Week 12

Green Bay at Detroit – Terry McAulay
Miami at Dallas – Pete Morelli
San Francisco at Baltimore – John Parry

Minnesota at Atlanta – Al Riveron
Cleveland at Cincinnati – Walt Anderson
Tampa Bay at Tennessee – Bill Leavy
Carolina at Indianapolis – Tony Corrente
Houston at Jacksonville – Walt Coleman
Arizona at St. Louis – Mike Carey
Buffalo at NY Jets – Carl Cheffers
Chicago at Oakland – Ron Winter
Washington at Seattle – Clete Blakeman
New England at Philadelphia – Jerome Boger
Denver at San Diego – Scott Green’s crew, led by Jeff Triplette
Pittsburgh at Kansas City – Ed Hochuli

NY Giants at New Orleans – Gene Steratore

Off: Jeff Triplette (crew)


  1. Walt Anderson’s crew will be working the Battle of Ohio this weekend.

  2. McAulay’s crew will be having turkey with the Packers and the Lions on Thursday

  3. Per Profootballweekly.com – no changes to the Week 12 schedule, the PIT/KC game will remain as the SNF game.

  4. When will they release who the referee crew is for the Chiefs/Steelers game on 11/27? Has anyone heard who it is yet?

  5. Thanks!

  6. Yes Hochuli has the Steelers at Kc on the 27th. I talked to Ed Hochuli
    this week.

  7. I am trusting you in this….after all it is the Steelers & Ed Hochuli. Thanks!!

  8. I’m not sure what game popeye was watching but the redskins/cowboys was a very good officiated game. I wanted the redskins to win but I think the Hochuli crew again showed what class and intelligence they have on the football field.

  9. mr. bamboosaul says

    i 2 thought hochuli did a fine job as well, the only question i hav is that the winning field goal 4 the cowboys did not appeared to go inside of the goal post. what are your thoughts regarding this matter.

  10. Walt Coleman in Jacksonville

  11. John Parry will di Balt/SF game should be a good game both Harbaugh brothers against each other.

  12. Preth:

    Just heard from the team, and Pat is right. It WILL be John Parry, who did two Ravens games last year but none so far this season…

  13. Nita, I believe Ed Hochuli and Carey are at the top of their games, however, flags were being thrown 3 to 5 seconds after the play was over. Ed wasn’t the one doing it, but it reflects on him. Maybe he needs to tightening up his crew.

  14. I agreed J. Triplette doing a much better job. When is he coming to DC? He called a good game: Redskins vs. Tex in wk2 of last year.

  15. Remaining referees available for MIA/DAL are: Blakeman, Carey, Corrente, Green, Leavy, and Morelli

    Carey did a Thanksgiving Day game last year – I would suspect the NFL wouldn’t make him have 2 Turkey Day games in a row.

    Remaining referees available for MIN/ATL are: Blakeman, Corrente, Green, Leavy, Riveron, Steratore, and Winter

  16. Remaining referees available for NYG/NO are: Boger, Blakeman, Leavy, Riveron, Steratore, and Triplette.

    Blakeman is unlikely as that would be back-to-back MNF games.

  17. Per BTFS,

    Dolphins@Cowboys- Pete Morelli

  18. Remaining referees available for NE/PHIL are Boger, Cheffers, Corrente, Leavy, and Winter

  19. Boger will either be in Philadelphia, Indy, or San Diego.

  20. adding on to last reply. In a regular season game as a referee

  21. Who is eligible for Bills/Jets? Why isn’t Riveron eligible? He has not worked a Bills game this year (regular season).

  22. This may sound like a silly question but who, if anyone, on this site has ever officiated a football game on any level? What about on the NCAA level? Who has ever studied the rule book or taken a mechanics test? Just wondering.

    • i’ve reffed basketball, football and soccer, albeit for a little amount of time, as I am only 20 years old. I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I say something about a particular referee, I am referencing the entire crew (except in the case of, say, Cheffers, who is god awful on the mic)

      i think everyone is in agreement that these men are the top 17 (18 for a few positions) at what they do, it’s just apparent that some are better than others (i.e. Steratore’s and Blakeman’s are better than Triplette’s and Cheffers’)

      • Well you are off to a start. On what level have you officiated? It will be interesting to see if you have the same opinions 5 or 10 years from now. In any grouping, there are always going to be some that are better than others but in the NFL the spread is really very minimal except for one or two and they are not the ones that you mention. That is why certain Referees end up with stronger or weaker crews. There is always 1-2 rules experts on every crew and it is not always the guy in the white hat. It will be interesting to see the play-off assignments.

  23. Bill Leavy has the Tampa Bay – Titans game
    Tenn. press release

  24. FYI for Art Rossi, I was a high school football official for 16 years. Actually worked with Jeff Triplette during the first 4 years as we were in college together. Health problems cut my career short.

  25. In Oakland – Ron Winter

  26. MEH – I am just trying to understand the basis for someone’s statement that “so and so is at the top of his game” or that “I don’t trust this Referee” unless they have ever been out on the field themselves. An officiating crew is not just the Referee. He is only sets the tone and makes the announcements in most cases. There are 6 other guys out there (and 2 in the Replay booth) and in some cases good Referees have poorer crews and vice-versa. I am glad that you have some experience and took the time to respond. I find it interesting that others have not.

  27. In San Diego:

    Scott Green’s crew, led by Jeff Triplette

  28. Hi Mickey:
    Carl Cheffers’ crew in the New Meadowlands Stadium this week (Buffalo Bills @ New York Jats, Nov.27, 01:00 PM, EST,)

  29. By process of elimination, it appears as if Mike Carey will have ARI-STL. The only other game he could work is WAS-SEA, but it’s enough of a longshot that I’ve updated the list.

  30. Correct me if I am wrong… the only remaining refs that could do the Monday Night game (NYG@NO) are…
    Al Riveron
    Gene Steratore
    Walt Coleman

  31. Probably not. More likely, the crew for that game is either Clete Blakeman or Al Riveron.

  32. Art Rossi, I would really like to have the opportunity to talk with you about the “ins & outs” of officiating as you seem to know your stuff.

    I started way back in 1969 & also officiated baseball & basketball in addition to football but did more football. Back in those days, we would work as a two man crew in some games – 3 man crew in others & then either a 4 man or 5 man crew for the high school games. I actually worked two games in my football career (one 8th grade & the other a 10 & 11 year old game) by myself. I would love to see some of these writers & announcers do that & then see what they have to say about the officials.

    If you would like to continue our conversation, my email address is: oldrefs15@yahoo.com

  33. SportingBecky says

    Redskins VS Seahawks

    Referee Clete Blakeman

  34. by process of Eliminations Tony Corrente has the Colts/Panthers he worked a Nyg/Phil Games in weeks 8 and 10 this is only a guess but from wat i see its the only game he would be able to ref

  35. blakeman

  36. oh gosh im so blind I wasnt paying attention to them games lala land so sorry glad i stated it was only a guess lol

  37. but Sorry if i offended anyone that was not the intentions

  38. Four games left:

    MIN/ATL – Steratore, Corrente, Riveron

    CAR/IND – Corrente, Riveron

    NE/PHIL – Boger, Corrente

    NYG/NO – Boger, Riveron, Steratore

    • Riveron can work NE/PHI; Steratore can work CAR/IND

    • NYG/NO – Probably Steratore

      Steratore has not officiated NYG or NO yet this year or any Monday night games.

      Boger – officiated both teams and a Monday

      Riveron – Monday game in week 8

      No proof, but signs point to Steratore

      • Honestly, I’d say it’s about 35% Steratore, 35% Riveron, 30% Boger. Working a previous team assignment and primetime are both pretty unreliable indicators. Also, Steratore’s chances are harmed as well, as he’s worked two very recent Sunday primetime games.

  39. What happened to Scott Green?

  40. Steratore worked Cleveland at Indianapolis earlier this year. Doubt he would be in Indy again. Lean towards New Orleans for MNF!

  41. Steratore is Monday night.

    How about updating the crew list?

  42. Because they are actually one of the better, higher ranked crews with 4 officials that have worked multiple Super Bowls. This is just a regualr week assignment but Mcauley is one of the best.

    • Who are you referring to?, in response to Art Rossi’s post about them being one of the better, higher ranked crews. I’m writing this at the end of Week 12 so am not sure when you’d see it.

  43. I hate when people blame Macaulay for throwing a million flags during the course of the game. These fools are just playing dirty. Suh will get suspended.

  44. what happen to scott green

  45. Shane Spencer says

    Now it’s down to Corrente and Riveron on who will be the ref for MIN @ATL and CAR @IND…these are my predictions:

    MIN @ ATL: Corrente
    CAR @ IND: Riveron

  46. Here is my predictions

    MIN @ ATL: Riveron

    CAR @IND: Corrente

  47. Riveron in Atlanta.

  48. MIN @ ATL: Riveron

  49. Thanks for the help, guys.

  50. Thanks Shane

  51. So can anyone tell me why Scott Green’s crew has been led by different officials the past 2 weeks?

    • We don’t know. Most likely, he’s injured. That’s according to a post by Zebra Blog earlier today. (I don’t suggest visiting their site – there are multiple recent reports of viruses.)

      • Yeah, I spent a half a day and a couple of messages to tech support to clear that up. What a mess! Thanks for the mention.

        A source with the league informed me that Scott Green is, in fact, injured. Does anyone recall anything out of the ordinary in Week 10 (BAL @ SEA), when Green last officiated?

  52. Question going back to last Monday nights game with the Giants and Eagles. Was this play ruled correctly by offsetting the penalties. The long completed pass to Jackson steps out of bounds and tosses ball at D Coordinator at the snap Illegal hands to the face by defense. Shouldn’t both penalties have been accessed one was live and the other was dead? Please help it’s still bugging me…lol
    I had a Hopper book but I’m very pissed that I can’t find it.

  53. Stevie Johnston fined

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