Week 7

Seattle at Cleveland – Mike Carey
Atlanta at Detroit – Bill Leavy
Houston at Tennessee – Terry McAulay
Denver at Miami – Clete Blakeman
San Diego at NY Jets – Ron Winter
Chicago at Tampa Bay – Tony Corrente
Washington at Carolina – Jerome Boger
Pittsburgh at Arizona – John Parry
Kansas City at Oakland – Jeff Triplette
St. Louis at Dallas – Al Riveron
Green Bay at Minnesota – Pete Morelli
Indianapolis at New Orleans – Scott Green

Baltimore at Jacksonville – Carl Cheffers

Bye: Buffalo, Cincinnati, New England, NY Giants, Philadelphia, San Francisco


  1. Tony Corrente will be in London for Bears/Bucs at Wembley Stadium. I believe this is his second trip over. He did Chargers/Saints as well.

  2. Walt Anderson is OFF this week.

  3. Jacksonville – Baltimore
    My guess
    Coleman or Parry

  4. Five crews have not been off: Blakeman, Hochuli, Steratore, Coleman, and Anderson. Expect four of those five, including Anderson, to be off in Week 7.

  5. Tenn – Houston
    Terry McAULAY

    Titans press release

  6. Only 3 refs eligible for Indi at New Orleans are:

    Green, Leavy, or Morelli

  7. mr. bamboosaul says

    who will be officiating the rams-cowboys game on sunday?

  8. Hi Mickey; Carl Cheffers’ crew in Monday Night Football (Baltimore @ Jacksonville 24 Oct., 20:30 ET)

  9. Hochuli can only work

    Chargers VS Jets
    Steelers VS Cardinals
    Chiefs VS Raiders

  10. I EXPECT Hochuli to work Steelers at Cards and then have next week off, but this is just speculation!

  11. Any ideas about Boger’s crew?

    • Boger’s eligible to work almost every remaining game on this week’s list. Exceptions: PIT-ARI, SD-NYJ and IND-NO.

      His is the last officiating crew we figured out for each of the last two weeks, so don’t get your hopes up – but maybe this time we’ll figure him out early.

  12. Be patient, it’ll probably be determined later in the week.

  13. Riveron has the Rams – Cowboys game. info. from BTFS, ESPN- Dallas Fort Worth. His 2nd Cowboy game this season.

  14. Ed Hochuli is off this weekend the 23rd.

  15. mr. bamboosaul says

    i notice that al riveron will be officiating the rams-cowboys game, this will be al’s third game involving the cowboys-riveron officiated the pre-season game against the dolphins an the first regular season game against the jets. expect the cowboys to win this game easily cowboys 45 rams 10 to take the heat off of romo for another week.

  16. This will be Cheffer’s first regular season game in Jacksonville

  17. whos the ref for the packers vs. vikings game

  18. The flip card is up and John Parry is doing Steelers at Cardinals.

  19. Hey Brian,

    Could you tell us one more time where the flip card is please? I have always looked for the Steelers flip cards but have never found them.

    Thanks so much!

  20. Full Monday Night, Baltimore at Jacksonville, crew for Referee Carl Cheffers (51):

    Umpire – Undrey Wash (96); Head Linesman – Kent Payne (79); Line Judge – Tom Symonette (100); Field Judge – Jimmy Buchanan (86); Side Judge – Laird Hayes (125); Back Judge – Todd Prukop (30); Replay Official – Larry Nemmers; Officiating Supervisor – Duke Carroll. From flip card.

  21. anyone know if, in fact, Leavy will be @ Indy/Saints?

  22. mr. bamboosaul says

    no way the cowboys lose 2 da iggles on sunday nite football

  23. jeff triplette

  24. Confirmed:

    Bill Leavy is working Falcons-Lions.

  25. Any word on who will officiate Seahawks at Browns?

  26. SportingBecky says

    Broncos VS Dolphins

    Referee – Clete Blakeman

  27. According to the Packer’s website, the official with the highest uniform number will be in Minnesota.

  28. If ALL of the above is true – then Ron Winter will have Chargers-Jets.

  29. SportingBecky says

    Seahawks VS Browns

    Referee – Mike Carey

  30. Pete Morelli has Packers-Vikings.

  31. Redskins at Panther is confirmed Jerome Boger.

  32. Ron Winter: Chargers/Jets

  33. Summary of last few assignments:

    Morelli – Packers/Vikings
    Boger – Redskins/Panthers
    Carey – Seahawks/Browns
    Winter – Chargers/Jets

    Green and Triplette have KC/OAK and IND/NO, in some order.

  34. Scott Green had Kansas City week 1 its only a GUESS not fact on my part but Kc/Oak is gonna be Triplette and Green has Indy/No for his first Sunday night game

  35. I really, really hope it’s not Jeff Triplette in Oakland today. He easily is the worst referee in the NFL and he almost single handedly cost the Raiders a win against KC last year. Anybody that watched that debacle knows what I’m talking about.

  36. garrett forsythe says

    who is the ref. for gb@min week 7

  37. Redskins@Panthers- Jerome Boger

  38. Is the Raiders ref Triplette?

  39. Updated summary of remaining Week 7 assignments:

    Morelli – Packers/Vikings
    Boger – Redskins/Panthers
    Carey – Seahawks/Browns
    Winter – Chargers/Jets
    Triplette – Chiefs/Raiders
    Green – Colts/Saints

  40. After today’s game, I would probably say Winter and his crew is the worst in the NFL. Ouch, that was bad.

  41. We’re so lucky we got Jerome Boger as our ref today during skins panthers game ! Can’t be happier. Plus ref had on white pants !

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