Week 11

NY Jets at Denver – Bill Leavy

Tennessee at Atlanta – John Parry
Jacksonville at Cleveland – Terry McAulay
Carolina at Detroit – Scott Green’s crew, led by Gene Steratore
Tampa Bay at Green Bay – Al Riveron
Dallas at Washington – Ed Hochuli
Cincinnati at Baltimore – Ron Winter
Buffalo at Miami – Walt Coleman
Oakland at Minnesota – Jerome Boger
Arizona at San Francisco – Pete Morelli
Seattle at St. Louis – Carl Cheffers
San Diego at Chicago – Jeff Triplette
Philadelphia at NY Giants – Mike Carey

Kansas City at New England – Clete Blakeman

Bye: Indianapolis, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Houston
Off: Walt Anderson , Gene Steratore (crew), Tony Corrente


  1. Walt Anderson — OFF this week

  2. SCHEDULE CHANGE FOR WEEK 11: The Titans-Falcons game has been moved from 1:00 p.m. EST to 4:15 p.m. EST.

  3. SportingBecky says

    Clete Blakeman

    WK #11 2011

    MNF – Kansas City Chiefs VS New England Patriots

  4. Shane Spencer says

    Mike Carey and Jerome Boger are eligible for PHI @ NYG.

  5. Shane Spencer says

    Jeff Triplette is eligible for NYJ @ DEN.

  6. Hi Mikey:
    Carl Cheffers’ crew in Saint Louis this week, Sun. Nov.20 (Seattle @ St. Louis, 16:15 EST, Edward Jones Dome)

  7. SportingBecky says

    WK #11 only games Ed Hochuli is eligible:

    Titans VS Falcons
    Jaguars VS Browns
    Bengals VS Ravens
    Cardinals VS 49ers

  8. Gang:

    Early bird gets the worm! The Ravens have told me that their ref for their critical AFC North game with CIN this week is… drum roll… the well-loved — not! — RON WINTER. He is the fourth ref to get a second Ravens game this year (including preseason), following Steratore, Triplette and Green…. and you can begin unloading… wait for it… NOW!

  9. Tell me you couldn’t see that coming.

  10. Joe Platania says

    Yes, many of you DID see Winter on the horizon…

  11. Preth, Hochuli is in Washington this weekend.

  12. Who is eligible for Bills/Dolphins? My guess is Riveron or Triplette

  13. Triplette in CHI…via media outlet…

  14. In Denver: Bill Leavy
    In Atlanta: John Parry

  15. John Parry in Hotlanta for Titans-Falcons

  16. Brian BAL Fan says

    So there is no rule about a ref working 2 divisional games between the same opponents in the regular season? (Hochuli scheduled to work 2nd WSH-DAL game this season)

  17. Steratore was in Cassell Coliseum for VT vs Monmouth basketball today, and I was front row, he didn’t get near me ever though during timeouts so I wasn’t able to ask him where he’ll be. He may be back tomorrow for day 2 of the NIT tournament so I’ll try then.

  18. Someone find out who is the 49ers offial this week for me please, thanks and God bless

  19. official* sorry for the typo

  20. thats what it looked like

  21. thats what it did look like

  22. In Miami: Walt Coleman

  23. Eagles @ Giants

  24. That leaves Carey with either the Sunday night game or a bye.

  25. Ok, whose got the Tampa bay vs green bay game sun??

  26. We might not determine that one ahead of time.

  27. Gene Steratore was reffing Penn State/Long Island college basketball game. Any news on where he is?

  28. My GUESSES as to the rest of the puzzle.

    JAX @ CLE – Corrente

    CAR @ DET – Riveron

    TB @ GB – Steratore

    OAK @ MIN – McAulay

    AZ @ SF – Morelli

    PHI @ NYG – Boger

    Joining Anderson in being off – Carey and Green

    • These are mine:
      OFF: Anderson, Carey, Green

      Jax@Cle – Corrente
      Car@Det – Riveron
      Oak@Minn- Steratore
      TB@GB – McAulay
      Phil@NYG – Boger

      basically the same. haha. I’d bet money on Boger for SNF since he’s only had week 1 MNF in primetime, and Steratore always stays near his home once basketball starts up. I can’t see Corrente getting a potentially stressful game in light of this weeks news, and McAulay always gets a good matchup, so there we are

  29. In Detroit:

    Scott Green’s crew, led by Gene Steratore

  30. Pete Morelli has either JAX-CLE or ARI-SF. He will not be off.

    Al Riveron and Jerome Boger also will not be off, but each can work most of the remaining games.

    Terry McAulay is eligible for all remaining games, thus he’s not realistically off.

    Gene Steratore is technically off, therefore only one officiating crew bye remains. It’ll belong to either Mike Carey or Tony Corrente.

  31. Jerome Boger has OAK @ MN

  32. Al Riveron has TB @ GB

  33. Terry McAulay in Cleveland.
    Therefore, Mike Carey in New York, Pete Morelli in San Francisco, and Tony Corrente is off.

  34. I think Ron Winter and his crew called a good game in Baltimore. I am not a fan of either team, but I believe the game was well officiated. I know we love to criticize Winter and Triplette, but let’s give credit where credit is due.

    Also, Winter and Triplette had similar replays calls on TDs (the Calvin Johnson call from 2010) and both made the same, correct ruling.

    • Agreed. Ron made the right call on the Gresham play. Hopefully we won’t see him again, though.

      • I agree that Winter interpreted the rule correctly. However, I question whether the “Calvin Johnson” rule was applicable in that situation. IMO, Gresham had possession of the ball prior to crossing the plane of the GL which would effectively eliminate the CJ rule as part of the play.

        Either way, it was not the flag fest that you sometimes expect with his crew and it was a good game from both teams and the crew.

  35. Agreed, I’m Winter’s #1 un-fan, or at least top 5. He called a very fair game and I agreed with the TD reversal. I’ve been saying for a few weeks that Triplette has been doing a very good job this year.

    • I saw bits and peices, and I too criticize Winter for not being “as good” as others, but he has gained a lot of my respect in recent weeks, and gets massive props for getting buried and coming out, what appeared to be, just fine after collecting himself. He’s probably early 60s now.

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