Preseason Week 2

New England at Tampa Bay – Jerome Boger
Philadelphia at Pittsburgh – John Parry

Washington at Indianapolis – Tony Corrente
Carolina at Miami – Carl Cheffers
Detroit at Cleveland – Mike Carey
Kansas City at Baltimore – Gene Steratore
Arizona at Green Bay – Jeff Triplette
Atlanta at Jacksonville – Terry McAulay

Tennessee at St. Louis – Walt Coleman
Oakland at San Francisco – Bill Leavy
New Orleans at Houston – Ed Hochuli
Buffalo at Denver – Al Riveron
Minnesota at Seattle – Clete Blakeman

Cincinnati at NY Jets – Scott Green
San Diego at Dallas – Walt Anderson

Chicago at NY Giants – Ron Winter


  1. Walt Coleman will be in St. Louis for Tennessee/St. Louis.

  2. My "5" Kids says

    read that parry in pittsburgh against philadelphia or read line judge rusty baynes in pittsburgh

  3. mr. bamboozaul says

    who will b the official 4 the chargers-cowboys game?

  4. scott green says

    Bill, the whole site is for answering legitimate questions as to who is the referee (officials) at what venue…why would you think that mr. b is out of line? It is going to be a long year with that attitude.

  5. scott green says

    Another stellar point Bill; since the name Scott Green is not very common.

  6. Mr. Hochuli is in a southern state.

  7. So if that’s the case Hochuli will be in either Miami, Houston, or Dallas. Only other southern states home this week are Tampa Bay which he cant do as he did the Pat last week and Jacksonville whom he officiated last week.

  8. Hi there fellows:
    Carl Cheffers’ crew in Miami (Carolina @ Miami).
    Good season for all you.

  9. Hochuli is in Houston, The Texans posted the flipcard.

  10. Jeff Triplette will be up north

  11. Joe Platania says

    Hey, gang!

    Didn’t mean to be poetic, but it’s Steratore in Baltimore! Worked BAL games twice last year, preseason week 3 at home and regular season week 2 at CIN…

  12. This could be deemed semi-poetic –

    Corrente in Indy.

  13. Carey in Cleveland.

  14. Falcons@Jaguars- Terry McAulay

  15. Al Riveron in Denver for Bills-Broncos.

  16. Raiders@49ers- Bill Leavy
    Vikings@Seahawks- Clete Blakeman

  17. Who is Jon Lucivansky? Is he a new referee?

  18. Scott Green for CIN NYJ

  19. Terry Mcaulay in Jacksonville.

  20. Walt Anderson in Big D.

  21. Which leaves us Morelli and Winter for Monday Night. Probably Winter since members of Morelli’s crew worked games this week.

  22. FYI….. Atlanta @ Jacksonville was Terry McAulay, not Jon Lucivansky.

  23. Shane Spencer says

    Ron Winter was the ref for the CHI @ NYG game.

  24. Shit

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