Week 6

NY Giants at Chicago – John Parry

Detroit at Cleveland – Walt Coleman
Cincinnati at Buffalo – Ed Hochuli
Oakland at Kansas City – Mike Carey
Carolina at Minnesota – Ron Winter
Philadelphia at Tampa Bay – Clete Blakeman
Green Bay at Baltimore – Gene Steratore
St. Louis at Houston – Bill Leavy
Pittsburgh at NY Jets – Terry McAulay
Jacksonville at Denver – Jeff Triplette
Tennessee at Seattle – Carl Cheffers
New Orleans at New England – Tony Corrente
Arizona at San Francisco – Scott Green
Washington at Dallas – Walt Anderson

Indianapolis at San Diego – Pete Morelli

Bye: Atlanta, Miami


  1. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NO@NE Carl Cheffers

  2. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Since Carl Cheffers has the TNF Game Week 2 in NE I think John Parry will be in NE Week 6

  3. Lorenzo Antonio says

    I think it will be Clete Blakeman in NE

  4. How the fuck can Carl Cheffers be in New England when he is there week 2? Get your facts straight.

  5. Walt Anderson in Dallas for Oct 13th.

  6. SportingBecky says

    Carl Cheffers – Titans VS Seahawks

  7. It amazes me how stupid this board is. Who cares who is refereeing the games? What difference does it make? If your team loses, just blame the Republicans.

    • just curious Harry, why are you on here then?

    • Man Trolls are showing up like flies, Harry just beat it!!

    • Oh oh oh oh Eddie Hochuli is doing the Giants – Bears game!! I have such a hard on!! Oooh…wait…maybe it’s Jerome Boger…no no, wait, it’s Billy Vinovich! Oh oh..how will I ever live???

      • Harry, just because you don’t appreciate officiating doesn’t mean we can’t. I am a High School and Junior College official who enjoys watching the officials more than the teams. It is not crime. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you have to make fun of others who do.

        • I didn’t say that I didn’t appreciate officiating. I think it is strange that there are so many people obsessed with who is working which game. Not to mention, an entire website devoted to it. Who cares? It borders on stalking.

          • Harry, u and your boy Lorenzo to tag team your ass out of here.

          • I don’t think the people on here are obsessed, just interested to know.

            Can you please answer me this question? If you think having a website devoted to who is working which game borders on stalking, then why on earth are you on here every single day? That actually is stalker-ish.

            Seriously, please answer the question. I truly interested.

          • I agree with Top Gun, Harry tag your ass and get the crap outta here. No one forced you to stay here to make dumb ass comments, so you are invited to leave.

  8. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Who will reff Saints Vs Patriots

  9. John Parry and his crew will be in Chicago for TNF.

  10. Joe Platania says

    Confirmation for GB-BAL: it will be GENE STERATORE, who worked the Ravens-Browns game last year when the officials’ lockout ended…

  11. Hochuli is in Buffalo this week-end. Cincinnati at Buffalo!

  12. Thank you for the information, Nita.

  13. Confirmed via the Titans official game release: Carl Cheffers in Seattle for TEN at SEA.

  14. Steratore is on Baltimore for Packers Vs Ravens.. Confirmed

  15. Wikipedia’s Buffalo Bills site says that Ed Hochuli is the referee for this weekend’s Bills/Bengals game. Do we have any past experience concerning how accurate Wikipedia is on this topic?

    • Gerardo Perez says

      I’ve been to Wikipedia and it shows the referees for the team’s games. But I’ve seen that, for example, Lorenzo Antonio said that Walt Coleman’s crew was working in Buffalo the opening week of the season, and it was posted on Wikipedia. Then Wikipedia changed the referee because Lorenzo was wrong and that Walt Anderson’s crew was supposed to be there.

    • There is only 1 reliable source for Ed Hochuli and he has already been confirmed in Buffalo.

    • I;m accurate when I post. No need for wikipedia.

  16. Hi all. A big thanks to the folks reporting accurate info & who keep us well informed on the site. I really enjoy watching football and like to know where my favorite referees are assigned each week. Yes, they are a big part of the game as well and some manage better than others. It’s why I stop in, can’t contribute much in the way of comments, I have no insider info but thanks to those who share. Much appreciated.

  17. For the “epic ass-kicking” that will be the Jaguars-Broncos, the list of eligible referees has been whittled down to six: Blakeman, Carey, Green, Leavy, Triplette and Winter.

  18. Gerardo Perez says

    Walt Coleman’s crew is in San Diego for IND @ SD.

  19. Lemonwerth Cankles says

    Fred Wyant is doing the Eagles/Bucs game

  20. I am a newcomer here, so please don’t laugh at my question. I see posts talking about which crews are “eligible” to be assigned to a given game. My question – Can someone direct me to a reference that explains how crews can be assigned, so I can better understand the discussions on this site? I enjoy reading this site very much. Thanks.

    • If I’m not mistaken, I believe there is a “six week rule” in which a given referee cannot ref the same team more than once within any six week span, and cannot work at a given team’s stadium more than once within a season.

      • Thanks for the info, David. I hope my question is not the cause of any trouble that folks in other postings are referring to. I enjoy reading this site, and I just want to better understand the discussions. Thanks again.

  21. Sal Martino says

    Freddie Wyant(retired NFL Referee) was an All American quarterback at West Virgina University!

  22. Mickey, this web-site is becoming very troublesome with the profanity and bickering. Seems as some of the NEW posts just want to start trouble. Isn’t there a way to prevent those postings?

  23. As someone who has this site bookmarked and visits daily, I would just like to say how great it is. Thanks to all those who contribute early info on who is working which game. I do watch the games for the referees and find it an integral part of the game. These trolls are starting to ruin the site. Is there a way to filter posts or have them pre-approved. Maybe only allow posters who have accurately posted before.

    Thanks again for maintaining this site and those who post the correct assignments. And to all those that don’t like it, why not just go elsewhere. The internet is a huge place, there’s a place for you somewhere.

  24. Saints vs. Pats is Tony Corrente

  25. Any word on Browns-Lions?

  26. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Whos Reffing Saints Vs Patriots

  27. Which teams is Mike Carey referee in week 6? Thanks!

  28. PIT@NYJ is down to Bill Vinovich, Jeff Triplette, Ron Winter, and Terry McAulay eligible, also Walt Coleman but he officated the game at MetLife last week, so i’m sure he won’t have this game.

  29. Carey is in KC


  31. I know a lot of you guys work for the media, do any of you know if there is a site like this set up for NHL Refs?

  32. Tim Canavespe says

    Anyone know who is calling the Rams-Texans game?

  33. Gerardo Perez says

    Per the Chiefs flip card, Jerome Boger’s BJ is working OAK @ KC, which means that Jerome Boger’s crew is off this week.

  34. This will be John Parry’s first ever regular season game in Chicago as a referee. Also, Tony Corrente will be officiating his first regular season game in New England since 2005. I believe that he did a playoff game there last year.

  35. Sorry. I usually can top off the list by now. There’s been a glitch, so we might have a few empties right up to kickoff.

  36. Bill Leavy – Rams @ Texans
    Texans flip card

  37. Just confirmed Green in San Francisco

    • This will be the first time Green has officiated a regular season game in San Francisco. I believe he was the ref when the 49ers hosted a game in London a couple of years ago.

  38. and Bill Leavy for Rams-Texans

  39. Inching closer…

    Terry McAulay for Steelers-Jets

  40. Jeff Triplette for Denver vs. Jacksonville Community College

  41. Walt Coleman for Lions-Browns

  42. And, I have Ron Winter for Panthers-Vikings.

    We can probably go ahead and put Clete Blakeman down for Eagles-Buccaneers, because his crew wouldn’t have two weeks off in a row. Doesn’t take that long to detox from London.

  43. Gerardo Perez says

    So that means Bill Vinovich’s crew is off this week.

  44. … and Boger’s.

  45. Watching the Aggie – Ole Miss game and just saw a play that I felt like a player #7 targeted # 13 mike Evans . There was a flag for the target call but the review reversed the ejection. This is crazy!! I am watching and can’t believe the stupidity. Really needs to be consistency on this new targeting charge.

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