Week 13

Philadelphia at Seattle – Pete Morelli

Tennessee at Buffalo – Al Riveron
Kansas City at Chicago – Jerome Boger
Baltimore at Cleveland – Ed Hochuli
Oakland at Miami – Tony Corrente (crew), led by Mike Carey
Detroit at New Orleans – Clete Blakeman
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh – Carl Cheffers
Carolina at Tampa Bay – Gene Steratore
NY Jets at Washington – John Parry
Atlanta at Houston – Bill Leavy
Denver at Minnesota – Terry McAulay
St. Louis at San Francisco – Scott Green‘s crew, led by Pete Morelli
Green Bay at NY Giants – Jeff Triplette
Dallas at Arizona – Walt Coleman
Indianapolis at New England – Ron Winter

San Diego at Jacksonville – Walt Anderson

Off: Mike Carey (crew)


  1. SCHEDULE CHANGE FOR WEEK 13: The Colts-Patriots game has been flexed OUT of the 8:20 p.m. EST time slot on NBC’s Sunday Night Football, and has been moved to 1:00 p.m. EST on CBS. The replacement for this game will be announced by no later than November 22.

  2. Too bad Monday night games can’t be flexed, check out week 14″s matchup for a good laugh !!!

  3. I wouldn’t rule out Titans-Bills.

  4. Saints/ Lions would be a longshot to move up to the Sunday night slot. Since New England and Indy are AFC teams, CBS has the television rights. Therefore, the only eligible game to move to the night slot would be a CBS game (unless Fox and CBS swap? is that even possible?). It will be Pitts/Cincy or Titans Bills. Im guessing if either the Bills and Titans win in week 11, there game gets moved into the slot otherwise it will be Steelers Bengals.

    • It in fact is Lions-Saints on NBC, and FOX will broadcast the Broncos-Vikings game; that’s odd but I guess there may me more instances like this, per the link to the story about that further down on this page.

  5. A team is allowed a 6th primetime game IF 1 of their 5 primetime are on NFL Network. And, that’s only allowed up to 3 teams.


    The Lions-Saints game has been chosen to replace the originally-scheduled Colts-Patriots game on NBC.

    The Ravens-Browns game was moved from 1:00 p.m. EST to 4:05 p.m. EST.

    READ THIS: The Broncos-Vikings game was moved from 4:05 p.m. EST to 1:00 p.m. EST, and will air on Fox, not CBS. The reason is explained here: http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/7265289/week-13-flex-detroit-lions-new-orleans-saints-now-night-denver-broncos-minnesota-vikings-fox

  7. Ravens – Browns
    Parry’s crew

  8. Make that Green’s crew

  9. Per Brad Biggs of Chicago Tribune’s twitter, Boger is in for KC @ CHI.

  10. Hochuli will be in Cleveland on the 5th of December.

  11. Joe Platania says


    I’m being told by the Ravens that, for the first time this year, it will be Ed “Guns Of Navarone” Hochuli to work BAL-CLE. He did a PIT-BAL game in 2009 and a BAL-PIT contest in 2010. The Ravens won both times, for whatever that’s worth…

  12. Joe Platania says

    Nita, forgot to acknowledge you. Good call, beat me by two hours…

  13. Shane Spencer says

    I hope Ron Winter gets the PHI @ SEA game…he has yet to officiate a game involving either of those two teams this season.

  14. Does anyone know who’s scheduled to do the Dallas- Arizona game this sunday?

  15. Riveron has the Titans – Bills

    • With FJ Mike Weir from Mike Carey’s crew. Very helpful information. Thanks, David.

      • also, just a technicality, Mike Carey may not be off. Weir could be with Riveron for travel reasons and have Howey replace Weir since he is the swing FJ right? I’ve not been keeping up to much with ref stuff this season, but that’s a possibilty no?

  16. Per 49ers PR man Bob Lange on twitter, he tells me “Pete Morelli I believe” is the SF-StL referee

    • Interesting. Morelli worked SF in Week 11. I’ll hold off on adding it to the list until it looks more likely later in the week. Thanks, Kenneth.

      • yeah I was suprised as well. He did say “I believe” as opposed to “It’s Pete Morelli” … I thought for a second he could be filling in for Green, but Morelli is done with byes for the year.

        • One possibility – he is working PHI-SEA with his own crew, then filling in for either Green or Corrente later in the week. If this is the case, Mike Carey is also filling in for somebody.

          A longshot – but possible.

          • Correction: neither the Green nor Corrente crews can work that game. Therefore, if Morelli is filling in for somebody, it’s neither of those two.

          • at this point then, I’ll go with Bob Lange is not correct in saying Morelli. haha. 49ers and Rams never post a flip so we’ll end up waiting til Sunday probably.

  17. Hi Mickey:
    Carl Cheffers’ crew in Heinz Field next Sunday (Dec, 4, 13:00 EST)
    Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers.

  18. Scott Green has knee issues, per Pereira’s twitter.

  19. In addition to Scott Green’s knee issues, Tony Corrente is out with an illness, perhaps for the rest of the year. So I’d expect whoever has the Thursday night game will be pulling double duty this week.

    • At this time, there’s no reason to believe Corrente will miss his game this week. If Green misses his, the official scheduled off will fill in.

      • SportingBecky says

        I asked Mike Pereira on his Twitter on Sunday….. how is Tony Corrente doing? He tweeted back that he is hanging in there and doing great. I did notice that Tony Corrente Either shaved his head or all his hair is gone… I feel for him…. this is sad. He seems like a tough guy!

  20. You are correct about double duty Maninblue …

    Morelli just replied to my email, and he will be in TNF in Seattle, and then he is taking Green’s crew to the SF-StL game…

    • Hmm. I double checked my spreadsheet – I was wrong about Green not being able to do the STL-SF game. I saw he worked a recent SEA game and ruled him out.

      This means there’s a very high probability that Mike Carey is filling in for somebody, as well.

  21. Walt Coleman for Dallas / Arizona per ESPN’s Todd Archer

  22. oops should have said for unlawful cardinal knowledge i am so sick of triplette, winter, mcaulay and coleman. why cant i see anderson or blakeman. good quality officials.

  23. Just some trivia for a boring Tuesday – which crew called the most and which crew called the least roughing the passer penalties from 2008-2010? Answers to follow later today, but I was surprised (at least with the crew that called the most).

    • If you’re using the source I think you’re using, note that it only includes 2010 calls through September.

    • I would have to guess that my good buddy Hochuli has thrown the most roughing the passer flags. I don’t know who would have thrown the least unless it is Leavy.

      • Hochuli’s crew leads in several different penalties, but not roughing the passer. Riveron had 21 over the 3-year period (the most) and Coleman had 4 over the 3-year period (the least). I am surprised regarding Riveron simply because I wouldn’t think a relatively new referee would want to be in the spotlight like that.

  24. My guess out of who could do the Jets – Wash. game is either, Triplette

  25. This will be Riveron’s first game ever in Bbuffalo

  26. Oakland @ Green Bay @ game on December 11th has been moved to 4:15. A little surprised by that because this game will coincide with San Francisco @ Arizona game which starts @ 4:05.
    The NFL normally schedules the Raiders and 49ers at different times just like the Jets and Giants are not scheduled to play at the same time as well. Of course games involving these teams have been moved due to certain circumstances over the past couple of years. Example the SF @ Phil game was moved to 4:15 because of a snowstorm the day before in Philly. Also , a Jewish holiday caused a Jets game to be moved to coincide with a Giants game back in 2009

  27. Good job with that David. I was well aware of this policy but I enjoyed reading it again at the wikipedia website

  28. The only options for the Packers at Giants are:

    I think it will be Parry just because he hasn’t worked the Giants or Packers the whole season. (even the preseason)

  29. Hi Luqman –

    We can’t take special requests. Either we’ll find out who’s working that game and put it up as soon as we do, or we won’t.

    For what it’s worth, I think there’s a decent chance of determining that assignment within the next 2-3 days, but no promises. Worst case scenario, it’ll be given by the Jets twitter feed shortly before gametime.

  30. y is Scoot Green crey be lead by another white hat for the past few weeks?

  31. I dont understand why I am constantly getting Coleman, Triplette, Winter, and McAulay.

    Between Cheffers, Anderson and Hochuli, 3 officials I like, I’ve seen them a total of once in regional games, yet the 4 above I have seen about a dozen times in regional play.

    And why dont the officiating bosses like Parry or Leavy? They have not worked a SNF or MNF game all year.

    • You are free to give your opinions about the officials, good or bad, but please do not speak of them in that disparaging way. I have edited your comment so that it is acceptable.

      • How could Triplette screw up the OT rules. He has never gotten to the level of elite ref and his window is closed.

        • I’m not trying to start anything at all by disagreeing, but he is one of 17 men in the world who are white hats at the highest level possible. He is elite.

          • I agree with Happy Fan. Triplette is awful. Just because you are at the NFL level does not mean you are elite. Tom White was never elite but it is hard to fire people. It took the league so long to dump Steve Wilson a couple years back.

          • The league’s officiating office has always done a fine job of finding the best talent. While some officials aren’t as talented as others, Johnson, you’d have a hard time convincing me that he isn’t one of the best in the world.

    • It’s really all a matter of what games become televised in what areas. I’m in southwest VA and have seen every official except Riveron on the regional games. It really is all about where you live though, nothing that anyone can determine. Cincy-Pitt is a big match up so perhaps you’ll catch that one, as Cheffers is the referee.

      As far as primetime goes, I’m pretty sure every official gets at least one each season. (provided their game is not flexed out due to league rules) Parry was on NFLN Thursday night for Balt-SF and Leavy was on NFLN for Den-NYJ. I believe Coleman is the only referee to yet have a single primetime assignment. Although I’m sure his will come soon.

      If you’d like to know which regional games you’ll get, here is a handy website. http://the506.com/nflmaps/2011/wk13.html
      the DH belongs to FOX.

  32. Kenneth-

    Walt Coleman was the ref for the Nov. 5 Sunday night Ravens-Steelers game.

  33. Blakeman is in NOLA, another big game for him. Good stuff

  34. Shane Spencer says

    Ron Winter hasn’t officiated a Pats game yet this year, yet he last officiated a Colts game back in Week 4.

  35. In Minnesota: Terry McAulay
    In New York: Jeff Triplette

  36. OK its my weekly guess and the ref this week is Walt Anderson im predicting Monday Night is his game has Visited New England,Tampa Bay cant do them has ref Miami twice and Only other 2 games he could do is Washington/Nyj or Houston/Atlanta based on the fact i dont see him refing a Houston game living so close to there its a GUESS we see him Monday Night Happy Week to all 🙂


    GO RAVENS !!!

  38. My guess is Steratore will be in Houston for Falcons-Texans game.

    What u guys think I don’t think he will do the Washington NY game since he was in Washington for the skins 49ers game

    • Well, it’s too soon for Steratore to work another WAS game, no matter what.

      ATL-HOU is a very real possibility. He can also work OAK-MIA, CAR-TB, SD-JAX. I’m guessing CAR-TB.

  39. well its not gonna be back to back Monday Nighters for him i wouldnt think

  40. Ya now that I think about it he could end up doing the CAR-TB game but would like to see him in a more meaningful game, I love Steratore best official in my mind he does a phenomenal job. Would really like to meet him I’ve only met Pete Morelli back when he was in our hometown of Modesto, CA

  41. In Washington: John Parry

  42. In Houston: Bill Leavy

  43. And with that, I am able to fill in the remainder of the list.

    Please be advised that the last few are not hyperlinked in yet. I have made some assumptions that I have not previously made. Therefore, these black assignments do not have my usual level of certainty attached to them.

    Shouldn’t be a problem. If you get one of those games, maybe you could help me confirm them on gameday. Enjoy Week 13!

  44. The Colts/Patriots was never scheduled for Sunday night. It was originally scheduled for 4:00.

  45. Can someone please comment as to why Tony Corrente is not likely to ref another game this year (this comment was made earlier this week)?

  46. Anyone know if Carey is on or off?

  47. SportingBecky says

    Gene Steratore and Crew has Panthers VS Bucs.. u all are correct!!

  48. Fox just showed the QB in Tampa talking to Gene Steratore.

  49. Carey is in Miami.

  50. SportingBecky says

    WOW… Tony Corrente is out in WK #13… I really hope he is OK! My prayers are with him as well as Scott Green.

    • Likewise… very unfortunate. After finding out that Scott Green would be missing his game, Tony Corrente missing his became expected. Well wishes to them both.

  51. What’s the rule on how many times a referee can do the games of one team during a season?

    Just wanted to know if I have to worry about Jeff Triplette and his crew doing anymore Giants games this year.

  52. By the way I thought Triplette was awful yesterday. Especially those pass interference and hands to the face against the gmen.

    • I agree, Josh. Triplette and his crew had a rough game. The one that really got me was the Jennings TD catch. He was bobbling the ball all the way across the end line, but Triplette reviewed it, and ruled it a good TD. I’m not sure what he was looking at.

      In my experience, he’s usually been a pretty solid referee. But not Sunday.

  53. And also if you saw the cover of the New York Post, our points are proved. Ballard’s knee was clearly down. I was at the game it was clear.

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