Week 8

Indianapolis at Tennessee – Jerome Boger
New Orleans at St. Louis – Walt Anderson
Miami at NY Giants – Ron Winter
Minnesota at Carolina – Ed Hochuli
Arizona at Baltimore – Jeff Triplette
Jacksonville at Houston – Scott Green
Washington at Buffalo – Terry McAulay
Detroit at Denver – Walt Coleman
New England at Pittsburgh – Mike Carey
Cleveland at San Francisco – Bill Leavy
Cincinnati at Seattle – Tony Corrente
Dallas at Philadelphia – Gene Steratore

San Diego at Kansas City – Al Riveron

Bye: Atlanta, Chicago, Green Bay, Oakland, NY Jets, Tampa Bay
Off: Carl Cheffers, Clete Blakeman



  1. http://Mark says

    Saints vs Rams – Walt Anderson

  2. Ron Winter wont’ be doing the AZ at BAL or NE at PIT game since he’s guaranteed to hose the Ravens on Nov. 6 at Pittsburgh on national tv.

    • http://Brian says

      No dice. Winter just did the Jags at Steelers game in Week 6, making it too soon for him to be back in the Burgh. It will be someone else to try in vain to keep matters under control in that one.

      • http://david says

        How about Coleman to hose the Ravens ?

        • http://Brian says

          After Tony Corrente hit the deck during the scuffle Week 1, I’d bet they throw Hochuli in there just to try and maintain order if things go that route again. At least he could somewhat defend himself and not crumple to the ground like gnat that had just been swatted.

    • http://dr%20robert%20cooper,md says

      ron winter aka wwf ref for vince mcmann pro wrestling as the chargers game stole by ron winter calls; interfence that did not exist spotting the ball for jets first down when clearly it was short; ron winter is paid to call the games for the big money teams ny new eng the colts the steelers; ravens have no shotif winter does raven steeler game; he must be offed by the fans who live and die for their teams.

  3. http://Brian says

    Possibly. The Steelers haven’t had him yet. Not sure about the Ravens end of things. Personally, if I had to take a stab at it, I’d venture Ed “Guns” Hochuli would get the nod, but I don’t know if he’s ineligible from the Baltimore side of things. Plus, he probably would try to get out of any game that involved having to wear long sleeves like the officials almost certainly will have to do for a November night game along the river in Pittsburgh.

  4. http://Brandon says

    Winters crew did the chargers in today. Side judge Tom Hill made sure the Jets had the opportunities to win that game. One of the most blatantly fixed games I’ve ever seen. Winter should be ashamed and Hill should be prosecuted.

    • http://Jack says

      No kidding. The game was completely fixed, especially against the Chargers. I would have thought Hochuli would do that, but it was Winter this time. Pa-thet-ic.

      • http://John%202 says

        Jack –

        Winter’s crew as a whole is basically incompetent across the board.

        As for yesterday, the Chargers beat themselves. Game was not fixed. And I’m a Charger fan.

        • http://James says

          Wouldn’t say it was fixed, but there were a lot of calls going against the Chargers. A few of the neutral zone infractions were clearly false starts against the Jets. The Chargers came into this game the least penalized team and had 13 flags. Doesn’t really add up.

        • http://Brandon says

          That Jammer call in the 4th quarter was all I needed to see from Side Judge Tom Hill who was responsible for calling the neutral zone infractions on the Chargers when the offense had moved first then misses a block in the back on the Revis pick return which would’ve flipped the field position. He missed a false start on ferguson on the 2nd burress touchdown and I can’t think of 1 call he made against the jets and he threw 5 flags on the Chargers. I’m not one to blame it on the officiating but when the jets are trying to run the clock out on a 3rd down and Hill throws a pass interference flag on jammer and when jammer protests Hill signals that he tugged his jersey then when you watch the replay jammer doesn’t do anything close to that, you wonder why Hill wanted to ensure a jets victory.

          • http://JOE83 says

            Tom Hill was not the responsable of neutral zone calls. It’s Julian Mapp (#52 HL) duty. Tom Hill is responsable , as side judge, in open field plays on his side. He’s an official with 12 years of experience. And believe me, all those guys don’t wear any favorite jersey in their games, but the zebra shirt. They done a work that NEVER let happy to all people.

          • http://Brandon says

            He threw flags for neutral zone infractions watched the tape. Weird you didn’t mention that jammer call because there’s no defense for it, he had it out for the chargers yesterday.

    • http://dr%20robert%20cooper,md says

      ron winter if so pathetic the way he stole the game for jets vs chaargers; mtked the ball at end of game to blatantly kill chargers; out of bounds interference calls 3rd and long incomplete jet passses ruled interfer or def holding; winter must be offed as a ref; he is like a postal worker no matter how incopetent he can;t be fired

  5. http://JOE83 says

    Hi Mickey:
    For your information:After the Monday Night Football tomorrow, Carl Cheffers’ crew is Off next week (october 30, 31). One of the four crews off next week

    • http://david says

      They should take the rest of the season off after last nights joke of a game !!! They made some of the worst mistakes I have ever seen !!!

      • http://Russ says

        just a bitter Ravens fan. Syre, blame the refs for the way the Ravens played. What was it, 0 first downs in three quarters of play, 8 passing yards in the first half. I’m sure the refs are the reason for that. I will say I disagreed with the ejection however.

  6. http://JPTitans says

    Just received Titans release….Jerome Boger has Indy/Tenn

  7. http://mr.%20bamboosaul says

    who will fix the game for the cowboys when they face the iggles?

  8. http://Preth says

    Steratore in Philadelphia.
    Mark says Anderson in St. Louis.

  9. Gene Satatore is in Philly and probably ed Hochuli in pittsburgh for N.E. vs Steelers

  10. http://Jake says

    Hochuli can only work

    Cardinals VS Ravens
    Vikings VS Panthers
    Patriots VS Steelers
    Browns VS 49ers
    ? Chargers VS Chiefs – MNF(Probably NO! He already worked MNF)

  11. http://Nita says

    Hochuli is in Carolina Oct. 30.

  12. http://Preth says

    I am not absolutely positive (unconfirmed as of yet), but mark down McAulay for WAS/BUF.

  13. http://Joe%20Platania says

    Despite many hours in my lab, I still haven’t figured out the formulas you guys use for figuring out who can get which game (I’m in the Halloween spirit, obviously)… so, who is eligible for ARI-BAL besides Hochuli?

    • http://Joe%20Platania says

      Oops, didn’t see he was on the list for the MIN-CAR game…

      • http://david says


        • Hopefully Winter gets this one. Even he can’t screw us that bad to lose at home to Arizona…right?

          • http://david says

            I wish Winter was calling the plays instead of Cam !!! At least Winter knows where the middle of the field is !!!

          • Now I see..they’re holding out Winter for the game at Cincy or Seattle…ones the Ravens should win but won’t under his watchful eye.

          • http://dr%20robert%20cooper,md says

            ron winter will kill the ravens if he does thir games; he is like awwf fake wresling ref; 2003 sf/gints playoff game fucked ny so bad that he did not do giant games for years; pray he does some remote seahawk bengal game that no on cares outside of there fans; winter makes postal workers seem like efficient workers; ron winter decides who wins not the players;

  14. http://Joe%20Platania says

    OK, the team just got back to me. The ARI-BAL ref is (drum roll, please)…. Triplette! You may now unload with your comments on him 🙂

  15. http://Scott says

    Bengals-Seahawks belongs to Tony Corrente per the most officialest of beat writers ever!

  16. http://Brian says

    Flip card finally up and Mike Carey will preside over Patriots at Steelers.

  17. http://Brian says

    So long ago, that that game was in Three Rivers Stadium.

  18. http://david says

    If Parry gets the call for the SD – KC game then Coleman will get the Balt.- Pitt game next week. But if Coleman gets the game I think we will see Hochuli in Pitt next week.
    Miami- NY Giants
    Coleman,Riveron, Leavy,Green
    Any of the remaining 7 can do it
    Detroit- Denver
    Riveron, Morelli, Coleman
    Parry, Green, Coleman
    Coleman, Parry, Morelli, Riveron

    • http://Gerry says

      I hope Green gets the Cleveland -San Francisco game because San Francisco is the only place that he has never worked a game.
      However he did do the Denver-SanFrancisco game from London last year

    • http://Preth says

      Your list of possibilities is way off, David.

      – Everybody can do MIA-NYG.
      – Winter, Riverson, and Morelli are ineligible for JAX-HOU.
      – Winter is eligible for DET-DEN.
      – Leavy and Winter are both eligible for CLE-SF.
      – Green is eligible for SD-KC.

      • http://Gerry says

        Green worked the Buffalo- Kansas City game opening weekend.
        I doubt if he will do the SD-KC game

      • http://david says

        I got the games mixed up on my page. But didn’t Winter work the Detroit game back in week#3 ?

        • http://Preth says

          Yes. The 6-week rule says that officiating crews can work specific teams twice during the season, but only if the two assignments are (at least) at the ends of a 6-week gap. 3-4-5-6-7-8, a 6 week gap, where Winter is eligible to work two Detroit games on the ends (Week 3 and 8).

          An example from last season: Pete Morelli worked Seahawks games during Weeks 4 and 9. 4-5-6-7-8-9, the ends of that 6 week gap.

      • http://David says

        I have the strong feeling that Leavy will get the Miami/N.Y. Giants game. He already did the Lions game last week (vs. Atlanta), the Browns in Week 1 (at Cincinnati), the Chargers in Week 4 (vs. Minnesota) and the Jaguars in Week 3 (at Carolina).

  19. http://Josh says

    I really hope that Al Riveron is not at Metlife Stadium. I don’t think he is all that bad but I think his crew is towards the bottom of the league. For example, when the Cardinals came to the Medowlands in week 7 of 2009. The Giants still won the game yet they should of one the game by 2+ touchdowns but Riveron and his crew made it closer then it should have been.

  20. http://Bronson says

    Walt Coleman CAN NOT have this monday night game he had this game week 3 and the 6 week rule would apply here My guess is either Coleman is off this week or gets the Denver/Detroit game thats only a guess but fact he cant do monday night

    • http://Preth says

      Yes, he can do SD-KC. There’s no rule against doing the same game twice, and the 6-week rule does not apply. 3-4-5-6-7-8, two games at the ends of a 6-week span, it’s a valid assignment.

      That said, I agree he is the underdog to receive that game.

      • http://Bronson says

        Preth I dont understand how its a Valid assignment 3-8 is only 5 weeks Im pretty young and still learning If you could make it a tad bit more clear im sorry to look stupid

        • http://Preth says

          Sure. It helps to count out the weeks. This is Week 8, and Coleman worked the KC-SD game on Week 3. If you count out all the weeks between 3-8, like I did above, you get 6 weeks.

          As an example, look at 2010, Weeks 4 and 9. Pete Morelli was assigned Seattle Seahawks games both of those weeks. That’s the limit of the 6-week rule (4-5-6-7-8-9).

  21. http://Preth says


    Coleman will be in Denver.

  22. http://Preth says

    Confirmed courtesy of the Texans,

    Scott Green in Houston.

  23. http://John%202 says

    My guess at the rest –

    MIA @ NYG – Bill Leavy
    CLE @ SF – Ron Winter
    SD @ KC – Al Riveron

    OFF – Pete Morelli, John Parry

  24. http://Bronson says

    The head ref from the meadowlands is Ron Winter he has the Giants/Dolphins

  25. http://David says

    IT’S OFFICIAL: Ron Winter is doing the MIA/NYG game at MetLife Stadium.

  26. Ron Winter is doing the MIA @ NYG

  27. http://Preth says

    CLE-SF should be either Leavy or Parry.

    If Parry, Leavy is off.

    SD-KC should be Riveron, Morelli or Parry.

  28. http://George says

    So I’m guessing that Al Riveron is doing Cleveland-SF Game. (How come Cleveland Games are usually the last one listed?)

  29. http://Gerry says

    Winter two consecutive weeks at MetLife stadium

  30. http://Russ says

    Browns@49ers- Bill Leavy

  31. http://James says

    Triplette has had two good weeks in a row. Something must be wrong, ha.

  32. http://Jason says

    Why was Mike Carey with part of Clete Blackman’s and Ed Hochuli’s crew today? You can tell he wasn’t comfortable with his crew today?

  33. http://Sal%20Martino says

    George, Riveron is from Miami, Florida and still lives in Coral Gables area. He does not live in the Bay Area!

  34. http://Scott%20Stachowiak says

    Who is working the Monday night game?

  35. Confirmed other board…
    Riveron has the call for MNF tonight

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