Week 4

Carolina at Chicago – Terry McAulay
Buffalo at Cincinnati – Gene Steratore
Tennessee at Cleveland – Pete Morelli
Detroit at Dallas – John Parry
Washington at St. Louis – Walt Coleman
San Francisco at Philadelphia – Al Riveron
Minnesota at Kansas City – Bill Leavy
New Orleans at Jacksonville – Ed Hochuli
Pittsburgh at Houston – Clete Blakeman
Atlanta at Seattle – Walt Anderson
NY Giants at Arizona – Jerome Boger
Miami at San Diego – Jeff Triplette
Denver at Green Bay – Scott Green
New England at Oakland – Tony Corrente
NY Jets at Baltimore – Mike Carey

Indianapolis at Tampa Bay – Ron Winter

Off: Carl Cheffers


  1. Carl Cheffers Please Be at dallas

  2. Carl Cheffers Where?

  3. Walt Anderson is at Seattle for the Cowboys/Seahawks game.

  4. I’d like to know why there are no or few calls made when Michael Vick, quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, is hit WELL after he has gotten rid of the football? This has been happening ever since the 2010 season. What are the referees looking at? Can’t they see what practically every NFL commentator see? And what the fans see? Not sure why Vick can’t get the respect and protection that Manning, Brees, Brady, Rodgers and all the elite quarterbacks get. What is the official Board of Referees explanation?

  5. Cheffers is off

  6. Bill, Michael Vick served his time in Jail. I do not believe in celebrating when a player I don’t like is injured. I am for mercy and compassion. Showing mercy is vital regardless of who the person is.

  7. Tweet from Brad Briggs of Chicago Tribune says that Terry McAulay will be the Ref for Carolina @ Chicago.

  8. Which refs have had Sunday-night games so far? We can probably eliminate them for NYJ-BAL, right?

  9. I am fairly certain Steratore has the Monday Night game.

  10. Pete Morelli is in Clev. for the Titans game this week

  11. I read that Pete Morelli is going to be at the Cleveland/Tennessee Game per BTFS

  12. Ed Hochuli is eligable for the
    San Fransisco/Philadephia
    Miami @ San Diego
    I think Ed Hochul will be at either of these games
    San Fransisco@ Philly

  13. mr. bamboosaul says

    who was the referee that threw that ghost flag against the bears in the 4th quarter, when the bears scored a td on a punt return against the packers, they should have a cane and a seeing eye dog. Godell should excommunicate that official, that was a bogus call.

  14. John Parry is in Dallas this week, from BTFS

  15. Becky, how was the game last nite. Thot Ed’s crew did an excellent job like always….

    • SportingBecky says

      Hi Nita,

      Pretty cool…. Railing seats! Ed Hochuli came by 2 times to say hello and at the 2nd half… he was waiting for the player to show up in the End zone and he saw me taking his photo and he waved at us for like a Minute!!! What a very, very, very nice Man!!!!

      • Sorry Becky but I find this real hard to believe since I know Ed personally and he’s way to professional to wave at anyone in the stands. His mind and eyes are strictly on the game.

        • SportingBecky says

          Sorry Nita…. but he did!!!! I have photos & My Mother was with me. I took her to the game too… waved at me 2 times(1 from sidelines, 1 from the End Zone right before the 2nd half) & another time he came right up to the railing before the game started/coin toss….

  16. Sorry to burst your bubble but Ed doesn’t have any of those games. Hochuli is in Jacksonville.

  17. Theres no IF to it Ed IS in Jacksonville.

  18. Coleman in dirty Jers

  19. Dane, I like your logic, but David is right again (on fire this week!). It’s Mike Carey in Baltimore, according to the team.

  20. Confirmed:

    Gene Steratore in Cincinnati.

  21. It’s confirmed Mike Carey will be doing SNF in Baltimore for my Ravens. So glad to hear it wasn’t Ron Winter.

  22. Haha what are the odds Walt Coleman does the New England at Oakland game. Last time he officiated these 2 was the snow playoff game at the old Foxborough Stadium

  23. Clete Blakeman is is Houston for the Texans/Steelers.

    Texans posted the flipcard.

  24. Confirmed:

    Walt Coleman has Redskins-Rams.

  25. Confirmed by Peter King on his NBC Sports Talk show,

    Al Riveron is working 49ers-Eagles.

  26. Al is working real hard to keep that weight off. You should see him in the offseason!

  27. i really really hope jeff triplette is not doing the raider game. He is by far the worst ref.

  28. Al Riveron has San Francisco vs Philadelphia. Confirmed from Eagles PR staff this morning during media meeting.

  29. Boger is in ARZ for the NYG game

    • Yeah, too secure a win for the Giants! Someone get that guy some glasses and the rules book! Selfdowning is the new rule for a player that shrug’s off a tackle proceeds with forward motion 5 feet then stumbles and fumbles the ball.

      Thats how you make sure your team does not loose the ball to the other team. I mean Cruz was not even touched when he stumbled and fumbled the ball. NFL time too invest in corrective contact’s, surgurey or glasses for Number 23!

  30. whose the ref for the packers vs. broncos???

  31. By process of elimination – Leavy will be in K.C.

  32. And this leaves us with the following

    MIA @ SD – Green, Triplette or Winter
    NE @ OAK – Green, Triplette or Winter
    IND @ TB – Green or Winter

  33. Confirmed:

    Scott Green is working Broncos-Packers.

  34. Ron Winter is hanging over someone’s head. I feel for them. He and his crew are awful.

  35. Remaining possibilities:

    MIA-SD: Corrente, Winter, Triplette

    NE-OAK: Corrente, Winter, Triplette

    IND-TB: Corrente, Winter

  36. tony corrente is in oakland for raiders -patriots. He was in the press box for stanford game last night. Confirmed.

  37. Ole Gene taking the pay off in cinci! YOU SUCK GENE!!!!!

  38. is triplette doing the miami-san diego game?

  39. ron winter is doing tonites mnf game. What are u guys thoughts?

  40. Just because there are a lot of flags does not mean a crew is bad. It means that teams are being dumb and comitting penalties

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