Week 2

Oakland at Buffalo – Mike Carey
Kansas City at Detroit – Tony Corrente
Baltimore at Tennessee – Clete Blakeman
Cleveland at Indianapolis – Gene Steratore
Chicago at New Orleans – Walt Coleman
Jacksonville at NY Jets – Scott Green
Seattle at Pittsburgh – Bill Leavy
Arizona at Washington – Pete Morelli
Green Bay at Carolina – Al Riveron
Tampa Bay at Minnesota – Jeff Triplette
Dallas at San Francisco – Ron Winter
Houston at Miami – John Parry
Cincinnati at Denver – Ed Hochuli
San Diego at New England – Walt Anderson
Philadelphia at Atlanta – Carl Cheffers

St. Louis at NY Giants – Terry McAulay


  1. Walt Anderson is in New England.

  2. Walt Coleman is in New Orleans for Bears/Saints.

  3. Oh oh.. Bill Leavy will be in Pittsburgh on Sunday.. Seahawks @ Steelers

  4. Titans release just landed in my E-Mail…

    We get Clete Blakeman for BAL/TEN

  5. Hi Mickey:
    Next S.N.F in Atlanta will be officiated by the Carl Cheffers’ Crew
    (Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons, Sept. 18)

  6. Ron Winter in San Francisco on Sunday for the Cowboys at 49ers Game.


  7. Mike Carey will be at Mile High this weekend for CIN @ DEN.

  8. Confirmed:

    Terry McAulay for Giants – Rams.

  9. Also confirmed:

    Mike Carey has Raiders@Bills, not Bengals@Broncos.

  10. Hi all…per the Bengals beat writer it will be Ed Hochuli for Bengals-Broncos.

  11. You have carey in Denver this Sun but I just talked to Eds Hochuli informant and Ed is to be in Denver his week.

  12. Parry or Triplette or do we go to the wire again?

    • Patience – at least four of the remaining games ought to be filled in by Friday.

    • The only remaining game with a very high probability of finding an assignment ahead of time is Texans-Dolphins, as Miami has a tendency to make its information public. And oddly enough, neither Parry nor Triplette has been placed ahead of time.

      It’s a pretty safe bet that Parry has one of the remaining games, because he was off last week. Maybe Triplette has a week off this time.

  13. Who’s refereeing the Packers-Panthers game?

  14. Confirmed:

    Alberto Riveron has Packers@Panthers.

  15. Before posting the info on where the Referees will be Officiating, Please Confirm before posting. Thank you!

  16. Confirmed:

    Tony Corrente has Chiefs @ Lions.

  17. Confirmed:

    Pete Morelli has Cardinals @ Redskins.

  18. Some of the crews listed are incorrect. On Tony Correntees crew the FJ is Gary Cavelletto. Not sure if we have updated any crew changes this year. Geat job by everyone posting!

  19. Here is a list of refs along with the sites where
    they have never officated a regular season game. I left out Clete Blakeman because this is only his second year.
    Anderson : Houston
    Boger : Chicago – St Louis
    Cheffers : Atlanta – Carolina- New Orleans- Jacksonville
    Corrente : New York Jets
    Green : San Francisco
    Parry : Chicago- Green Bay – Denver
    Riveron : Buffalo – Cleveland – Tennessee- San Diego
    Steratore : Denver

  20. This is a list of refs along with the sites where they have not done a game since 2005

    Anderson : Cleveland ( 2003)
    Carey : Pittsburgh (2000) , Buffalo and Detroit (2005)
    Coleman : Oakland (1998)
    Leavy : Seattle (2003), Arizona (2005)
    McAulay : Kansas City (2002), Seattle (2005)
    Triplette : Philadelphia (1999) , Atlanta (2005)
    Corrente : New England (2005)
    Morelli : Detroit (2005)
    Winter : Minnesota (2002). Oakland and Baltimore (2005)
    Hochuli : Jacksonville (2005)

  21. Ugh. As an Eagles fan I’ve been dreading the week Carl Cheffers refs the game, and it comes this week! Worst ref in football. Completely useless. At least we get it done early.

  22. John Parry for Miami-Houston. Texans twitter account posted the flipcard.

  23. Is Boger off this week?

  24. Comes down to Steratore, Green, Triplette, and Boger for the final 3 spots. Pretty safe to say Boger has this week off since he did the Monday night game.

  25. Steratore has Cleveland/Indy today.

  26. i would like to know what game green has

  27. Triplette has TB at Minn

  28. Scott Green has Jets-Jaguars.

  29. jason piechowicz says

    gene starotore had browns colts

  30. jason piechowicz says

    like your website!!!!

  31. #82, Buddy Horton, is not the Field Judge on Mike Carey’s crew this year. That would be #50, Mike Weir.

  32. Shane Spencer says

    Mickey, this page needs to be updated, OK?

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