Preseason Week 3

Carolina at Cincinnati – Clete Blakeman
Cleveland at Philadelphia – Terry McAulay
Washington at Baltimore – Jeff Triplette

Green Bay at Indianapolis – Walt Anderson
St. Louis at Kansas City – Jerome Boger

Jacksonville at Buffalo – Mike Carey
NY Jets at NY Giants – Walt Coleman
Atlanta at Pittsburgh – Scott Green
Miami at Tampa Bay – Ron Winter
Houston at San Francisco – Tony Corrente
New England at Detroit – Carl Cheffers
Chicago at Tennessee – Al Riveron
Dallas at Minnesota – John Parry
Seattle at Denver – Bill Leavy
San Diego at Arizona – Pete Morelli

New Orleans at Oakland – Gene Steratore


  1. Walt Coleman will be in the Meadowlands for NY Jets/NY Giants.

  2. How does Eric always know where Walt Coleman is gonna be? Haha

  3. I am taking an educated guess: maybe Eric lives near Walt Coleman or one of his officials.

  4. Whenever the season starts will the refs and what city they are in be posted before sundays game.

  5. Hi there:
    Carls Cheffers’ crew in Detroit (Aug. 27th., New England @

  6. where will Clete Blakeman be at?

  7. Where will MIke Carey be at?
    Where will Ed Hochulibe at?

  8. Ed Hochuli will be at the gym lifting weights

  9. Joe Platania says

    My guess is that Scott Green will be doing WAS/BAL only because he lives around here, but just a guess… can’t wait for the regular season when we find out a little more ahead of time.

  10. anybody know where Leavy is this weekend?

  11. Joe Platania says

    Jeff Triplette is here in Baltimore to do Redskins-Ravens… hope Orlando Brown isn’t anywhere near here!

  12. I believe it’s McCauley in Philly. (As always it feels like.)

  13. mr. bamboozaul says

    i’m baack bill who will the official 4 da cowboys-vikings game?

  14. Walt Anderson has GB vs IND

  15. Has this ever happened before?

    • I don’t know if that’s happened where a ref has worked two games in the same week, let alone consecutive days, but unless it’s a mistake I’m guessing the normal ref for one of these games had to be replaced. I sure can’t remember it happening before. Riveron’s one of my favorite refs-Jerome Boger’s my favorite.

    • Yes it has. Back in 2004 or 2005 Johnny Grier was slated to work a Monday Night Football game. He was under the weather and Tom White replaced Johnny Grier.

      • It must have been September ’04 if it were Grier. The last game he worked was October 3 of that year. I thought the Dolphin-Buc game was yesterday and that Riveron would work that and then go to Nashville but that game was tonight also. The NFL Record and Fact book listed it as being Friday.

  16. Shane Spencer says

    Here were the refs for the previous night’s games:

    CAR @ CIN – Clete Blakeman
    CLE @ PHI – Terry McAulay
    WSH @ BAL – Jeff Triplette

  17. Shane Spencer says

    GB @ IND – Walt Anderson

  18. I know there was at least 1 time back in the `70’s when the NFL had the same officiating crew do games in Oakland and SF on 2 consecutive nights. They were probably all guys from the Bay Area. Fred Silva was the referee. NFL hasn’t done this in years.

  19. I still think Hochuli is the best ref since Markbreit and Tunney

  20. Nita I am a Red Cashion man myself

  21. Shane Spencer says

    Jerome Boger was the ref for the STL @ KC game.

  22. Corrente in SF
    Carey in BUF
    Parry in MIN
    Leavy in DEN
    Winter in TB
    Green in PIT
    Riveron in TEN

  23. Carl Cheffers NE @ DET

  24. Sorry for the lack of updates the past few days. I’m digging in and getting things updated right now. Thanks all of the listings, everyone!

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