Week 11

Indianapolis at Tennessee – Mike Carey

Atlanta at Tampa Bay – Ed Hochuli
Detroit at Pittsburgh – Walt Anderson
NY Jets at Buffalo – Bill Leavy
Baltimore at Chicago – Gene Steratore
Cleveland at Cincinnati – Carl Cheffers
Arizona at Jacksonville – Jeff Triplette
Oakland at Houston – Ron Winter
San Diego at Miami – Pete Morelli
Washington at Philadelphia – Walt Coleman
Kansas City at Denver – John Parry
Minnesota at Seattle – Jerome Boger
San Francisco at New Orleans – Tony Corrente
Green Bay at NY Giants – Terry McAulay

New England at Carolina – Clete Blakeman

Bye: Dallas, St. Louis


  1. Walt Anderson is working DET @ PIT this week.

  2. Gerardo Perez says

    Schedule Change for Week 11:
    KC @ DEN has been moved to SNF on NBC, replacing GB @ NYG, which will be moved to 4:25 PM ET on FOX.

  3. Gerardo Perez says

    Another schedule change:
    SD @ MIA has been moved to 4:05 PM ET on CBS.

  4. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NE@CAR John Parry

  5. Lorenzo Antonio says

    guys so does John Parry have the MNF Game

    • It doesn’t make sense to tell us an assignment and then turn around 3 days later and ask who has that same assignment. I thought you already “knew”? (Emphasis on the quotes because we’re on week 10 and you’ve been incorrect all season). So obviously you have no clue and obviously John Parry is not in Carolina this week. It’s that simple. Get off this page, Lorenzo. You don’t know anything!

  6. Lorenzio antonio is clueless as usual.

  7. Five referees are eligible for MIN @ SEA: Blakeman, Boger, Coleman, Leavy and Morelli.

    Five referees are eligible for SF @ NO: Carey, Leavy, Morelli, Parry and Triplette.

    Six referees have yet to work on MNF: Blakeman, Cheffers, Coleman, Hochuli, McAulay and Parry. All except Cheffers and Coleman are eligible for NE @ CAR.

  8. Gerardo Perez says

    The six referees eligible for KC @ DEN are as followed:
    Scott Green. (Already worked SNF)
    Bill Leavy.
    Terry McAulay.
    John Parry.
    Gene Steratore.
    Bill Vinovich. (Already worked SNF)

    • Since the game was flexed in Green or Vinovich could be working the game. If it is one of the other 4 they still may work SNF later in the year. The GB@NYG game will be from a crew that hasn’t worked SNF. Who is eligible for that game?

    • Shane Spencer says

      Speaking of KC-DEN, I refer to it as “The I-70 Bowl” because Kansas City and Denver are both on I-70.

  9. Shane Spencer says

    Mike Carey, Tony Corrente, John Parry, Jeff Triplette and Bill Vinovich are all eligible for NYJ @ BUF.

  10. Eligible referees for CLE-CIN: McAulay, Corrente, Vinovich, Cheffers, Parry, Anderson. Technically eligible (based on how Coleman’s schedule worked with the Patriots last week) could be Hochuli, who worked the Bengals game in Buffalo in week 6.

    • Gerardo Perez says

      Jerome Boger is eligible for that game as well, and Walt Anderson will be in Pittsburgh this week, according to Mark and his source. Ron Winter can work that game as well, but he did a matchup between those two teams earlier this season.

  11. Good Morning Everyone! It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – hot off the presses from my sources!

    Indianapolis at Tennessee: Scott “Brownie” Green
    Atlanta at Tampa Bay: Jeffy “Tripps” Triplette
    Detroit at Pittsburgh: Walt “Novocaine” Anderson
    NY Jets at Buffalo: Mike “the Moustache” Carey
    Baltimore at Chicago: Carl “Cheffy Cheffs” Cheffers
    Cleveland at Cincinnati: Terry “T-Mac” McAulay
    Arizona at Jacksonville: Walt “the Milkman” Coleman
    Oakland at Houston: Eddie “Big Guns” Hochuli
    San Diego at Miami: Ron “Chippewa” Winter
    Washington at Philadelphia: Tony “C” Corrente
    Kansas City at Denver: Bill “Botox” Leavy
    Minnesota at Seattle: Jerome “Boges” Boger
    San Francisco at New Orleans: Pete “the Petemeister” Morelli
    Green Bay at NY Giants: Clete “the Cletester” Blakeman
    New England at Carolina: Johnny Boy Parry

  12. Gang, the word has just come down: for BAL-CHI, it’s none other than GENE STERATORE, who has been somewhat of a regular — in a relative sense — around the Ravens. He just did their game five weeks ago, so I questioned my source, and he said Gene’s the guy… and, in my best Lorenzo Antonio impression, Ed Hochuli is doing their next game, but are you sure he’s doing it?

  13. Joe knows what he is talking about.

    • Joe Platania says

      Like I said, I thought it was strange Steratore was doing the game, so I questioned my source and he says Gene’s the guy…

      • Hmm, 2nd time this season we’ve seen the six-week rule shrunk to five. Wonder if there were some irreconcilable conflicts that caused Steratore to get a 2nd Ravens game in 5 weeks.

        • Actually the “6-week window” is 5 weeks when you use math ….. ???

          This always trips me up, but the rule is that an official can work opposite ends of a six-week window. So, they are actually separated by 5 calendar weeks. Week 4 is eligible in Week 9; Week 6 is eligible in Week 11.

          So, if Gene’s crew worked the Ravens 5 weeks prior, then it is on opposite ends of a 6-week window.

          Now, that’s what my notes say. I will double check with someone to make sure.

          • Week 5
            Week 6
            Week 7
            Week 8
            Week 9
            Week 10

            That is six weeks.. right at six weeks…six week rule is in tact….JC

  14. Lorenzo Antonio says

    So Who has the MNF Game

  15. Carey has Thursday Night Football in TEN

  16. Nancy Muttlemeier says

    Ken and Russ:

    I am an avid and loyal football fan and am always excited to learn who will be the ref for each game. I do my best to confirm with my NFL sources. Am I wrong sometimes, yes, but not usually. I am offended by your calling me stupid and childish, and for your information, while Harry and I are great friends after meeting on this board, we clearly are not the same person – we have the body parts to prove it.

    I am sorry that you do not appreciate our input, but I will continue to do so, as I am sure Harry will as well. Perhaps, Ken, you are the one looking for attention?

    Nancy Muttlemeier

  17. Hochuli is in Tampa Bay on Sun. the 17th.

  18. I am a Pats fan and am disgraced by Lorenzo’s insanity!

  19. I’m agree with Harry and Nacy.
    I’m not a gameble person, but I’m a reader.
    Thx… All for posted.

  20. Hi Mike and all serious folks:
    Carl Cheffers’ Crew in Cincinnati, Nov. 17th. (Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals).

  21. What game am I working this week? Get my assignments from this site.

  22. Wow Trolls are appearing at a high rate.

  23. Wow, this week is becoming quite a fun mess! I’ve posted the four assignments that (I think) are accurate. Let me know of other confirmed assignments that I’ve missed.

    Also, just to clear up any confusion, “Harry Reid”, “Stanley Cartman” and “Nancy Muttlemeier” are indeed all from the same IP…

    • Joe Platania says

      Mickey, that’s exactly how I treat it… fun. If people want to be silly, just let ’em. Serious folks like us know what we’re doing, and, as I’ve said twice, I thought it was strange Steratore got another BAL game so soon. But my source insists he’s the guy… I want to know one thing: the Ravens haven’t had Hochuli since 2011. Fans here LOVE the guy!

  24. Walt Coleman – Washington vs Philly

  25. 15MinutesBlog says

    Long-time listener, first time caller. Love the site, use it every week and now it’s EVEN MORE FUN with the trolling.

  26. This should break the filibuster over Harry Reid’s post above.

    Colts at Titans @nflnetwork #TNF — Mike Carey
    Falcons at Buccaneers — Ed Hochuli
    Lions at Steelers — Walt Anderson
    Jets at Bills — Bill Leavy
    Ravens at Bears — Gene Steratore
    Browns at Bengals — Carl Cheffers
    Cardinals at Jaguars — Jeff Triplette
    Raiders at Texans — Ron Winter
    Chargers at Dolphins — Pete Morelli
    Redskins at Eagles — Walt Coleman
    Vikings at Seahawks — Jerome Boger
    49ers at Saints — Tony Corrente
    Packers at Giants — Terry McAulay
    Chiefs at Broncos @SNFonNBC #flexgame — John Parry
    Patriots at Panthers @ESPNMondayNight — Clete Blakeman

    • Very true. John hasn’t been in Denver or Kansas City this year I think.

      • This will be Parry’s first ever regular season game in Denver.

        • Pete Morelli worked IND @ SD in Week 6, so there must have been some logistical issues that resulted in him working SD @ MIA – the second time in five weeks that he will have reffed the Chargers.

          • It is now a 5 week rule this year just like it was in 2009. This is already the4th instance this year of the 5 week rule in effect.

            Coleman- Patriots (weeks 4 and 9)
            Steratore- Ravens (6 and 11)
            Triplette- Jaguars (6 and 11)
            Morelli – Chargers 6 and 11)

  27. Clint Cooper says

    Tony Corrente already reffed a Saints game, up in New England. I was under the impression a ref couldn’t oversee the same team twice.

    Can someone help me out here?

    • A crew cannot work the two home games for the same team in the regular season. They do see the same team twice from time to time, but it has to be a home and away.

      Playoff assignments do not get affected by this rule.

  28. Let’s see if Corrente & crew will:
    1. Have an incorrect false start call
    2. Miss a timeout call by a quarterback
    3. Rule a bounced ball (off turf) a complete pass
    4. Miss a crucial holding call (that would could have changed the outcome of the game)
    5. Penalizations in the amount of 7 for 56 yards vs Patriots 4 for 33 yards
    All of these to the detriment of the New Orleans Saints.

    What should the Saints expect at home against the San Francisco 49ers based on the last game officiated by this crew – not to mention 3 of the crew are from California?

    We will know how judicious they are by the end of this game.

  29. Surprisingly a not bad game for Winter. Coming from a Texans fan, not bad. Only bad call was that running into the kicker, but in the end it made no real difference.

  30. Proud Liberal says

    I can vouch for all New England Patriot Fans that Clete Blakeman does not like the Patriots. That was the most Bogus Call I have ever seen on a Football Field. I wonder how much money Blakeman received from the Las Vegas Bookies to pick up the Flag and ignore a Bald Faced Pass Interference Call. All I can say if Blakeman ever shows up in New England to referee another Patriot Game he had better come with an armed guard. Clete Blakeman a Carolina Panther Home Boy.

  31. It was definitely a terrible call. It should have been pass interference with a free play from the 1 or at minimum, holding, which would have been a free play 5 yards closer than where they were. What gets me is that new england fans are talking like that free play would have been a guaranteed touchdown and that the missed call is what beat them. What beat them is throwing on 3rd and 1, fumbling in the red zone, and that dumb penalty by aqib talib.

  32. Clete Blakeman made the most bogus call in Monday Night Football history and it isn’t close. Picking up a flag on an obvious call with no explanation, just “The game is over.” It wasn’t a holding call, the pass was in the air. It was an obvious pass interference call and made uncatchable for Gronkowski BECAUSE he was being bear hugged. Absolutely pathetic. Mike Pereira, who ALWAYS supports any call, even said it was bogus. People who say anything differently are a joke. I saw Clete Blakeman, a C-level referee, was doing the game and was stunned. Clete Blakeman doing a primetime game? Sit that moron.

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