Week 15

Jacksonville at Atlanta – Ron Winter

Dallas at Tampa Bay – Terry McAulay

Miami at Buffalo – John Parry
Seattle at Chicago – Tony Corrente‘s crew, led by Ed Hochuli
Tennessee at Indianapolis – Pete Morelli
Green Bay at Kansas City – Gene Steratore
Cincinnati at St. Louis – Jerome Boger
New Orleans at Minnesota – Walt Anderson
Washington at NY Giants – Al Riveron
Carolina at Houston – Jeff Triplette
Detroit at Oakland – Bill Leavy
NY Jets at Philadelphia – Clete Blakeman
Cleveland at Arizona – Scott Green
New England at Denver – Mike Carey
Baltimore at San Diego – Carl Cheffers

Pittsburgh at San Francisco – Walt Coleman

Off: Ed Hochuli (crew)


  1. Is Walt Coleman a confirmation or just a guess?

  2. Tony Corrente in Chicago for Seahawks @ Bears.

    per Brad Biggs – Chicago News Tribune

  3. SportingBecky says

    Jets VS Eagles

    Clete Blakeman

  4. Glad to see that Tony Corrente is “back in the saddle again”.
    Hope his health keeps improving..

  5. Straight from Joe Platania’s blog, Carl Cheffers in San Diego for Ravens – Chargers

  6. Hochuli is off the 17th unless they give him a game of Correntes crew again.

  7. well dang, all my connections’ assignments are known except steratore…i’ll get to work to see what I can find out…

    p.s. walt coleman reffing my 49ers next monday. gag.

  8. mr. bamboosaul says

    hav any information regarding this satursday game between the cowboys vs. buccanneers, the cowboys really need an official crew to give them a break. since the bucs are unrevelling this could be the game the cowboys blow out an opponent before the close of the season.

  9. Mickey:
    Carl Cheffers´crew in Qualcom Stadium (Baltimore Ravens @ San Diego Chargers), next Sunday Night Football.

  10. Mike Carey hasn’t officatied at COwboys or Buccanneers game this season. I would guess Mike Carey Dallas@TB game.

  11. Preth –

    For the Thursday night game (JAX/ATL), based on the assignments already locked in, it looks like it will be either Carey, Steratore, or Winter, correct?

  12. Shane Spencer says

    Scott Green is eligible for MIA @ BUF.

  13. mr. bamboosaul says

    thank 4 da 411 regarding the cowboys-buccanneers game. this will b McAulay, 3rd game officiating the cowboys, the 1st was the 1st preseason game against the broncos an week 9 against the seahawks. Riveron also has officiated 3 game with the cowboys (dolphins-preseason, jets-1st week of regular season ,in addition 2 week 7 against the rams).

  14. It appears MikeCarey will haveaother bye. HmmI haven’t heard the same official having back to back byes

  15. Detroit @ Oakland, who has that game ?

  16. Just read a tweet from Zach Zaidman, sideline reporter for Bears radio, that said that Ed Hochuli will be replacing Corrente for SEA @ CHI. Did not mention if it will be Hochuli or Corrente’s crew.

  17. The only possibilities for the Wash@Nyg game is:

  18. Whose Ref of the packers vs chiefs game this sun

  19. I do not envy whoever has to ref the Lions-Raiders game this weekend.

  20. Who are the possibilities for vikings/saints?

    • with all the know assignments, only Anderson and Leavy are possible I beleive. Boger, Carey, Riveron and Steratore have had either team to recently, and Scott Green has already reffed a game @MINN…

      Anderson has had both teams as the away team once, wks 6/8
      Leavy has had MINN away in week 4.

  21. now that I’m done for the semester, I figured I’d chart out the rest of this week so people can see who is possible for their teams game this weekend.

    GB@KC-Only gameSteratore is eligible for. GENE STERATORE
    Cin@StL – Boger or Riveron
    NO@Minn- Anderson or Leavy
    Wash@NYG – Anderson, Boger, Leavy, Riveron
    Det@Oak – Anderson, Carey, Leavy, Riveron
    Cle@AZ – Only game Green is eligible for. SCOTT GREEN
    NE@Den – Anderson, Carey, Riveron

    • Here are my guesses then, with the two process of elimination choices:

      GB@KC – Steratore
      Cin@StL – Boger
      NO@Minn – Leavy
      Wash@NYG – Riveron
      Det@Oak – Carey
      NE@Den – Anderson

    • Thanks for doing that, Kenneth. I normally wait until Thursday or Friday to map all that out myself. I’ll double check your work later today.

  22. This would be Boger’s first game ever in St Louis. He has now ref’d a game in every city

  23. Mike Carey for Den/Ne ended up being a great scheduling for the NFL.

  24. Is there anywhere I can go to find out the ref criteria? You guys seem to have good knowledge on who’s elgible for each game.

    • No, the criteria aren’t exactly posted in any one single place. Here’s a rundown:

      1. Crews are limited to two regular season assignments per team. It’s generally safe to assume that, if a crew works a team twice, at least one of the games must be on the road.

      2. After a crew works a team for the first time, they cannot work that team again for six weeks.

      3. Some white hats do not work specific teams, for various reasons. One example, Walt Coleman does not work Raiders games, as a result of the “Tuck Rule” game. Another example is that Walt Anderson rarely works games in Texas.

      The main exception to these rules occurs when an official, white hat or not, needs to miss a game (due to injury/sickness/personal reasons). Typically the replacement official comes from one of the “off” crews, though not always. This often causes deviation from the above rules. Examples: Hochuli has worked both CLE and PIT twice in the last few weeks, and Triplette worked consecutive SD games in Weeks 11 & 12.

  25. MP wrote in an artice once the crietria used for assigning crews…so it is not top secret material…

  26. Is Morelli eligible for 1 of the Bengals’ last 2 games?

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