Week 17

Tampa Bay at Atlanta – Scott Green
Baltimore at Cincinnati – Tony Corrente
Pittsburgh at Cleveland – Al Riveron
Detroit at Green Bay – Walt Coleman
Indianapolis at Jacksonville – John Parry
Tennessee at Houston – Ron Winter
San Francisco at St. Louis – Jeff Triplette
NY Jets at Miami – Jerome Boger
Chicago at Minnesota – Mike Carey
Buffalo at New England – Bill Leavy
Carolina at New Orleans – Ed Hochuli
Dallas at NY Giants – Walt Anderson
Washington at Philadelphia – Carl Cheffers
Seattle at Arizona – Gene Steratore
San Diego at Oakland – Clete Blakeman
Kansas City at Denver – Pete Morelli

Off: Terry McAulay


  1. Week 17’s list is now completed! Many thanks to Kenneth for taking the time to chart out all the possibilities.

    – Preth

  2. Oh I did leave those out. My bad.

    Blakeman is doing SD-Oakland, McAulay is off.

  3. Hi Mickey:
    Carl Cheffers’ crew is finishing his regular season assignment next Sunday, January 1st.,in Philadelphia (Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles, Lincoln Financial Field, 1:00 P.M., ET)

  4. Im pretty sure Morelli is also eligible for NE/BUF

  5. OK guessing Early but here goes Anderson will Be in New York Because he wont be doing Houston Ron Winter lives 4 hours from Greenbay in Michigan so hes gonna get the Helm there and Corrente I think gets Houston based souly on them 3 Refs being only ones can do the game Scott green will finish in New England and these are only guesses but Its wat my young brain thinks 😀 Happy New Year to everyone

  6. Coleman/Carey 1 of each can be found in Minnesota the other will Head to Atlanta Its a guess also

  7. Triplette for KC/DEN? He worked the DEN/SD game in Week 12.

  8. lets hope my Packers lock up homefield advantage this week vs Bears in case we get Ron Winter next week! luckily he hasn’t done a GB game since week 2 last year vs Buffalo! haha

  9. I hopeanderson gets the dal@giants game

  10. mr. bamboosaul says

    i hope john parry gets the cowboys-giants game

  11. Ron Winter is ineligible for Bal-Cin

    Al Riveron/Pete Morelli/Gene Steratore are eligible and I believe it will be one of the three, hopefully Steratore

    • Brian BAL Fan says

      Winter IS eligible for BAL-CIN. The only game he worked for either of these teams this year was CIN @ BAL. This does not make him ineligible for the rematch @ CIN. Ed Hochuli worked both WAS-DAL games this year. I’d say unlikely Winter gets the assignment, but its not improbable. Please correct me if wrong though.

  12. Shane Spencer says

    DAL @ NYG is the Sunday night game in week 17, a re-match of the Sunday night game in week 14. The winners make the playoffs, the losers watch the playoffs on TV.

  13. Yes that is correct my fault Boger did work both Clev-Cin games last year and Winter has only worked one Cin game and one Bal game which was the head to head matchup obviously but unless he wants to get ran over again I suggest he gets a different game lol and I agree with David hopefully Steratore or Morelli more Gene

  14. What happened to Mickey?

  15. Coleman’s crew in Green Bay for week 17. Hope they know about the untieing of the shoestrings.

  16. TB @ ATL, PIT @ CLE, & BAL @ CIN moved to 4:15.

  17. Joe Platania says

    My ref source here in BAL has nothing for me so far on BAL-CIN, but I’m reading some good detective work from you guys so far. Stay tuned…

  18. Can someone answer my question, does a referee’s crew live in the same vicinity and or city/town as said referee?

    • not at all. here’s an example:

      Hochuli lives around Pheonix, AZ
      Hittner lives around Kansas City area
      Don Carey lives near San Diego I believe, while Adrian Hill lives in Maryland, last I checked (doesn’t he work for NASA?)

    • i dunno why that comment was submitted, but Craig Wrolstad works for Seattle University…

      no clue about Torbert

  19. Yes , as I stated a few days ago he has not done a game in florida and atlanta in a long time

  20. Everything is on the line for the Ravens this week, so I hope Professor Winter enjoys his NYE in Cincinnati.

  21. Mike Carey in Minnesota..

    Source: Brad Briggs – Chicago Tribune

  22. Ron Winter has the call for the TITANS – Houston game

    Per/ Titans

  23. JoeTheMailman says

    Why is that Steratore, Boger and Triplette never do Stiller games? I know Mean Gene lives in Washington, PA but still…these 3 guys seem to never get the Stillers. Triplette did the AFC playoff game between Pitt and Balt last year but never in the regular season it seems. WTF….Keep Corrente, and Coleman the hell away from Pittsburgh.

    • Steratore usually works about one Steelers game per season, on average.

      There could be any number of different reasons why the other two officials generally don’t.

  24. Walt Coleman will be in Green Bay for Detroit/Green Bay.

  25. The officialest beat writer has Tony Corrente’s crew spending a lovely holiday weekend in the great city of Cincinnati. No word on the ref working with them.

  26. if only one of us knew someone on Triplette’s crew, we’d finish this thing up.

  27. wait, is Parry eligible for KC@DEN? On my chart he is, but I didn’t type him on the list you’ ve been narrowing down, Preth

  28. JoeTheMailman says

    Preth, thanks for the follow up on my question. Looking back, Boger and Triplette have not done a regular season Pittsburgh game since the 09′ season.

  29. Hey Preth its confirmed. Carl Cheffers will be in Philadelphia for the Eagles Skins game.

  30. Joe Platania says

    To clear up an earlier thread, my ref source tells me that Corrente WILL BE ON THE FIELD for BAL-CIN, which, of course, is great news! McAulay can relax, I guess… Corrente did the PIT-BAL game in Week 1…

  31. Flip card says it is indeed Al Riveron who shall attempt to avoid beer bottles being tossed at him postgame in Cleveland and handle the Steelers at Browns contest.

  32. JoeTheMailman says

    Yeah, and quite possibly his first EVER stillers game.

  33. JoeTheMailman says

    Wow, that’s why I don’t recall it. Been forever and a day since a meaningful game. Thanks again Preth. We get stuck with Corrente, Winter, Morelli and Leavey quite a bit.

    • Two Morelli assignments last year, none this year. These things generally tend to even out over time. It’s quite rare to have officials work a team completely evenly.

      Interestingly, Kansas City accomplished that feat this season. In 16 regular season games, they never repeated a single crew, so they’ll have had 16/17 crews exactly once.

      I agree with you about Leavy, the Steelers have him twice just about every year. However, they generally only see Winter and Corrente once per season. With 17 crews, that’s on par with expectations.

  34. Unless someone has mentioned this, but did I see Walt Anderson referee the Holiday Bowl on December 28th?

  35. So glad to see Steratore working a Seahawks game. He’s my favorite ref, and we haven’t had him all year.

  36. JoeTheMailman says

    Steratore is a great ref and shows a ton of personality on the field. I love to see that but I’m sure his bosses frown upon it.

  37. When Riveron was coaching Pop Warner football(135 lbs)division in Miami a few years back. He was a wild man towards the officials and also was ejected a few times. His attitude is still the same today when he attends officials clinic in Miami in the summer!

  38. I’m so sad…the regular season is almost over already!!!

  39. Matt Baehner says

    Just a quick question. Has Terry McCauly worked a game in Cleveland since the 2001 Bottle Gate game vs Jacksonville?

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