Week 9

NY Jets at Buffalo – Ed Hochuli
Seattle at Dallas – Terry McAulay
Tampa Bay at New Orleans – Carl Cheffers
Atlanta at Indianapolis – Mike Carey
Miami at Kansas City – Walt Anderson
San Francisco at Washington – Gene Steratore
Cleveland at Houston – Al Riveron
Denver at Oakland – John Parry
Cincinnati at Tennessee – Jeff Triplette
NY Giants at New England – Pete Morelli
St. Louis at Arizona – Tony Corrente’s crew, led by Ron Winter
Green Bay at San Diego – Clete Blakeman
Baltimore at Pittsburgh – Walt Coleman

Chicago at Philadelphia – Scott Green

Bye: Detroit, Minnesota, Carolina, Jacksonville



  1. http://Mark says

    Walt Anderson has the Miami/Kansas City game this week.

  2. http://Ryan says

    Ed Hochuli’s crew will be in Buffalo this week. Spoke to member of his crew!

    • http://Brian says

      Doing Chris Berman impersonation: “Hochuli?!” “In Buffalo?!” I wonder who shall get the Ravens at Steelers contest. My pre-guess at 15-1 odds is Al Riveron. I don’t know why I think this, but it seems like the kind of “out of left field just because we are the NFL and we can” thing the NFL would do.

  3. http://Shane%20Spencer says

    Jerome Boger has yet to referee a Monday night game this season…he is eligible for CHI @ PHI.

  4. http://Jason says

    Why was Mike Carey yesterday with 3 members of Blakeman’s crew and 2 guys of Hochuli’s crew? Especially since Hocholi worked yesterday. You can tell they were not comfortable working with each other. They huddled a lot during the game.

    • http://Michael says

      Carey worked with his regular crew. The crews listed on this site are incorrect and not updated to reflect the 2011 crews. The only change this week was since Walt Anderson’s umpire is injured, Clete Blakeman’s umpire subbed for him

      • http://Jason says

        Thanks. The crew just looked like they were huddling after every play to figure something out. The Field Judge had a couple big late flags that continued drives for New England.

      • http://JOE83 says

        FYI, Al Riveron crew change Field Judge ( #3 Scott Edwards instead #33 Steve Zimmer, injured in last game) and Ron Winter crew had as Side Judge the swing side judge this season #21 Jeff Lamberth instead of # 97 Tom Hill.

  5. Tweet from Brad Biggs of Chicago Tribune says Scott Green will handle Bears @ Eagles for MNF.

  6. http://Joe%20Platania says

    In order, including preseason, the Ravens have had:

    Leavy, Steratore, Triplette, Winter, Corrente, Blakeman, Green, Carey, Steratore, Cheffers and Triplette… maybe that will help unmask the Sunday-night mystery…

  7. http://Shane%20Spencer says

    Mike Carey is eligible for TB @ NO…he has yet to work a game involving either the Bucs or the Saints.

  8. Scott Green will be Pittsburg/ Baltimore game.

  9. http://John says

    Triplette in Tennessee

  10. http://JOE83 says

    Hi Mickey:
    After his off week, Carl Cheffers’ crew will be in the Superdome next sunday (Tampa Bay @ New Orleans, Nov. 06, 13:00 ET.

  11. http://Gerry says

    This would be Cheffer’s first ever regular season game in New Orleans

  12. Seattle @ Dallas- Terry McAulay….terry-mcaulay-2

  13. http://Kenneth says

    Steratore’s son tells me he is in Washington this weekend.

  14. Why is this such a mystery. Obviously the league would want to arrange travel plans, so why does this info trickle in like Election night exit polls…

  15. http://Kenneth says

    Also, in case anyone was wanting to guess around, if I’ve done everything right, this is whats is left:

    CLE@HOU – JB, RW, TC, JP, AR
    ATL@IND – CB, MC, WC, TC, AR, RW
    DEN@OAK – JB, MC, BL, AR, JP, RW
    NYG@NE- AR, JP, PM, BL
    GB@SD – CB, JB, MC, TC, BL, JP, RW
    STL@AZ – CB, MC, TC, BL, PM
    BAL@PIT – JB, WC, PM, AR

  16. http://Jerry says

    Riveron would be a good choice for Ravens-Steelers. By and large, his crew doesn’t throw many flags. That’s good when two physical teams line up against each other.

  17. http://Joe%20Platania says

    Hey, gang!

    The Ravens’ organization has weighed in…
    Kenneth honed it on it, and got it right! The Sunday-night referee for the latest titanic BAL-PIT clash is… drum roll… Walt Coleman!

  18. http://Trey says

    So it’s Coleman’s crew that’s going to screw the Ravens @ Pit! Over/Under 6 Offensive holding penalties against Bal.?

  19. http://Markus says

    Coleman is good for that game. He ll make the calls unlike Mike “look the other way” Carey… Multiple blown calls last week v. Patriots.

  20. http://Markus says

    Question : can you take the majority of NFL games , look at the obviously blown calls and make a case that these calls changed the outcome of the game …? I know of 2 in week 8… (the 2 that I watched).

  21. http://Brian says

    Coleman last officiated a PIT-BAL game in 2008 in Baltimore. Overturned a call at the goalline that gave Santonio Holmes a PIT TD with less than a min to play.

    • http://Joe%20Platania says

      Brian, like I said in my blog (Ravens Report at, Coleman has been involved in a few controversies. But he hasn’t had a Ravens game at all since 2009, when they walloped Denver…

    • http://Brian says

      The above person is some sort of imposter. I am the true “Brian” on this site. At least the one who’s been commenting on the site the past few weeks with Steelers flip cards and sich (South Park reference).

      • http://Preth says

        It’s possible for two people to choose to visit this site with a Name of “Brian”. In any case, even if true, I don’t see why it’s such a big deal. It’s not like the first Brian claimed a false crew for the PIT-BAL game…

  22. http://Dan says

    Any word on who has the Giants/New England game?

  23. http://Nita says

    what is the big deal about wearing throwback uniforms? some of them should be left in the attic.

    • http://Joe%20Platania says

      Nita, the throwbacks first came out when the league was celebrating its 75th anniversary in 1994. SF wore them more than most teams. Now, teams use them as a third/alternate jersey, like in England’s Premier League (soccer)… in fact, Pittsburgh is wearing them this weekend; it always seems to do that against the Ravens…

  24. http://Preth says


    Ron Winter is working the game in Arizona.

  25. http://Kenneth says

    process of elimination will put Pete Morelli in New England. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  26. http://Preth says


    John Parry in Oakland.

  27. http://Gerry says

    Hochuli’s first game in Buffalo since 2006

  28. http://Kenneth says

    Of course no one wants to speculate, but if Boger is off, as widely assumed, that puts Riveron in Houston, Blakeman in Indy and either Leavy or Carey in SD, with the other one off

    • http://Preth says

      Riveron can be in Indy. Blakeman can be in Houston. (Blakeman probably won’t be in Houston, but it’s possible.)

      • http://Kenneth says

        blakeman worked in Houston already, in week 4.

        • http://Preth says

          There’s no rule against working two home games for a team. One of several 2010 examples: Steratore worked Bengals home games in weeks 2 and 16.

          • http://John%202 says

            Preth –

            I think we’re one week too soon for Blakeman to be eligible for ANY Texan game.

          • http://Preth says

            No. He’s eligible. It’s not a likely assignment, but it’s entirely possible. The rule is, “two assignments that can fall at the ends of a 6-week span, or further apart” – or perhaps put more simply, subtract the two week numbers and get 5 or higher. 9-4=5.

            I believe there were two examples of this happening last season. The one I most vividly remember is Pete Morelli working Seahawks games in weeks 4 and 9.

  29. http://Preth says


    Al Riveron in Houston.

  30. http://ChuckX says

    As Preth said, from the flip card available on the Texans’ site:

    Referee — Alberto Riveron (57)
    Umpire — Scott Dawson (70)
    Head Linesman — Jim Mello (48)
    Line Judge — Ron Phares (10)
    Field Judge — Scott Steenson (88)
    Side Judge — Jimmy DeBell (58)
    Back Judge — Greg Steed (12)
    Replay — Bob Boyston
    Video — Jim Grant

    • http://Russ says

      Looks like Scott Steenson, who is normally Ron Winter’s FJ is in for Steve Zimmer. Zimmer left the game in Dallas two weeks ago and has not returned since.

  31. http://ChuckX says

    Correction on Houston assignment Week 9:

    Replay — Bob Boylston

    (left out the L)

  32. http://James says

    My Mike Carey in San Diego prediction is looking pretty good.

    • http://Steve says

      Carey should have done the NE-NYG game (I know he is inelligible having worked NE-PIT last week), but if you remember, in 2007 he worked both the NE-NYG regular season finale and Super Bowl XLII.

  33. http://SportingBecky says

    From Clete Blakeman himself

    Packers VS Chargers

    • http://Preth says

      Thanks, Becky. That leaves Mike Carey in Indy, and we’ve actually completed one of the more complicated “multi-bye” week lists early. Very cool.

  34. Leaves either Leavy or Carey in Indy..

    Winter (technically) and Boger are OFF

  35. Oops…only Carey…is left…

    winter, leavy and boger are off…

  36. http://James says

    Was it ever established why Corrente is being replaced by Winter?

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