Week 17

Carolina at Atlanta – John Parry
Detroit at Minnesota – Tony Corrente
Green Bay at Chicago – Clete Blakeman
Baltimore at Cincinnati – Scott Green
Philadelphia at Dallas – Gene Steratore
Houston at Tennessee – Terry McAulay
Jacksonville at Indianapolis – Pete Morelli
Cleveland at Pittsburgh – Mike Carey
NY Jets at Miami – Jerome Boger
Buffalo at New England – Ed Hochuli
Tampa Bay at New Orleans – Carl Cheffers
Washington at NY Giants – Bill Vinovich
San Francisco at Arizona – Walt Anderson
Kansas City at San Diego – Bill Leavy
St. Louis at Seattle – Jeff Triplette
Denver at Oakland – Ron Winter



  1. http://Lorenzo%20Antonio says

    BUF@NE Bil Leavy or Terry McAulay Or John Parry Or Ron Winter Or Bill Vinovich Or Jerome Boger Or Scott Green

  2. http://RefFan says

    Cheffers has TB @ NO.

  3. http://Mark says

    Anderson is working San Fran vs Arizona this week.

    • http://Michael says

      Depending on how the rest of the season goes that is one of the games that I could see being flexed to SNF (the other possibilities being PHI@DAL or BAL@CIN)

      • http://Mark says

        Yeah I agree. But Anderson also has the SNF game for Week 14. I don’t know if that matters with the scheduling, etc.

        • http://Michael says

          CAR/NO was flexed in so it is not treated like a SNF game for purposes of scheduling. Under the new system any game in Week 17 is eligible to be flexed so not something they can really plan for far in advance. Looking at the schedule even when the assignments were first made for this season there were certain games like JAX/IND and CLE/PIT that were not realistically going to be flexed so the league may try to make sure that someone who had not been scheduled for SNF before flexing took place are not assigned those games

      • don’t green bay or Chicago game be flexed next week

        • http://Michael says

          It is definitely possible buy I think some of that will depend on the results this week. If Green Bay loses to Pittsburgh I doubt you see it flexed. If Dallas wins and Philly loses the winner of that match goes to the playoffs and the loser goes home plus it is Dallas/Philly so you know NBC is going to like that even though the NFC East has gotten the Week 17 flex pretty often

          • Actually once Dallas won it didn’t matter what Philly did since the Cowboys won their first meeting, but of course the Eagles blew out Chicago.

        • http://Eddie says

          Yes, Philly beating the bears did matter. If Philly lost to the bears and beats dallas, they would’ve been the 4 seed. Since they beat the bears, if they beat dallas, they will be the 3 seed.

          • Well that’s true-that can be important if the top 2 seeds lose in the divisional playoffs, like 7 years ago when the Chargers and Ravens both lost and so the Colts got to host the Patriots in the AFC Title Game.

  4. http://Lorenzo%20Antonio says

    BUF@NE John Parry Or Mike Carey

  5. http://Lorenzo%20Antonio's%20Mum says

    BUF@NE will be none of what Lorenzo says. He is obsessed with NE. We have taken him to a shrink and everything but nothing can stop this obsession. LORENZO – GO MAKE ME PIE. #sillyson

  6. http://Lemonwerth%20Cankles says

    Howard Roe is in Dallas.

  7. http://Ref%20Fan says

    Carolina at Atlanta – HANTAK
    Detroit at Minnesota – BLUM
    Green Bay at Chicago – GRIER
    Baltimore at Cincinnati – MARKBREIT
    Philadelphia at Dallas – KUKAR
    Houston at Tennessee – AUSTIN
    Jacksonville at Indianapolis – MCELWEE
    Cleveland at Pittsburgh – CAROLLO
    NY Jets at Miami – LANE
    Buffalo at New England – NEMMERS
    Tampa Bay at New Orleans – HAMER
    Washington at NY Giants – LUCKETT
    San Francisco at Arizona – MCCARTER
    Kansas City at San Diego – WHITE
    St. Louis at Seattle – ROE
    Denver at Oakland – RIVERON

  8. http://Michael says

    Wouldn’t you know, based on Nita’s comments the referee in Foxboro is none of the names mentioned by Lorenzo Antonio and is, in fact, Ed Hochuli

  9. http://David says

    As of this post, JAX @ IND and NYJ @ MIA each have the fewest eligible referees (4):

    JAX @ IND: Carey*, Green, Morelli & Steratore.

    NYJ @ MIA: Boger, Coleman, Triplette* & Vinovich.

    *Eligible under a five-week rule.

    • http://John%202 says

      David –

      KC @ SD also has 4 eligible crews – Boger, Carey, Steratore & Triplette

    • http://John%202 says

      Also, with only 4

      BAL @ CIN – Boger, Corrente, Green & Vinovich

      However, HOU @ TEN only has 3 – Blakeman, McAulay & Steratore

      • http://David says

        You forgot that Leavy is also eligible for BAL @ CIN, HOU @ TEN and KC @ SD. I doubt that Carey would work KC @ SD, since he’s from San Diego. Certain referees prefer not to officiate games involving teams from their hometown, including Carey-Chargers, Anderson-Texans and I believe Boger-Falcons.

        • http://John%202 says

          You are right about Leavy being eligible, except I had him on bye since they are the only crew that has not had a 2nd bye week which is why I did not include that crew.

          • http://Michael says

            Walt Coleman’s crew also has had only 1 bye week and I have it from a trusted source that Coleman’s crew will have its 2nd bye week in Week 17

    • http://Tuxman22 says

      Jeff Tripplettes Umpire Butch Hannah was injured during the Jets-Browns game (he was subbing for Pete Morrelli’s ump who is out). More than likely they wouldn’t have scheduled him to work the Jets game 2 weeks in a row

  10. http://Drew%20Thurman says

    Triplette will ref in Seattle

  11. http://Mark says

    Who is eligible for Chicago/Green Bay?

  12. http://Ref%20Fan says

    I’m gonna guess the Coleman is OFF this week as prior years show a consistency of having crews be OFF the week after their MNF game.

  13. http://Shane%20Spencer says

    Mike Carey is eligible for DET @ MIN (he did CHI @ DET back in Week 4, but no Minnesota games this season).

  14. http://Mark%20M says

    Washington at NYG: Not BL, GS, CC, JB, EH, RW, JT, WA, JP, WC, TC, PM, TM
    Eligible: MC, SG, BV, CB
    Happy Holiday’s everyone!

  15. http://John%202 says

    Michael and David –

    Thanks for the info. Forgive me, sometimes there are things I overlook.

  16. http://Lorenzo%20Antonio says

    BUF@NE Ed Hochuli

  17. http://Lorenzo says

    Who will work Bills@Patriots next Sunday????

  18. http://Eddie says

    Not that we were expecting anything different, but dallas-philly has been flexed to snf.

  19. http://Gerardo%20Perez says

    BUF @ NE & TB @ NO have been flexed to 4:25 PM ET. BUF @ NE is on CBS while TB @ NO is on FOX.

  20. http://Lorenzo says

    Who is the full referee roster for week 17

  21. http://Michael says

    Is Ron Winter available for GB@CHI?

  22. http://Lorenzo says

    Why has Mike Carey’s Back Judge Kirk Dornan been out and when will Darrell Jenkins Pete Morelli’s Umpire return

  23. http://Lorenzo%20Antonio says

    Who is eligible NYJ @ MIA?

  24. http://Lorenzo%20Antonio says

    NYJ @ MIA – Carl Cheffers, Bill Leavy, or Jerome Boger.

  25. http://Old%20Ref says

    Hope Steratore and his crew get no playoff games. They were terrible in the NO-CAR game. They cost NO the game.

  26. http://daveydy says

    Gerardo is correct. GB CH flexed to 3:25 cst on Fox. Eagles/Cowboys flexed to SNF. Both winners will be division champs. Losers go home. NO wild card.

  27. http://EDOGG says

    Steratore and crew eligible for:

    STL/SEA (did game b/w these two in Week 8)

  28. http://EDOGG says

    Boger and crew eligible for:

    GB/CHI (did Bears in Week 12)
    SF/ARZ (likely Anderson)
    DEN/OAK (did game b/w these two in Week 3)

  29. http://EDOGG says

    Carey and crew eligible for:


  30. http://EDOGG says

    Winter and crew eligible for:

    SF/ARZ (likely Anderson)

  31. http://Lorenzo says

    Mike Carey has not done a Patriots game this year so I think Mike Careys Crew will be in New England

    • http://LOL%20at%20Lorenzo says

      Yeah and Steratore hasn’t done a Cowboys game in two years. That doesn’t mean a thing. If you’ve read the above comments, it has already been confirmed that Hochuli is in New England.

  32. http://ac540 says

    The Ravens are still alive in the playoff hunt, so in order to serve then with the death knell, my sources within the Ravens organization tell me that Ron Winter has been assigned to their game again this week.

  33. http://EDOGG says

    McAulay and crew eligible for:


  34. http://EDOGG says

    Triplette and crew eligible for:

    HOU/TEN (did game b/w these two in Week 2)

  35. Hochuli is in New England at Buffalo at New England.

  36. http://EDOGG says

    Morelli and crew eligible for:


    • http://Rube%20Dali says

      Morelli already did MIN/BAL in Week 14, so cross that game off the list.

    • http://MATT%20BAEHNER says

      Morelli worked Tennessee @ St. Louis in Week #9, so I believe he is ineligible for STL @ SEA

    • http://MATT%20BAEHNER says

      Just remembered. Morelli worked Oakland @ NY Giants Week #10 and Kansas City @ Jacksonville Week #1, so cross DEN @ OAK and JAX @ IND off the list

      • http://Michael says

        Just because he worked a team previously does not make him ineligible. A crew cannot work a team more than twice during the regular season and if a crew works a team twice it has to be no more frequent than the opposite ends of a 6 week windows. For Week 17 that means officials are only disqualified from teams they have officiated twice during the regular season or from teams they officiated in Weeks 13-16

        • http://MATT%20BAEHNER says

          @ Michael

          Sorry. Just not familiar with eligibility rules for NFL refs, but hope to be better prepared to play the guessing game every week in 2014.

  37. http://EDOGG says

    Leavy and crew eligible for:

    TB/NO (did game b/w these two in Week 2)
    OFF WEEK (has only had one off week)

  38. http://EDOGG says

    Vinovich and crew are eligible for:


  39. http://Frank%20Hips says

    Gene Steratore has to do eagles/dal.

  40. Shane Spencer- Terry McAulay is the Man for HOU @ TEN – Via Titans Flip Card.

  41. http://EDOGG says

    Parry and crew eligible for:

    BUF/NE (Hochuli confirmed)
    DET/MIN (did game b/w these two in Week 1)
    PHIL/DAL (did game b/w these two in Week 7)
    WASH/NYG (did Redskins in Week 12 and Giants in Week 6)

  42. http://EDOGG says

    Corrente and crew eligible for:

    CAR/ATL (did game b/w these two in Week 9)

  43. http://Joe%20Platania says

    Let’s put all the conjecture to rest… my usual Ravens source (a real champ, so grateful) says that, for the third time this year, the Ravens will have SCOTT GREEN in the white hat for the pivotal clash at CIN… Green did Preseason Week 1 and Week Nine as well, so he remained eligible…

  44. Bill Leavy is confirmed for Chiefs-Chargers

  45. Ron Winter for Broncos at Raiders

  46. http://Drew%20Thurman says

    Triplette is in for either Rams @ Seahawks or Jets @ Dolphins

  47. http://Matt says

    Looks like McAulay either has HOU/TEN or is off.

  48. Car v AtL ??

  49. http://EDOGG says

    Gene Steratore and crew confirmed for the SUNDAY NIGHT Philadelphia at Dallas winner-take-all (or at least a playoff berth). ESPN Dallas.

  50. http://Lorenzo's%20Mum says

    so far then we have:::

    Carolina at Atlanta
    Detroit at Minnesota
    Green Bay at Chicago
    Baltimore at Cincinnati – Scott Green
    Philadelphia at Dallas – Gene Steratore
    Houston at Tennessee – Terry McAulay
    Jacksonville at Indianapolis
    Cleveland at Pittsburgh
    NY Jets at Miami
    Buffalo at New England – Ed Hochuli
    Tampa Bay at New Orleans
    Washington at NY Giants
    San Francisco at Arizona
    Kansas City at San Diego – Bill Leavy
    St. Louis at Seattle – Jeff Triplette (?)
    Denver at Oakland – Ron Winter

    • http://Gerardo%20Perez says

      Carl Cheffers got confirmed for TB @ NO via Ref Fan.
      Walt Anderson got confirmed for SF @ ARI via Mark.
      I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hopefully everyone enjoys Christmas today!

    • http://Shane%20Spencer says

      Bill Vinovich is eligible for CLE @ PIT (he did CLE @ BAL back in Week 2, but no Steelers games yet this season).

  51. Brakeman is in chicago

  52. http://daveydy says

    Corrente, Blakeman & Parry are eligible for Packers/Bears. Corrente did Packers week 2 and no Bears yet. Blakeman did Bears week 7 and Packers week 3. Parry did Bears week 6 and no Packers yet.

  53. http://Joe%2083 says

    Hi Mickey
    Carl Cheffers’ crew in New Orleans, December 29th. (Tampa Bay Bucanners @ New Orleans Saints)

  54. http://Ref%20Fan says

    After looking it over- It appears the following?

    JAX @ IND – Morelli

  55. http://Ref%20Fan says

    Also a good possibility:

    CAR @ ATL – Parry

  56. http://Ref%20Fan says

    Also appears:

    DET @ MIN – Corrente

  57. http://Ref%20Fan says

    WSH @ NYG – Vinovich


    NYJ @ MIA – Boger

  58. http://Ref%20Fan says

    CLE @ PIT – M. Carey

  59. Spoke to Blakeman today……he confirmed that he will indeed be in Chicago

  60. http://Drew%20Thurman says

    Triplette has STL @ SEA

  61. List:

    Panthers at Falcons β€” John Parry
    Ravens at Bengals β€” Scott Green
    Jaguars at Colts β€” Pete Morelli
    Jets at Dolphins β€” Jerome Boger
    Lions at Vikings β€” Tony Corrente
    Redskins at Giants β€” Bill Vinovich
    Browns at Steelers β€” Mike Carey
    Texans at Titans β€” Terry McAulay
    49ers at Cardinals β€” Walt Anderson
    Broncos at Raiders β€” Ron Winter
    Chiefs at Chargers β€” Bill Leavy
    Rams at Seahawks β€” Jeff Triplette
    Bills at Patriots β€” Ed Hochuli
    Buccaneers at Saints β€” Carl Cheffers
    Packers at Bears β€” Clete Blakeman
    Eagles at Cowboys NBC β€” Gene Steratore

  62. http://Drew%20Thurman says

    Walt Coleman has the week off

  63. Crucial game of the year and “Botch the Game” Blakeman is going to Chicago. I like Steratore in Philly.

  64. http://drr345 says

    They just mentioned during the Ravens game that this will be Scott Green’s last season. He’s been a good official and wish him the best.

  65. Jim Nantz announced on the Balt-Cin telecast that Scott Green was retiring after this game. Unlike the NHL, don’t retiring NFL officials still get to work the playoffs?

  66. http://Old%20Ref says

    Sitting in the stadium in New Orleans watching Cheffers and his crew do a terrible job. It’s hard to say who is worse, Cheffers or Steratore. Too bad Scott Green is retiring. He is one of the good ones.

  67. http://Old%20Ref says

    I’ve seen much better crews than Cheffers and company work high school games.

  68. Scott Green is a mediocre ref. Cheffers is no good. and I find it hard to believe Leavy gets a playoff game after the messy San Diego game this past weekend.

  69. http://JJCuc says

    I left a prior message that seems to have been removed.

    Since Scott Green may be retiring, does this increase his chances of being named Super Bowl referee? Also, Ron Winter has been a referee for many years. Do you folks think he finally deserves to be referee at a Super Bowl?

    • It does not increase or decrease anything, if he was not worthy of a playoff game they will probably give him pro bowl. But he could get a game. Winter had a decent year, but is one of the more controversial guys in the league.

      • http://ac540 says

        Ron Winter doesn’t deserve to referee a turkey bowl of over-40s playing half-lit on a frozen high school field, much less a Super Bowl. Are you kidding, or related to him?

        • No Im not. My theory is that we have 11 playoff games and the pro bowl which means 12 of the 17 guys will get a game. So many other people have made ridiculous mistakes.. Leavy, Tripplette, Blakeman that he may get a playoff game. I dont want him in the super bowl.

  70. http://JJCuc says

    Yahoo Sports News reports that the Chargers should have been assessed a 5 yd penalty on KC kicker Succop’s missed FG at the end of the game, and he should have had a chance to re-kick. That would potentially have made a very big difference in the outcome of the game, and the playoff picture. If this is true, Bill Leavy’s crew made a major error.

    • They did and I doubt they will be getting a playoff game after that

    • http://drr345 says

      First of all, there was definitely an error there. Leavy’s had a tough year with several major mistakes.

      However, for Mike Tomlin to be irate about this is something I’m not so sure about. He is quick to forget his little sideline dalliance in Baltimore. That should have been a penalty as well.

  71. http://Tom%20Miller says

    Clete bleakman is the WORST nfl official I have EVER
    Seen !! He missed welker holding on key
    Play 3rd qtr chargers and also missed the
    Call pass inteference he calked in welker 4 second
    Late … Obvious he has an agenda
    Please replace this clown for integrity of NFL

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