. Something is fishy. He comes up 3 years ago from college officiating, becomes a head referee immediately, and he’s doing a divisional playoff game? There’s a story to this that needs to be out there, especially when the increased pressure of a playoff game will likely bring out the worst and people are going to know much more background. This is the biggest and most ridiculous in officiating stories of the 2013-2014 season and I won’t be surprised if it becomes much bigger with a lot more people asking “Who is Clete Blakeman?”

  111. Correction for the above. Clete Blakeman is in his 6th season and 4th as referee. I meant to write that he was made a head referee for only his 3rd season as an official in the NFL.

  112. Sal Martino says

    Steve, I agree with you!!

  113. You all have no clue what your talking about regarding Blakeman. He is graded as an official in his position. The 7 guys on his crew may have made some weird calls throughout the season, but Blakemen in his postion ranked out in the second tier along with only a few other refs.

    He gets so much hate because he is the man on the microphone on his crew, however that doesn’t mean it was his fault. The play in Carolina and Baltimore were not at all downgrades to him. Downgrades at your position are the first and foremost thing taken into consideration and he had a solid year doing his job.

    Just because he has to come on the microphone we think he sucks. This is wrong.

    • No, I believe it is you who is incorrect. As head referee, Clete Blakeman’s responsibility is to lead. He has been a complete failure. On a number of occasions, he let the crew of officials he was “leading” squabble without taking control. Whoever graded him is blind. He seems to want to avoid anything beyond parroting calls from his crew. No explanations whatsoever. This guy is a complete embarrassment.

      It’s interesting that the official, Garth DeFelice , who ran in from 25 yards away and overruled the umpire in the NE-Carolina game on an obvious penalty which decided the game, will be on the crew doing the NE-Indianapolis game on Saturday night. Should be interesting.

      That play is a great example of Blakeman. The umpire who made the correct call was right on top of the play when Rob Gronkowski was hugged in the endzone. DeFelice, ran in from 25 yards away and overruled the umpire’s call. It was crazy. Blakeman’s next act? “There’s no penalty. The game is over.” No explanation. No acceptance of an obvious call made by the umpire right on top of the play and making the correct call. He showed no control or leadership. Blakeman has had a horrible year well beyond just that. Any claims to the contrary are just plain false.

      • Even though it seems as if he doesn’t “lead,” that still has nothing to do with his overall grading level.

        And just to let you know sir, the play in Carolina was not a downgrade for anybody on the crew. The no call was backed by the NFL. All the NFL cares about is putting the best official in their respective position for playoff games.

        Blakemen patrols his area better then Mike Carey for instance, yet we want Mike Carey because he is better on the microphone making us believe he is better then Blakeman? no.

        Blakeman is getting this game for a reason and him or Morelli will be New York

        • “The no call was backed by the NFL.” Seriously? Well, I guess he’s a top official, he’s done a great job, and he’s the best choice for the Superbowl.

          • Even if the no call was not backed by the NFL, Blakeman would not have recieved a downgrade because that is not his call, it was Terrance Miles and he would have been marked down. Too many people are too quick to blame the Referee for plays that he may not even be involved with.

  114. Gerardo Perez says

    I’ve read somewhere from someone that said that the Patriots flip card shows the crew for IND @ NE:
    135 Morelli
    53 DeFelice
    106 Mackie
    101 Johnson
    89 Lucivansky
    15 Patterson
    30 Prukop

  115. I guess the guy telling me I don’t understand “forward progress” couldn’t find in the rulebook where it relates to possession of a catch. That’s because it isn’t there.

    Forward progress determines where a guy has been stopped who’s already possessed a football, NOT whether he actually DID possess. it. Total bunk. There IS NO FORWARD PROGRESS WITHOUT POSESSION. Geez.

  116. And anyone thinking Walt Coleman deserves a job, much less a playoff slot, should consider that he was banned for four years from doing Viking games, after he and his crew blew NINE calls (according to the NFL) in the 4th quarter, all in favor of one team, the Packers. That should’ve warranted an investigation, not just an admission by the league.

    Check out last year’s Thanksgiving Day game, where all of America saw a Texan RB hit the turf… except for Walt Coleman. The focus was the “mistake” the Lion coach made on the challenge ,when it should’ve been how on Earth Coleman and his crew could possibly have screwed that up.

    Coleman would be laughable, if he weren’t so suspiciously bad. Yeah, let’s give him another playoff spot. Maybe the league will admit his crew ignored illegal contact and PI rules , the way they did in the 04 AFC Title Game. Good god.

    • Ken, a referee is keyed on the quarterback for any post-handoff action. He is not watching the ball. Therefore, if Coleman ruled that the player was down, it means he was ignoring his key or watching the Jumbotron.

      Coleman relied on his head linesman or his line judge (depending on which side had the angle) to rule down by contact. He did not come through for Coleman.

      The reason why the rule was rewritten is that Coleman did everything correct according to the rulebook, yet the result did not seem fair. It is by no means at all an indictment on Coleman.

      • Then why has the NFL admitted to so many of Coleman’s crew’s screw-ups? Look him up. He’s awful. Does he just happen to always have the incompetent ones under him?

        • If you look at who has been on Walt Coleman’s crew in recent years, while his U/FJ/SJ are playoff regulars the rest are not. Compare that to someone like Gene Steratore’s crew the past 2 seasons which includes one of the best BJ in the game (Dino Paganelli, who without appeals had a perfect season in 2012), and playoff regulars in Wayne Mackie, Jeff Seeman, and Bob Waggoner and a SJ (Mike Weatherford) who has worked a Super Bowl

          • Coleman did a Divisional game last year in ATL…so that thanksgiving game as Ben stated was on his crew. He did fine in that game just a Triplette did in CIN playoff game this year…


  118. Would love to see Green or Stertore work SB. On another note, Cheffers in NC this weekend could get interesting…

  119. Gerardo Perez says

    Confirmed crew for SD @ DEN via Broncos Flipcard:
    34 Blakeman
    11 Bryan
    48 Mello
    45 Seeman
    25 Waggoner
    16 Wyant
    105 Paganelli

    115 Michalek
    68 Stephan
    56 Baynes

    Here’s the link:

  120. Dino Paganelli should be solid as usual.

  121. According to a recent article on, Gene Steratore and Tony Corrente are going to Referee the Conference Championship games

  122. Who has the SB? I hope Hochuli. He’s my fave. Despite his serious error in not flagging the roughing the punter play in Cincy, I hope Hochuli gets it. And before anyone dishes on me, I can hope, can’t I? I didn’t say it would come true.

  123. Unless there is something unusual, the Super Bowl officials are working in the divisional playoffs. It helps split the time between the final regular season game and the Super Bowl.

    Hochuli worked the wild card in Green Bay. He is done for the year.

  124. McAulay crew:

    C Paganelli

    Replay: Frantz
    Alternates: Stritesky, A Hill, Washington

  125. Gerardo Perez says

    Confirmed crew for SF @ CAR:
    51 Cheffers
    71 Fowler
    54 Hayward
    100 Symonette
    88 Steenson
    62 Torbert
    133 Freeman

    Alternates not confirmed yet.

  126. If you’re an alternate official for any round of playoffs, can you be assigned on-field to a later round game? Or does being an alternate mean you weren’t graded highly enough to get an on-field assignment this season?

  127. Alternate officials do not get an on-field assignment, with the exception being that the Super Bowl alternates tend to have prior on-field assignments (which makes sense).

    However, according to a league source, the retiring Scott Green is eligible for the Pro Bowl, despite having an alternate assignment in Wild Card weekend.

  128. Anyone have the confirmed IND-NE crew?

  129. Why is Blakeman’s BJ and U working a different game than he is?

  130. 49ersoverSeahawks says

    Nice game reffed by McCauley

  131. Darryl Henry says

    Great job by Terry and that crew

  132. The officiating in the Colts-Pats game is pretty much awful.

  133. I think Pete Morelli can start planning his vacation for the first week of February. He and his lack of “all-star” crew have been awful… and won’t be sniffing the conference championship week or Super Bowl week.

  134. Of the 6 reffed games so far i would rank them by performance

    1) Vinovich
    2) Anderson
    3) McCauley
    4) Triplette
    5) Hochuli
    6) Morelli

  135. TBA@NE Gene Steratore
    TBA@SEA Tony Corrente

  136. Horrifying game called by Cheffer’s crew. Very inconsistent flags regarding unnecessary roughness penalties. One head butt on Captain Munnerlynn was called, while another one by Anquan Boldin wasn’t called. Horrible game.

  137. Cherffers and his crew are way over their head. They’ve lost control of the trash talking. Very inconsistent with their flags.

    • Absolutely, they wanted to control the game from the beginning by throwing flags; but the crew is filled with terrible officials such as Steve Freeman, Tom Symonnette, Rueban Fowler, and Carl Cheffers, and they are throwing the flags with extreme inconsistency.

  138. Teri Klewin says

    I look to see what games Ed Huchuli will be officiating. He SHOULD be in the Super Bowl. I love the guy.

  139. Blakeman off to a great start in Denver. First he left his mic on while talking to his crew (“I’ve got a facemask..Defensive Facemask”) and the announces the penalty as a personal foul while showing holding.

    Why was he selected over Parry, Carey, etc again?

    • He did get the call right though… I can overlook mechanics if he gets a tough call right.

    • His crew was disastrous in Denver. They missed a clear defensive holding (tackling, actually). Also, if that Denver receiver who “fumbled” ever had possession of the “catch,” I sure didn’t see it. A neutral zone infraction where a guy doesn’t cross the line? And am I the only one who didn’t think the ball could be caught, on a PI call on the Chargers?

      • NoFanOfRefs says

        Well, there certainly were 15+ instances where PI or DH should have been called on the Chargers. Eric Weddle was playing wrestling all game…. Also, on a late hands to the face call, the Chargers OLman was doing the same to the Broncos defender, but they missed that one of course.

  140. 49ersoverSeahawks says

    I would say the best so far is Vinovich and McCauley. Not a so good one by Cheffers and Morelli. And the average ones Anderson, Hochuli, and Triplette.

  141. Steratore won’t have New England vs Denver twice in one season.

    He has to be in Seattle. Corrente in Denver

  142. Steratore has worked the past 3 NE-DEN matchups. The playoff game at Foxboro couple of years back (Broncos had Tebow then). Last year’s matchup at Foxboro (with Manning). And this year’s game at Foxboro. All three Bronco losses. It would be surprising if Steratore is assigned a 4th consecutive Broncos-Pats matchup. But I don’t know if NFL looks at all those criteria. Personally, I would prefer someone other than Steratore so that the Broncos have a chance.

    • This site has too many people who are bashing officials for their work solely due to the negative effect that the work has on their favorite team. Come on, Steratore and Corrente are good choices for the conf championships and McCauley or Morelli are good choices for the Super Bowl.

      • I am not bashing Steratore. I just mentioned the fact that he has worked 3 consecutive Bronco-Pats games (all three Bronco losses). It would be nice to see a different ref for the upcoming Bronco-Patriot game. After all, there are several other capable refs instead of assigning Steratore to all Bronco-Pat games. Let Steratore ref the NFC Championship Game (or even any future Bronco games….just not the 4th consecutive Bronco-Patriot game).

      • That is right. I love Morelli and I really hope he gets an Super Bowl soon, and I feel the same about McAulay. However, incompetent officials such as Carl Cheffers ad Clete Blakeman should not be mentioned for an CC or an Super Bowl.

  143. Given that the Referee typically makes less than 15% of the calls made by any crew and the fact that 5 of the 7 members of Steratore’s crew have already worked play-off games and will not be on his crew should he be assigned to officiate the Denver – NE game, it makes little difference whether he (and his crew) have worked games between the same two teams in the past. In fact, often teams do not mind seeing the same officials as they get accustomed to what will and will not be called and learn to live with it. The only ones that seem to have a problem are some fans.

  144. Could you please explain why you feel Cheffers and Blakeman are “incompetent” in your opinion. Thanks!

    • Watch the Carolina vs San Francisco DIV game, Cheffers wrongly called SF player Dan Skuta for an Roughing the Passer Penalty and missed a 12 men in the huddle against SF, which he later made up an stupid excuse in his interview with an pool reporter. Blakeman lacks the skills to be an referee in general.

  145. Having watched the same game that you did, I am not sure that the foul against Skuta was wrong as he made contact with the head of the QB. However, I agree that there should have been an Illegal Substitution foul called against the 49ers for 12 men in the huddle. The fact that an error was made does not make an official “incompetent.” They are human and they are always going to miss some things. Looking in at the play from ground level in real time is vastly different than the view seen from above or from a different angle on TV in slow motion. There is not an official alive that has not screwed up a call or missed a foul at one time or another. To expect perfection is ridiculous. There was about 100 plays in the game you reference and if two calls were missed (and I do not agree that they were) that is still not that bad. As for Clete Blakeman, do you base this judgment on any experience that you have gained from spent on the field or just the view from your couch?

  146. Having watched the same game that you did, I am not sure that the foul against Skuta was wrong as he made contact with the head of the QB. However, I agree that there should have been an Illegal Substitution foul called against the 49ers for 12 men in the huddle. The fact that an error was made does not make an official “incompetent.” They are human and they are always going to miss some things. Looking in at the play from ground level in real time is vastly different than the view seen from above or from a different angle on TV in slow motion. There is not an official alive that has not screwed up a call or missed a foul at one time or another. To expect perfection is ridiculous. There was about 100 plays in the game you reference and if two calls were missed (and I do not agree that they were) that is still not that bad. As for Clete Blakeman, do you base this judgment on any experience that you have gained from time spent on the field or just the view from your couch?

    • The 12 in the huddle non-call was in line with the rules and the referee’s discretion.

      The contact to the head of the QB should not have been a foul, but it is in that sphere of “if there is question that it is a foul, throw the flag” (not quoting verbatim). You can’t downgrade a call when that is written in the rules.

  147. NE@DEN Gene Steratore
    SF@SEA Tony Corrente

  148. JoeTheMailman says

    Why are people making excuses for Cheffers and Blakeman? They both sucked this weekend but Cheffers trumped Clete by far. Cheffers can’t handle these assignments. Why does he continue to get them? He sucks and he should ref games that have little to no meaning during the regular season. The calls or non-calls that happen right in front of his nose are the ones that piss me off. Not his crew but him. He’s standing there. How does he screw it up? He knows what he needs to be looking for. Is he day dreaming or what?

  149. Ben – I agree that the Illegal Substitution non-call was discretionary and although I would have ruled otherwise, I believe it was marginal and I do not have a major problem with it. As for the hit to the head of the Carolina QB, I agree with the call. We have no problem here. The only problem I have is someone (not you) saying that Cheffers “misses” things right in front of him. I do not feel that this is an accurate assessment. Although I was surprised that he got an assignment in this round, I did not feel that his performance was less than satisfactory.

  150. Then you should be watching WWF wrestling or some other “honest” sport. Football is obviously too complex for you.

    • Well stated, Steve!! Based on all the complaining that several people come here to do, maybe they should just find another sport to follow. It should help their blood pressure because they wouldn’t be getting so upset all the time at all of our “worthless” refs, and it would definitely save the rest of us from a lot of headaches.

  151. Someone who is in Bloomington tonight should ask Steratore which game he has this weekend. He is officiating the B!G Ten Wisconsin at Indiana game tonight on ESPN.

  152. Lemonwerth Cankles says

    Mike Perrara just announced on Fox Sports-
    Steratore in Seattle
    Corrente in Denver


  154. Championship Crew: Seattle R. Gene Steratore, U. Bill Schuster, HL. Dana McKenzie. LJ. Byron Boston, FJ. Scott Edwards, SJ. Greg Meyer, BJ

  155. If Gene Steratore continues his great officiating, he will get the Super Bowl assignment next year.

    • He will need to cut down the number of dings to get a Super Bowl, but I do not see that happening anytime soon unless the whole attitude about the QB changes among the officiating brass. As the report from Peter King showed a lot of Steratore’s dings were because he would not be so quick to flag Roughing the Passer or otherwise treat the QB like he was wearing a red practice jersey

  156. Gene Steratore is official for 49ers and Seahawks game batter of nfc champion games Tony Corrente is official for afc champs battle of Pats and broncos game

  157. Tony Corrente is the best referee that nobody talks about. He SEVERALLY underrated. If it wasn’t for his victory over cancer two years ago no one would know who he was. Great official.

    And if McAulay gets his third Super Bowl I think he should be regarded as the beat referee of this generation. Yes, even better than Guns. Just because McAulay doesn’t make every penalty announcement a spectacle doesn’t mean he’s not one of the greats.

    • Yup, to me McAuley is the best of this generation. His recent playoff track-record is incredible (Title Games in ’02, ’05, ’06, ’07, ’10, ’12 and Super Bowl in ’04, ’08). I can’t even remember one infamous incident involving him.

      Bill Carrollo was my favorite until he retired, but since I think no one runs a better game than McAuley

  158. Yes JRH, Mike Pierieca leaked that out from Fox Sports about the Conference Championship assignments. Steratore will head the NFC game and Corrente will head the AFC game.

  159. Gerardo Perez says

    NE @ DEN Crew:
    99 Corrente
    121 King
    79 Payne
    35 Hussey
    4 Wrolstad
    97 Hill
    119 Wilson

  160. whose gettting the Superbowl?
    Mikey Carey, Ron Winters, Al Riveron?

    Imagine Ron Winters. How many holdings would there be…

  161. @RapSheet: Ref news! RT @judybattista: SB referee news: I’ve learned it will be Terry McAulay.

  162. @SuperBowl: RT @NFL345: Super Bowl XLVIII Officials Named

    • Overall looks like a strong crew. Everyone there are playoff regulars except for Tom Symonette. After the officiating during the regular season and this past weekend Dean Blandino obviously wanted to make sure the crew working the Super Bowl was experienced at handling this sort of game

  163. Good call by the NFL tabbing Terry McAulay for the Super Bowl. He is consistently one of the best.

  164. Super Bowl XLVIII Crew:

    R 77 McAulay
    U 124 Paganelli
    HL 48 Mello
    LJ 100 Symonette
    FJ 88 Steenson
    SJ 16 Wyant
    BJ 133 Freeman

    All from:

    • 49ersoverSeahawks says

      Terry McCauley was the right decision for the super bowl. He did a nice job all around this year except for maybe the fumble in the division game. Other than that great job.

  165. Does anyone know the last time when NFL officials wore the long sleevs with white black striped pants?

  166. Nancy Muttlemeier says

    Hi Everyone!!! I have some exciting news. Stay tuned!!!!

  167. Any news on Pro Bowl Refs. Do we still think it is Scott Green.

  168. Corrente’s crack crew just let 2 consecutive pass interefence/holding calls go by the wayside. These idiots who say they “let them play” for the playoffs, are being so stupid. That tarnishes the game.

  169. Ken –

    The next time that you make an intelligent or accurate comment regarding officiating will be the first. You continue to make critical comments about something that you obviously know nothing about. If you think that you could do better, why not go down and volunteer at the local Pop Warner league. Until then, save electrons and stop the criticism.

  170. Sal Martino says

    Steve I agree with you! Ken, have you ever officiated a football game??

  171. Of course he has…..on Madden

  172. Lorenzo’s patriots are gone!! Maybe he will be too!!!

  173. Walt Coleman is on the sideline with Pete Caroll any reason why??? alternate???

  174. Steve, argue the point, and stop the personal shots… moron. Or CAN you argue the point?

  175. Notice how a few clowns are attacking me, but can’t tell me where I’m wrong. It’s constantly being stated “they are letting them play,” and we clearly see the defensive holding not being called. Is it happening, or not? Yes or no?

  176. Kaepernick kicks the ball down the field, so the guys sacking him won’t recover, but no flag. I’m sure if I’d ref’d a game myself, I’d understand better why that rule was ignored…..

  177. Ken–

    In games of this magnitude, supervisors only want calls that absilutely affect the play badly. Otherwise, supervisors and evaluators prefer officiating crews let them play and stay out of the way.

    • So the games that PUT the teams in the playoffs have different rules? A game that a team needs to get INTO the playoffs isn’t just as critical?

      The enforcement of the rules changes in the playoffs? Holding is different during the regular season?

  178. Ken…

    Not ever having worked football before as you stated before, you are not going understand philosophies and thought processes we as officials use. I would caution you arguing with officials of any sport. Whether an official works high school games or is blessed to work at D1 level or the pro level, we are all officials and do not tolerate people who have never a game to challenge or attempt to argue with us. Officials stick together as you can see by other responses you have received.

    • Again, telling me how I’ve never officiated a game, but not explaining why a call would be made during the regular season, which determines who goes to the playoffs, but not made in the playoffs.

      Are they rules, or not? Do the rules change, when the playoffs roll around? Keep telling me how you are an official, but can’t explain why the rules enforcement should change.

      I don’t care what you “tolerate.” If you can’t “tolerate” someone pointing out clearly blown calls, from what are supposed to be the NFL’s “best,” well, that’s too damned bad.

  179. By the way, the official blew the running into the kicker call, as Pierera pointed out. That was an easy call. Plant foot. he blew it.

    Can ANYONE explain Steratore putting the ball just barely inside the one, after reviewing it, when the replay showed it couldn’t possibly have been further than a few inches from the goal line?

    Can ANYONE explain the entire crew missing such an obvious recovery by the 49ers? By the way, the Seattle player who finally ended up with the ball, well after it was already recovered by SF, was laying in the end zone. Anyone notice that? That’s a TD for all of those, like me, who’ve never officiated. Hence, there is NO WAY POSSIBLE for them to have ruled it Seahawk ball on the 1. (I’m sure that can be explained.)

  180. Ken….

    I did answer your question. It is the thought process/philosophies officiating crews use in each game worked. Is rulebook changed or rewritten just for the playoffs, goodness NO. The rules are the same. It all goes back to the point I made about a crew’s philosophy for the game they are working. I do not know how to better explain or answer to you. I do not appreciate being sworn at though as I did not do that to you.

    • “damned?” Sorry. You’re the one who said you didn’t “tolerate” things.

      If you’re not calling something in the playoffs, that you’re calling in the regular season, you are taking it upon yourself to change the rules. There’s no logical argument against that. If the same official will not make the same call in one game, as in another, he’s changing his criteria for the rules, which is effectively changing the rules. After all, that was my original point, about “letting them play” in the playoffs.

      • Ken…I see where you are going with your argument and to an extent can understand what you mean. In essence your argument is that you should maintain consistency with penalties in the playoffs as you did when you were in the regular season. I concur that you must maintain consistency and I believe they did do that. I think where everyone is going is that the game should never be decided by the officials. It should ultimately be decided by the players. The officials are there to dictate the flow of the game and to ensure the safety of the players but also to ensure that no unfair advantage is given to either team by way of an infraction. That being said you never want a penalty or additional yardage for a first down to dictate how a game can benefit either team hence the mentality there is give and take between both teams and letting them play. When you have a game of this magnitude you want to ensure that the best officials are on that field and that you use the flag when you absolutely have to.

        In reference to Steratore I believe the placement of the ball was correct on the first play you are questioning. I didn’t see a discrepancy there. On the second play there obviously was a mistake by the officiating crew and the play was unfortunately non reviewable. This particular rule states that recovery of a loose ball in the field of play isn’t reviewable because the fumble itself cannot be reviewed unless it’s been called on the field by the refs. Such plays are reviewable if they happen in the end zone or the sideline. But I guess you could say the justice was served since no points were scored by the Seahawks on that drive since they fumbled.

        That particular rule is looking to be changed in 2014 anyway so that might be a reviewable play next year.

        All in all you have to understand that the game is such a fast paced game that these officials have literally 3 seconds to get the call correct and don’t have the luxury of technology to slow things down and they don’t have 3-5 different angles to view the play. Positioning has a lot to do with making the call and all of the officials at this level know where they have to be. It is easy for us to be critical of the officials whenever we are emotionally connected to a team that has lost or had a bad call go against them. We have to remember they are human and make mistakes and have a very difficult job. I thought both officials did a good job this weekend and managed the game rather well. Perhaps I am biased but that is my opinion.

        • Ryan….

          You are spot on with your post. Exactly what I was trying to say just in shorter terms. Good post!

        • NOT making a call, is just as much deciding a game as making one. That’s something some of you seem to be missing, when saying you don’t want the officials to “decide” the game. If a QB isn’t sacked, because a lineman is holding, and the ref decides not to call it to avoid “deciding” the game, then he just did so by ignoring the rule.

          And I still haven’t read the difference, by anyone, on games that decide who goes TO the playoffs, from games IN the playoffs. The effect is the same, either keeping a team home, or sending them home.

          An official should ignore what “kind” of game it is, playoff or otherwise, and officiate the game to the best of their ability, period.

          • Ken,

            I don’t think that is even a question. They go to the game to officiate the best game that they can and even more so since it is the playoffs. Making a call is not deciding the game. Making a PI call in the fourth quarter in the endzone with 4 seconds left is helping decide the game. Making a holding call on 1st down at the opposing teams 40 yard line in the first quarter with 12:00 still left to play is not deciding the game.

            There is no ignoring the rules. Again the rules are there and in place for the officials to call. Rules are all about INTERPRETATION AND JUDGEMENT. The calls made on the field are done so because it was their judgment that an infraction to the rule was broken and they throw the flag. Just like the Supervisors who view the game afterward. They look at the plays and they use their judgement to determine if they agree with the official’s call or if they disagree then there will be downgrades or dings to the grading report of that particular official.

            The rules are all about interpretation and judgement. Arguments can be made about every single call or non-call that is made or not made. It is our interpretation and judgment as fans versus the ones who are actually wearing the uniform. In reality we are spectators and fans of a sport we love. Everyone here cares about the credibility of these officials as they do themselves. They are at that level for a reason.

            Like it or not our viewpoints are strictly that….viewpoints. You can argue and complain but ultimately it really doesn’t matter. Whether you understand or not is on you. Explanations were given and whether your satisfied or not they will still officiate and we will still have NFL next year with Officials.

  181. 49ersoverSeahawks says

    A mediocre day for the referees

    • I thought both crews had a pretty solid day actually.

    • I’d say they were awful. The “roughing the kicker” versus “running into the kicker” should be straightforward, at least according to FOX’s Pierera, who I believe once headed NFL officiating. Either one leg, or the other. It was pretty obvious.

      I’m still stunned at who saw a Seahawk recovering the ball on the goal line. I still don’t understand how the only Seahawk who ended up with the ball on that play, was laying in the end zone, but it was called Seattle ball at the 1.

      If they are missing calls that obvious, that are highlighted on TV, what other easy calls are they missing?

  182. Ken–

    I would disagree with you. If a officiating crew decides not to call something in a playoff game that might have been called in the regular season, the crew is not changing the rules. There are logical arguments to support my position. It is goes back to the point I made earlier about crew philosophy and their game plan for the game the crew is working. If I am not answering your concern or question to what you are looking for, I apologize. But, this is the best response I feel appropriate for what you are talking about.

    As for earlier about “tolerating”, that a basic blanket statement about most officials in general that I was merely offering to you. It was not meaning me specifically.

    • So, it’s ok to call a penalty in a regular season game that might determine who goes to the playoffs, but ignore it in the playoffs? That’s logical? Suppose a team misses the playoffs, because of a call made, that wouldn’t be made IN the playoffs? That’s ok? That makes sense?

  183. Great job by Gene Steratore’s crew, especially umpire Bill Schuster, who did a superb job to keep everyone under control. There were mistakes but they happen in every NFL game. This shows that the NFL has competent officials, but the NFL still has incompetent officials, such as Carl Cheffers.

  184. JoeTheMailman says

    I love Gene Steratore but my God……..Come on folks. To say this was a well officiated game is like saying Hitler and the Nazi’s had good ideas. Bottom line is you couldn’t be more wrong if you thought that crew had a good day. All those officials standing near and around the end zone and they don’t see Bowman lying on his back for 2 seconds with his leg snapped in two clearly securing the ball?????? I’m happy to see Seattle get to the Super Bowl but I didn’t want to see the 12th man become the refs and that’s pretty much the case here.

  185. Darryl Henry says

    Gene is a real good buddy of mine and my mentor he and tge rest of the cree did good job controlling the game and most importantly Jim harbaugh. they missed a few but nothimg important that costt anyone team to lose. I hope gene gets the superbowl next yr.

    • Nick D'Annunzio says

      Gene is a real good buddy and friend of mine and he said that if he comes down to philly this year for a game he might let me meet his officiating crew

  186. Hey Ken…when is the last time you saw a well-officiated game? Every time I see your comments you are crushing people so I’m just curious if you’ve ever seen a well-officiated game or those just don’t exist in your mind?

    • Well, maybe the NFL’s performance standards pretty much suck? I saw the replacement refs get trashed by the media up and down, who were concerned about the “integrity of the game,” but I didn’t see any calls any worse than these.

      • Ken…for being a straight shooter on here, you danced all around that one babyyy (in my best Dickie V voice). I didn’t ask about replacement refs or integrity of game etc. I simply wanted you to give a compliment to a crew/game that was well done. I know that the best compliment for officials is silence (no one talking about them) but I just want my man Ken to give someone a compliment on here for having a great game. Maybe even a compliment for a great call you’ve seen in a game. And as I said, if you believe great games and calls have NEVER been made with current NFL officials, please state that and I’ll let it go.

  187. JoeTheMailman says

    Hey RefTime, the well officiated games are the ones that nobody talks about! that happens about 80% of the time.

  188. As I enter the start of my retirement I will have the honor to do the Pro Bowl in Hawaii

  189. Ken –

    I think we can all agree that you (and a number of others) do not have a clue about officiating and the philosophy of officiating. But let me try to put this whole matter into perspective that you might understand (although I doubt that you want to). Hypothetically, say that somewhere near where you live there is a traffic sign that says speed limit 25 mph. Now the police sergeant says to his patrolmen that he doesn’t want tickets issued unless someone is going 30 mph or more. Now we get to Christmas time and the Police Commissioner tells his staff that since it is the holidays, give the folks a little leeway and don’t ticket anyone unless they are going 32 or more. The police are not changing the rules in this instance, they are just changing the interpretation of the rules at the behest of their supervisors. You seem to feel that the onus is on the policemen when it is not. I suspect that in your job, if you have one, you do what you are told by your supervisor. So do the NFL officials.

    As for Bowman being in the end zone, it certainly didn’t appear that way on my set and in any event, his forward progress was clearly in the field of play when he first hit the ground. And regarding the running into the kicker, a call that I disagree with Mike Pereira, the Seahawk player first hits the ground slightly before hitting the kicker (who does a good acting job like they all do) and although marginal I can clearly see why Steratore called it the way that he did.

    It is clear from your posts that you are only interested in criticizing and not in understanding. As I said previously, if you think it is so easy why not go out and try it yourself. Otherwise, you have absolutely no basis for your comments.

    • Maybe, because those speeding tickets don’t keep someone from being at the very place the rules have changed?

      A completely invalid comparison. Calls in the regular season help dictate who GETS to the playoffs, where you’re claiming the calls should be different. It makes no sense.

      What’s the difference in the important of a game that keeps someone OUT of the playoffs versus a call that knocks them out of the playoffs? The effect is the same.

      That’s something pretty basic and easy to understand, that you can’t answer. I guess that’s why you keep harping on who’s actually been a ref or not.

      And if speeding is a safety issue, then a cop SHOULDN’T let it slide on Christmas, as opposed to any other day.

      That logic is so faulty, Mr. Spock would have a stroke.

      • By the way, how is 32 an “interpretation” of 25? rotfl. That’s hilarious. That’s CHANGING THE LAW.
        Good lord. Some of you are so out of whack, it’s hilarious.

  190. I have now decided I like Lorenzo and his alternate personalities better than Ken. Ken is mean, Lorenzo is comically annoying.

    • How about that? Pointing out the complete logical fallacy in someone’s view that calls should be different in the playoffs, is “mean.” Wow.

      Pointing out the numerous blown calls, is “mean.”

      Wow, I’m hurt.. lol

  191. JoeTheMailman says

    Steve Roth, these guys are the best in the world. No doubting that. What philosophy could there possibly be on a play such as that fumble? Was the philosophy to turn heads if a situation like that arose? I don’t get it. We’re not talking about a defensive holding judgement call. We’re talking a black and white matter where all eyes at that point should have been in one area. How did everyone of those guys miss it?

  192. Unfortunately, as you look at the play from ground level (not the elevated level initially shown on TV) Bowman has his back to the HL sideline which effectively blocks the view of the HL and SJ. Tate, the Seahawks receiver, blocks the view of the LJ. The only one who might have had an angle on the play was the BJ and I am not sure he could see when and how the ball came out. I agree that the call was missed but it was not an easy call in real time and I can see how it was missed. As for “all eyes” being on the play, that is never the case as the other officials (Referee, Umpire and FJ as a minimum) had other responsibilities and should not have been looking at the end of that play. The rule will be changed next year to allow a review in such a situation but that was not the case on Sunday.

  193. Sal Martino says

    As a retired BCS football official, well said Steve!

  194. Sal –

    We share a common background.

  195. Since it’s the playoffs, let’s let it slide if a defense has 12 men on the field…… after all, we don’t want the refs to determine the outcome.

  196. Since, as claimed by someone, the league tells its officials to let some things slide in the playoffs, I’m sure someone can come up with a statement on the NFL’s behalf, where they are doing that. They make statements sometimes on controversial calls, right? SURELY, there’s something they’ve said about telling refs to let some things go, right? After all, it makes such perfect sense, right? …. I’ll wait for that…. but I won’t hold my breath.

    Mike Pierera was asked that in an interview once, and he denied it. Golly.

  197. Ken –

    Personally I think it is time to just ignore you (as your 5th grade teacher probably does). If the officiating in the NFL is so bad, I suggest that you follow some other sport where it is much better. Other than that, you are just an argumentative idiot.

  198. I COULD let certain know-it-alls dig their own graves, but I’ll just give them this grade-A smackdown, instead:

    “NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino said in a video distributed to the media that although the NFL saw a decline in penalties per game from the regular season into the wild card round, that isn’t the intent of the league. Instead, Blandino has told his officials that a penalty in the regular season should be a penalty in the playoffs, and a play they’d let go in the regular season should be a play they let go in the playoffs.”

    SOOOO.. if they aren’t doing that, they they are either being incompetent, or ignoring those same supervisors that some wizard just threw at me.

    Checkmate, dudes.

  199. Here’s another article on the botched calls, and how the NFL is telling its refs to call it the same in the playoffs, as during the regular season.

    Of course, this completely sends the entire argument of certain know-it-alls down in flames. I can’t blame them for wanting to ignore me, after being so thoroughly embarrassed at the league contradicting everything they’ve been telling me for days. “Have you ever officiated a game? blah blah blah blah … ” rotfl

    • Ken….

      Just because the NFL releases instruction(s) to its officials, doesnt mean every crew is going to do exactly that way to the letter of the law. Those instructions from the league office are ussed as a guideline. Each crew still works a game according to what they agree upon is appropriate for the game in front of them. Which takes me back to original point of “crew philosophy.” If a officiating crew called each game in accordance to “letter of the law” games would take forever to complete. Officiating crews look for advantage/disadvantage when deciding to call a penalty or pass on calling a penalty.

      • I was beaten down, and told I didn’t know what I was talking about, that it was accepted that the calls would be different. I’ve provided irrefutable proof that the league agrees with me, that they should NOT be called different.

        The entire issue, is the idea that games should be called differently in the playoffs. I said it was wrong, and the NFL is backing me up on it. ALLLLL these “you’ve never officiated so shut up” blowhards can stew in it now.

        Bottom line, they should NOT be called differently. Period. Game over.

  200. Pro Bowl
    R Scott Green
    U Jeff Rice
    HL Ed Camp
    LJ Mike Spainer
    FJ Borris Cheek
    SJ Larry Rose
    BJ Scott Helverson

  201. John – It is useless to try to reason with him. He is clueless and has no interest in learning anything about officiating or the rules of the game. Somewhere there is a village that lost its “idiot” and unfortunately he ended up here. Ignore him like the rest of us are doing and maybe he will go away.

  202. Translation: Steve & Co have been proven totally wrong, in their justification of calls being different in the playoffs, as by the NFL’s own words, so now they have to get into insults. It’s all he has left.

    Blowhards who are proven wrong tend to do that.

  203. Oh, and by the way, all one has to do is read his “analogy” where 32 mph is an “interpretation” of 25 mph, to know where his head is…. up his butt.

  204. Tony Arakawa says

    I strongly encourage the NFL League Owners & Rules Committee to review the officiating of the SF – Seattle game and recognize how the outcome of the game was not determined by the teams/players but rather by the referees. It is clear to anyone who was (and still may be) a passionate supporter of the game of football that what transpired last weekend at the SF – Seattle NFC Championship game was nothing short of a travesty.

    There were six (6) officiating calls against the SF team that were clearly called incorrectly. Please understand that I am addressing this point not as a supporter of a specific team but rather as an advocate of the game of football. With that said, until there are more effective tools made available to take the outcome of such games out of the hands of the officials and back into the hands of the teams/players, I can no longer continue support a product that does not allow the outcomes to represent the true potential and result of the game. And given the outcry of many others who share my opinion in this matter, I am sure that the voices of many will hopefully impact these concerns moving forward.

    I submit that pivotal calls that can change the course and momentum of a game be allowed to be reviewed by selected senior officials who sit upstairs in the booth and make determinations that are in the best interest of fairness for the teams, players and fans/supporters. Please consider having the NFL League & Rules Committee examine the pros and cons of having an extended coaches challenge base that would allow these senior officials the opportunity of reviewing a potential call that could change the entire landscape of the game as well as the entire year for a team, the players and their fans/supporters.

    Teams, players and fans should not longer be the recipients of bad calls based on “human error.” There is absolutely too much at risk for all the stakeholders. I implore the NFL League Owners and Rules Committee to raise the level of fairness for all concerned by instituting an officials review team in the booth to make the right calls after potential human error has initially made the wrong one.

    Although their maybe an argument that the SF team could have still taken ownership of the game’s outcome on their own even with the six (6) highly questionable calls, not team should have to face the uphill battle of not only playing a top-rated team like the Seattle team but in addition having to overcome a set of calls that places the SF team in a deep hole throughout the game.

    I have been a passionate NFL fan for over 40 years. Therefore, it is with much pain that I now say that moving forward I will not longer invest my time or money in a product that does not address major flaws that can easily change the outcome of any game given the right circumstances. And those circumstances were certainly present at last weekend’s NFC Championship game.

    • Trevor,

      I am sorry, but I do not agree with you. I thought the crew in the NFC championship game did a pretty solid job from start to finish.

      If anything may need to be reviewed NFL wise, it is the replay rules for challenging calls.

  205. Previous message is for Tony not Trevor. I am sorry for the typing error.

  206. Could you please identify the six egregious calls to which you allude.

  207. Tony is another guy who has never officiated a football game!

    • If Sal sees a bus driver deliberately drive across the median, into oncoming traffic, because he wants to turn around more quickly, then Sal should never criticize the bus driver, unless he’s been one .

      Now there’s some solid logic, by one of our resident Einsteins.

  208. Tony Arakawa says

    Bad officiating is inexcusable any way you look at it! And a good product that is ruined by a poor support officiating group is both unfortunate and provides the buyer with a poor customer experience.

    And to the individual who made the assumption that I have never been part of an officiating team, I spent a number if years in high school and all college games. Although I am sensitive to the challenging tasks that officials face, I believe that human errors that both determine and change the outcome of an NFC championship game is unacceptable in the world of a billion dollar product coupled with applicable technology and potential solutions that can eliminate the continuous risks to participants who deserve better.

    • Well-stated, Tony. Well-stated.

      • By the way, Tony, if you provide them with evidence, they will start whining and calling you names.

        • I’m with Tony and Ken also. I watch the games for the refs and enjoy a game that is fair and unbiased. The NFCC sadly was not one of them. For example, the officials were very quick to throw flags when it was against SF (eg that personal foul at end of half that cost SF 15 yards and field position to try to advance and kick a FG) but took time to discuss when it was against seattle (intentional grounding on RW). What’s even worse is when Harbaugh went onto the field and explained the roughing the kicker penalty but was still only given a running into the kicker penalty. I’ve seen roughing called on more benign plays than that one. I also cannot believe not one official saw Bowman STRIP the ball and recover it. How was it ruled a fumble if the ball never hit the floor? Bowman stripped it, went to the ground, and someone rolled over his leg. What was obstructing their view? The scrum only happened when Bowman was injured and couldn’t get up.

          I am a fan of steratore and I think he is one of the better referees but he had a bad game. It’s sad that the games in the wild card round were better officiated than the NFC championship. C’mon we must all admit Jeff Triplette did a great job in his game. If only that Jeff Triplette made a weekly appearance during the regular season. Another terrible call in the NFCC game was the first personal foul on the deep pass. The defender led with his shoulder pads down low to the torso region. The receiver after being tackled by another defender falls forward and his helmet is hit by the defender. What is the defender supposed to do, not try to dislodge the ball and just watch. I’ve seen hits like that go unflagged during the season a number of times. I think that was a great football play. I still believe if the coaches want to draw up routes that expose the receivers to hits, they should get whats coming to them. How does handcuffing the defense help the game. I think it just gives the referees more influence over the outcome of the game.

          I do not mean to disrespect or demean any of the officials in any way. Its one of the toughest jobs out there. But all I want to see is a good game. BTW-My favorite whitehat is Mike Carey. He calls a good game and his control over his crew. He will pick up flags that he deems unnecessary and explain why he did so in a clear and effective manner. Next on my list is Terry McCauley, so I am very glad he’s doing the superbowl. I am pretty sure it will be controversy free.

          I will be rooting for Denver because seattle has the most classless and uninformed fans I’ve ever seen. How can you boo every call that goes against your team or for the other team. How can they also boo when Bowman was on the ground injured. Did they really think he was faking it to slow seattles “high-powered, fast pace offense” sarcasm intended. How he held onto the ball after the injury he sustained is borderline supernatural.

          I’ll end this by saying lets all just get along and just hope for a controversy free superbowl.

  209. parrotbaytaz says

    Has the NFL announced which referee gets the all expense paid vacation to Hawaii and work the Pro Bowl yet?

  210. The NFL says the Welker hit was legal. What they NFL is completely missing, is WHY the hit took place. Welker was trying to commit offensive pass interference, by taking out Talib. It so happened, that the ball was touched almost simultaneously, with the hit on Talib, meaning that, technically, it could’ve been called a block. I’m assuming anyway.

    However, Welker wasn’t trying to throw a block. He was trying to pick Talib, which is supposed to be illegal. Had the ball arrived a split second later, (which the officials would not have been able to discern), Welker would’ve been guilty of what he was trying to do, blatantly pick Talib. Because the NFL’s “finest” have allowed this to go on and on and on, Welker nailed Talib, causing his injury.

    In short, “letting them play,” on such clear offensive PIs, for so long, has resulted in plays like that, and the resulting injuries.

    • You can only flag what was ACTUALLY done. I have never heard of a foul for Attempted Pass Interference

      • You must not have read or understood what I said.

        It was the fact that officials have ALLOWED such picks and PIs to occur so frequently, that caused Welker TO make that attempt. The fact that it technically wasn’t (which is actually debatable), was a stroke of lucky timing.

        In short, Welker never would’ve been TRYING to run a pick play, if pick plays were called correctly by the officials.

  211. Sam –

    You are of course entitled to your opinion. Based on multiple discussions with others who have officiated for a long time, the general opinion is that the game was well officiated. It is unfortunate that the recovery by Bowman was missed but the covering officials were blocked out and the only one who saw the ball come out was the BJ after it became free. In any event, the 49ers would have had the ball on the 1 yard line and as events turned out, the play had no impact on the outcome of the game. As for Mike Carey, he is a hell of a nice guy but he and his crew have had extremely poor seasons 2 of the last 3 years and that is why he has not received a play-off assignment of any kind. There are fouls that warrant crew discussions and there are others, such as the shove in the back/personal foul called by Byron Boston, that are easy to call and the only question was whether it occurred before or after the Seahawk runner was clearly out of bounds. The only thing that is asked is that there be a recognition that the perspective of the fan is significantly different than the perspective of the official making the call in real time. The best NFL officials were on the field last Sunday and they did an excellent job of officiating a difficult game.

    • Notice how it keeps being stated that the official’s view was “blocked” on that fumble. If so, what made him believe Seattle had recovered? Logic, anyone?

      Notice, also, how there’s no mention of how often officials consult to try to get the call right, supposedly. No other officials were looking at the goal line on a that play? Where were they looking, downfield? It was on the 1 yard line.

      Excuses like that, don’t fly. It was inexplicable, and these guys are supposed to be the league’s “best.”

      Hey, maybe they were just letting it slide, to “let them play?”

  212. Ken is a idiot!!! says

    Ken just give up and never comment on this site again. You completely ruined my experience on this site. Every time I go on this site I see you absurdly complaining about officiating or verbally assaulting others who are right. Just stop!!!! I hope starting next year there will be a sensor to annoying guys like Ken or Lorenzo (who is not actually that annoying compared to Ken)
    Ken why are you still trying to defend ur self?
    Answer: Because you know you are an idiot that is making up facts to hate on officials and others!

    • I believe someone needs some deep therapy. lol

    • Tony Arakawa says

      Everyone has the right to express his or her opinion on this website without being subjected to rude and immature name-calling. It seems to be that if your self-serving experience is being ruined, it only makes sense that you make the choice of not visiting this site again. At least that is what I tell my children when they become upset with a particular TV program and/or other situation where they can choose not to watch and/or participate. Otherwise, show a little class and accept the fact that others may have different views about various issues from those of your own. That’s the foundation and beauty of America dude!

      Questioning the decisions of a professional referee (referees) about calls that may have seemingly taken the game out of the hands of the players and allowed the momentum (and outcome) of the game to be placed in the hands of individuals who spend one game day a week attempting to absorb and understand NFL rules when they are not making a living at their real job during the week.

      The NFL is a multi-billion dollar industry. As such, the NFL owners and league commissioner should consider making all the referees, umpire and line judge roles full-time. As long as the NFL’s rules are as complex as they are, part-timers are going to continue struggling to keep them understood and straight so that their implementation in the game(s) will be effective and fair for all. Rules enforcement in the NFL is extremely complicated. There is a case book with over a 1,000 plays. In order to effectively stay on top of all the rules in the game as well as their physical and mental conditioning (just like the full-time players), the time has come for all seventeen (17) NFL referees to be hired as full-time components of the game.

      Perhaps if individuals can raise their voices and use this website in a constructive manner and advocate for change that can help reduce questionable/debatable calls that on occasion clearly swing the outcome of a game, name-calling could be replaced by the cry of the majority supporters of the game who want nothing more than watching two teams “bringing it” onto the battlefield with full-time NFL referees that are fully integrated into the entire game process.

      Remember, an opinion is just that….and name-calling is a waste.

    • I completely agree with the above I will not call people names however i find Ken diffucult to comprehend on this site and compared to Ken, Lorenzo is quite comical.

      • Which part do you not comprehend? Is it the part where I’m told I don’t know what I’m talking about, and the refs should be enforcing rules differently in the playoff, then I present the league saying that shouldn’t be the case? Is it the horrid officiating we are seeing in the playoffs, by what are supposed to be the NFL’s best?

  213. Not to mention, how bad officiating ruins so many people’s experience watching the games…..

  214. Its a game people, just a game, games are therapy for the majority.

  215. "He ruined my experience! Whaa! Whaa! Whaa!" says

    Seems like a personal problem to me.

  216. Gerardo Perez says

    Pro Bowl Officiating Crew:
    19 Green (Retiring after the game)
    70 Dawson
    74 Bowers
    130 Lewis
    20 Anderson
    128 Rose (Retiring after the game)
    93 Helverson

    Alternate: 14 Ron Winter

  217. In an attempt to move the discussion around to the subject of officiating, the reason why I first visited this site, I would like to pose three questions:
    1. If following the fumble at the 49er goal line by the Seahawks, the ball had been picked up at the 15 yard line by the Seahawk TE and run into the end zone, what would have been the result of the play?
    2. If Bowman had been ruled to have possessed the ball taken away from Seahawk receiver Tate and then fallen into the end zone before hitting the ground, what would have been the result of the play?
    3. If the Seahawk fumble had gone forward into the end zone where it was fallen on by Lynch, what would have been the result of the play?

    • Just my (educated) guesses.

      1) San Fran ball at the one yard line (spot of the fumble). A fumble can only be advanced by the fumbling player on fourth down (this assumes the ball was never possessed by SF but just batted around by all parties when attempting to recover)

      2) Not sure exactly about this one. If Bowman voluntarily falls into the endzone and is touched then its a safety. If he falls in the act of recovering the fumble I believe the ball goes back to the one, but I am definitely not sure about this one

      3) Touchdown

      • Corey – Nice try (unlike some of the self-professed “experts” on officiating that continue to post but know nothing about rules or officiating). To answer the questions:

        1. As a result of the 4th down fumble rule and the fact that the ball was recovered behind the spot of the fumble by a non-fumbling offensive team player, the ball would be placed at the spot of the recovery, the 15 yard line, 1st down and 10 for SF.

        2. As a result of forward progress and the momentum rule, the ball would be placed at the spot that Bowman first possessed the ball which in this case was approximately the 1 yard line. No safety as long as the ball was possessed by the defense inside the 5. (There are some that now believe that the entire play should have been an incomplete pass as Kearse did not possess the ball long enough and Bowman eventually lost the ball after he hit the ground. But I believe that had it been replayed, they would have ruled that Bowman held the ball long enough.)

        3. As Lynch never possessed the ball, the fumble is charged to Wilson and only he could recover the ball in advance of the spot of the fumble and have the gain stand. As a result, the ball is returned to the spot of the fumble which in this case was about the 2 1/2 yard line, SF 1st and 10.

        Interesting (and difficult) plays. Enjoy the Super Bowl.

    • Since none of the officials were looking at play:

      1. Seattle ball at the 1.
      2. Seattle ball at the 1.
      3. Seattle ball at the 1.

      • I thought he was talking about both the Bowman fumble (#2) and the Lynch fumble on the next play (#1 and #3) which was on fourth down. But the niners actually benefited from that call because instead of 1st and 10 at the 1 they got 1st and 10 at the 16 one play later.

  218. It’s official, Scott Green will end his career in Hawaii, leading the Pro Bowl crew.

  219. Corey –

    I’ll have the answers for you on Monday.

  220. Corey –

    Ignore the idiot who thinks he is funny or clever. I will have the actual answers for you on Monday.

  221. Stevie is still upset that I provided several articles, quoting the NFL, that 100% contradicts what the dunce had been saying day after day.

    I’d be mad, too, if I ended up looking that stupid.

  222. Ed Hochuli and his crew had a middle of the road season and their play-off assignments reflected this fact (3 wild card games, 2 division championships and one alternate assignment). As such, he was not in the running for the Super Bowl or a Conference championship. This was consistent with the performance of his crew over the past 3 seasons.

  223. WestCoastRef says

    I do not intend to get caught up in the on-going peeing contest between Steve and Ken but the former seems to know a lot about officiating while the latter appears to be solely interested in criticizing every one with no demonstrated basis. Time to tone down the rhetoric.

    • No demonstrated basis? You mean like, um, the actual calls that were made?

      He knows a lot eh? You mean like the league’s position on the “let them play” concept in the playoffs? He’d better inform the league, since he must know more than they do.

    • In fact, to improve the NFL’s officiating, here’s the information again. I encourage someone to contact the NFL’s VP of Officiating, Dean Blandino, and inform him of how wrong he is, about ensuring calls are the same in the playoffs, as they were in the regular season. I’m sure he’d appreciate the help. It’s good to know we have people on this page, who are the true experts in officiating, not some novice like the VP of Officiating at the league’s office…..

  224. WestCoastRef says

    Gosh, I can see why he finds you so obnoxious. Enough already.

  225. Obnoxious…. but right. Unlike our resident “real” official, who’s experience probably involved a umpiring softball in a beer league.

  226. WestCoastRef says

    Having read the various posts so far and based on my 25+ years of officiating college football, I do not agree with your assessment but I am sure that you will get argumentative with me so why bother. I have yet to see you post anything that indicates that you know anything about officiating and I doubt that you will. So it is not worth my energy to argue with you.

    • What “assessment” do you not agree with? That the calls shouldn’t be different in the playoffs? The NFL apparently agrees with that assessment.

      Take your argument up with them.

  227. I see someone has resorted to posting as me. .

    We wouldn’t want anyone to lower the level of discussion, now would we?

  228. Samuel Tschirgi says

    Terry McAulay
    Carl Paganelli
    Jim Mello
    Tom Symonette
    Scott Steenson
    David Wyant
    Steve Freeman

    Clete Blakeman
    Paul King
    Greg Bradley
    James Coleman
    Terrence Miles

  229. I don’t know what took me until today to note that Jerome Boger got NO playoff assignment after doing the Super Bowl last year. He’s terrible, thankfully he got what he deserved this year.

  230. Great way for the refs to end the season. Maybe except the coin toss

  231. Hi, everyone. I enjoy reading the postings on this site, though I almost never post a message myself. I log-in several times a week to read what you guys have to say. I’ll miss it very much now that the NFL season has ended. Have a great off-season, and I hope to read your great comments again in the fall when the new season begins. Thanks, Mickey.

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