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2010 Crews

R Walt Anderson 66
U Scott Dawson 70
HL Phil McKinley 110
LJ Byron Boston 18
FJ Jimmy Buchanan 86
SJ James Coleman 95
BJ Billy Smith 2
RA Dale Hamer
VO Gene Cunningham

R Jerome Boger 23
U Carl Paganelli 124
HL John Schleyer 21
LJ Gary Arthur 108
FJ Doug Rosenbaum 67
SJ Joe Larrew 73
BJ Tony Steratore 112
RA Mark Burns
VO Ted Campbell

R Clete Blakeman ##
(not sure about crew…)
U Garth DeFelice 53
HL Dana McKenzie 8
LJ Carl Johnson 101
FJ Mike Weir 50
SJ Greg Meyer 78
BJ Terrence Miles 111
RA Lloyd McPeters
VO Don Langeloh

R Mike Carey 94
U Steve Wilson 29
HL George Hayward 54
LJ Tom Barnes 55
FJ Buddy Horton 82
SJ Don Carlsen 39
BJ Todd Prukop 30
RA Tommy Moore
VO Bud Alexander

R Carl Cheffers 51
U Undrey Wash 96
HL Kent Payne 79
LJ Chuck Stewart 62
FJ John Lucivansky 89
SJ Jeff Lamberth 103
BJ Dino Paganelli 105
RA Larry Nemmers
VO Lou Nazzaro

R Walt Coleman 65
U Jeff Rice 44
HL Julian Mapp 52
LJ Jeff Bergman 32
FJ Scott Steenson 88
SJ Rick Patterson 15
BJ Bob Lawing 17
RA Bill Spyksma
VO Terry Sullivan

R Tony Corrente 99
U Fred Bryan 11
HL John McGrath 5
LJ John Hussey 35
FJ Gary Cavaletto 60
SJ Allen Baynes 56
BJ Greg Wilson 119
RA Howard Slavin
VO Terry Poulos

R Scott Green 19
U Butch Hannah 40
HL Tom Stabile 24
LJ Tom Symonette 100
FJ Dyrol Prioleau 109
SJ Larry Rose 128
BJ Scott Helverson 93
RA Dick Creed
VO Bill Tracy

R Ed Hochuli 85
U Chad Brown 31
HL Mark Hittner 28
LJ Tim Podraza 47
FJ Craig Wrolstad 4
SJ Barry Anderson 20
BJ Kirk Dornan 6
RA Tom Sifferman
VO Roger Ruth

R Bill Leavy 127
U Darrell Jenkins 76
HL Mark Baltz 26
LJ Mark Perlman 9
FJ Clete Blakeman 34
SJ Greg Bradley 98
BJ Keith Ferguson 61
RA Al Jury
VO David Coleman

R Terry McAulay 77
U Paul King 121
HL Tony Veteri 36
LJ Mark Steinkerchner 84
FJ Terry Brown 43
SJ Michael Banks 72
BJ Greg Steed 12
RA Earnie Frantz
VO Brian Matoren

R Pete Morelli 135
U Rich Hall 49
HL Derick Bowers 74
LJ Darryll Lewis 130
FJ Rob Vernatchi 75
SJ Laird Hayes 125
BJ Bill Schmitz 122
RA Jim Lapetina
VO Jim Pearson

R John Parry 132
U Dan Ferrell 64
HL Wayne Mackie 106
LJ Ron Marinucci 107
FJ Scott Edwards 3
SJ Keith Washington 7
BJ Perry Paganelli 46
RA Al Hynes
VO Ken Dollar

R Al Riveron 57
U Ruben Fowler 71
HL Ed Camp 134
LJ Ron Phares 10
FJ Steve Zimmer 33
SJ Jimmy DeBell 58
BJ Lee Dyer 27
RA Bob McGrath
VO Clayton Judge

R Gene Steratore 114
U Tony Michalek 115
HL Jerry Bergman 91
LJ Jeff Seeman 45
FJ Greg Gautreaux 80
SJ Mike Weatherford 116
BJ Bob Waggoner 25
RA Paul Weidner
VO Mike Wimmer

R Jeff Triplette 42
U Bruce Stritesky 102
HL Steve Stelljes 22
LJ Mike Spanier 90
FJ Boris Cheek 41
SJ Dave Wyant 16
BJ Steve Freeman 133
RA Bob Boylston
VO Jimmy Oldham

R Ron Winter 14
U Bill Schuster 129
HL Jim Mello 48
LJ Tom Stephan 68
FJ Jim Howey 37
SJ Tom Hill 97
BJ Richard Reels 83
RA Ken Baker
VO Jim Grant

Swing Officials
U Roy Ellison 81

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  1. Chuck In Indy says:

    As to the crew assignments: How can Carl Johnson work an NFL game and be the Supervisor as well?

    Also, Steve Wilson and Charles Stewart have both retired.

  2. Mickey: There are 40 changes in the 2010 crews (change of crew, position or number), five new officials and six retired officials (includes that # 17 BJ Bob Lawing pass away). There’s a lot of work to do. Give your e-mail adress to share you this information.

  3. Mickey: There are 40 changes in the 2010 crews (change of crew, position or number), five new officials and six retired officials (includes that # 17 BJ Bob Lawing pass away). There’s a lot of work to do. Give me your e-mail adress to share you this information.

  4. Mickey: The Replay officials and Video Operator have few changes.
    I’ll try to send you it as soon as possible.

  5. Steve Stelljes HL22 is on Boger’s crew.

  6. Who did Clete Blakeman replace as referee since he was promoted?

  7. Steratore’s crew is a little different this year

    Referee-Gene Steratore #114
    Umpire-Butch Hannah #40
    HL-Jerry Bergman #91
    LJ-Ron Marinucci #107
    SJ-Mike Weatherford #116
    BJ-Dino Paganelli #105
    FJ-Bob Waggoner #25 (Waggoner switched from BJ to FJ this year)
    RA-Paul Weidner
    VO-Mike Wimmer

  8. What does RA and VO stand for and what are their jobs?

  9. The NFL is a joke. The officiating is horrible and the rule book is ridiculous. Refs decide games, not players. The crew that did the Vikings game on 10/24/10 should be fired.

  10. I would like to see excessive celebration called by all referees the same in all games Ex: a fall into the end zone from the one yard line is called but a back flip is not nor a jump into the stands isn’t called either, what’s up with this ?