Week 10

Oakland at San Diego – Ed Hochuli

New Orleans at Atlanta – Terry McAulay
Detroit at Chicago – Pete Morelli
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati – Bill Leavy
St. Louis at Cleveland – Clete Blakeman
Buffalo at Dallas – Jerome Boger
Jacksonville at Indianapolis – Jeff Triplette
Denver at Kansas City – Ron Winter
Washington at Miami – Carl Cheffers
Arizona at Philadelphia – Walt Anderson
Houston at Tampa Bay – John Parry
Tennessee at Carolina – Walt Coleman
Baltimore at Seattle – Scott Green
NY Giants at San Francisco – Tony Corrente
New England at NY Jets – Gene Steratore

Minnesota at Green Bay – Mike Carey


  1. Week 10…Bears – Lions game has been “flexed” from NOON to 3:15 at Soldier Field in Chicago…media reports

  2. Walt Anderson will be in Philadelphia this week.

  3. McAulay is in Atlanta this week

  4. Joe Platania says

    They’re happy in BAL about the win over PIT, but it’s time to turn the page… who’s eligible for BAL-SEA?

  5. Eligibles and guesses for Oakland @ San Diego?

  6. Ed Hochuli has the San Diego game on Thursday.

  7. I hope Winter has the Ravens-Seahawks game. Better that game as opposed to one that will be tougher to overcome his inevitable bad calls.

  8. Mike Carey has yet to do a west coast game. The furthest west that he has worked is yesterday in Indianapolis

  9. It seems like the NFL has done a better job this year in have refs work at sites that they have not worked at in a long time.

  10. Walt Coleman has the call for Titans- Panthers.
    Per/ Titans press release

  11. Hi Mickey:
    This week Carl Cheffers’ crew in Sun Life Stadium (Washington @ Miami)

  12. In Dallas: Jerome Boger

  13. Ron Winter sucks at life. just hoping he doesn’t get a Green Bay game this year.

  14. I love Ron Winter. Haters leave.

  15. In New York: Gene Steratore

  16. Hold your laughter, Preth, but the flip card says Bill Leavy has Steelers at Bengals this week.

  17. whose eligible for the chiefs game?

  18. Whose working the Minnesota vs green bay game this mon night?

    • We might not know that one until Monday morning. Be patient.

    • this is MNF? why have 75% of the SNF and MNF games been 1 or 2 dreadful teams? So tired of GB games too. We get it, they won the super bowl

      • Kenneth, you sound a bit bitter. per NFL rules you are only allowed 3 games on NBC which GB has only played 2 and this is their first MNF game and only one.

        • not talking only prime time games, my regional games have given me GB 3 times in the first 9 weeks as well as their two SNF. Five times in 9 weeks, and 6 in 10 is a lot, especially considering I live no where near GB territory.

      • On another note, How the hell did Jacksonville get 2 home MNF Games this year !!! ??? So next year should we expect to see Cincinnati on 2 times when they go back to their 4-12 season ??? Do you ever think the Ravens will ever have a HOME MNF GAME !!!

        • A MNF game is a MNF game. Does it really make a difference, whether or not it’s at home?

          • Yes it does matter if it’s home or not !!! When your team gets home at 5am and has a short week to prepare for the next game, i think that is a big deal !!! As a season ticket holder I would also like to attend it at the sametime !!! We don’t put black covers over our upper deck seats either to have sellouts !!!

          • Everybody who plays TNF has an even shorter week, regardless of whether they play it home or away.

          • That is so true about TNF games. In a couple of weeks ask the 49ers how they are going to be feeling after flying across country 3000 miles to play on Thanksgiving night. The NFL did them no favors this season !!! They have been to the east coast more than they have been on the west coast !!! The NFL couldn’t have had them play in Washington the Sunday before Thanksgiving and have them stay 40 miles away instead of crossing the country again before this game ? How fair is that ?

          • The NFL should give the 3 Thanksgiving road teams their bye the sunday before Thanksgiving and give the fourth bye on that sunday to whomever.

        • It would be interesting to see if the NFL gives Indy any primetime appearances next year assuming that Manning comes back. I bet they will.

          • Adding on to my comment about thankgiving byes, why not give all six teams the week off before thanksgiving

          • I would think they would get at least a Thursday night game. I don’t think you could give the Thursday teams a bye the week before, but you can give them all home games. They are off 10 days after they play on Thursdays which amounts to an extra bye anyway.

        • They’ve had 5 at home but not since ’07

          • That comment was in response to david saying the Ravens haven’t had a MNF game. I hit reply under the comment but for some reason it’s further down on the page.

          • Eh-I meant to say HOME MNF game as far as the Ravens.

  19. Brad Biggs of Chicago Tribune says Pete Morelli for DET @ CHI.

  20. Joe Platania says

    Wow, it’s filling up quick this week! Based on all your comments, it’s down to Parry and Winter for Seattle… I’ll find out Wed. morning if no one else does before then…

  21. Joe Platania says

    Preth, Mickey and crew…
    Another Baltimore drum roll, for, according to the team, Sunday’s ref in Seattle is … SCOTT GREEN! Don’t know why I went caps lock on that, guess I’m surprised it wasn’t Winter… you may begin unloading…. NOW!

  22. SportingBecky says

    Clete Blakeman

    Rams VS Browns

    • @Bill Please leave this off of this website. As for negative remarks to other people posting on this site. I hope Mickey responds and will not allow this to happen.

      • I have been actively moderating comments since I started assisting Mickey at the beginning of the week. I’m letting people express their opinions, including negatives, but only so long as they meet certain guidelines. Most importantly, that they stay civil, as EDOGG did this afternoon.

  23. any guesses and/or refs eligible for giants@niners?

  24. In Kansas City: Ron Winter

  25. Shane Spencer says

    So that leaves Mike Carey, Tony Corrente, John Parry, Alberto Riveron and Jeff Triplette.

  26. Triplette has been better this year. Winter has surpassed him as the worst referee in the NFL. Only a matter of time before Baltimore gets Wintered.

  27. Who is the ref for the 49ers game?

  28. oh no. hochuli in san diego. guess i will watch the game from inside of a hole and hope he does not repeat “whistlegate”


  30. Does anyone know why all the teams play this week and then there is a bye the following week. I guess you can call this a bye for the bye week lol

  31. lol James. I love that it’s a verb now getting Wintered. he is definitely awful and I’m glad he hasn’t done a GB game since Buffalo last year. that’s over 27 consecutive weeks actually.

  32. HOU@TB: You can scratch off Tony Corrente – he did the CHI/TB game in London in Week 8; NYG@SF: Scratch off Mike Carey – he did the SF/DET game in Week 6.

  33. Here’s are the unofficial possibilities

    JAX @ IND – Corrente or Triplette

    HOU @ TB – Carey, Parry or Triplette

    NYG @ SF – Corrente, Parry, Riveron or Triplette

    MIN @ GB – Carey, Corrente, Parry or Riveron

    OFF – Carey, Riveron or Triplette

  34. Its only guessing on my part but Riveron will not have the Monday Night game he worked just 2 weeks ago with Kc/SD So my idea is The Ref for Indy is gonna be Tripplete The Ref in Tb is gonna be Carey The Ref in Sf will be Parry and the Monday Night ref is Corrente which lead me to say Riveron has the Off week Folks this is only a GUESS i have NO NO NO facts 🙂

  35. my prediction:
    Houston@Tampa Bay – Triplette
    Jacksonville @Indy – Corrente
    Giants@ SF – Riveron
    Minnesota@GB – Parry
    Carey having off

  36. My apologies if anyone’s commented on this already and I know it doesn’t have anything to do with referees but does anyone know why there are no teams having byes this week yet next week there are again?, and then they end. That’s never happened before. My only guess is that the league wanted everyone to play on Veterans Day weekend, or the night before.

    • The schedule was tweaked quite a bit so that a lockout extending into the season could allow the season to be rejiggered while staying competitively balanced. Teams that played in Week 3 all share the same bye week, so they would play their Week 3 game in the scheduled bye if needed. Probably the only way to work that, logistically, was to have a no-bye week when it wasn’t normally placed.

      • Oh I see that others have commented on it but thanks for answering that. Now it makes more sense.

      • Zebra Blog –

        I don’t think your site is safe from viruses and malware. I clicked on and it takes me to some page where they check for viruses when I have Macafee to protect my computer. Could you please look into this?

        Thank you.

  37. John parry in Tampa so it leaves Mike Carey by default in Green Bay.

    • Al Riveron is eligible for the MIN-GB game. However, it should be safe to put Carey there – Riveron’s umpire is working with Walt Anderson, thus implying he has the off week.

  38. Is Carey in Tb??

  39. Corrente in SF

  40. Why does Terry McAulay always have to be the center of attention? I understand he is always rated as one of the better NFL referees each year; however, he doesn’t come into the spotlight until there is a huge call and he has to overturn it. Awful instant replay call by McAulay in overtime. No way that is indisputable evidence. Look up the definition. No way.

  41. Mike Carey confirmed in Green Bay tonight.

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