Week 6

Carolina at Atlanta – Pete Morelli
Indianapolis at Cincinnati – John Parry
San Francisco at Detroit – Mike Carey
St. Louis at Green Bay – Ed Hochuli
Philadelphia at Washington – Bill Leavy
Buffalo at NY Giants – Clete Blakeman
Jacksonville at Pittsburgh – Ron Winter
Houston at Baltimore – Gene Steratore
Cleveland at Oakland – Carl Cheffers
Dallas at New England – Walt Coleman
New Orleans at Tampa Bay – Jerome Boger
Minnesota at Chicago – Walt Anderson

Miami at NY Jets – Tony Corrente

Bye: Denver, Tennessee, Kansas City, Arizona, San Diego, Seattle


  1. Bears/Vikings — Walt Anderson

  2. Tony Corrente is on the Monday Night Game. Miami at NYJ.

  3. Carl Cheffers’ Crew in Oakland (Browns @ Raiders) Oct. 16, 16:05 P.M. e.t.. And once again, four crews off this week.

  4. whose the ref for rams vs. packers?

  5. Joh Parry will do Pittsburg/Jacksonville game.

    • Saw the flip card. Bill Leavy makes his second trip to Pittsburgh.

      • He was just there 4 weeks ago. Normally it is at least 6 weeks between assignments in the same place. Where is the flip card online?

        • It is through the media only access on the Steelers website. I work at a small newspaper, which doesn’t cover the team in person but it at least allows me access to the site. It isn’t available to the general public. But they put it up on Tuesdays usually. You can choose not to believe me, but anyone with access to the Steelers media site will see the same thing.

          • This is very simple. Under normal circumstances, Leavy in Pittsburgh is a complete and utter impossibility. One, he worked Jacksonville just three weeks ago. Two, he worked Pittsburgh just four weeks ago.

            It’s not entirely impossible for him to work that game, but there’d have to be some extraordinary circumstances as to why no other referee would be selected first…

            If Leavy does have that game, you have my sincere apologies, and I hope you will help assist with Steelers assignments in the future.

          • Perhaps he’s a fill in. Does anyone know his full crew? The rest as listed on the card are U 76 Darrell Jenkins, HL 54 George Hayward, LJ 9 Mark Perlman, FJ 63 Jim Quirk, SJ 87 Keith Parham and BJ 61 Keith Ferguson.

          • That’s his normal crew, so he wouldn’t be a fill-in. The other members of the crew are Replay Assistant Stewart and Video Official Oldham.

          • The other theory is someone at Steelers HQ made an error. But this is what they’re telling the Steelers media as of Tuesday. I’ll keep checking periodically to see if they change it.

          • I’ll learn at least two more assignments within the next day or so, as well. If either Parry or Leavy are on them, we should know what’s what. And even if not, we might be able to figure everything out by process of elimination.

          • As for the Steelers assignments going forward, I’m on the site a lot anyway, so I’ll be glad to post what the card says when it becomes available. You know, assuming that the card is accurate.

          • Oh, and no need to send me the updated version. You’ve earned my trust. 🙂

        • If there’s a way to post an attachment for viewing (not a website since it is restricted access), I would gladly put up a link to the card right here. Just tell me how it’s done.

          • You ought to be able to save the PDF to your computer, then email it. It might also be possible to upload it to a photo website.

            I’ll take a look at it – email to prethut@yahoo.com

          • I sent the email Wednesday night.

          • Hey Brian,

            Where on the site is the Steelers flip card? Been looking for years on their site and cannot find it.

          • It is on the media only portion of the site, for which you need to be approved by the club as a legit member of the media. It is password protected. I work at a newspaper, so that is what got me in.

          • Hmm… you’re right. It appears to both be completely legit, and not a mistake like the flip card of a previous matchup between these two teams. Rosters and depth charts are current, etc…

            I’m still quite shocked that they’ve apparently scheduled Leavy to do this game. Is it extraordinary circumstances? Doubtful, because the entire crew is Leavy’s. I’m thinking the 6-week rule is no longer a formal rule…

          • is it preth or brian that knows the ravens very well?

          • Not quite sure why. Perhaps it’s an issue with a ref/crew being disciplined for some reason. Or another crew needed taken off the game for some reason. But the team has said nothing to the effect that this wasn’t the crew from the get-go.

          • BREAKING NEWS: The team has updated the flip card. Now Ron Winter is listed as the ref. So someone at Steelers HQ must be using a template from the first home game where Leavy was the ref. It was just posted today.

          • At least this solves the “Why is Leavy in Pittsburgh again?” mystery. If you need the proof. I can send you the new copy later. But Winter is now listed. I just think someone with the team messed up because I’m sure they set the schedule far in advance for who is doing what game.

          • The mystery wasn’t that Leavy was in Pittsburgh a second time – it’s perfectly valid for a crew to work two home games for a team. It was that he was scheduled to work both Pittsburgh and Jacksonville too soon.

      • False. Please be honest.

    • do u have anything to validate that

  6. Walt Coleman will be in NE for the DAl-NE game. (Confirm – See Todd Archer on ESPN Dallas).

  7. Hochuli is in Green Bay on Oct. 16.

  8. Confirmed:

    Blakeman has Bills-Giants.

  9. Rams- Packers
    possible refs.


  10. Houston – Ravens refs.

  11. The only 4 refs that can do the Colts at Bengals game are:

  12. Joe Platania says

    David, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but none of your four will be in Baltimore. It’s going to be Steratore, according to the team, even though he hasn’t had a week off, as has been pointed out…

    • Joe, That isn’t bad news at all !!! I guess the “week off ” stuff means nothing !!! I was hoping that we didn’t see Gene until November 6th !!!

      • David, tracking weeks off remains a very effective way of figuring out assignments. You just need to understand the rules behind it.

        I am now working off the assumption that these four crews are off this week, until proven otherwise:

        Green, McAulay, Triplette, Riveron

  13. Joe Platania says

    As an addendum, Steratore has already been here in BAL once this year, in Pre Week 2 when KC visited…

  14. Of the remaining games, Triplette is only eligible for IND/CIN and McAulay is only eligible for PHI/WAS by process of elimination. Or they might be off this week. Not sure though…

  15. Mickey:

    Brian emailed me a flip card of the Steelers-Jaguars game. I am in agreement – it appears to be indisputable proof that Leavy, and his regular crew, will that game.

    Very interesting, to say the least.

  16. As Joe said, Steratore has this week’s Ravens game.

  17. Scratch Leavy in Pittsburgh. Looks like it’s actually Ron Winter, and nothing has happened to the 6-week rule.

  18. Shane Spencer says

    The only week 6 game Ron Winter is eligible to officiate is CAR @ ATL since he officiated NYG @ WSH in week 1, DAL @ SF in week 2, DET @ MIN in week 3, and IND @ TB in week 4. He did not officiate any week 5 games.

  19. Shane Spencer says

    Bill Leavy is eligible to officiate NO @ TB, PHI @ WSH or SF @ DET.

  20. Per the most officialist of official beat writers, John Parry has Colts-Bengals.

  21. Gene Steratore is in Baltimore for texans @ ravens

    and yes John Parry will be in Cincinnati for Colts-Bengals

  22. Here’s who eligible for the remaining games

    CAR @ ATL – Boger, Carey, Morelli

    SF @ DET – Carey, Leavy, Morelli

    PHI @ WSH – Boger, Carey, Leavy

    NO @ TB – Boger, Carey, Leavy, Morelli

    This is also going off of Preth’s assumption on who’s on a bye this week.

  23. Confirmed:

    Mike Carey has SF-DET.

  24. Also confirmed:

    Bill Leavy has PHI-WAS.

  25. Who’s in ATL….I don’t have league pass.

  26. Pete Morelli is in Atlanta.

  27. Carolina at Atlanta was Pete Morelli

  28. This will be the first time that Corrente has worked a Jets’ regular season home game. He has worked a home game for all the other teams.

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